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18 Cool and Elegant Angel wings Tattoo For Men & Women

Angel wings are a beautiful symbol of the angels in heaven. Getting an angel tattoo should be your next pick if you have a staunch belief and desire for faith, hope, and happiness. Every angel wings tattoo, thus, has an array of beautiful meanings attached to it. These include purity, innocence, love, protection, harmony, and the like. Tattoo enthusiasts also go for angel wings tattoos for the simple reason that everyone has a guardian angel assigned to them. Your very own guardian angel will always protect you.

The designs in this article are all currently trending online. Each one is super cool and inspiring. Also, the artist source/name is mentioned beneath each image to allow you to discover more of their art directly.

Without further ado, here are 18 cool and elegant angel wings tattoos for both men and women:

Angel Wings Tattoos

#1. Angel Wings Tattoo on Chest

Angel Wings Tattoo on Chest
Source: @andrewbroderic via Instagram

When it comes to angel wings tattoos, chest placement is one of the most sought after by men. Thus, size does matter. There is a relatively larger surface area at the chest placement, which allows for larger tattoos. The artist can work with the impressive expanse of the angel wings here. You can imagine the level of detail and visual appeal that comes with larger designs. No wonder chest tattoos are so popular. Like the back, wing-shaped designs benefit from the chest, too.

#2. Angel Wings Tattoo on Back

Angel Wings Tattoo on Back
Source: @puppy_tattooer via Instagram

An angel wings tattoo on the back is the ideal location. It gives you the sense you have your own set of heavenly angel wings. Generally, this selection is large-sized, given the surface area versatility of the back. Moreover, a black and white choice is as or more popular than a colored angel wings option. The main reason for this is the ability to attain a more realistic and detailed design using shades of just one color.

#3. Small Angel Wings Tattoo

Small Angel Wings Tattoo
Source: @ofir.meishar via Instagram

The meaning of angels and angel wings are so beautiful that size doesn’t make a difference in getting the message across. For that reason, small and simple designs make for incredible options. If you’re on a restricted budget or are looking for a subtler angel wings option, this is the way to go. The above tattoo is simple and small yet maintains its full meaning. That said, this subdued image means freedom and protection, so you’ll be safe and confident wherever you go.

#4. Angel Wings 3D Tattoo

Angel Wings 3D Tattoo
Source: @awfulclose via Instagram

Want your angel wings design to look hyper-realistic? Well, your talented artist can make it happen if they are experienced with 3D tattooing techniques. Such body art is sure to blow onlookers away with amazement. Sure, you’ll end up shelling out extra because of the hours required in 3D technique tattooing. But the outcome is going to be worth every penny, every session, and every glare you get.

#5. Angel Wings Tattoo on Wrist

Angel Wings Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @bobtattoo_1 via Instagram

Your wrist is the perfect spot for getting a tattoo or two of something that means a lot to you. Chances are it’s going to be a small, simple design close to your heart. It’s the perfect placement if you want the design to remind you of the symbolism daily. Unfortunately, in the tattoo world, to gain something, you’ve got to go through pain; wrists are among the most painful tattoo placements. Luckily, the pain won’t be for a long duration at all. The wrist area is small, so you’ll be alright in a jiffy!

#6. Full Back Tattoo of Angel Wings + Cross

Full Back Tattoo of Angel Wings + Cross
Source: @muhousetattoo520 via Instagram

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the back and chest are excellent placements for a large-sized angel wings tattoo. You can easily cover it up with clothing. If you’re among the bold and pain tolerant, you’d have no trouble getting tattooed to such an extent on your back. Because, to you, what matters is your belief in angels and angel wings.

Religious freedom is best displayed with these two symbols (angel wings and cross) together. Not only is this a visually appealing design, one feels a depth of faith and admiration every time one views this design. This style looks excellent in both black and grey, as well as colored depictions.

#7. Angel Wings Tattoo on Your Skull

Angel Wings Tattoo on Your Skull
Source: @lawtownkenny via Instagram

An angel wings tattoo on your head or behind your ear will cause excruciating pain during the actual inking process. But it’s going to be all worth it since the outcome will be for the world to admire. Angel wings can represent hope, protection, and faith and can also honor a loved one. The above tattoo is the perfect example of how the placement is as vital to the overall symbolism as the design itself.

