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Discover 15 Hades Tattoo Ideas: Mythical Ink Inspirations

Hades is the king of the Underworld in Greek mythology. He is one of the twelve Olympian Gods and a very powerful one. Along with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, Hades came to rule over one-third of the universe, as depicted in the myths.

Today, people express their fascination with this mythical character in various ways, tattoos being one of them. And even if someone is not historically or mythically inclined, they could still get a Hades tattoo just because it’s so cool to have one.

Hades tattoos are great for those who love extensive body art. They are ideal for those who love anything gothic, dark, or edgy.

Hades is known for possessing power, and having him on the body is bound to make you feel powerful. The best Hades tattoos also have other elements of Greek mythology and motifs related to the Underworld.

It would help if you did extensive research before getting a Hades tattoo because some see him as dark and evil, and there is a certain taboo around him. Yet, if you want to flaunt your Greek roots or love for Greek lore, then the Hades tattoo is just what you need.

The Symbolism of a Hades Tattoo

As mentioned earlier, Hades is a controversial figure in Greek mythology. As a ruler of the Underworld, he is often perceived as evil. However, Hades is known for being just; if he is ruthless, it is because he is not easily swayed.

Hades is often associated with Death, but that also means venturing into the Afterlife and being born again. As a result, Hades is also known to symbolize rebirth and rejuvenation. Unlike Zeus, who rules the skies, or Poseidon, who rules the seas, Hades is often considered grim.

And yet, in ancient Greece, many worshipped him, and he had several temples dedicated to him. Researching the symbols behind the Hades tattoo will help you make up your mind.

15 Amazing Hades Tattoo Ideas for You to Consider

If you love mythical characters and have ever been enamored by Greek mythology, then Hades can be the top choice for your tattoo design. Here are some exciting ideas to consider if you want to get inked with a Hades tattoo.

1. Hades Underworld Tattoo

Hades Underworld Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/376824693830562292/

Hades is the ruler of the Underworld, and this tattoo depicts that beautifully. The tattoo has Hades looking intently straight ahead with whiffs of smoke coming out of his eyes. His forehead has a portal that depicts him spiraling down towards the Underworld.

The details on his face and beard make this tattoo quite riveting. The tattoo uses a lot of black ink, so you should speak to your artist if you have any allergies to the pigment.

2. Hades Fire Tattoo

Hades Fire Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/10766486600581371/

In Greek mythology, Hades lives in the Underworld, which is depicted as dark and lonely. It only has light from the occasional flames in its walls. This tattoo explores the idea of flames coming out of Hades’ eyes. There are also flames encircling his face.

You can also make this tattoo more extensive by adding the three-headed hound, Cerberus, who is known to accompany Hades. This tattoo uses a lot of colors and is very comprehensive and detailed. Hence, it would be best if you spoke to your artist about getting an estimate before getting inked.

3. Hades Cerberus Tattoo

Hades Cerberus Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/376824693832830090/

Hades has Cerberus, the hound, accompanying him everywhere. In some versions of Greek mythology, he is often depicted wearing a headgear that looks like a hound. It’s a very intricate tattoo, and both Hades and Cerberus are depicted with white eyes to show their closeness and similarity.

It’s an excellent sleeve tattoo, but you can modify it to become a chest or back tattoo. You will need a lot of time, patience and strength to get inked with this one, so talk to your artist beforehand.

4. Hades Disney Tattoo

Hades Disney Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/726768458596677985/

Mythical characters have been open to interpretation for ages, and if you are a Disney fan, then you can try this Hades tattoo as depicted in the Disney movie “Hercules.” The movie is a cult classic, and so is the character of Hades. The tattoo uses a lot of blue pigments for the character and is a fun yet edgy tattoo.

This tattoo is sure to draw a lot of attention with its bold lines and use of color. Other elements in the tattoo are the purple dog and the blue skeletons, as seen in the Underworld depicted in the movie.

