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30 Ring Finger Tattoo Designs You’ll Love

If you consider yourself a romantic, you would agree with me when I say that there are a million ways to express your love and dedication to someone. But, nothing comes close to getting your rings bands replaced with a tattoo instead. There is a stronger feeling of permanence and eternity in ring finger tattoos. […]

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30 Awesome Spaceship Tattoo Design Ideas for Space Lovers

What life forms exist outside of the Earth’s atmosphere?  As of late, no one can tell just yet. But, there are many theories. It is no doubt then that many people have developed a fascination with space.  Celebrate your fascination (or obsession) with an adorable tattoo of a spaceship. I have compiled 30 of the […]

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35 Best Infinity Heart Tattoo Design Ideas You’ll Love

Tattoos hold significant meaning for many people.  Want a truly meaningful tattoo? Have one that celebrates love. Love doesn’t have to be confined to romance.  Get a tattoo that celebrates love for your family, pets or even life itself. Each artist is given due credit, so if you want to check out more of their […]

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30 Cool Deer Skull Tattoo Design Ideas for Inspiration

Life is filled with constant struggle and hurdle. But, we shall always overcome.  Deer skull tattoos have become symbolic of this – as well as strength and power. Looking to close a painful chapter of your life and ready to begin a new one? Then this is an article you ought to read. Each artist […]

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25 Beautiful Water Lily Tattoo Design Ideas

Bright during the summer, while dormant during the winter, the water lily is considered a mythical plant. It blooms with symbolic colors, and holds significant value for many cultures. It’s a flower of many stories. How about you? What kind of story would you like to tell with your next tattoo? Each artist is given […]

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