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Best Tattoo Aftercare Products 2021

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Getting a tattoo is an important decision. Once inked, the tattoo becomes a permanent feature on your body. It’s important to take care of your skin during the entire tattooing process so that you’re safe from infections and damage to your skin. Further, you would want to ensure your tattoo is preserved and looks bright and colorful throughout, rather than just when new. For these reasons, the best tattoo aftercare products should be administered on your skin to leave your tattoo (and your skin) always looking and feeling beautiful.

The aftercare is particularly crucial in the earliest days upon getting a fresh new permanent tattoo. The best tattoo aftercare products will assure you the best and safest aftercare necessary for preventing allergies and damage to skin cells caused by germs and bacteria.

The products we’ve selected are among the best in the industry. They are made of natural ingredients and are safe and easy to apply to your skin. Most of all, they heal your skin faster and bring out the best in the beauty, color, and shine of your tattoo.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Reviews

Image Product
Nat-A-Tat2 ‘Tattoo Aftercare Kit’
  • Simple 3-Step Process
  • 100% USDA Approved Organic & Vegan Products
Sanibalm ‘Tattoo Aftercare Roll-On Balm’
  • All-natural Ingredients.
  • 2.0-Ounce Roll-on Balm
Saniderm ‘Tattoo Aftercare Bandage’
  • 10.2-Inch by 2-yd. Bandage Roll
  • Anti-bacterial and Latex-free
Ink Scribd ‘Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment’
  • 100% Herbal Ingredients
  • Restores Color Intensity
Gozahad ‘Tattoo Aftercare Butter Cream for Color Enhancement’
  • 5-Ounce Bottle
  • Vegan, Cruelty-free Ingredients
Pongnas ‘Tattoo Aftercare Cream Vitamin A & D Anti-stain Ointment’
  • Rich In Essential Vitamins A & D
  • Contains 100 Individual Ointment Packets

After researching a multitude of tattoo aftercare products available in the marketplace, we’ve shortlisted the best tattoo aftercare products of 2021 so you don’t have to worry about your skin getting infected or damaged any longer.   

Here are the best tattoo aftercare products worth buying:

1. Nat-A-Tat2 ‘Tattoo Aftercare Kit’

Nat-A-Tat2 Premium Vegan and Organic-Certified Tattoo Aftercare Kit for Optimal Tattoo Healing (4-Piece)Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Nat-A-Tat2 kit includes premium vegan and organic-certified tattoo aftercare products for optimal healing. It’s a 4-piece kit comprising 3 essential products for tattoo healing and a free gift. The kit includes a foam cleanser, moisturizing balm, lotion, and a lip balm as a gift. The balm is the only non-vegan component of the kit.

Each of the three main aftercare products is easy to apply once you follow the easy-care skincare regimen enclosed in the package. Besides being beautifully healed, you’ll be able to keep your tattoo area clean, moisturized, soothed, and bright during the crucial aftercare period and beyond.

This tattoo aftercare kit is the result of the company’s commitment towards producing natural, 100% USDA approved organic and vegan products. The products are made cruelty-free, guilt-free, and with a high-quality focus. 

The package contents will exceed your expectations. You receive a box with the best tattoo aftercare products. By using three simple steps — cleanser, moisturizer, and lotion — you will be safeguarded from potential infections as your skin receives the essential oils and vitamins necessary for healing. As a bonus, the small lip balm (mint flavor) is quite refreshing. 

To get the best results from this kit, the user needs to follow the aftercare instructions for fresh tattoos and the steps for maintaining the color and vitality of healed and existing tattoos enclosed in the package. 


  • A simple 3-step process for healing and nourishment.
  • Eliminates the chance of infection.
  • You get a gift — the small mint-flavor lip balm.
  • 100% USDA approved natural, organic, and vegan products.


  • Some users have reported a burning sensation when applying the cleanser on larger designs.

Verdict: Editors Choice.

