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12 Patriotic 1776 Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate The Independence

“To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must choose between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.”

That was a quote from the great United States founding father, Mr. Thomas Jefferson, who authorized the Declaration of Independence document for every American patriot.

It is a great reminder of the importance of our national identity as a country that was strongly built on the noble ideas of equality, sovereignty, and democracy during the Revolutionary War for independence in the 1770s.

As fellow countrymen of this nation, we must not forget the real sacrifices of our forefathers who fought blood and sweat for the freedom of this nation from colonial tyrannies.

To honor those great sacrifices in a truly American fashion, this Fourth of July, we must express our nationalism and patriotic values through the expressive art form of body art, i.e., tattoos.

In this informative guide, I recommend some of the best tattoo ideas to represent and fuel your high-octane patriotism for this country.

I will also explain more about their meaning and references to lift up your spirit for this Independence Day.

Creative Ideas For a 1776 Tattoo of Independence

The year 1776 holds special significance in the conscience of every living American. It is etched in our history books as the day we declared our independence against the British Empire.

Patriotism runs deep in the veins of every American soul. There is no better way to reflect your love for the country than a 1776-themed tattoo on your body.

These tattoo ideas are designed with ink depositions to commemorate the spirit of that historical event when our founding fathers signed that unanimous Declaration of Independence document in the Pennsylvania State House on the Fourth of July.

Here are some of the most popular in-demand tattoo ideas for the Independence Day theme that every true patriot should think of getting inked with:

 1. American Flag Shoulder Tattoo

American Flag Shoulder Tattoo
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/540924605240122882/

The American Flag tattoo is often called the ”Star and Stripes tattoo ink” that holds a significant historical, cultural, and symbolic importance as a true representation of American independence on your shoulders.

All the colors on the flag have a specific meaning; for example, the red wavering stripes on the flag symbolize Valor, white colored stars represent a constellation signifying purity and innocence, and the navy blue print above symbolizes perseverance and justice.

Before you get this glorious tattoo inked on your shoulder or arms, it is recommended that you read as much as you can about its historical and cultural significance as a national flag. You can start here: https://www.pbs.org/a-capitol-fourth/history/old-glory/.

2. ‘We The People’ Independence Day Tattoo

‘We The People’ Independence Day Tattoo
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/1196337398277570/

The United States Constitution is the world’s longest-surviving written government charter solely serving its citizens.

‘We the People’ is the first three words from the American constitution, known as the ‘Preamble,’ that discusses the union of different states, democratic rule, individual rights, people’s welfare, and many more.

This tattoo design with a large lettering of a modified Gothic style font of the Preamble scripture is a wonderful way to celebrate American patriotism enshrined in its constitution.

3. The Bold 1776 Script

The Bold 1776 Script
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/1150740142266307101/

A simple yet powerful tattoo featuring the year “1776” in elegant script font. It is the most significant historical event in every American textbook material.

It’s easy to design as it’s just a font style with unique calligraphy. You can add patriotic colors like red, white, and blue or incorporate elements like stars and stripes into the design.

4. Statue of Liberty Tattoo Designs

Statue of Liberty Tattoo Designs
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The Statue of Liberty is an iconic neo-classical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York City that represents the universal symbol of freedom (as the name suggests).

It also symbolizes enlightenment to the entire world. It was modeled on the Roman Goddess Libertas.

Consider a full-body representation of this Statue of Liberty, showcasing her iconic robe, torch, and tablet with the inscribed “July IV MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776) date of U.S. Declaration of Independence.

5. The Bald Eagle Tattoo Design

The Bald Eagle Tattoo Design
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The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States of America since 1782. It appears in many government institutions and official documents as an emblem of nationality.

It is an iconic symbol for the presidential flags, the mace in the House of Representatives, military insignia, and billions of one million dollars.

For generations, the Bald Eagle has long been a symbol of strength, courage, determination, freedom, and immortality.

The Bald Eagle tattoo design on your shoulder will strike a strong visual appeal for everyone who believes in the power of American patriotism.

6. Liberty Bell Tattoo Design

Liberty Bell Tattoo Design
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/169799848443946036/

The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence that was first made in the year 1752 for the Pennsylvania State House.

The Liberty Bell was a strong symbol that drove the cause for American patriots and revolutionists to abolish slavery in the United States during the 1800s.

It still has a strong relevance in today’s time with all the ongoing debates on racism in the U.S.A. It was designed to raise voices against issues like social injustice, religious dogmatism, racial subjugation, and many more.