5. 3D Hades Greek Tattoo

3D Hades Greek Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/843932417656094088/

Greek gods and goddesses have been depicted in a particular way in mythology, with a certain physique. If you want a classic Greek tattoo, you can get this Hades tattoo, where he looks like a Greek hero. The details of the tattoo mostly comprise the muscular look of Hades and how every muscle is depicted with 3D clarity.

The other details of the tattoo are in the fold of the clothes and the overall background. This tattoo needs great expertise because of its lifelike, 3D nature, and you need an experienced tattoo artist.

6. Red Hades Tattoo

Red Hades Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/66076319517334022

This Hades tattoo has red highlights that make it pop and attract a lot of attention. Here, Hades is depicted with his two-pronged pitchfork, with orange flames shooting out of the eyes and red highlights all around. There is a lot of interplay with light and shadow, brought out with the effective use of black and gray pigments.

The detail on the cape that covers Hades’ head, the pitchfork, and his facial features make the tattoo unique. This tattoo is perfect for the upper arm or the part of the leg just above or below the knee.

7. Hades and Persephone Tattoo

Hades and Persephone Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/hades-persephone-hadestown-tattoo–93590498497263738/

This modern take on Hades falling in love with Persephone will surely make a very intriguing tattoo. According to Greek mythology, Hades saw Persephone one day when he came out of the dark Underworld to receive his offerings and saw Persephone playing in the sunshine.

He kidnapped and took her to the Underworld but agreed to let her return to earth for six months every year after her mother, Ceres, the Goddess of Farming, threatened to destroy the planet with famine. It is said that this is how the seasons were born. This contemporary tattoo shows Persephone finally falling in love with Hades.

8. Hades Sketch Tattoo

Hades Sketch Tattoo
Image Source: ar.pinterest.com/pin/249316529361985616/

Although Hades tattoos are never really minimal, this sketch tattoo is quite neat and fuss-free. This brilliant sketch tattoo has all the details of the long beard of Hades. His eyes are dark and without pupils.

Hades carries a two-pronged pitchfork, and a similar mark is depicted on his forehead. The tattoo only has Hades’ face, but the intensity of his look makes all the difference. It’s great for an upper arm tattoo or a shoulder tattoo.

9. Hades Skull Tattoo

Hades Skull Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/841750986591485247/

Skulls are a recurring motif in tattoos and can instantly make them look dark and edgy. Adding a skull motif to a Hades tattoo is as adventurous and Gothic as it can be.

This tattoo shows Hades in skull headgear. It is symbolic that Hades rules the Underworld, which is often associated with Death and the afterlife. The details on the skull give the tattoo an elusive and mythical feel. Hades looks reflective and thoughtful in the tattoo, and the skull motif will draw a lot of attention.

10. Hades Cerberus Tattoo

Hades Cerberus Tattoo
Image Source: tattoogoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/5cc4e0319c55deb1f2eaf311d72d7e73.jpg

This is another popular take on the Hades tattoo, with him wearing hound headgear, depicting his closeness to Cerberus, the three-headed hound. Hades gazes intently ahead in this tattoo with his pupil-less eyes.

The hound over this head also does not have pupils, which draws all the attention. The fur on the hound’s body is depicted with tremendous detail to make it as realistic as possible. You need a very experienced tattoo artist to bring out all the details.

11. Hades Fantasy Tattoo

Hades Fantasy Tattoo
Image Source: tattoogoto.com/hades-tattoos/

This tattoo depicts Hades with lots of fantasy and mythical elements. Hades looks intently ahead, and there are other elements, like a panther. There are flames, a single eye, and arrows. All these elements have various connotations in Greek culture.

It’s a full-sleeve tattoo and works great on a muscular body. However, you can also etch horizontally for a back or a chest tattoo. Although this tattoo predominantly uses black ink, you can also add highlights and pops of color.

12. Hades Fire Tattoo

Hades Fire Tattoo
Image Source: tattoochronic.com/hades-tattoo/

This Hades fire tattoo shows his relationship with the Underworld. The tattoo has Hades looking intently ahead, with fire coming out of his eyes and engulfing the rest of his features with a halo effect in the background.

