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20 Chrysanthemum Tattoo Designs with Meaning

The Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower — also known as a “16-petal daisy” — with its origins in China. This flower is also extremely popular in Japan, where its linkage to the Japanese Imperial Family has given it widespread symbolism of being a representation of royalty. In Japan, Chrysanthemum is also a popular female name.

This flower is joyfully given during happy occasions like weddings, births, and many other celebrations. It stands as a strong symbol of love, peace, happiness, rebirth, and every other positive feeling. Ask any tattoo artist, anywhere in the world, they’ll vouch for the fact that Chrysanthemum tattoos are amongst the most popular ones. 

For a long time, there’s been a fascination with the subject within the tattoo industry, not just in Japan, but everywhere else too. Chrysanthemum tattoo designs are loved and represented in all styles of tattoos. It’s intriguing how the meaning of this flower is altered or reinforced when combined with other designs. Such design fusions make the overall Chrysanthemum tattoo more stylized and modern — the meaning quickly changes from royalty, generosity, and greatness, to a sign of sensuality, emotions, and fertility. 

In this article, I’ve compiled 20 of the most appealing Chrysanthemum tattoo designs on the internet. Each piece’s artist is credited so that you can get to know more about them and their art directly. Towards the end of this article, there’s an insightful overview of the significance of the Chrysanthemum,  followed by a helpful faqs section. Keep reading till the end, to learn, why this flower continues to be so popular among the tattooist fraternity and their clients’.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Skull

Ordinarily, when we think of skulls, we’re reminded of danger, death, and our mortality. However, to the creative mind, and in specific cultures, the significance of a skull is not limited to its typified fearmongering characteristics. Skulls can depict a transformation, or even be associated with power, safety, or as per the Aztecs’ culture — “good luck.”  

When the skull is combined with flowers, particularly a Chrysanthemum, it portrays a sign of a new beginning. The owner of a skull with a Chrysanthemum tattoo feels empowered with new energy as the tattoo is meant to act as a protective amulet (a lucky charm) permanently embedded in the skin.

@vokuntattoo on Instagram

This skull and Chrysanthemum tattoo design looks great on the upper arm. The overall design depicts a new life with the leaves of this celebratory flower on all sides. It’s a protective amulet that you can proudly feature anywhere on your body.

Here are some more Chrysanthemum with skull designs:

@chris_t_c on Instagram

In this design, a couple of simple Chrysanthemums and roses are covering the top portion of the skull. It’s a vivid, well-inked tattoo that doesn’t use colors to add vibrancy.



This chest piece looks incredibly artistic. The black Chrysanthemum and skull are covering part of the chest to beautifully complement the skin tone and body structure of the owner.

Chrysanthemum Combined With Butterflies

Moving on, when the Chrysanthemum is combined with a pair of butterflies, the intended depictions include the loving relationship between a parent and child, two playful siblings, or the simplicity of one’s spirit.


Pinterest: https://pin.it/5FQiRQg

The above tattoo design looks perfect on the upper back creeping onto the lower neck and shoulder area. The lightness and simplicity of one’s spirit are depicted by the combination design and the soothing choice of colors.

Here’s another attractive design:

@soonthatgood on Instagram

It’s a single butterfly on one arm, while it faces the matching Chrysanthemum inked on the other arm. This design pair symbolizes freedom, discovery, and good destiny.

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Ladybug

A ladybug is a pretty little insect that signifies peace, a sweet nature, true love, good luck, and delicacy, etc. It also indicates femininity, which is why a tattoo featuring a ladybug is primarily for females. A tattoo design that combines the ladybug with a Chrysanthemum is a heavenly match that connotes innocence, good fortune, and positive transformations.


In the above tattoo design, the ladybird and the Chrysanthemum perfectly complement each other to form a subtle look that portrays a peaceful and loving scene. If you’re a lady looking to cover your thigh beautifully, with the right colors and design, and a pinch of fortune, go for this lovely scheme!

A Snake Wrapped Chrysanthemum

When you have a tattoo design that is a Chrysanthemum wrapped with a snake, it emphasizes the snake’s supernatural powers that protect the tattoo owner. By sporting such a tattoo, you’re protected against defeat and moved towards wellness. You are the flower — the Chrysanthemum — and the snake is shielding you.

itattyou on Pinterest

The above tattoo figures in a balanced way as it’s situated vibrantly, boldly along the upper side of the thigh area. The focus is on the large Chrysanthemum. Yet, the relatively smaller snake’s presence complements the flower to mean “a goal towards wellness and purity.” 

Here’s another great example:

Cobra and Chrysanthemums by Matt Beckerich

Tattoodo on Pinterest

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Dragon (Or A Lion)

Tattoo designs having a Lion or Dragon in combination with a Chrysanthemum, reinforce the idea of courage.

Tattoodo on Pinterest

This is an incredibly attractive tattoo that makes a bold yet subtle statement — “possessing immense courage and vitality.” I like how the tattoo artistically envelopes the whole upper arm along with the shoulder, in line with how the dragon has enveloped the beautiful Chrysanthemum.

Here’s a subtler example. This time with the lion instead of the dragon, and using fewer colors:

Domocren on Pinterest

Chrysanthemum Combined With A Bird

A tattoo design portraying a Chrysanthemum combined with a bird, signifies ultimate freedom, strength, and energy. If it’s an Owl bird along with the Chrysanthemum, the meaning is further enriched to include wisdom, acumen, and mysticism. An Owl characterizes being intelligent, patient, knowledgeable, and having foresight. Hence, This type of pairing for the design is most suitable for the wise adult who is focused and calm.

