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22 Beautiful Stomach Tattoos For Women And Girls [2023]

Getting a tattoo is quite a significant life decision. It holds for everything, be it the design or which body part you plan to get it on. Given that it will be with you forever, you must choose wisely.

While tattoos look great in several areas, certain parts accentuate their beauty and magnify their prominence. One such place is that of the belly or stomach.

If you’re a woman hoping to show off her new tattoo whenever you wear a crop top, then classy stomach tattoos are the ones to go for.

While an elaborate tattoo does seem appealing to many, you don’t need to get a huge design tattooed on your belly since the advantage of stomach tattoos is that you can go as big or small as you want.

Also, if you have tattoos and possess a high tolerance level, a tattoo on your stomach will not seem like a big deal.

So, if you have been looking for classy stomach tattoos for women, we are here to help you with precisely that. Keep reading to find some designs that will be perfect for your next tattoo.

Classy Stomach Tattoos For Women

The minute you start searching for tattoo designs, you will be flooded with a barrage of options, making it infinitely more challenging to make up your mind. It’s why having categories of options makes it much easier to decide.

Here are some designs for classy stomach tattoos for women that you can explore:

1. Mandala Design

Mandala Design
Image Source: pinterest.com

Mandala designs are trendy for anything; the same applies to tattoos. With the stomach offering enough space to add proper layers and details, such a tattoo will look super striking on any woman!

With the Buddhist and Hindu symbolism attached to mandalas, they also provide a deeper meaning to your tattoos.

2. Spooky Skulls

Spooky Skulls
Image Source: pinterest.com

Are you a girl who likes all things spooky and scary? Is Halloween your favorite festival? Why not bring those creepy vibes into your stomach tattoo as well?

Go for a skull design for your belly tattoo! It can be a massive skull with some designs around it, multiple skulls forming a shape or even a small one.

3. A Roaring Tiger

A Roaring Tiger
Image Source: pinterest.com

Tigers symbolize strength, power, courage, and bravery. Who wouldn’t want such meanings to be associated with their tattoo?

How about a roaring tiger on your stomach, then? You can make it look like the tiger is surrounded by the rich greenery of a forest, or even go for two tigers roaring at one another.

4. Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics
Image Source: pinterest.com

Music is such an integral part of our lives. It soothes us, calms us, and keeps us happy. Certain songs define huge moments for us. While not every body part provides enough space to have song lyrics tattooed, the stomach is the ideal place to do so.

Go for a song that reminds you of a loved one or one you know will be necessary to you forever.

 5. Motivational Quote

Motivational Quote
Image Source: quotesgram.com

Some quotes motivate us even on our darkest days. These are the ones that inspire us and help us fight tough battles.

If you have a quote you use as a mantra, get that quote tattooed on your stomach. It could be something from a book, a movie, or even words your wise grandmother uttered at some point in your life.

6. Religious Passages

Religious Passages
Image Source: quotesgram.com

Many people turn to religion to help them stay focused and achieve their goals. Certain religious passages are often relied on to center ourselves and never lose sight of who we are.

If you have one such beloved passage, get it designed on your belly so you can always look at it and experience peace.

7. Flowers And Gardens

Flowers and Gardens
Image Source: pinterest.com

We can’t help but smile every time we look at pretty flowers or a beautifully full garden. For some people, flowers signify so much more than just beauty.

If you’re one such person, how about incorporating gorgeous flowers, branches, and leaves into your stomach tattoo? You can also add some color to give it the look of a garden.

8. Anatomical Heart

Anatomical Heart
Image Source: trendingtattoo.com

Having little hearts on tattoos is quite common. But are you looking for a heart tattoo with a twist? If so, then go for the design of an anatomical heart on your stomach.

Adding a little band-aid to portray your healing heart can also make it more whimsical.

9. Dainty Rose

Dainty Rose
Image Source: pinterest.com

Roses symbolize many beautiful things, such as love, passion, innocence, and purity. After all, there is a reason it makes its way to so many pieces of art and literature.

