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Best Tattoo Artist Gloves for 2020 – Reviews

Tattoo gloves are an instrumental piece of equipment required to be worn by all tattoo artists. These gloves not only keep an artist’s hands clean from ink but also ensure proper hygiene and stop any possible infection from entering a client’s skin while tattooing.Quick Top 5 Best Tattoo Gloves​Image​Gloves​MaterialPrice1. ​Ammex ABNPF Nitrile Gloves​Editors ChoiceNitrile ​Check […]

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Best Tattoo Power Supply Reviews of 2020 (Buying Guide)

​These best tattoo power supply reviews will help you find the perfect power supply that will fit all of your needs. ​Each has something they are the best at. Some are the best power supply for a tattoo artist on a budget while others have all the bells and whistles that you could want in […]

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What Should My Tattoo Power Supply Settings Be? (For Gun Speed)

Tattoo power supply settings can get a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re looking at. While some power supplies are very elementary, with simply a power button, jack, and a knob, some power supplies can come with digital screens, multiple knobs, multiple jacks, and switches. It’s when you get to these machines that […]

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Best Tattoo Kits For Beginners & Starters | Reviews of 2020

When you are a budding tattoo artist, it can become a little overwhelming trying to figure out all the supplies you need just to start practicing. That’s where tattoo kits come in.​The best tattoo kits for beginners will give you everything you need to practice, and a bunch of educational material to help you build […]

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Best Tattoo Machines & Guns For Beginners of 2020

When you’re just starting out as a tattoo artist, it’s important to get off on the right foot with some quality machines, but what is the best tattoo machine for a beginner? Well, like many things in the tattoo industry, that is a long-standing debate. However, we have here some great recommendations that will help […]

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