By Timothy B Boor


Chrysanthemum Combined With Lord Buddha

This combination has historical significance and meaning. In China and Buddhist culture, the chrysanthemum symbolizes a life of ease. Buddhists are found showering this flower as a mode of offerings on alters. To them, these flowers are symbolic of powerful Yang energy, which is sheer good luck into your family’s life.

@jonleightontattoo on Instagram

The tattoo design above has the lord Buddha centered in the Chrysanthemum flower, with the petals beautifully garlanding it from all sides. Depicted in the top part of the background is the spiritual Hindu sign “Aum,” which signifies the essence of the ultimate reality.

Here’s another great design covering the full length of the inner side of one arm, inked in shades of Grey:

Tattoodo on Pinterest

Chrysanthemums Of Different Colors & Their Meanings

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of vibrant colors. In tattooing, the most popular colors of this flower are Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, and Orange. 

A Turquoise Chrysanthemum with Green leaves depicts ambition, youth, and positive energy. To bring out the sensuality, figure, and overall goodness of the owner’s body, the use of bright colors like red, orange, or yellow are the right choice. A solid black tattoo makes the owner appear and feel full of vitality. 

To depict courage and self-confidence, the stress is on Pink and Blue Chrysanthemums that have green leaves with dark highlights. Finally, a combination of Red Chrysanthemums having Black leaves serves as a reminder that beauty has an expiry date.

Here’s an array of Chrysanthemum tattoo designs in popular colors:

Jerry on Pinterest



Rory Rod-Mart on Pinterest

Sion Kwak

@tattooist_sion on Instagram

@Herzdame on Instagram

@toneycareytattoo on Instagram

@julianzeff on Instagram

Chrysanthemum Symbolism

There are different ways of looking at the symbolic nature of Chrysanthemums. You could base the significance on nature, culture, history, or traditions. You could further breakdown the significance based on the particular color variant of this flower. This beautiful flower blooms in the fall, signifying beauty and happiness, even though it’s right before the onset of the winter season. 

Let’s take a look at the significance of the Chrysanthemum in different cultures of the world:

  • In Chinese culture, Chrysanthemums symbolize long life and great luck in the household. It’s quite common to offer this flower to the elderly as a mark of good wishes and an extended, joyful life.
  • Buddhists realize Chrysanthemums have a powerful Yang Energy (light energy associated with softness, warmth, and positivity), so they use the flowers for their offerings.
  • In Austria, Belgium, and many other Western nations, the Chrysanthemum is the flower officially used to place on graves during memorials.
  • Historically, Victorians have considered Chrysanthemums to be flowers symbolic of friendship and for wishing others well.
  • The last syllable of the word Chrysanthemums is the nickname “mums,” which is why Austrians consider it their official Mother’s Day flower.
  • In the U.S., the Chrysanthemum is popularly known as “Queen of Fall Flowers,” and is commercially produced to meet the huge demand.  

The symbolism of Chrysanthemum Colors (Red, White, Yellow, & Violet):

Deep Passion * LoveSorrow
Being Loyal * HonestyWell-Wishing

Cultural Symbolism – China

The place of origin of this flower is China. That’s where it was discovered and appreciated for its uniqueness and initial cultivation, which led the Chinese to continue to build on its cultural importance. The main significance is found in Chinese art, wherein the Chrysanthemum is featured among the four main plants depicted in Confucianism art. The other three include bamboo, plum blossom, and orchid. The Chrysanthemum in China and many far eastern Asian countries is praised by all generations for its symbolism of persistence, life pleasure, and resoluteness.

Cultural Symbolism – Japan

In Japan, the Chrysanthemum is a sacred flower. Its meaning is “Sun” in Kiku. The flower is given so much importance that it has been the Imperial family’s official seal (16-petal Chrysanthemum design). If you’re a military official, the maximum honor you can achieve is the “Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum,” awarded by the Emperor. It’s a regal flower whose meaning extends to “well-being” and “joy”.


Where on the body do Chrysanthemum tattoos look best?

The Chrysanthemum is known for its incredible beauty. You could own a Chrysanthemum tattoo anywhere on your body. In terms of popularity, like with all other tattoo designs, you’d find these mostly adorned on arms, the upper back and shoulder region, the legs (particularly the thigh), and behind the neck. Yet, being a work of art, these tattoos can be personalized for any other body part you wish to accessorize.

If you are into the bold and extravagant look, you could go for full legs, chest, rib cage, full back, or stomach region tattoo coverage. The first step is to choose the design of your liking, which should have the colors that you love on your skin tone. Next is the placement, which depends on your risk appetite and comfort level.

Will Chrysanthemum tattoos remain popular?

Chrysanthemum tattoos will never go out of style, especially in Asia. The Chinese and Japanese have perpetual respect for the flower. The elegance, colors, and varied meanings that the Chrysanthemum is loved for, make it a great tattoo design idea. The design can be innovated to something as spectacular as you would like it to be.

Are Chrysanthemum tattoos expensive?

This all depends on how big and intricate the design is. If you’re going for a simple Chrysanthemum tattoo that won’t require a significant amount of coverage, the cost estimate will be between $100-250. The extravagantly detailed ones having multiple elements and colors can cost you between $300 and $600. The overall time the tattoo artist ends up spending on the design as well as the region of the body being inked, impacts the final cost.


These ostentatious Chrysanthemum tattoo designs we’ve shared have great meanings. When you decide to get a tattoo, you should be 100% sure it’s the right one for you — after all, the design is permanent! A standalone Chrysanthemum design is enough to portray a positive meaning, yet by combining the design with an additional element like a bird, dragon, snake, skull, lion, and ladybug, etc., the meaning becomes more specific to your personality. No matter which way you take it, as long as there’s a Chrysanthemum tattooed on your body, you’re sure to have good luck, peace, and well-being!

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