Getting a dainty rose tattooed on your stomach is a super cute look. You can let the branch and leaves look like they are almost floating.

10. Open Books

Open Books
Image Source: pinterest.com

People fond of literature will love this option, which is that of books tattooed on your tummy. The thing with book tattoos is that they offer so much variety.

You can have multiple open books stacked over one another or even one available book with the letters floating above it, making it look magical.

11. Pets or Dogs

Pets or Dogs
Image Source: tattoosboygirl.com

We always want to honor our pets in one way or another, and getting their faces or paws tattooed on you is a beautiful way to do it. Dog tattoos, in particular, are widespread in this category.

You can have their face tattooed on your belly, paws, or even their names, so they will forever remain a part of you.

12. Feathers And Birds

Feathers and Birds
Image Source: pinterest.com

Imagine a design with a long, fluffy feather right below your belly button, the ends of which transform into little birds flying away. Sounds charming and adorable, doesn’t it?

Well, this is the design you can choose for your stomach tattoo to give it that touch of femininity and freedom.

13. Locks And Hearts

Locks and Hearts
Image Source: trendingtattoo.com

They always say that you keep your heart safe, right? With that thought in mind, how about we mix the pair of a lock and a key to safeguard your heart and keep it away from all the pain?

It’s why you can choose the design of locks and hearts for your stomach tattoo and have it look both stunning and symbolic.

14. Angel Wings

Angel Wings
Image Source: pinterest.com

Do you believe in guardian angels? The heavenly beings that protect us and keep us away from all evil? You can also bring this angelic element to your stomach tattoo in the form of angel wings.

You can either have tiny angel wings covering a part of your tummy or have them cover the length of your waist from one end to another.

15. Colorful Vibes

Colorful Vibes
Image Source: pinterest.com

Not all tattoos need to be black and white. Some of them can be filled with bright colors as well. For those of you looking for colorful stomach tattoos, there is a wide array of options to choose from, such as colorful birds, flowers, rainbows, and so on.

16. Snakes

Image Source: tattoofilter.com

Although snakes are scary, their symbolism runs more profoundly than their appearance. They signify rebirth, transformation, healing, and also immortality.

Are those the kind of meanings you wish for your tattoo to have? If you answer yes, choose a snake design for your stomach tattoo.

17. Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Trees
Image Source: pinterest.com

Cherry blossom trees mark spring as a time of regeneration and renewal. Why not add these beauties as a part of your tattoo? You can also add their signature pink color to make it appear more appealing.

18. Crowns And Jewels

Crowns And Jewels
Image Source: pinterest.com

Every woman is a queen, and a tattoo design filled with jewels and crowns is apt for such glorious royal beings. You can get a giant crown in the center of your stomach and add colorful jewels.

19. Moon And Stars

Moon and Stars
Image Source: pinterest.com

The design of stars and the moon always remains the same. You can align the stars on the center of your tummy and have the moon on top. It’s also a classic tattoo design and can be the design for your belly tattoo.

20. Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design
Image Source: readinsideout.com

In case you want something lowkey and straightforward for your tattoo, a minimalistic design always looks fabulous on the stomach. It can be something related to flowers, celestial elements, or even the names of your loved ones.

21. Abstract Patterns

Abstract Patterns
Image Source: bkktattoostudio13.com

Abstract paintings and designs look so enticing, don’t they? Similarly, abstract tattoos look spectacular, and with them adorning your stomach, you will get plenty of compliments.

22. Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
Image Source: pinterest.com

Greek mythology is filled with exciting and powerful women, one of which can be the central character of your stomach tattoo. Medusa, for example, is one such woman with multiple pieces of literature dedicated to her.

So, why not get Medusa and her famed head tattooed on your belly? Trust us when we say it will look spellbinding!

Are Stomach Tattoos a Good Idea?