A tattoo of the Liberty Bell will look absolutely gorgeous on your back torso. Consider including the crack and the date “1776” beneath it.

7. In God We Trust B&W Tattoo Design

In God We Trust B&W Tattoo Design
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/791085490814423052/

‘In God We Trust’ is an official motto for the United States of America. It is a strong remembrance of the chaotic civil wars right after the American independence in 1776.

This phrase represents a sense of harmony and victory among the American patriot minds. It does talk about a brutal time in human history but also instills a new hope for a better and brighter future.

A Black and White Tattoo design of this iconic phrase on your back torso with an eagle badge of honor will look immensely beautiful on you. It will surely represent your strong patriotism and nationalistic values for the country.

8. Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo Design

Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo Design
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/215046950948831669/

Betsy Ross’s flag is the first and foremost flag designed during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) against the Britishers.

Betsy Ross (1752-1836) designed this exceptional flag with Thirteen alternating red and white stripes, a blue canton with thirteen 5-pointed stars arranged in a circle.

To give a more creative turn to your patriotic tattoo design, you can symbolize it with a beautiful rose incorporating the colorful design of the Betsy Ross flag. It will give a stunning view of your patriotic sentiments.

9. Inkwell and Quill Tattoo Designs

Inkwell and Quill Tattoo Designs
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/510525307773348192/

Before the modern inventions of pens and pencils, the Inkwell and quills were the only materials used for inscribing on paper for official documentation.

The principal document of the American Declaration of Independence was also probably signed with these inkwells.

Hence, to commemorate that historic moment of 1776, a modernized ink deposition of body art tattoos on your forearm is a beautiful representation of patriotic ideals.

Don’t forget to add some script or a quote from the Declaration manuscript for a personalized touch.

10. Parchment Scroll Tattoo Design

Parchment Scroll Tattoo Design
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/513480794994334116/

Parchment scrolls were the ancient form of record-keeping texts, used for multiple purposes during various monarchic rule.

The first Declaration of Independence in America was also drafted on a scroll paper with handwritten calligraphy, announcing the independence of the North American colonies.

An intricate tattoo resembling an aged parchment scroll with the text of the Declaration of Independence inscribed on it will look absolutely stunning.

11. War Soldiers Holding the Flag Tattoo Designs

War Soldiers Holding the Flag Tattoo Designs
Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/357473289185975330/

American Soldiers holding the national flag before it falls on the ground is an iconic scene that instills patriotic faith in one’s eyes.

This significant picture modeled on the American Revolutionary War times is highly famous simply because of what it stands for:- union, strength, hardships, camaraderie, and brotherhood.

12. Founding Fathers Tattoo Designs

Image Source: in.pinterest.com/pin/155303887285503462/

Honoring the Founding Fathers of the American War of Independence through the self-expression of body art is a great idea for a patriotic soul.

Consider a portrait-style tattoo featuring iconic figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and others.

Their portraits could also be based on the iconic scenery of Mount Rushmore, where these American historical figures are carved in majestic forms for eternity.


Here are some questions on the internet commonly asked about 1776 tattoo designs:

What Type of Tattoos Represent Patriotism and Independence?

There are various types of tattoo designs that represent patriotism in many ways. Bald Eagles, Crouching tigers, Heather flowers, National flags, and many such symbolic tattoos represent the noble ideas of patriotism. Popular texts and quotations from famous revolutionary figures such as Gandhi, Churchill, and Lincoln broadly present the ideas of nationalistic values.

Can I Get a 1776 Tattoo If I Am Not an American?

Even if you are not an American citizen by nationality, you can get a 1776-themed tattoo on your body. There is no such restriction in the tattooing community for non-Americans. Many people worldwide admire the principles of freedom the Declaration of Independence represents.

How to Choose the Right Artist for Designing Patriotic Tattoos?

It is very simple; you must follow the official Instagram pages of some local tattoo artist who post regular updates on their tattooing work. Closely look at all their posts and understand their unique design style. Contact them for an appointment and discuss all your ideas about patriotic-themed tattoos.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, in the end, tattoo depictions of American independence are a glorious way of celebrating this historic moment of the world’s most powerful country.

While celebrating this auspicious day in your country, do not forget all the important safety measures required to follow while getting a tattoo on your body.

Safety should always be the utmost priority when choosing an intricate tattoo design that might harm your skin.

I sincerely hope that this article has brought some kind of help to your hunt for inventive tattoo ideas representing patriotism and independence. I wish you all the very best.

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