30 Ring Finger Tattoo Designs You’ll Love

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

If you consider yourself a romantic, you would agree with me when I say that there are a million ways to express your love and dedication to someone.

But, nothing comes close to getting your rings bands replaced with a tattoo instead.

There is a stronger feeling of permanence and eternity in ring finger tattoos. But, if you are still waiting for that special someone, we’ve got something in store for you as well.

I have compiled 30 of the sweetest ring-finger tattoo design ideas.

Each artist is given due credit, so if you want to check out more of their work or message them directly, their names and Instagram accounts are all there.

Towards the end, I’ll also answer some FAQs and talk about some fascinating stuff related to the ring finger. So keep reading!

Ring Finger Tattoo Design Ideas

Simple Band Ring Finger Tattoo – For Singles

If you haven’t found the one yet, and not very enthusiastic about wearing a ring on your finger at all times, finger ring tattoos can still look great on you.

These tattoos are very simple – and they replicate a straightforward ring band. 

Once you find the one, and she is also a fellow tattoo lover, suggest sealing your love with these simple ring bands.

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

by Mari Rainha (@marirainhatattoo on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Mizantropia (@mizantropia.tattoo on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Oliver (@_oliver_twisted on Instagram).

Intricate Band Ring Finger Tattoo – For Singles

Wearing rings is common among fashionable people. Sometimes, we may be looking for a particular kind of ring that isn’t available anywhere.

Then, these tattoos are for you!

These tattoos are a lot more intricate compared to the ones above. It is an excellent opportunity for you to dictate to your tattoo artist how exactly you want your “ring” to look like.

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

Artist unknown..

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Carlita(@carlitatattoo on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

by Tattooist Banul (@tattooist_banul on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

Artist unknown.

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

by Anneke Fitrianti (@anne.tattoo on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

Artist unknown.

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Anna Pospisilova (@tattu_anna on Instagram).

by Dankus Treze (@dankus_treze on Instagram).

By Trinidad (@trinukagonzales on Instagram).

by Mima Vayena (@mimastattoo on Instagram).

By Julia Diament (@ju_diament on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Yugin (@yugin_tattoo on Instagram).

Matching Bands Ring Finger Tattoo – For Couples

Replacing traditional ring bands with ring finger tattoos is a recent trend that is gradually becoming more popular.

Having tattoos instead of ring bands not only shows your dedication to one another. But, it also means that you will never have to take your ring off – and potentially lose it.

Getting a ring finger tattoo with your significant other is a remarkable thing. 

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

Artist unknown.

By Ink Fever Social (@inkfeversocial on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Man Yao (@themanyao on Instagram).

By Jes (@jes.tattoos on Instagram).

30 Sweetest Finger Ring Tattoo Designs

By Minie Chan (@minie._.chan on Instagram).

Matching Intricate Bands Ring Finger Tattoo – For Couples

Not a fan of traditional wedding bands or engagement rings? Then these tattoos are for you.

Tattoos allow freedom of expression that may not be a hundred percent possible with traditional rings. 

You can dictate what you want in your “rings” as couples. Celebrate your love for one another in style!

By Lisa Choi Winestock (@royalfusion on Instagram).

By Abby Rose (@abbyroseink on Instagram).

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

By Doro (@doro_stilo on Instagram).

by LebensArt Tattoo Atelier (@lena.tattooart on Instagram).

Artist unknown.

Sentimental Bands Ring Finger Tattoo – For Couples

These tattoos are similar to the previous set of finger ring tattoos, but with a slightly more personal touch.

These finger ring tattoos allow you to wear sentimental messages around your finger at all times.

Some couples choose to have each other’s initials on their fingers. Some may choose to have significant dates inscribed. Others may choose to have symbols that represent good memories.

Regardless of what design you choose to go to, it is undeniable that these kinds of finger ring tattoos are the sweetest.

By Black Line Studio (@blacklinestudio on Instagram).

By Emp Tattoo  (@emp_tattoo on Instagram).

Artist unknown.

What is the history behind wedding rings?

For many centuries, the wedding ring or wedding band has indicated that the wearer is married.

Western traditions of using wedding ring date back to Ancient Egypt; it also appeared in Ancient Classical cultures in Rome and Greece.

Christendom then inherited these classical practices. 

Ancient Egypt

It is believed that the idea of wedding rings began 6,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt.

In papyrus scrolls, evidence was found where Egyptian couples were depicted as exchanging rings made out of reed or hemp.

This ceremony of exchanging rings was a symbol of the couple’s love for one another.

According to Egyptian beliefs, the circular shape of the ring represented eternity. The open space in the middle of the ring was symbolic of a passageway into the future as they dedicate their lives to one another.

Ancient Rome and Greece

During classical times was when the idea of wedding rings indeed took off. After its beginning in Ancient Egypt, it made its way father to the west.

They believed in a theory called “vena amoris,” which translates to “vein of love.”

Rather than using reed or hemp, the groom would present a metal ring to his bride-to-be. 

The solidity of the material was representative of endurance and strength. Brides would usually be given two rings: a gold and an iron one.

