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The Definitive How to Pierce a Belly Button Guide

ByJonnyDec 14, 2020

Learning to pierce different parts of the body can be an interesting…

How to Pierce a Nose: Cartilage, Septum, and More!

ByJonnyDec 21, 2020

Nose piercings look GOOD! In the recent past, they have become a…

Belly Button Piercing Care: Take Care of Your Piercing the Right Way

ByJonnyDec 24, 2020

Congratulations on your new belly button piercing. Belly button piercing care is…

How to Pierce Cartilage: And What Kind of Needle and Jewelry You’ll Need

ByJonnyDec 27, 2020

Cartilage piercings have gained popularity recently. So, you’ll need to learn how…

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