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6 Best Tattoo Black Ink of 2023 With Reviews

Though color tattoos do have that vibrancy and are able to animate the ideas you ink on your skin, black inks have their own style and statement, that’s just classy. So, when choosing the black inks for tattooing, it can leave you confused with multiple options available.

Top manufacturers vying for their share in black tattoo inks market are producing some unimaginable variations focusing on fast flow rate, shades, the texture and richness, density, saturation, boldness effects and smoothness.

Now, if there is so much variation in one dye of black, who would not lost for choice. But, worry not, we have come up with the 6 best black inks for tattooing, for you. Read to know more.

Best Black Tattoo Inks Reviews

The tattoo black ink is your ace in the hole. It is the foundation of most tattoos. It makes sense to choose the best product for the job. It’ll make the difference between well-defined artwork and a piece that fails to deliver.

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Inkr• Colors are pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion
• Great for use in tattooing rabbits
• Amazing flow rate
Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Outlining• Vegan tattoo friendly
• Super bright tattoo ink
• highest-quality tattoo ink & tattoo kit sets
Millennium Moms Black Pearl• 12 Oz Bottle Tattoo
• Outlining Ink
• 0.95 lbs weight
IntenzeZuper Black• Formulated to not dry out
• Sterilized in a certified lab
• Heals very dark in the skin
Skin Candy Tattoo Ink• excellent for outlining or shading
• easy to use
• bright, and long-lasting
Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink• Reliable healing
• Authentic and hygienic
• Professional Quality Pre-Dispersed Inks

1. BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink
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We always like a manufacturer that is willing to back up its products. That is exactly what you’ll get with this one. It has a solid reputation in the industry, so you can certainly add these products to the ones you consider. It gives you a baseline from which to start.

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink product review

Millennium Moms has a great reputation in the industry with the experience to back up its products. It is a favorite of tattoo artists, which means a lot since we are partial to the ones that are battle-tested. We also liked the fact that it is a USA-made product.

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink customer review

The company prides itself on its consistent products. Whether you’re creating your own tattoos or are in business to provide them, consistency is huge. And that’s how you build a good reputation. Remember how important of a consideration it is?

BLACK ONYX Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink review


  • Has a solid reputation in the industry, with many tattoo artists using and recommending their products
  • Made in the USA, which may be a factor for some consumers who prefer to support domestic manufacturers
  • The company focuses on consistency, which is vital for creating high-quality tattoos and maintaining a good reputation in the market.


  • Some customers have complained about the product leaking from the packages due to poor container quality.
  • There are also some complaints about the expensive nature of the product, and also there are many fakes in the market.
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2. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Outlining

Kuro Sumi Ink Outlining
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The Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink bills itself as an organic and vegan tattoo ink. We’re not sure about how these traits apply to inks, but we liked the fact that it relates to the things that matter to their customers, always a plus. It is a rich, dark ink that is a solid performer for a variety of uses.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Outlining customer review

Like Millennium Moms, the company takes pains to ensure customers that it is an authentic product. We liked the fact that they go that extra mile to reassure buyers by calling out bogus labels and listing authorized dealers.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Outlining product review

We were also impressed with reports that tattoos heal quickly. That speaks to its claims of being sterile. That fact alone saves a lot of time and effort. The Kuro Sumi products are also made in the USA.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Outlining review


  • Claims to be organic and vegan, which may be appealing to some consumers who prefer natural or cruelty-free products
  • Produces rich, dark ink that is effective for a variety of uses
  • The company claims that its products are sterile, which can lead to faster healing times for tattoos
  • Made in the USA
  • Takes steps to ensure authenticity and lists authorized dealers to reassure customers about the authenticity of their products


  • The lid does not seal properly and can be challenging to shut sometimes
  • Ink can gush out of control when trying to pour it, leading to a messy application process
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3. ​Millennium Moms Black Pearl

Millennium Moms Black Pearl
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While it specifies outlining, you can use the Millennium Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink for both outlining and shading. That adds to its value as an ink. It handles like a high-quality product, delivering rich, dark color.

Millennium Moms Black Pearl product review

There are isolated reports of poor performance, mainly due to problems with shipping. We were willing to set those aside, given the strength of its reputation and overall reviews. The company prides itself on providing a quality product.

Millennium Moms Black Pearl customer review

We liked the fact that the company is forthcoming with its ingredients list. Since allergic reactions are the most common cause of complications, we appreciated knowing what the product contained so that we could inform clients ahead of time.

