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The Best Hair Tattoo Trimmer Pen Reviews – Our Top 9 Picks

Attractive hair tattoos result from precise and detailed hair trimming to make the design of your preference appear vividly on your hair, eyebrows, or beard. Much like getting inked on the body, a hair tattoo is a wonderful way of making an artistic, spiritual, or personal expression in public. Amazing results are only possible when an expert is doing it using the best hair tattoo trimmer equipment.

We often visit a barbershop to get a design trimmed on our hair, yet we end up unsatisfied with the outcome. To get excellent hair tattoos, you need to ensure your barber or hairstylist friend uses the best hair tattoo trimmer and accessories on you. The best device will not only result in an impeccable design outcome. It will also be an experience the customer remembers for being gentle, safe, and pain-free. In this article, we’ve reviewed 9 of the best hair tattoo trimmer pens in the marketplace that have experts and customers raving about their effectiveness.

Best Hair Tattoo Trimmer Pens

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for The Best Hair Tattoo Trimmer Pens

  1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer #8491 – Our Top Pick
  3. Pinkiou PMU Pen MicroPigmentation Machine
  4. Lakepado Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers
  5. QYY Hair Engraving Pen Shaver
  6. AnyFun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clippers
  7. MagiForet Hair Tattoo Pen
  8. Adecco LLC Hair Razor Pen
  9. MIGICSHOW Hair Clippers Trimmer for Men
Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer #8491 • 60-Minute Runtime
• Powerful Cordless Rotary Motor
BIOTOUCH Design MICROBLADING Supplies KIT• Includes 3ML Micro Pigment Samples
• Ergonomic Design
Pinkiou PMU Pen MicroPigmentation Machine• Needle Length Adjustability from 0 to 2.5MM
• High-Speed & High-Performance
Lakepado Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers• 10W Powerful Motor
• 120-Minutes Runtime
QYY Hair Engraving Pen Shaver• 90-Minute Run Time
• 3MM Cutter Head
AnyFun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clippers• Features T-Blades
• Ergonomic Design
MagiForet Hair Tattoo Pen• Easy to Assemble
• Extra Thin Blade
Adecco LLC Hair Razor Pen• Extra Thin Blade
• Includes 20 Blades
MIGICSHOW Hair Clippers Trimmer for Men• 11 in 1 Multi-Functional Hair Grooming Kit
• LED Display

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer #8491

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer #8491 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Features Zero-Overlap Blades, Rotary Motor, and 60 Minute Run Time – Create Any Hair Style with EaseCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Wahl Professional 5-star Cordless’ hair tattoo trimmer is our top pick. This Dermatologist tested machine has a multi-position blade for fast-cutting to achieve anything from a soft trim to a hard-line trim with ease.

Whether you’re a barber or a stylist, the Wahl model #8491 hair tattoo trimmer is an incredible choice as it’s equipped with a robust rotary motor with an amazing 60-minute run time so you can effortlessly complete any hairstyle. The featured zero-overlap blade design and extended blade cutting area further make it easier to bring to life any hairstyle imaginable.

In the package, you get one professional cordless hair tattoo trimmer (with adjustable detail blade) along with some handy accessories. These accessories include a pre-shave brush, fold-out poster of designs, oil, cleaning brush, and operating instructions to get you on a roll.


  • It lets you create any design easily.
  • Features a powerful cordless rotary motor.
  • The trimmer has extra-fine blades that adjust to “zero-overlap” for detailed cuts.
  • The kit includes useful accessories.


  • The battery life gives you a modest 60-minute run time per full charge.

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Final Verdict: Editors Choice


BIOTOUCH Design MICROBLADING Supplies KIT Manual Pen Cosmetic Tattoo Ombre Hair Stroke Technique Epibrow Eyebrow Shading MicropigmentationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The BIOTOUCH design micro-blading supplies kit has everything a hair tattoo artist needs for achieving top-notch micro-blading hair stroke effects. The main component in this kit is the purple brow pen for microblading. The pen has an ergonomic design made of stainless steel 316-grade material. The pen accommodates a variety of needles. The kit features gamma sterilized needle packages having 0.2 mm sharp and 0.18 nano sizes. The needles are relatively stable and secure enough not to move while the procedure is on.

The kit also includes “mud pie” and “dark choco” color micro pigment samples. Each packaged in a 3ml bottle. Other kit inclusions are eyebrow peeling pencil, practice eyebrow sheet (5 sample shapes), biotouch labeled disposable brow pen (white) with needle, and a liquid liner. This kit is highly recommended by industry experts and is meant for professional use only. Overall, this is a great kit that’s also easy to use.


  • Ergonomic purple brow pen design.
  • The needles are secure; they won’t move during the procedure.
  • The kit includes 3ml micro pigment samples.
  • Professional use kit recommended by artists & professionals.


