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60 Badass Werewolf Tattoo Design Ideas

The full moon is casting a foreboding light. In the distance, savage howls can be heard. Deep in the woods, a menacing creature lurks – baring its teeth, retracting its claws. It is a creature deserving of your fear. They strike fear in humankind’s hearts. In the daylight, they linger among us unknowingly. They have […]

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50 Microphone Tattoo Design Ideas to Get you Singing

Sometimes we just can’t help but bob our heads to a fresh beat, or to go wild air drumming to a neat beat. Music has a way of speaking to the soul – and so does great music-themed body art. I’ve compiled 50 cool microphone tattoo ideas! Each artist is given due credit, so if […]

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55 Small Sunflower Tattoo Design Ideas

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to look on the bright side. If you are into beautiful and brightly-colored tattoos (and consider yourself a beautiful human being), then you have come to the right place. This may not be everyone’s first thought when thinking about tattoos, but tattoos can express the beauty of femininity. […]

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40 Great Stairway to Heaven Tattoo Ideas

Feel that you are getting more in touch with your spiritual side? Or, feel that you are losing connection with your spirituality? One of the best kinds of religious body art exists in the form of stairway to heaven tattoos! If you are looking to have a daily reminder to contribute well to the world […]

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35 Awesome Borderlands Tattoo Designs

For all you gamers out there: is there that one game which you find yourself constantly returning to? For me, there definitely is one that comes to mind. Borderlands! The first iteration of Borderlands was released in 2009. But since then, they have released updated versions of the game. There is no wonder then that […]

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