Millennium Moms Black Pearl review


  • It can be used for both outlining and shading, which adds to its versatility and value.
  • Handles well and delivers rich, dark color
  • The company is transparent about the ingredients used in their ink, which can help avoid allergic reactions and inform clients about the products being used on their skin.
  • It is one of the best products in the market, especially in the price range


  • There have been some isolated reports of poor performance due to shipping issues, although the overall reputation of the brand is positive – something that one needs to take into account.
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​4. IntenzeZuper Black

IntenzeZuper Black
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A company that brags that it is the safest and most sterile ink is setting a high bar for itself. TheIntenze Professional Tattoo InkZuper Black has the reputation to back up its claims. As its name suggests, their products include inks with rich, dark colors that make tattoos pop.

IntenzeZuper Black product review

And you have to respect a company that calls itself Intenze because that’s exactly what we want when choosing the best tattoo black ink. It is a versatile product that you can use for a variety of applications. We like a product that has multiple uses to save us some cash.

IntenzeZuper Black customer review

This product is no exception. It handles well, delivering a good application experience. You have to like a company that delivers on its promises for a good product. On the downside, there are some reports of packaging and shipping problems which are outside of the product itself.


  • Reputation for producing the safest and most sterile tattoo ink on the market
  • Rich, dark colors that make tattoos stand out
  • Versatile product that can be used for a variety of applications
  • The company has a reputation for delivering on its promises of producing a high-quality product


  • Some customers have reported issues with packaging and shipping, although it is unclear how widespread this problem is; however, it is undoubtedly an issue
  • The ink doesn’t stay super black and tends to look a little bluish after a month of use
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5. Bloodline Ink All Purpose Black

Bloodline Ink All Purpose Black
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The Bloodline Ink All Purpose Black Ink is an all-purpose product that you can use for a variety of applications. You will need to thin it, depending on the use. We didn’t think that was a deal-breaker, but rather added to its versatility as a tattoo black ink. You can use it for outlining and shading or stick/poke.

Bloodline Ink All Purpose Black

That’ll mean you’ll need to work with this ink to make sure the mix is right for the application. We like to bring our own vibe to projects anyway, so no big D. The manufacturer has a good reputation in the industry with products that are hassle-free, a big plus in our books.

It handles well and holds its color well, which means satisfied customers. And that message comes through with many positive reports of good, strong color. Buyers will appreciate its reputation for consistency.

A picture has been click by me after unboxing bloodline Ink All Purpose Black


  • A wide range of colors is available, allowing for more creative options in tattoo design
  • Vegan and cruelty-free, which may be necessary for some consumers
  • Good consistency and is easy to work with, making it user-friendly for tattoo artists all around the globe
  • It is widely accepted as one of the best products in the market, and even many professionals recommend this product


  • Some customers have reported fading over time, although the overall reputation of the brand is positive
  • The cost of the product is slightly on the higher end compared to its competitors
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6. Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink
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Dynamic offers tattoo ink solutions that are authentic and arrive in crystal PET clear bottles to prevent any counterfeiting efforts. These premium-grade tattoo inks solutions are one of the finest pigment content in the market. Dynamic ink solutions offer a smooth flow and detailed work, especially in tattoo outlining and shading.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink product review

The solutions are bold, bright, and, most importantly, long-lasting, but they can also easily mix with other inks to create custom blends. And with a reliable healing process, one could not make a better choice than Dynamic inks.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink provides Authentic and Hygienic solutions. Being professional quality ink; it has become the first choice for professionals across the world. Renowned for promoting a reliable healing process, Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink is in demand because of its bold, bright, and long-lasting effects.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink customer review


  • It comes in crystal PET clear bottles to prevent counterfeiting
  • Premium-grade tattoo ink with a high pigment content
  • Smooth flow and good for detailed work, particularly in outlining and shading
  • Long-lasting and can be mixed with other inks to create custom blends
  • Promotes a reliable healing process
  • Suitable for use by professionals and beginners alike
  • Easy to work with and has a consistent consistency


  • Some customers have reported difficulty covering large areas with the ink, potentially requiring multiple passes to achieve desired coverage
  • The ink is more expensive than some other brands on the market, potentially making it less budget-friendly for some customers
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Things to Consider Before Buying Black Ink for Tattoo

Here are few things which comes in your minds before buying black ink:

Why Should You Use Black Ink?

Americans spend over $1.6 billion annually on tattoos. When you crunch the numbers, that means about 45 million people have at least one tattoo. Using the best tattoo black ink is a wise business decision if simply because of the opportunity for repeat business.

Often, people choose to get one because it has a special personal meaning. It empowers them. But the reputation of a tattoo parlor also plays a large role in their decisions. Nearly 50 percent rank it as the most important consideration. The products you use are part of that mix.