The iron ring was normally worn at home; the gold ring was worn in public to demonstrate the couple’s wealth.

Modern Day Wedding Rings

This idea of exchanging rings as a sign of love and unity hasn’t changed. Today, couples continue to exchange wedding rings.

Gold is still the go-to choice of material for wedding bands, but other materials have also emerged.

Some wedding bands are made out of titanium, tungsten, palladium, platinum, and many more.

This allows a level of personalization to the couple’s rings.

Some couples choose not to wear wedding rings as it shows a materialistic side to romantic relationships.

This was when ring finger tattoos began to gain popularity! They function in the same manner, but without the flashy qualities that wedding bands or engagement rings have.

There is no telling whether the tradition of wedding rings will continue. Nevertheless, ring finger tattoos are a great alternative. 

Finger Ring Tattoo FAQs

Why should you get a finger ring tattoo?

These tattoos can replace the traditional style of wedding bands. There is a feeling of permanence in the sense that you will forever be wearing your “rings.”

It is an excellent alternative if you are not a fan of the following tradition regarding your love life.

What style should my finger ring tattoo be?

Finger ring tattoos are relatively simple. But, a style that appears a lot in this tattoo is the stick and poke style.

These tattoos would usually have simple lines, curves, or dots. This style will also allow your “rings” to look truly unique.

Where should I place my ring finger tattoo?

You can simply choose to place it exactly where a traditional wedding band would go.

Having it on the ring finger also makes it relatively inconspicuous. People who would see it will most likely just think that it is a ring.

Will it hurt?

  • Size & complexity of the design
  • Tattoo placement
  • Pain tolerance
  • Experience

Pain intensity varies wildly between each person. What might hurt for you might not hurt at all for someone else. 

So before you go get your tattoo, go over the following points.

Size & complexity of the design

A major factor that dictates how bad your tattoo will hurt is how big and intricate the details are.

The reason for this is because bigger and more complex tattoos take much longer to finish. If you have a particularly big and complex design, it could take several sessions to complete, meaning more pain.

Now when you get a tattoo, your body will be in constant pain. The tattoo machine repeatedly pierces and injects ink into your skin, and you will feel a slightly painful scratching sensation. This is normal. 

The body adjusts to this pain by releasing adrenaline and endorphins. You’ll feel the pain start to numb out during this rush, and you’ll feel much less stressed.

The thing is, the rush only lasts about 30 minutes. 

Ring finger tattoos are minute compared to other kinds of tattoos. They occupy a tiny portion of the finger. So, you won’t outlast the rush. Depending on your pain tolerance, the experience may be alright.

However, some people experience much more intense pain when getting a tattoo on the figures. It just boils done to the circumference of your finger. If you’ve got more fat on your fingers, then there will be less pain.

Just remember to get a design that’s appropriate for your pain tolerance. Too much pain can get in the way of both you and your artist.

  • Tattoo placement

Another factor that affects the intensity of pain you’ll experience is where you’ll place your tattoo.

There are not a lot of options when it comes to ring finger tattoos. Some designs may wrap around the finger’s circumference while some tattoos can be placed simply along the finger’s side. 

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand. Ring finger tattoos also follow the same tradition. 

Pain may be more intense along the top of the finger as there is less fat. The inner parts of the finger (i.e. when the palm is facing up) may feel less discomfort.

If you’ve got a low pain tolerance, then you might have to ask the tattoo artist to take it easy on those areas.

For a comprehensive discussion on which body parts hurt most when getting tattooed, check out this article by Healthline on tattoo pain.

  • Pain tolerance

Some people have naturally low pain tolerances. This could be caused by a skin condition, thin skin, or recent emotional trauma. Pain tolerances vary from person to person, so it’s a good idea to figure out how well you fare before booking an appointment.

But if you’re already committed to getting your tattoo, here are a few actionable ways to mitigate the pain:

  • Get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep before getting your tattoo, you’ll hinder your body’s natural healing process. (Important!)
  • Stay sober. If you drink before getting your tattoo, get ready for some pain. Alcohol is classified as a blood thinner. When your blood thins, it’s more prone to bleeding and bruising. (Important!)
  • Stay hydrated. Drink enough water before getting your tattoo. It’ll help your skin stay supple throughout the session. It’ll also help your tattoo heal faster after your session.
  • Moisturize. Hydrating your skin doesn’t just mean drinking plenty of water. You should also take the liberty of applying moisturizer to keep your skin nice and hydrated from the outside.
  • Take breaks. There will be moments in your tattoo session where the pain will just be too much to handle. This is normal. When this happens, feel free to ask your artist for a short break.
  • Experience

According to research, a person’s pain tolerance is directly affected by their experience with tattoos. This means that if you’ve had tattoos done in the past, you’ll likely feel less pain.


Finger ring tattoos is a truly unique way to represent your love to one another as couples.

It is an excellent alternative if you don’t believe in the idea of wedding rings as symbols of your dedication and loyalty to one another.

The act of getting finger ring tattoos together is symbolic of a very strong emotional connection with one another.

Did you enjoy these ring finger tattoo designs, or are you looking for more inspiration? Check out the following links to see more designs from talented artists.