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Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review

Being health-​conscious is a fast-growing trend not only ​amongst Americans ​of all ages, but ​has been a concern for people worldwide for many years.

The days of shoving fast food and any other non-organic material in your body are long gone. So, where does that leave tattoo ink?

After all, it’s not even regulated by the F.D.A.

Well, luckily there are tattoo inks like Bloodline by Skin Candy that are vegan-friendly tattoo inks! ​But how does a vegan tattoo ink ​compare to your older, more traditional inks?

Well, let’s find out by diving into ​our full Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink review below!

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink​ Review – Updated

Skin Candy Bloodline Ink Review

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​Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, also known as Bloodline, is a thick tattoo ink that​ is ​great for packing in ink. Made in the U.S.A., Skin Candy Tattoo Ink is a high-quality vegan ink. That means it’s great for people who may have skin or other related allergies!

What’s Great About It?

Skin Candy Tattoo Ink is very thick, and not made to outline right out of the bottle, instead, it comes ready to back in the color. Once you dilute it to a 3:1 ratio with distilled water or witch hazel it turns into excellent ink for outlining. It’s a very versatile ink in this respect, though. Also, you can get some really great shades of grey out of it while using it for grey wash, because it’s such a true black ink.

The fact that it is a vegan ink, made with a plant-based glycol, can’t be overlooked. You should always be finding out your clients allergies before ever starting a tattoo, and if they do have allergies, then Skin Candy Tattoo Ink will probably be the best choice of ink for them. Skin Candy prides itself on being a high quality, non-toxic, American made tattoo ink.

The Downsides?

​Usually, this is where I talk about the downsides of the ink, and what to be aware of if you choose to use it, but I have scoured the internet—leaving no stone unturned—and I can not find any unhappy customers. The only thing that I could find that brought the rating of this ink down was the fact that it’s on the more expensive side to purchase, but that comes naturally with being such a high-quality tattoo ink though.


  • Vegan Ink
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy to work with


  • Higher Price Point

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My overall impression is that Bloodline by Skin Candy Tattoo Ink is that it’s an ink that everyone should have in their repertoire. Not only is it a non-toxic tattoo ink that your clients will love, it is also of the highest quality and easy to work with. The one negative thing that needs to be taken into consideration is whether you’re happy or not ​spending the money that it ​asks for.

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