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The Stages of the Tattoo Healing Process: Is This Normal!?!

The tattoo healing process is something anyone seldom thinks about before they get ink. But, once puss makes its debut, people usually go running to see if it’s normal. The following information may help answer your questions so that you feel comfortable with the process of getting a tattoo.Why do Tattoos Need to Heal?The tattoo process uses […]

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Best Tattoo Numbing Spray of 2020 with Reviews

So you’ve decided to get a tattoo—struggled with the do or don’t, agonized over what to get, and hunted down a reputable shop and artist. All that’s left is to go to the appointment. In preparing yourself for the procedure, you’ve read up on needles, types of ink, and healing ointments. The main thread appearing […]

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Best Tanning Lotion for Tattoos Protection | 2020 Reviews

Tattoos are awesome, well, so is tanning… However, the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or tanning beds expedite tattoo fading. So, today we’ll show you the best tattoo tanning lotions to keep your tattoos looking brand new while you work on your beach bod!Quick Top 5 Tattoo Tanning Lotions​Image​Lotion​OzPrice1. Ed Hardy “Black Elixir” Tanning Lotion​Editors Choice​13.5 […]

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Best Sunscreen for Tattoos: Keep Them Looking Great For Longer

Tattoos are like paintings; they’ll stay beautiful if they are taken care of and protected from damage. The ink from tattoos tends to fade as they age, especially when exposed to lots of sunlight. To keep ​them looking like the day you got them, consider buying protective tattoo sunscreen.Quick Top 5 Sunscreens for Tattoos​Image​Sunscreen​SPFPrice1. Australian […]

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The Best Tattoo Lotion Keeps Your Tattoos Looking Fresh

First tattoo, huh? First off, congrats on the tat. Second off, let’s take care of that burning, itching, possibly infected fresh piece of real estate on your body. Tattoo geniuses created wonderful tattoo lotion to prevent any damage to your beautiful body artwork. So don’t risk infection and let’s go and find you some perfectly soothing […]

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