Educate and Reassure Your Clients with Proven Products

You know the scenario well. A guy—or gal—comes into your shop to get their first tattoo. Maybe they know a bit about the process or have a friend that has one. You know all the basics about running a reputable business and making it safe. Quality products back up your brand.

Many tattoo inks stand out because of the proven reputation of the manufacturers. They provide quality products with safe ingredients. And they are the real deal. With imitation and fake products out there, your clients need to know that they can trust you to use the best.

Many people may not know that the FDA doesn’t regulate the industry but rather leaves that bit up to local authorities. You are in a position of trust. You should provide a good product to get that repeat business or referrals. So, now let’s talk about the best tattoo black ink.

What Should You Look for in a Tattoo Ink?

The first thing to consider is the manufacturer. Artists will have their preferences. The good companies will stand out. You’ll see it in reviews of the products and the ink that people get. Good or bad, the word gets out. Follow it to see where it leads.

Safety is probably the most important factor when choosing an ink. The consequences of a tattoo gone wrong are too high to mess around with unproven products. Since many products have proprietary formulas for pigments, you must rely on quality.

This video from Expert Village explains how to take care of your tattoo to keep it looking as great as the day you got it. The steps you take from the beginning will avoid problems with complications that could take away from the joy of making your statement to the world.

Take a look at the ingredients if the manufacturer lists them. It’s best to know what you’re working with upfront so that you can work around possible issues. It’ll also help you make the experience of getting a tattoo better for your clients. It can help prevent common things like allergic reactions.

Decide What Type of Product You Need

Tattoo black inks aren’t all the same. Some are better for outlining rather than shading. Other products are good for both things. The product label will typically provide this information. When you know how to use a product right, you’ll avoid problems down the road.

Things you’ll want to consider are the applications for which you use it. For personal use, a product for stick and poke is fine. You should avoid an ink that is too watery to keep your design intact.

Learn How the Product Handles

As someone in the know, you are aware that ink varies even within the same hue. Shades may differ between manufacturers and different product lines. And it can even vary with standard colors like black. That’s why it’s important to see it in action for yourself.

In addition to shade, the consistency of the product is essential. As you know, there will be individual differences between clients. Tattoos happen. The best tattoo black ink will deliver what you expect—true color that doesn’t fade. Some colors will lose their vibrancy over time.

Choose a Product That Lasts

Since you’ll use it as an outline ink, it’s critical that the color stays put. That’s often the foundation of any tattoo. You also should consider your clients. To get the most use out of an ink, it should perform well whatever the tone of the canvas with which you’re working.

Consider the final product as well. Your art will look its best with colors that are strong and offer good coverage. Think about how it flows too to make your work easier. It should flow smoothly and evenly for best results.

These Are the Buzzwords to Look for with a Tattoo Ink

To get the most out of your purchase, you should look for certain buzzwords in product descriptions. These are the things that appeal to users, whether it’s someone doing their own stick and poke or a professional tattoo artist.

Vibrant colors are a top priority. You want to get the job done in one application. It’ll appeal to both newbies and old-timers in the tattoo circuit. It’s also a way to ensure a high-quality tattoo. Other buzzwords will speak more to the business owner than the individual.

Consider the Reputation of the Manufacturer in Your Choice

Counterfeit products present a threat to both customers and businesses. Reputable companies will take measures to assure both you and the customer that the product is genuine. You’ll find companies that use special labeling to ensure quality and are open to customer inquiries.

After all, it’s just as important to the manufacturer as it is to the tattoo artist. It’s only with a genuine product that you can safely put your reputation on the line. Did we say how important reputation is to a business owner? That’s why you need to pick the best ink for the job.


What is the best brand of black tattoo ink?

It is difficult to determine the best brand of black tattoo ink, as different brands may be better suited for different people and purposes. It is essential to research and compare different brands to find one that meets your needs and preferences.

Is it safe to use black tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink is generally considered safe when used as intended. Still, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in ink. It is important to follow proper aftercare instructions and consult a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions.

Can I mix different brands of tattoo ink?

It is generally not recommended to mix different brands of tattoo ink, as the properties of the ink may not be compatible and could affect the final result. Using ink from the same brand for a single tattoo is best.

How do I store tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is crucial to keep the ink containers tightly sealed to prevent contamination and to follow the expiration date if one is listed.


When choosing a brand of black tattoo ink, it is essential to consider factors such as reputation, consistency, ingredients, potential allergic reactions, and other factors. It is also helpful to read reviews and compare different options before deciding. Hopefully, this article has been able to help you find out the best tattoo ink product that is suited for your needs.

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