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The Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit | 2020 Reviews

Chances are if you are looking for a rotary tattoo machine kit then you are a beginner. A rotary tattoo machine is a good choice for a beginners first machine. It takes a lot of the technical complexities out of the picture and allows the artist to hone their skills as an artist. Now while it is […]

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Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review

Being health-​conscious is a fast-growing trend not only ​amongst Americans ​of all ages, but ​has been a concern for people worldwide for many years.The days of shoving fast food and any other non-organic material in your body are long gone. So, where does that leave tattoo ink?After all, it’s not even regulated by the F.D.A.Well, […]

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Intenze Tattoo Ink Review – Zuper Black

As tattoo artists, we’re always looking for that next trick or piece of equipment that will take our skills as an artist to the next level, after all, talent can only take you so far. Sometimes, to take that next step, you have to invest in ​higher quality products like Intenze Ink​. However, nobody wants […]

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Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

A lot of tattoo artists were raised on coil tattoo machines and swear by them, but after seeing how popular rotary tattoo machines have gotten it’s only natural to be interested in checking what all the buzz is about. Most of us, however, don’t what to make a sizable investment into something we want to […]

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