  • A bit expensive.

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3. Pinkiou PMU Pen MicroPigmentation Machine

Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Machine MicroPigmentation Pen Hair Stroked Eyebrow Professional Microblading Pen Machine For EyeBrow Eyeline Lip Brow LaminationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The Pinkiou PMU pen machine is a professional-level micro-pigmentation makeup machine. This is an ideal device used for micro-blading and micro-shading. It also works wonders in scalp micro-blading. It covers your micro-pigmentation makeup requirements for eyebrows, lips, hairline, and even intricate eyeliner work or small Henna designs. This incredible pen machine is quite versatile, offering an adjustable speed range of 10000r/m to 15000r/m and needle length adjustability to suit specific requirements. Such specs make this a high-speed, high-performance machine.

Furthermore, this is a special device as operating it is relatively effortless. This is due to its lightweight and low noise operation. It’s also durable, stable, and powerful, making it long-lasting and allowing the user to put it to continuous work for a longer time without it heating up.

The finishing of this micro-pigmentation instrument is another noteworthy aspect. Here, we’re dealing with an anodized silver surface made with aircraft aluminum alloy. You can rest assured you’re gripping a flawless surface finish. The package includes the eyebrow micro-pigmentation machine along with an AC adapter and the makeup needles. Here, a word of advice is that you should ensure you’re using only Pinkiou MicroPigmentaion makeup needles with this machine. Needles by other brands are not compatible.


  • High-speed, high-performance machine.
  • You get a stable rotation with minimum vibration and noise.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Amazing needle length adjustability from 0 to 2.5mm.
  • Double the working life of ordinary MicroPigmentation makeup machines.


  • The pen may overheat if you don’t give it a 10-minute break after a full brow lamination.

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4. Lakepado Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers

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This attractive-looking hair clipper machine by Lakepado has all the attributes a barber looks for to make the perfect hairstyles. Its stunning look and grip is the next level of ergonomic design. A cylindrical, all-metal body (titanium steel with ceramic blade) with a rhombus texture within a compact size makes this little wonder of a machine a pleasure to work with.

You can rest assured you will safely trim the beard or hair without having to worry about rust and wear issues. The cutter head design is hanging and exposed, which is great because it gives you full control over the direction of the haircut and its depth. Further, this rechargeable grooming kit comes with some fantastic goodies that make it great for home use or your professional barbershop.

In the kit, you will find 4 limit combs (ranging from 1.5mm to 9mm) for beard and hair trimming. You’ll also get a USB rechargeable cable and a 700mAh Li-ion battery that gives you 120-minutes runtime after a full charge that takes 2 hours to happen. You may also use the machine while it’s plugged in, for giving you extended continuous work time.


  • A perfect on-the-go machine that works through any USB-powered device.
  • Robust hair tattoo pen with 10W powerful motor, low noise, and high speed.
  • Excellent for oil head, bald head, simple carving, vintage hair styling, beard trim, etc.
  • 1-year free replacement warranty.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • None.

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5. QYY Hair Engraving Pen Shaver

QYY Hair Engraving Pen Shaver, Professional Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Clipper, Stainless Steel Lettering Clipper Styling Tools for Hair/Eyebrows/BeardsCheck Latest Price on Amazon

We recommend the QYY hair engraving pen shaver for its ultimate sharpness and precision in hair engraving aided by the 3mm cutter head made of fine steel. What makes this item further astonishing is its extremely ergonomic design and high-speed charging feature. It charges rapidly (within 1.5 hours) owing to the innovative lithium iron phosphate battery. With a full charge on the pen, you can go about your engraving business for about 1.5 hours easily!

The design is compact and lightweight, and operating and traveling with the machine is easy. With this hair engraver pen machine, you achieve finer and more professional carving, making this a suitable device for hair, beard, or mustache styling, as well as side and neck cutting and eyebrow styling.


  • High-speed charging.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • 90-minute run time on a full charge.
  • Compact & lightweight travel-friendly design.
  • 3mm cutter head for finer, more professional carving.
  • Excellent for gifting to your hairdresser or creative friend.
  • Great for intricate pattern carving.


  • Not suitable for wide blade head shaving.

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6. AnyFun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clippers

Anyfun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clippers - Professional Electric T Outliner Hair Trimmer, Waterproof Cordless Trimmer for Men Close Cutting T-Blade Trimmer(Gold)Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our next pick is the ‘AnyFun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clipper.’ This attractive-looking machine has great performance, and it’s quite a marvel at the modest price you end up paying for it. It features T-blades (T-shape cutter head) and a ceramic blade for a closer finish and sharper, precision trimming. T-blade ends are special because they cause no discomfort while being used on the scalp or skin, hence making them a safer bet. This top-notch trimmer is the ideal choice for oil head, bald head, carving, and vintage hairstyling.