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2. Sanibalm ‘Tattoo Aftercare Roll-On Balm’

Sanibalm PLUS 2 Oz Tattoo Aftercare Non-Petroleum Roll On Balm By Saniderm | Use instead of Lotion Butter Healing Salve Ointment Cream ProductCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This next tattoo aftercare product is sure to leave your skin’s “just tattooed” area healed and hydrated without a worry. The fantastic Sanibalm roll-on balm by Saniderm comes with the company’s 100% guarantee commitment or your money back. 

What makes this balm exceptional? The roll-on style balm is a breeze to apply. It’s a productive, effective, and super-convenient aftercare product for your new tattoo art. Given its compact size, you’ll never forget to leave home without it!

The ingredients in this 2.0-ounce roll-on balm are organic. A mixture of organic sea buckthorn oil, soothing organic emollients, and a coconut oil base makeup the balm. It’s an excellent hydrating and healing butter and it doesn’t cause a mess. You won’t have to struggle with grease and stickiness rubbing onto your clothes or bed sheets. 

Sea buckthorn oil (the main ingredient) has been applied for thousands of years for its skin healing properties. It’s a completely natural remedy, known for being an abundant vegetarian omega-7 source. 

The process of applying this balm is simple. For efficient healing, it should be applied gently on your skin (to keep the tattoo moisturized) preferably after using the Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare Bandage to properly preserve your new tattoo first.


  • Soothes and protects your skin.
  • Your skin heals relatively faster.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Fruity scent.
  • Natural ingredients.


  • Few users reported it dries out fast, though it creates a proper protection layer.

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3. Saniderm ‘Tattoo Aftercare Bandage’

Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare Bandage | Transparent Hygienic Adhesive Wrap | 10.2 inch x 2 yard (25.91 cm x 1.83 m) Roll | Protect and Heal Your TattooCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Saniderm makes incredible tattoo aftercare products. Their antibacterial tattoo bandage works magnificently, both as a means to heal the tattoo and to bring out the best in the brightness or darkness in the tattoo’s colors. 

These medical-grade adhesive bandages help keep infections at bay and result in much faster healing. In your purchase, you’ll receive a personal-sized 10.2-inch by 2-yd. bandage roll. The roll is transparent, water-resistant, and breathable. The material used for the film is vegan and eco friendly, making this product truly safe and environmentally friendly.

The tattoo healing process is quicker, boosted by the latex-free composition of the aftercare wrap. Any tattoo artist that uses this product on their customers’ shall look more professional and be regarded for a healing experience that got over in days compared to weeks. Few tattoo aftercare products heal this fast without causing itching, scabbing, and peeling. 

For best results use the Saniderm tattoo aftercare bandage and follow up the healing with Sanibalm, and your tattoo will look and feel healed and preserved forever.  A combination of these two products will make it a safe and comfortable experience. You’ll be able to return to your regular exercise regime without feeling a pinch.


  • Brighter colors, darker blacks.
  • Fast healing and preservation.
  • Works like a second layer of skin.
  • Doesn’t cause itching, scabbing, and peeling.


  • Doesn’t hold if submerged in water.

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4. Ink Scribd ‘Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment’ 

Premium Tattoo Aftercare Healing Balm Ointment - Ink Scribd - Relieves Itching, Soothes, Heals - Tattoo Intensifying Cream with All Natural and Anti-inflammatory Herbal Ingredients - Tattoo Care (2oz)Check Latest Price on Amazon

Ink Scribd’s Healing Balm Ointment (2 ounces) is a premium aftercare product that heals the tattoo comfortably. It’s made with 100% herbal ingredients that are all-natural and anti-inflammatory. 

For a healing process that’s relatively itch-free, soothing, and heals perfectly for the long-term, we recommend this incredible tattoo intensifying cream. You may use it daily to enhance and preserve your tattoo’s vibrant look. The natural extracts contained in the balm help keep any possibility of swelling at bay.

