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25 Eye-Catchy Doberman Tattoo for Men

Tattoos are always special to the ones who get them. In most cases, it’s the design and the meaning attached to it that makes it extra special. While some like getting a tattoo that just looks pretty and has a gorgeous design, others go for something more meaningful with a deep connection to their life and memories. Among this category of personal tattoos are animal tattoos for animal lovers and those who wish to honor their pets.

Doberman tattoos come under the branch of animal or pet tattoos. Being such majestic and loyal creatures, they are truly remarkable for a tattoo design to have on yourself. The metaphors and symbolisms connected to a Doberman make it extra attractive. However, there are multiple designs to choose from, and it can often get confusing if you haven’t made up your mind.

Well, we’re here to help you out with just that. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ideas for Doberman tattoos and the symbolism associated with such tattoos.

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Symbolism Associated With Doberman Tattoos

The spirit of a Doberman is attached to numerous meanings, which makes it a fabulous choice for a tattoo. It asks you to look at the whole picture. It often happens that we listen to one side of the story and defend a person on that basis. However, the truth could be much bigger than that.

The symbolism of a Doberman asks you to step away and objectively look at a scenario so that you’re not influenced by emotions alone. Therefore, it enables you to separate fiction from reality and think clearer. Asking direct questions, digging deeper, and achieving clarity are all attached to the symbolism of Doberman tattoos.

A Doberman design also says that you should remember that everything has an opposite. This entails that if the night seems too dark, the day will soon come and bring light and hope along with it. The significance of this meaning is immense, as it teaches us that no matter how bleak a situation seems, there is always light and joy at the end of the tunnel.

Interesting Doberman Tattoo Ideas

Here are some interesting ideas for a Doberman tattoo that you can take your pick from:

1. Doberman on a Head

Doberman on a Head
Image source: vse-o-tattoo.ru

Give a creative, fun spin to your tattoo. You can design your tattoo to have the face of a fictional character you like and then place a Doberman on that character’s head. Sounds quirky and different, does it not?

2. Doberman Outline Tattoo

Doberman Outline Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Those of you who like simple and minimalistic tattoos can go for an outline or silhouette of a Doberman. This tattoo can be located on your back, chest, or perhaps even on your wrist if you want a tattoo that isn’t too big.

3. Black Doberman Tattoo

Black Doberman Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Are you a fan of jet black, dark tattoos? Well, then you can ask your tattoo artist to make your tattoo completely black. With the Doberman being a majestic design, something like this is sure to look attractive.

4. 3D Tattoo

3D Tattoo
Image source:bodyartguru.com

Want to go for a tattoo that is realistic and almost looks like it’s about to come to life? If yes, then you should choose a 3D tattoo. You can get it on your arm to bring focus to the unique design.

5. Doberman with a Frame

Doberman with a Frame
Image source: 99images.com

How about something artistic? Something that almost looks like a portrait? Get a tattoo where there is a frame designed around a Doberman. You can also get colors in your tattoo in the frame to make it look even more striking.

6. Black And Gray Tattoo

Black and Gray Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Black and gray always make for such a classy and terrific combination, and the same goes for tattoo designs. Get a tattoo that has both black and gray hues, with shading all around the Doberman to ensure your tattoo catches the eye of everyone.

7. The Face of a Doberman

The Face of a Doberman
Image source: pinterest.com

If you don’t want to get a tattoo with the full body of a Doberman, you can also get one with just the face of the dog. Such a tattoo usually looks perfect on the arm or your back as well.

8. Abstract Tattoo

Abstract Tattoo
Image source: tattoogrid.net

Why not get a tattoo that looks modern and has a futuristic design, right? Include patterns that are not common in tattoos to make the design stand out to you even more. This can also be a simplistic kind of tattoo that looks wonderful on your forearm.

9. Doberman With an Open Mouth

Doberman with an Open Mouth
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Think of your Doberman looking at you with an open mouth, just waiting for you and smiling, or admiring the sunset as you visit the beach together. Turn that beautiful face of your dog with an open mouth into a tattoo.

10. Smoking Doberman

Smoking Doberman
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Want to have a tattoo that is funny and quirky? Have your tattoo artist draw a design of a Doberman with a cigarette. A dog smoking is not a tattoo many would even think of getting. So, you can make yours stand out this way.

11. Dog With a Gun

Dog with a Gun
Image source: nextluxury.com

Wish to add a bold vibe to your tattoo? Make it look like your dog is holding a gun in your tattoo. The gun could either be placed next to the dog or even between his teeth.

12. A Sitting Dog

A Sitting Dog
Image source: bodyartguru.com

A long, big tattoo with a Doberman in it is the perfect mix between minimalism and traditional. Let your tattoo show off the form of the dog in a way that you can get it done on your arm.

