Tattooing another person is a privilege that should not be taken lightly, and you should always approach it with the utmost care. We want to walk you on your journey to becoming a professional tattoo artist

We want to help you learn how to tattoo!

  • With a safety first mentality
  • And with a practice first mentality

Reading to get you started:

  • How to get an apprenticeship: Obtaining an apprenticeship is invaluable to the starting tattoo artist. You learn all about tattoo safety and advanced techniques. As well as, the inner workings of a tattoo shop.
  • How to get a Tattoo License: If you want to be legally recognized as a tattoo artist, then you’ll need to obtain a tattoo license. Read here to learn the step by step process. 
  • Tattoo Aftercare: If you’re going to be tattooing anyone, you need to be able to teach them the proper way to take care of your work. If you tattoo a client, and their tattoo gets infected, it reflects poorly on you and your work environment. Make sure you’re able to drill in the proper way to clean your work.
  • How to Tattoo: This is our complete guide on how to tattoo. It covers all the safety aspects, how to set up your tattoo machines, and of course various techniques.

Our Equipment Recommendations: 

  • Best Tattoo Kit: The Pirate Face Grinder Tattoo Kit is the kit we recommend when you start practicing. It comes with plenty of machines and education material to help you master the fundamentals.
  • Best Tattoo Ink: Intenze Ink Zuper Black is a great all around ink that can be used for lining and shading. It also is great for grey wash making it the most versatile ink you can buy.
  • Best Tattoo Power Supply: The Hurricane Digital Tattoo Power Supply is a great power supply that is loaded with features and great for a beginner to learn on.