The gold look body is all-metal, and there’s texture embossing on it to give the user a fantastic grip. Moreover, the machine has a powerful, silver Pd-alloy motor that runs on a 1400mAh Li-ion battery. The convenient type-c charging port makes it easy to charge. The micro USB cable is included, allowing you to recharge it fully within 1.5 to 2 hours using any device like a laptop, car charger, power bank, etc.

Cleaning the blade couldn’t be easier. Simply rinse it under running water, and that’ll make it hygienic again. Though, you should not immerse the entire clipper in running water.


  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Ergonomic device body with anti-skid embossing.
  • Convenient single bottom button for instant start and stop.
  • The 3 replaceable limit combs are zero-gapped for more personalized usage.
  • Type-c fast charging.
  • Washable blade.


  • A bit weighty for the size, yet it’s more sturdy this way.

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7. MagiForet Hair Tattoo Pen

Hair Engraving, MagiForet Hair Tattoo Pen, Hair Razor Pen, Hair Tatoo Trim Styling Face Eyebrow Shaping Device, Hair Engraving Shaver Pen + 10 Blades + Tweezers for Men Women Teens (Black)

Check Latest Price on Amazon

We love this hair tattoo pen by MagiForet! It’s so affordable that it’s almost like a must-have piece of equipment for any barber or hair tattoo enthusiast. The MagiForet hair tattoo pen’s features allow you to achieve what’s mentioned in the brand’s caption — “be unique be you.” That’s because this handy hair tattoo razor pen makes it possible to express yourself vividly through hair, beard, and eyebrow art creativity.

No matter how complex the hair tattoo, hairstyle, and eyebrow design requirement, this practical device lets you do face and hair outlining with great detail and precision. Its extra thin blade makes it simple to use. Its maneuverability is comparable to the ease of regular painting or writing with a pen on paper. It’s also easy to assemble, especially if you follow the friendly instruction manual included.

In the set, you get everything you’ll need. It includes a razor pen, a tweezer, 10 disposable blades, a user manual, and an appealing gift box.


  • 4 color choices (gold, black, silver, & blue).
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • It is a complete kit.
  • You can do precise face and hair outlining.
  • This hair tattoo pen with an extra thin blade lets you bring your imagination to real life.


  • It could take some time to master the art with this tool, especially if you’re a beginner.

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8. Adecco LLC Hair Razor Pen

AHIER Hair Razor Pen, Hair Tattoo Trim Styling Face Eyebrow Shaping Device, Engraved Pen with 20 Blades, DIY Hair Styling Eyebrows Beards Razor Tool (pen with blade)Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Adecco LLC Hair Razor Pen design is an innovative fourth-generation hair tattoo trimmer. What this means in a nutshell is, the blades of this device are easy to install and uninstall, there will be no rust issues, and the tool only cuts hair and not the skin. You end up getting smoother lines through a painless process free of redness and other irritations.

The extremely affordable price makes it more of a staple product for any hairdresser. It’s the perfect companion for eyebrow shaping, hair tattoo trimming, and beard cheek line trimming. In the box, you get 20 blades that will last you a long enough time so you won’t have to go shopping soon.

This hair tattoo pen is quite solid and durable. It’s made with stainless steel and is rust-proof with an anti-slip handle. Overall, it offers a safe and convenient handling experience as the blade remains firm and solid, aided by the refill and spring inside the device.


  • Durable, sturdy, & rust-free.
  • Great deal for the price.
  • Ideal product for detailed designing.
  • Safe to use.
  • Extra thin blade results in precise engraving on the eyebrow, hair, and beard.
  • Incredible after-sales support.


  • The blade is quite sharp & effective, so you must be careful not to go too close to the skin.

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9. MIGICSHOW Hair Clippers Trimmer for Men

Beard Trimmer for Men, MIGICSHOW Hair Clippers Grooming Kit Cordless Hair Trimmer 11 in 1 Waterproof Mustache Precision Trimmer Body Groomer for Nose Ear Facial Hair Rechargeable & LED DisplayCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This is an incredible powerhouse of a trimmer and 11 in 1 grooming kit that’ll get a lot done in no time! The ‘MIGICSHOW Hair Clipper’ is usable on the hair, face, and body. You get a staggering 120-minutes of work time on a full charge that took 1.5 hours to happen. Thus, one way this product stands out is by letting you finish the grooming in a single session. Due to its versatile functionality and extended runtime, we find it as an incredible source for hair tattoo trimming!

You get 6 types of cutter heads for the ultimate versatility in clipping and trimming. These cutter heads are stainless steel and include a body hair trimmer, a precision trimmer, a T-blade trimmer, a shaver, an ear/nose trimmer, and a full-size trimmer. The comprehensive kit also includes 5 selective trimming combs, a USB charger, oil, an instruction manual, and a shear.