#8. Angel Wings & Heart Tattoo

Angel Wings & Heart Tattoo
Source: @fussel_anna via Instagram

The above image is associated with passion (heart) and freedom (wings), respectively when the elements are taken individually. But when you combine the two, the meaning evolves to mean freedom of choice. Thus, you control who you bring into your life, both in romantic relationships and with your friends. The above tattoo is interesting in that the heart shape has a clock in the middle. The clock represents our precious time in life.

#9. Colorful Angel Wings Tattoo

Colorful Angel Wings Tattoo
Source: @sophie_amourtattoo via Instagram

Black and grey angel wing tattoos are certainly more popular than colored ones. Nevertheless, it would be unlawful to ignore the astonishing colored variety that is trending. Like with other tattoo designs, angel wings designs, too, can be as vivid as you’d like. Adding color to them is the best way to make them brighter and more vivid. So be ready! Your tattoo will be highly noticeable from afar.

#10. Watercolor Style Angel Wings Tattoo

Watercolor Style Angel Wings Tattoo
Source: @lesshesstattoos via Instagram

This particular tattoo is inked using watercolor technique. The colors suit the tone of the woman. But your artist can be strategic in choosing colors to suit the individual’s tone.

#11. Angel Wings Tattoo on Arm

Angel Wings Tattoo on Arm
Source: @jz_inker via Instagram

While the back or chest are hidden spots to get tattoos on, the arm ranks high on overall visibility. So, if you’re serious about showing off your angel wings tattoo most of the time, go for one on your arm. An angel tattoo on your arm is a beautiful way to accentuate your muscles if you’re proud of your chiseled physique. To add to the perks of getting inked on the arm, think of it as one of the least painful body placements.

#12. Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo

Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo
Source: @megknobel via Instagram

The thick, bold lines are typical in angel wings tribal tattoo designs. Indigenous tribes initially inked their tattoos with that technique. The purpose of the tattoos was to protect warriors, indicate social stature, or adorn their bodies. So, if you’d like your angel wings tattoo to be tribal style, you’re making a wise, trending choice.

#13. Angel Wings Halo Tattoo

Angel Wings Halo Tattoo
Source: @goatmag via Instagram

Do you hold someone close to your heart, that has passed away? If yes, an angel wings tattoo with their name (or initials) could be ideal for remembering and honoring them. The purpose of your guardian angel is to guide and protect you along your life journey.

#14. Angel Wings + Name Tattoo

Angel Wings + Name Tattoo
Source: @klaratattooart via Instagram

Do you hold someone close to your heart, that has passed away? If yes, an angel wings tattoo with their name could be the ideal way to remember and honor them. You can have their name or initials tattooed along with the angel wings design. As mentioned earlier, angel wings symbolize an individual guardian angel. It’s a way to receive guidance and protection from the heavens.

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#15. Commemorative Angel Wings Tattoo Above Ankle

Commemorative Angel Wings Tattoo Above Ankle
Source: @ritetattoostudio via Instagram

In the above ankle piece, the angel wings, initials, and dates are in honor and respect of a loved one that has been lost or in memory. It’s a subtle yet meaningful tattoo, and the artist has done a wonderful job.

#16. Angel Wings Tattoo Behind Neck

Angel Wings Tattoo Behind Neck
Source: @dumi_tattoos via Instagram

Your neck is one of the most eye-catching tattoo placements. But, of course, it’s also one of the most painful spots to tattoo. Yet, if you’re looking to display your angel wings prominently, then this is one of the best options.

#17. Angel Wings Tattoo on Forearm

Angel Wings Tattoo on Forearm
Source: @mager_tattoos via Instagram

Like the arm, the forearm, too, is a hot spot for a tattoo. The visibility is high here. Also, almost any tattoo design looks great here. Further, your tattooist can do as much detailing and play with different techniques since the forearm has ample surface area for those things. Finally, suppose your pain threshold isn’t that great. In that case, you’re in for a bonus since the forearm is a relatively less painful placement to ink.