Whether a tattoo is a good idea holds for any body part, but especially for the stomach region because there are things to be considered before you finally take a stand on it.

There are benefits associated with stomach tattoos. If you have toned abs and a flat stomach, a tattoo on this area can look extremely flattering and serve as a significant confidence boost.

You can show it off whenever you dress up in a saree, a tank top, or anything that exposes your stomach.

These tattoos are also an excellent go-to option for those hoping to cover up scars or stretch marks. The idea of covering up wounds with art is quite poetic, after all.

However, certain things must be kept in mind before you get a stomach tattoo. The first thing is that stomach tattoos are not a wise idea for someone with a low pain tolerance because these can hurt quite a bit, especially if your design is enormous and has plenty of details.

If your tattoo budget is reasonable, then you should rethink this plan because stomach tattoos can be pretty expensive, owing to the considerable area they cover.

Your stomach is an area that receives a lot of friction because of factors such as clothes and sleeping, and it’s something beyond your control. As a result, it can take quite a long time for a stomach tattoo to heal. Therefore, keeping it shielded is only possible after a tattoo.

One should remember the possibility of a stomach tattoo losing appeal due to stretching and age. When you gain or lose weight, your tummy is bound to get affected, altering the look of your tattoo.

Aging is an inevitable process, and while all body parts eventually lose their elasticity, the stomach suffers even more so in this department. So, be ready for your tattoo not to look the same once you reach a certain age.

The main factor for women to consider is that stomach tattoos could get distorted post-pregnancy. With the stomach expanding, the ink can often get blurry and spread unevenly.

While for some, their tattoo remains unaffected after their pregnancy; others find it quite a challenge to undo the damage. You can choose a design that won’t suffer too much once you have given birth.


1. How long does it take to get a stomach tattoo?

The time it takes to get a stomach tattoo depends on how big or small the design is, whether it includes colors, and so on. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

2. Do all stomach tattoos need to be elaborate?

No, not every stomach tattoo is required to be elaborate. You can choose a small or minimalistic tattoo as well.

3. Does it hurt to get your stomach tattooed?

The pain level related to a tattoo depends on the individual’s pain threshold. However, if you choose a huge design for your stomach tattoo, it could hurt a little. Therefore, taking crucial precautions is imperative.

4. What precautions should one take before opting for a belly tattoo?

There are a couple of tips one should remember before getting a tattoo, in general, to make the process smoother. It includes not consuming alcohol or medications before your tattoo session, wearing loose clothes the day you go in for your tattoo, ensuring you are well-hydrated, and eating a hearty meal before beginning the procedure.

5. Will it take longer if I get a colored tattoo on my stomach?

Colored tattoos do take longer in general, yes. If multiple hues are involved in your tattoo design, you can expect it to take longer than other tattoos.

6. What questions should the tattoo artist ask before a stomach tattoo?

The questions to ask your tattoo artist before getting tattooed can often differ based on the design. Some common questions, however, including how long the tattoo will take to complete, what the aftercare will be like, and how much it will cost.
You can also ask them to provide their social media profiles so that you can look up the previous designs they have done on different clients.

7. Do stomach tattoos stretch after pregnancy?

Yes, stomach tattoos do stretch after pregnancy. As the baby grows inside a woman’s body, the skin also expands. Therefore, your tattoo design could get distorted post your pregnancy.

8. How long do stomach tattoos take to heal?

The time it takes for a stomach tattoo to heal depends on the size of the tattoo. If it’s a big one, it could take about two to four weeks to heal completely.


The stomach as a body part has deeper roots and meanings for women. It connects femininity, fertility, power, strength, transformation, and personal growth. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that many women choose this area to get tattoos.

The good thing about choosing your stomach to get tattooed is that you can go as intricate or minimalistic as you want. You can fill it with colors, cartoon characters, songs, or anything you like.

Go through the ones mentioned above and decide which one best suits your liking and requirements.

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