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What is a Henna Tattoo: Ultimate Guide in 2020

Not all tattoos are carried out with pain and needles. Some are just painted on and will last for a period. Many have heard the word Henna as an art of tattooing without pain. In this article, we will know the history and the trend of this kind of art. Mehndi (Urdu term) is famous […]

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Tattoo Prices: How Much Will I Pay?

Tattoo prices can get a little confusing at times. Every artist will charge differently: some by the hour and some by the piece. So exactly how much will your tattoo cost? Let’s look deeper into all the factors at play when you get quoted a tattoo price by your favorite artist.The Tattoo ArtistThe biggest factor […]

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13 Tattoo Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting A Tattoo

These safety tattoo tips are things you as a customer should no budge on. Being tattooed comes with several serious risks including many life-threatening diseases. These risks are greatly minimized by a tattoo artist taking proper safety precautions. If you have an artist that is not being as safe as they can, then turn tail […]

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Do You Tip Tattoo Artists (And How Much)?

Do you tip tattoo artists? It’s a question that comes to mind to a people when they set out to get their first tattoo. The short answer is yes. You’d tip your tattoo artist just like you would your server when you’re out getting drinks or your hairdresser after a haircut. What all of these professions […]

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How To Get a Tattoo License

Do I Need a Tattoo License?  Once you have finished your tattoo apprenticeship, the next step in your career will be to obtain a tattoo license…In the United States of America, there is no federal law regulating this art we all love called tattooing. Instead, the requirement to obtain a tattoo license will vary from state […]

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