How to Design Your Own Tattoos: 5 Simple Steps

Are you thinking of putting your artistry into reality by getting a tattoo? Have you been thinking about designing it yourself? Then you are on the right page.

Having a tattoo is a lifetime commitment; you put it on yourself, and it is there forever, depending on whether you decide to undergo procedures to remove it. That is why you need to consider things before doing it.

Everything will be easy for your artist if you know where and what design you want to put on yourself. Here are five simple steps that will help you decide how to design your tattoo.

5 Simple Steps to Design Your Own Tattoo

While it might just be a tattoo to some, it’s more than art on flesh. It’s a beautifully freeing expression, a natural way to share your soul with the world.

That is why having a tattoo should be thought over and over. Under here are some of the most simple steps of how to design your tattoo.

Step 1: Look for Some Tattoo Inspiration

Even though you feel that you are artistic enough, others’ influence will always make a difference in your tattoo outcome.

Looking online, at magazines, or even Instagram, may provide additional ideas on designing your tattoo. You can also check some artists’ portfolios to look for a design that will fit your taste.

There are also a lot of tattoo trends out there right now. Before deciding what design you want to go with, you should consider if its trendy or even if you’re going to start a trend of your own.

Spark your imagination, and do not go too much. You can try exploring examples of nature, traditional subject matter(like skull tattoo), and tribal tattoos.

Step 2:  Think of Something You Find Meaningful

As I have said, having a tattoo is permanent unless you undergo procedures. Not just about fashion or trend that you can show to anyone, A tattoo should also have a meaning.

Designing your tattoo with a personal significance will be a rewarding experience. 

Besides having a good tattoo, you will also get something for yourself that expresses who you are as an individual, what you have achieved, and what you want to remember.

Most people say they make it personal. Aside from having a good looking tattoo, it should connect with who you are, your personality, and you should feel it in your heart. 

Step 3: Start Sketching

After you have gathered all your ideas, inspiration, and the intended meaning of your dream tattoo, it is now the time to be creative. 

Get a piece of paper or your tablet to start sketching what you envision for your tattoo.

Suppose you can draw, then this a very satisfying thing for you. Try sketch the closest thing you want your tattoo to look like and then show it to your artist.

You can also jot down the ideas and inspiration of the tattoo and send it to your artist. In that way, your artist will help you decide and will give you options on how your tattoo will eventually look.

Part of this will also be the color you want your tattoo to have. 

Before you go crazy with the colors, try to think if that color will fit you or not. Black is the most common tattoo color for a tattoo, but some tried white for a change. Colorless does not mean boring!

Step 4: Find Your Artist

Knowing your artist will is very beneficial for both parties. Part of having a good tattoo is good communication.

The best suggestion will be to find the artist that will suit you. The artist should be easy to talk to, very much open for suggestions, experience, and, most importantly, licensed. 

It is like finding a hairdresser; finding an artist can be made by referral. If you know someone who has a tattoo and may see an artist, you can ask them. 

When you finally decide who will be the artist for your dream tattoo, start booking an appointment and make sure to have a lengthy chat on how to make your tattoo even better. 

Step 5: Identify a Suitable Location for the Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is exciting, but if you are a first-timer, my suggestion is to ask your artist where the best location is for your tattoo. 

After gathering ideas and finding your artist, you should know the different parts where your tattoo will place the best.

You should now consider the tattoo’s visibility, its size, and the sensitivity of the part where both of you decided to put it.

Some popular locations include the arms and legs, which allows it to be quite visible. If you prefer your tattoo to be private, suitable locations, the lower back, stomach, chest, or shoulders.

Designing Your Tattoo FAQ

What are the best designs for a tattoo?

Designing your tattoo should not only be beautiful but should also be meaningful. One of the best designs for a tattoo is your life’s significant symbols, such as your favorite things and your most loved person.

Though some people choose words as tattoos, some people prefer more visual tattoos such as faces, cartoons, or realistic representations of what they are trying to achieve with the tattoo.

You can also try zodiac, nature, and other symbols that mean something to you. 

What should I consider when designing my tattoo?

You should consider the idea that a tattoo should symbolize you. Regardless of whether people can see it or not, your tattoo should always be about you.

Once you see your tattoo, it should remind you of its meaning and significance – breakthroughs or something you want to remember.

You should also consider the size of your tattoo. For first-timers, a bit small tattoo can be enough. Then if you get comfortable enough, you can get a bigger one the next time you decide o have ink again.

What color of inks should I use for my tattoos?

Most people will have their tattoo in black because that is one of the tattoo colors. But some will explore colors to show off their creativity.

White ink is also part of a trend now. It makes the illusion of an invisible tattoo.

The best way to decide what color will work is to seek advice from others and your artist. But at the end of the day, your decision will still be final.

Which part of my body can I put my tattoo?

Choosing which part of the body to put your tattoo will depend on your preference. You should also consider putting it in a position where you are most comfortable.

If you want to show it off, you can put it on visible parts like arms and legs. But If you prefer it to remain hidden, you can put it on the lower back, stomach, and other parts that are not so much visible.

It also depends on the size of the tattoos you are going to have. If too small, you can also put on your wrist or nape, and for big ones, you can have them on your chest or legs.

You can also seek suggestions and advice from other people and your artist.

A Tattoo That Is Uniquely Yours

Having your tattoo designed by yourself takes time and a lot of consideration. It can be best achieved through collaboration with a professional and dedicated tattoo artist. 

By carefully gathering ideas and the right exchange of thoughts with your artist will help you develop an aesthetically pleasing piece as a unique expression of yourself.

Remember that no matter how cliché it might sound, tattoos are permanent. Try to focus on your interests, stay true to yourself, and try not to put on so much.

A good tip probably when you are getting trouble with the design finds something simple that will fit you. You can start with zodiac symbols, flower patterns, and other classic designs.


Designing your tattoo should not only be fashionable but also have a meaning. This will make your tattoo stand out and will make a difference in a lot of ways.

You should always consider all the potential factors for putting your tattoo and especially who will be your artist. Making sure your artist is open for all suggestions, have enough experience, and are licensed.

Take your time and do not hasten things up. Think thoroughly and make it comfortable to yourself, so in the end, you will be satisfied and gratified from the result. 

So, have you thought of the design of your tattoo? Work on your ideas and start making a lasting impression.

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