The brand has thought of everything so that you can be serious about the upkeep and storage. In line with that thought, you get an accessory storage bag, and a cleaning brush included.

The trimmer has an attractive LED panel and a waterproof design. Hence, it’s easy to clean as you can rinse it under running tap water. It can also be used in the shower. However, special attention is required to ensure it’s not soaked in water for a prolonged period.


  • 11 in 1 Multi-functional hair grooming kit.
  • Rapid charge and long work times.
  • Easy to operate and clean.
  • It has a professional motor that is very powerful.
  • Easy to travel with.
  • LED display shows battery indication among other info.
  • Sleek, waterproof design.
  • Bang for your bucks.


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to learning how to attach all the attachments.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Things To Consider When Choosing A Hair Tattoo Trimmer

We’ve done the biggest chunk of homework for you by narrowing down the list to the top 9 best hair tattoo trimmers on the market The following things when considered could make it further easier for you to select “the one” trimmer suitable for you and your customers:

Brand Value

Brand value is an important consideration no matter what the product in this industry. A great brand thrives on offering products that solve evolving customer needs. They make products that are safe to use, easy to operate, effective, and supported by a streamlined customer support network. When it comes to the best tattoo trimmer pens, one of the best brands is Wahl. The other incredible brands are also represented in our list above.

Design & Durability

Hair tattoo trimming is an art that requires creativity, stability, and appropriate equipment to bring out the best of your imagination. Using a hair tattoo pen device that has an ergonomic design is an important factor to consider. The material surface of the pen, its motor, and internal mechanisms all decide how convenient it is to hold the pen and do the work. An innovative design will be more durable and devoid of issues like premature heating leading to interrupted runtime. As a tip, a lightweight yet sturdy pen will be a great travel companion.

Features & Specs

The features and specifications of a tattoo trimmer are the most important considerations to look into. Here’s a list of some of the most sought after features of the latest and best clipper pens on the market:

  • Cordless operation with a rapid charging Lithium-ion battery.
  • Runtime (60, 90, or 120 minutes).
  • LED display.
  • Type-c USB charging cable.
  • The convenience of connectivity with other USB-powered devices like laptops, car chargers, battery banks, etc.
  • The build quality. For Example, an anodized silver surface made with aircraft aluminum alloy or all-metal body (titanium steel with ceramic blade), etc.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Anti-skid embossing for a comfortable grip.
  • Variety of cutter heads, combs, etc., that are included in the kit.
  • Rust-free.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Width & sharpness of the blade(s).
  • Ease of operation.
  • Warranty and customer support promise.

Product Value

To determine the product’s actual value, we don’t just look at the features and specs. We should also weigh in the price paid and customer reviews. For example, it would be pointless paying for a trimmer that costs a lot due to its impressive looks and packaging. Yet, if it doesn’t perform as well as it appears, then it’s a disastrous purchase. Also, some kits cost more because they include more accessories, so their overall value might be higher. The products we’ve selected above all offer you a bang for your bucks. Yet you should choose wisely as you may not want to go for one that has a host of accessories you don’t need.


Shopping around for the best hair tattoo pen can cause confusion and stress. Understanding the saturated marketplace, we went through the journey for you. Through our extensive research, product testing, and customer feedback analysis, we shortlisted the top 9 products you should consider.

Our primary emphasis was on the following selection criterion:

  • The brand value.
  • The product value.
  • The quality, durability, & safety aspects of the product.
  • The features & specifications.
  • The outcome of product testing.
  • What Customers are saying & their ratings.

All in all, our detailed reviews above along with the tips on how to make a final selection, are sure to make the selection process almost completely stress-free for you.

Comparison Table

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer #8491

60-Minute Runtime
Powerful Cordless Rotary Motor

View on Amazon


Includes 3ML Micro Pigment Samples
Ergonomic Design
View on Amazon

Pinkiou PMU Pen MicroPigmentation Machine

Needle Length Adjustability From 0 to 2.5MM
High-Speed & High-Performance
View on Amazon

Lakepado Electric Pro Li Hair Clippers

10W Powerful Motor
120-Minutes Runtime
View on Amazon
QYY Hair Engraving Pen Shaver

90-Minute Run Time
3MM Cutter Head
View on Amazon

AnyFun Zero Gapped Trimmer Hair Clippers

Features T-Blades
Ergonomic Design
View on Amazon

MagiForet Hair Tattoo Pen

Easy to Assemble
Extra Thin Blade
View on Amazon

Adecco LLC Hair Razor Pen

Extra Thin Blade
Includes 20 Blades
View on Amazon

MIGICSHOW Hair Clippers Trimmer for Men

11 in 1 Multi-Functional Hair Grooming Kit
LED Display
View on Amazon

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