The fantastic formula keeps your tattoo looking bright and shiny. And, if you apply it to an old tattoo, it will restore its color intensity.

Ink Scribd guarantees a full refund if you’re not satisfied with this product. You have a full year to decide to keep or return the balm. Since this is a chemical and preservative-free product that heals fast and comes with a 365 day guarantee period, hence, there couldn’t be a safer bet!


  • Fast healing.
  • Enhances your tattoo.
  • 100% natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients. 
  • 365 days return/refund policy.
  • Soothes itchiness and relieves swelling.


  • The bottle is a bit small.

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5. Gozahad ‘Tattoo Aftercare Butter Cream for Color Enhancement’ 

Tattoo Aftercare Butter Cream for Color Enhancement Brightener - Tattoo Salve For Tattoo Process Lubricates & Moisturizes & Itch Relief -– 100% Natural Vegan for Petroleum-Based Products – 5 ozCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Your skin should be cared for at every stage of the tattoo process, not just the initial stage. It certainly helps if a single product can work across all those stages. Look no further! The ‘Melao Tattoo Butter’ cream, by Gozahad, is a solution for the before, during, and after stages of your tattoo art.

It works by preparing the area of the skin being tattooed, making it soft and supple. During the actual tattooing, it provides the necessary glide. Finally, it heels the tattoo and keeps your skin moisturized after the tattoo is inked on you.

Melao Butter Cream immediately heals redness, swelling, and bleeding caused by the tattoo protrusion process. Using this butter, you get the tattoo colors you desire, without having to overwork the highlights during the inking process. The product is 100% natural, made cruelty-free, and without the use of petroleum or paraben. 

Why do tattoo artists love this cream so much? As mentioned earlier, it works in the before, during, and after stages of the tattoo process. Many tattoo artists use this product long into the future after the tattoo is inked, to help the skin remain hydrated, vibrant with health, and the tattoo colors bright. 

The product comes in a 5-ounce bottle. Enough to take care of your tattoo generously. Some of the ingredients used to make the cream include Mango, Coconut, Sunflower, Green Tea, Papaya essence, among many others. 


  • Nice scent.
  • Before, during, and aftercare for your tattoos.
  • Excellent ratings.
  • 5-ounce volume.
  • Luxury tattoo color enhancement product.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free ingredients.


  • Few users reported it doesn’t melt in and absorb into the skin well.

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6. Pongnas ‘Tattoo Aftercare Cream Vitamin A & D Anti-stain Ointment’ 

Tattoo Aftercare Cream Vitamin A & D Anti-stain Ointment for Permanent Makeup Body Art Tattooing Faster Healing for Tattoo Enthusiast (100Pcs/Set)Check Latest Price on Amazon

Annoyed carrying your bulky tattoo aftercare cream with you all the time? Here’s great news! Pongnas has introduced tattoo aftercare — vitamin A & D — ointment that arrives in a package having 100 individual ointment packets, to help you hydrate and heal your tattoo area on-the-go. 

Moreover, the brand offers an unconditional 100% guarantee for these anti-stain, scar repair ointments that arrive at your doorstep in vacuum disinfection packaging. 

This is an ointment that has sufficient vitamin A & D in it to help heal your tattoo a lot faster, without causing dryness and itching. The ointment works to deter melanin formation and scarring by being efficient in the moisturization and calming of the area of your skin that’s just been tattooed.

Using the product is easy. All you need to do is clean the tattooed area with mild soap and luke-warm water,  then cover the wound with the ointment using a cotton swab. You should do this twice or thrice daily to ensure the wound is kept clean.


  • Rich in essential vitamins A and D
  • Fast & effective healing.
  • Has anti-scar and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Can even be used after facial microblading or makeup tattoos.
  • Comes in 100 individual packets, offering on-the-go convenience. 


  • Some prefer a bottled variant when it comes to aftercare creams.