The fire is depicted in a way that resembles lava flowing out of the earth’s core, where the underworld is supposed to be in Greek mythology. It’s a full-color tattoo and uses plenty of pigments. It will need a great deal of care and can also be very expensive. Hence, it would help if you spoke to an expert tattoo artist to get this tattoo etched.

13. Red Hades Tattoo

Red Hades Tattoo
Image Source: impeccablenestdesign.com/tattoo-meanings/hades-tattoo-meaning/

This Hades tattoo uses a lot of red highlights to make the tattoo pop. The tattoo shows the side profile of Hades gazing ahead with the skull of a dead animal as headgear. Red highlights show fire oozing from his eyes, flames around his head, and his two-pronged pitchfork by his side.

The tattoo uses a lot of light gray and white pigments, which makes it really unique. However, the tattoo would also need a lot of aftercare for the same reasons, and you should try to keep it out of the sun to prevent the UV rays from fading the lighter pigments of the tattoo.

14. Hades and Cerberus Tattoo

Hades and Cerberus Tattoo
Image Source: inkhappened.com/hades-tattoo/

Although Hades is depicted with a lot of hair, this tattoo only shows him with a full beard and a bald head. Rather, the three-headed hound Cerberus is shown over his head.

The tattoo is mostly done in light orange and black pigments, but the pop of color is the hint of blue in the eyes that are devoid of pupils.

You can also do this as a black and white tattoo. The hounds in the tattoo are also very mythical, with elements of fantasy in their features. This tattoo works great as a full-sleeve tattoo but also as a chest or shoulder one.

15. Hades Warrior Tattoo

Hades Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: reddit.com/r/tattoo/comments/bqe4th/hades_

This tattoo shows Hades in battle armor. He has a raised pitchfork and is battling with this three-headed hound, Cerberus. Hades was a great warrior and the protector of souls in the Underworld.

Having this tattoo is sure to make you feel powerful as well. This 2D tattoo is quite interesting because it truly depicts the wonders of Greek battles, with falcons flying overhead. If you like, You can add more elements and make it an extensive, full-back tattoo.


A Hades tattoo is quite comprehensive and has many cultural connotations. So, you may have some questions before getting a Hades tattoo. Here are answers to some of the questions to help you decide:

Are Hades tattoos expensive?

Yes, Hades tattoos can be expensive compared to ordinary tattoos. Recreating Hades with all his facial details requires a lot of expertise, and an experienced tattoo artist will charge accordingly.
When you add color to the tattoos, the prices go up even more. A Hades tattoo can cost you around $150 to begin with, and the prices go up even further depending on how extensive you want them to be.

Are Hades tattoos painful?

Yes, Hade’s tattoo can be painful because you spend considerable time under the needle. Unlike a small and minimalist tattoo, a Hades tattoo will have quite a few details.
Hence, it would help if you had a good meal before getting inked to endure the pain. You must also avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before getting etched, as it may dilute the blood and cause excessive bleeding while tattooing. That could blur the details and make things difficult for the tattoo artist.

Are Hades tattoos evil?

No, Hades tattoos are not evil. However, because of his connections to the Underworld, Hades has a negative image that has often been exploited in popular culture.
Every God has a good and bad side, and Hades was no different. He was very just and powerful, and there is nothing wrong with getting a Hades tattoo.

Does a Hades tattoo take longer to heal?

Since Hades tattoos are quite comprehensive, they can take a while to heal. Usually, a small tattoo can heal within four weeks. However, a Hades tattoo could take eight weeks to heal completely and the scabs to fall off.
In the meantime, keep the tattoo covered and avoid strenuous exercises to prevent the skin from breaking and bleeding again.


A Hades tattoo on your body will surely turn heads. Flaunting it on your chest, back, or hands could be exciting. You can also use other elements of Greek mythology to personalize it even more. These tattoos look great both in black and white and in color.

You can be sure to attract a lot of attention for this tattoo, but caring for it is also essential if you want to prevent the ink from fading fast. 

An expert tattoo artist can guide you through the process and make your tattoo a work of art.

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