The divine attributes of Angel wings mean they represent freedom and morality. Because of all that goodness, they make for excellent standalone tattoos. Yet, when you add a rose to the design, the meaning gains further significance. The rose flower represents the incredible balance between pain and beauty. Hence, the purpose of a rose and angel wings tattoo implies preserving your innocence.

#18. Angel Wings Shoulder + Arm Piece

Angel Wings Shoulder + Arm Piece
Source: @dna.ink.sliedrecht via Instagram

The above tattoo is the ideal angel wings tattoo if you’re into this style yet have a muscular physique. The shoulder and upper arm are immaculately accentuated.

Symbolism of Angel Wings Tattoos

Relationship with God

Angels are God’s messengers. Hence, they are the best way to represent your relationship with God. The wings have the power inbuilt. It is the wings that are believed to get attached to our bodies once we die. Thus, they help us get transported to heaven. No wonder angel wings make for such a powerful and beautiful symbol of religion, faith, and spirituality.

In Honor of Someone’s Memory

Angel wings tattoos are a true sign of commemorating someone you love that has departed. So, if you have lost a loved one, you may want to get an angel wings tattoo with their initials or name to commemorate the loss. Every time you view the tattoo, you would be paying homage and honoring their life. Such memorial tattoos look best where they can be seen by the wearer regularly. The wrist is a perfect example of such a placement to do.

Belief in Heaven

In line with the law of karma, we do good deeds so that our afterlife ends up in heaven. Because of that, many enthusiasts like to get angel wings tattooed on their backs. It signifies the desire to do good in life to reserve a seat in heaven when we die.

Duality of Human Nature

If you ever come across a tattoo featuring one angel wing and one devil’s wing, it signifies the duality of human nature. It’s the universal truth. In other words, the representation is the battle between light and darkness, the good and the bad, goodness versus evilness, etc.


Q. Why is the back the most popular placement to get an angel wings tattoo?

Ans. The simple reason is, angels have their wings on the back. Popular placements include your back, the back of the neck, and the back and arms together. The last option yields impressive results when you flap your arms and give the illusion you’re flapping your angel wings.

Q. What is implied by a tattoo with an angel and devil wing?

Ans. Angels symbolize lights and goodness. Demons, on the other hand, represent darkness and evilness. Thus, the symbolism of a tattoo with one angel wing and one demon’s wing is duality. Where there’s goodness, there’s also the presence of evil. In its entirety, the design can be assumed to mean the internal struggles within the universe and the struggle to find a balance.

Q. What are the placement options for angel wings tattoos?

Ans. By playing with the tattoo’s size, angel wings tattoos can look great anywhere on your body. Sope popular options include behind the ears, on the head, behind the neck, back, chest, arm, forearm, thigh, shoulders, ribs, etc.

Q. Which direction should the angel wings tattoo be (up or down)?

Ans. If you want the angel wings to symbolize freedom and faith, the correct option is upward-facing and fully stretched. On the other hand, if you wish the angel wings to represent a commemoration or tribute, the right choice is to feature them downward winged. The shape typically depends on suiting the placement, though.

Q. What does a black-winged angel represent?

Ans. A fallen angel is black-winged. A fallen angel is associated with someone who has made mistakes, incurred sins, and embraced the darker side. A black-winged angel can also mean the angel of death. So, if a person has gone through depression, trauma, or significant loss, they might choose to be linked with a black-winged angel.


As can be seen above, there’s a wide variety of angel wings tattoo designs out there. This gives you the flexibility to consider an angel tattoo for a wide variety of body placements. As explained, the meaning of each design varies based on the other elements that go with the angel wings. An angel wings tattoo that has a cross incorporated within it, for instance, is the perfect way to celebrate your Christian faith. Another example is an angel wings tattoo with a halo that commemorates someone you’ve lost. If not a halo, the name of the loved one that has passed, can be included in the tattoo. I hope this article has inspired you to get an angel tattoo of your liking.

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