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12+ 3 Dots Tattoo: What It Means, Designs & Ideas

There is no question about the value and importance of having a tattoo on your body. It is not just a popular art form but also a way to express ourselves to the broader world. So, the rising popularity of this art form should not surprise anyone.

However, it is also true that with so many design options available, one might find it challenging to decide the best tattoo design that reflects the message one wants to convey to the world. And one of the more popular tattoo designs that one can opt for is the 3 Dots tattoo.

3 Dots Tattoos are trendy and can be easily found inked on folks in every region of the world. But what do they mean? And what are some of the best three-dot tattoos one can get inked? That is what we will cover here.

What are 3 Dots Tattoos?

What are 3 Dots Tattoos
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The 3 Dots tattoo can represent many things in different cultures, so one must research them before making a choice.

Knowing the meaning of the tattoo is crucial. In Latin culture, the three-dot tattoo means ‘mi Vida local, which translates to ‘My Crazy Life.‘ In Central America, folks that have decided to live a gangster lifestyle often ink the three dots tattoo.

Many Different Types of 3 Dots Tattoos

Here are some of the top 3 Dots tattoo designs you can choose from, with their meanings. Imitate or incorporate them into your existing tattoo; it is up to you.

1. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Three-Dot Tattoo

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Three-Dot Tattoo
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The three dots, as one can understand, are used to symbolize an individual’s imprisoned life. But as we have already mentioned, the symbol’s meaning depends on the individual’s culture. Here the case is the same as well.

If you are thinking of a tattoo design with spiritual significance, this is one for you. The tattoo artist has tried to convey a religious message in this tattoo design. The three dots represent the Christian religion’s sacred trinity – the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

2. Three Dots on the Finger

Three Dots on the Finger
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On this list, it is one of the more common designs that you would find. In fact, it would not be a surprise that this is the design that has inspired you to look into the three dots tattoo for yourself – it is that popular.

The three dots are cleverly inked on a finger and are visible to anyone looking for it. It is not a to-your-face tattoo design and has a subtle touch, adding to its popularity.

You are also free to experiment with the pattern with this tattoo design, including moving the dots to different fingers. As one will find, it is undoubtedly a versatile tattoo option to go for.

2. Three Dots as an Ellipsis

Three Dots as an Ellipsis
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It is a tattoo design sure to catch your fancy – it is simple, minimalist, and clean; what is not there to like? So, it should come as a surprise to any to find this tattoo design among the most popular of the lot.

The three dots here are the literal representation of the punctuations in the English language – ellipsis. The three dots in this tattoo are similar in shape and size, which is a crucial part of the design. And if you are getting the impression that this tattoo looks a little like part of a story, then you are right.

The tattoo here is trying to refer to you as an individual, and your story in life, which is still being written and is incomplete. And you never know what might be awaiting you in the future.

3. The Three Dots Tattoo on the Hand

The Three Dots Tattoo on the Hand
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The three dots on the hand tattoo is a symbol used in African culture. The tattoo represents the strength and power of a person.

The three dots on the hand tattoo symbolize determination and perseverance. It is also a symbol of trust, loyalty, and commitment.

This tattoo can be seen in many parts of Africa, especially in South Africa, where many people have this tattoo.

4. The Triangle Tattoo Pattern

The Triangle Tattoo Pattern
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It is another of the tattoo designs that you will find almost everywhere in the world. And while this might lead you to believe that this is a modern tattoo design, that is actually not the case.

The triangle tattoo pattern is one of the traditional tattoo designs on the list and has been around for some time. Sure, the meaning behind this tattoo design has changed significantly in the past years. Still, no one can argue against this tattoo design’s long presence in human history.

At present, this tattoo design is used to convey the message of peace and one’s commitment to world peace. It is undoubtedly a tattoo design that should be one’s consideration.

It is also a versatile design as one can ink this tattoo anywhere on their body, including on the chin, around the eyes, wrist, and more.

5. Three Dots in Braille

Three Dots in Braille
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There are many different types of three dots tattoo designs that one can find for their consideration. And one of the unique designs that you can consider is the three dots tattoo in Braille.

Braille is a unique writing system invented by Louis Braille to help blind folks read. It is based on the French alphabet and has 26 letters. You can take inspiration from the Braille system and create a tattoo design that will stand apart from any other tattoo design that you might find.

The three dots tattoo that the artist depicts is an expression of the phrase ‘I am enough,’ which does not need much further explaining. It is a simple tattoo design you would not regret having inked on your body.

It is also a versatile tattoo design that you can have inked anywhere. However, the best place is on the neck or, more typically, on your hands, between your thumb and forefinger. Both of those are prominent locations for this tattoo design.

