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25 Best Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs (with Meaning)

There are very few things that can compare to the feeling you get when you’re camping out in the woods…then wake up to the sound of an eerie howl in the distance. You remember that within the depths of the forest, a vicious pack of beasts lurks. They’re cunning…ruthless…and incredibly intelligent. Suddenly you realize how […]

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45 Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Designs (with Meaning)

When it comes to courtship, the peacock is a master. There are very few species in the animal kingdom that can compete with its ability to make a woman swoon. In one swift, vigorous motion, the peacock overwhelms a potential mate with a spectacular display of movement and color—an incredible sight to behold. This iconic […]

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40 Meaningful Mother Daughter Tattoos You’ll Love

The early mornings before preschool were the best… Feeling drowsy and betrayed after the abrupt end of your precious sleep, you wake up in a sour mood. You put on a sulky pout as an act of defiance. But as you walk into the dining room, the sweet smell of breakfast wafts softly into your […]

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19 Best Jellyfish Tattoo Design Ideas (with Meaning)

When you go swimming in the vast, guiltless depths of the ocean, you expect to see fish, corals, and the occasional shark. So when you happen upon a strange, glowing, phantom drifter…you’re taken by surprise.  What is it? And why does it enthrall you so? Everything about Jellyfish is so captivating—their translucent dome-shaped bells, their […]

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