13. Two Dogs

Two Dogs
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Do you know what’s better than one dog? Two dogs! This tattoo of two dogs in one frame looks super cute and is perfect for those who own two Dobermans.

14. Dog Looking Up

Dog Looking Up
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Let the innocence, love, and warmth of a dog reflect in your tattoo. To achieve this, you can get a tattoo of a Doberman looking up at you. This adorable design is sure to melt anyone’s heart.

15. Dog With a Fireball

Dog with a Fireball
Image source: bodyartguru.com

A fireball is a wonderful, unique, bold element to have in your tattoo. For the ones who like the symbolism related to fire or anyone whose birth element is fire, this tattoo of a Doberman with a fireball is a gorgeous design indeed.

16. Dog With a Collar

Dog with a Collar
Image source: pinterest.com

How about having a nice, striking collar on your Doberman? That always looks good, right? Turn that image into a tattoo and make your tattoo artist draw an attractive collar on the dog.

17. Doberman With a Rose

Doberman with a Rose
Image source: pinterest.com

A Doberman with a rose is a pretty cute sight to even think of, is it not? Who wouldn’t melt at that image? Have that image be the design for your tattoo. The rose could be in the dog’s mouth or placed next to the dog, too.

18. Brown Doberman

Brown Doberman
Image source: pinterest.com

Instead of getting a black Doberman, which is something that most people get, go for the tattoo of a black Doberman. These variants of Dobermans look super cute and distinguished, and having those brown hues on your tattoo is surely a good idea.

19. Doberman With a Heart

Doberman with a Heart
Image source: pinterest.com

Who wouldn’t want to see hearts on a dog, right? Dobermans are big dogs. So, just think of how adorable it would look if you designed a tattoo of a Doberman with hearts all around or even a single heart.

20. Barking Doberman

Barking Doberman
Image source: listbark.com

Are you looking for a tattoo with a Doberman in it that isn’t too mellow? If you want to make a statement, get your tattoo artist to draw a barking dog somewhere on your arms and maybe your thigh.

21. Colored Tattoo

Colored Tattoo
Image source: 99images.com

Not looking for a black or gray tattoo? Fret not. Fill your tattoo with lots and lots of vibrant colors. You can also add different colored elements to your tattoo to make it look like a rainbow palette.

22. Dog With a Person

Dog with a Person
Image source: pinterest.com

Perhaps you want a tattoo of yourself hugging your dog. Or it could also be another person you love along with your dog, be it your parents or sibling, or partner. It truly is a great way to honor both the person and your Doberman.

23. Doberman With a Beagle

Doberman with a Beagle
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Maybe you have two dogs, such as a beagle and Doberman. Why not get both their faces tattooed on yourself? How cute would it be to carry that memory and reminder around yourself all the time.

24. Floral Elements

Floral Elements
Image source: bodyartguru.com

If you like the idea of a Doberman with a rose, you’re going to love this even more. Include more floral designs and make it look doubly beautiful. Perhaps you can add a bouquet near the dog or a floral frame.

25. Tribal Design

Tribal Design
Image source: thepaws.net

Tribal designs are all the rage when it comes to tattoos. They’re electric, unique, and very attractive. You can have a tribal design element in your tattoo with a Doberman as well to give it that edgy touch.


Are Doberman tattoos popular?

Yes, Doberman tattoos are quite popular. Whether someone has a Doberman or not, they like to get this sort of a tattoo owing to the symbolism attached to it.

How many different kinds of tattoos are there that feature a Doberman?

If you wish to get a tattoo with a Doberman in it, there are many different types to go for. This includes tribal tattoos, floral tattoos, abstract tattoos, minimalistic tattoos, and more.

Can I get a tattoo of a brown Doberman?

Yes, you can surely get a tattoo of a brown Doberman.

Will adding colors to my tattoo look good?

Adding colors to any tattoo looks good, and the same goes for Doberman tattoos.

How long does a tattoo featuring a Doberman take?

The time it takes to get a tattoo with a Doberman depends on the size you are going for, whether you’re going for a minimalistic tattoo on your wrist or an elaborate tattoo on your back.

What does a Doberman symbolize?

A tattoo with a Doberman in it is a wonderful design to have due to the various wonderful meanings attached to the animal. It entails clarity and being centered. It allows you to detach fiction from reality and see things as they are.


When it comes to a tattoo with an animal in it, you might think that the options are limited, but that isn’t the case at all. With a dog as majestic as a Doberman, the choices are endless. Go through our list of unique and catchy tattoo ideas to decide on something that meets your needs and preferences

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