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Things to Consider While Buying Tattoo Aftercare Products

Once you’ve got yourself your dream tattoo, the next steps are to help heal your tattooed skin and then preserve the tattoo’s ink for lasting results. For that, you need appropriate aftercare products. So, how do you select the best aftercare products to protect your tattoo as well as your skin? After all, there are thousands of products flooded in the marketplace!

To make things simpler, here are the factors to consider while buying tattoo aftercare items:

Know the types of aftercare products in the marketplace

There are different types of products because there are different stages in the tattoo healing process. 

Types of aftercare products:

  • Balm
  • Salve
  • Ointment
  • Soap
  • Tattoo lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Tattoo bandage/wrap

The initial most stage (the first week) of the healing process is when you need to take care of your fresh new tattoo wound. At this point, balms and salves would be your best choices. These offer protection against germs, whilst soothing the itchiness through essential nutrients. 

The stage that follows should include aftercare using a recommended tattoo soap or lotion. Preference should be given to cleansing soaps or lotions that are mild and have unscented, antibacterial, and natural properties. This helps sideline infections and irritation. 

Many other products such as sunscreen or tattoo lotion are also recommended at different stages of the healing process.

Choose products with incredible hydration (moisturization)

When it comes to healing and preserving your tattoo, hydration is key. By applying proper moisturizing aftercare you ensure your skin doesn’t remain dry.  Dry skin affects the ink and causes irritation and a chance of infection. 

The secret to selecting the best tattoo aftercare product for optimal moisturization is opting for one with natural ingredients. Pay close attention to the benefits of each ingredient listed on the product, and avoid products that contain petroleum. Petroleum is a major skin irritant that should be avoided by all means.

Natural, vegan products are not only great for healing, but they’re also cruelty-free. They come at a price. Yet, it’s all worth it when it comes to your health.

FAQs For Tattoo Aftercare

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and their respective answers, when it comes to selecting the best tattoo aftercare products:

Which is the best product for my tattoo’s aftercare?

The answer is simple. Select a product with all-natural ingredients, and you won’t be going wrong! There are different variants like butter balm, salve, ointment, or lotion. Choosing an appropriate one for you depends on your personal preference with a bit of weightage on your skin type. For dry skin, butter (and salve) are more suited. For skin that’s naturally moist or normal, use a lotion formula. Using additional products after applying the butter balm, like an organic tattoo soap or other natural cleansing solutions, compliments the overall healing process.

How long should I continue using the aftercare products?

The trick is to continue until your tattoo completely heals. It typically takes around 4 weeks for a tattoo to heal. The time taken may vary, however, depending on the size of the tattoo and the type of skin. 

Many users apply specific recommended aftercare products beyond the healing period that preserve the tattoo colors and brightness by continuing good skin hydration. One such product is ‘Tattoo Aftercare Butter Cream for Color Enhancement,’ by Gozahad. 

What if there’s irritation faced with a certain ingredient?

Each one of us has a different skin type. Though most of us aren’t allergic to different food ingredients, a sizable proportion are. Similarly, since most of the best aftercare products are made of natural plant and food-based ingredients, some of us face the chance of an allergic reaction. When that happens, you should know what to do. 

The first step is to cleanse your skin immediately with a regular cleanser and pat dry the area. Next, a soothing medical cream may help. Yet, it’s recommended you contact your doctor or tattoo artist for a more tried and recommended action for your skin type.


The aftercare products listed above have an incredible track record for being the proven source for tattoo healing and preservation. Their online customer ratings and reviews are further testament to their marketplace superiority.  

Our top pick was the Nat-A-Tat2 ‘Tattoo Aftercare Kit,’ containing a premium selection of incredibly effective vegan, natural aftercare products. Next, we enlisted the Saniderm and Sanibalm aftercare products, which can be applied together in succession for optimal results.  Finally, the balms and ointments by Ink Scribd, Gozahad, and Pongnas are all extremely useful in effective healing and aftercare of your tattoo and skin.

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