6. An Elaborately Designed Three Dots Tattoo

An Elaborately Designed Three Dots Tattoo
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While there is nothing wrong with the tattoos listed till now, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially someone who wants to make a mark with their tattoo. Comes into the picture these elaborately designed three dots tattoos.

This piece is produced by combining a modern design with the traditional. This combination of both functional and creative aesthetics works well together. In the image, you can see that the hand is curved inwards and appears to perform a magic trick. The peace symbol is also a positive added twist.

This tattoo design might not catch every one’s fancy, but no one can deny its wow factor. And the placement at the upper shoulder is also an excellent touch and compliments the tattoo.

7. Three Dots on the Chest

Three Dots on the Chest
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A woman’s breasts are a symbol of fertility and sexual attractiveness. They also represent many other things, such as empowerment, beauty, and sensuality. It is also an ideal place where you can get three dots tattoo inked.

The three dots here can represent many things. It is a symbol of innocence. It is also a way of expressing desire and longing. Additionally, the three dots can also be an ideal option when it comes to an icon for breast cancer awareness.

Women, who have fought and succeeded in their battle against breast cancer, often choose this tattoo design. It can also be used to pay tribute to someone who is lost because of this deadly disease.

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8. The Three Dots Near the Eye

The Three Dots Near the Eye
Image Source: tattooswin

The three dots near the eye tattoo is a symbol many cultures use to signify respect. It is usually associated with intelligence and wisdom. However, it is also seen as a representation of understanding, intuition, and knowledge.

This symbol generally represents the three more spiritual aspects of our own personal selves. It represents a type of balance that has been lost in most cultures of the world over time.

It also represents balance, unity, and harmony in some cultures. One’s desire to find that balance in one’s life. It would be a good tattoo for someone who wants to display some meaning behind their body art. They can have the three dots on their face or body without any issues.

9. The Three Dots on the Neck

The Three Dots on the Neck
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The three dots on the neck tattoo represents the human soul, which is full of all kinds of energy. It has a powerful effect on our lives, and we should use it to get inspiration for our work.

Additionally, it is also a tattoo design that is often chosen by individuals that are looking to achieve something in their life, a target, or a set of goals that they have to accomplish and will remain restless until they have done so. It is a powerful tattoo design.

10. Matching Three Dots Tattoo

Matching Three Dots Tattoo
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Three dots tattoo can also be taken to mean the commitment one has toward their significant other. The three dots also symbolize purity, innocence, and commitment, making for an excellent tattoo design for folks connected with each other.

The three dots tattoo is a symbol used in many languages to represent the three most essential things in life: family, friends, and work. It has become a symbol of unity for people around the world. Some also use the tattoo to symbolize individuality, but a matching tattoo works around that.

You and your partner must get this tattoo inked at the exact location; otherwise, the tattoo will lose its charm. And while these three dots tattoo is versatile, having them inked on the wrist would be the best way for one to go.

11. Three Dots With a Name

Three Dots With a Name
Image Source: cdntattoofilter

Three dots tattoo is an excellent way one can honor themselves that one will never forget till their final breath. The tattoo artist has tried to do that with this design.

The name of the individual that has placed a significant part in one’s life is written in the coin with a heart in the mix, only reinforcing the message one is trying to send here. The three dots are inked at the bottom and play a supporting role in the tattoo design.

This tattoo is a clear example of how three dots is a versatile element, as it has no trouble playing a supporting role and not taking focus away from the main feature of the tattoo design.

12. Three Dots With a Cross Tattoo

Three Dots With a Cross Tattoo
Image Source: outsons

Many people have used the three dots with a Christian cross tattoo for a long time. It is an easy way to show your faith in God and devotion to him.

The determination that the three dots signifies and the religious nature of the Cross makes these two elements perfect for an individual who would not let anything shake their faith in the almighty.

The three dots are also a symbol of being successful in life. As a modern-day Christian, you can use this design to show your faith in God and your success.

13. Three Dots on the Leg

Three Dots on the Leg
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It is also a popular tattoo design that one can opt for. A simple three dots on the leg is undoubtedly a consideration one should have if they are in search of a simple and minimalist tattoo design.

The meaning behind this tattoo design is unclear and can be interpreted in many different ways. However, in the end, it depends on the tattooed individuals and what they want to express with this tattoo design.


3 Dots tattoos are nothing new; in fact, they have been around for a long time. Sure, their meanings have changed in the new millennium, but what has not changed is their appeal to the masses.

However, it is crucial they understand entirely what this tattoo design means before they opt for it. And hopefully, with the above list, we have been able to help our readers in their search for the perfect tattoo design for themselves.

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