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La Llorona Tattoo Ideas Enchanting Designs for Ink Lovers

As the name suggests, the La Llorona, or the “Weeping Woman,” tattoo depicts a woman crying, and her make-up is smudged because of her tears. The woman is depicted in many ways across cultures, but the basic theme of the crying woman remains the same.

The Mexicans and even the Spanish population in the US are aware of the La Llorona legend. However, over time it has become popular among the mainstream, and there are movies and animations around the legend.

This La Llorona works excellently as a tattoo because of its unique theme. Moreover, an experienced tattoo artist can bring out the sadness and loneliness in the weeping woman’s expression.

And yet, having such a tattoo on one’s body is considered taboo in some cultures because it means inviting misfortune. Hence, research the topic well before you decide to get inked. But if you still choose to go ahead with it, you will surely end up with a stunning work of art.

What is the La Llorona Legend?

According to the Mexican legend of La Llorona, she is a lonely woman who haunts water bodies like rivers and lakes, looking for her dead children whom she had drowned herself. She sought revenge on her husband, who she found was cheating on her, and in a fit of rage, drowned their children because her husband loved them.

However, she soon understood the implication of what she had done, and ever since, her soul haunts the ponds and lakes, crying and seeking her children. The lore is heart-breaking, and it is said that even today, Mexicans and Spanish try not to stay near water bodies at night and do not look if they hear any woman crying in the dark near a river or pond.

Today, this legend has attained cult status over time. It has become a popular tattoo idea among those who love gothic themes.

Some La Llorona Tattoo Ideas for Gothic Tattoo Lovers

La Llorona is a prominent motif among tattoo lovers because of its amazing and meaningful design. Here are some ideas to help you choose among the tattoo variations.

1. Modern La Llorona Tattoo

Modern La Llorona Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Art Torres

Although La Llorona is a centuries-old legend, this modern take on the tattoo is also very interesting. This tattoo has the weeping woman looking straight as if she can see through your soul. The details are in the form of wisps of hair escaping her bun and framing her face.

The signature style of a tear-stricken face remains. The expression is not just of a bereaved but also a strong woman. You can get this as a sketch tattoo, and the tattoo is excellent for the upper arm or the base of the neck.

2. La Llorona Mask Tattoo

La Llorona Mask Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Tattoodo

This tattoo depicts the weeping woman with a mask in her hand, and the tear marks around her eyes are shaped like a heart. There are also marking around the mouth. It’s a contemporary take on the popular motif. Although the weeping woman is sad, she is depicted with a lot of fun and strength.

You can add some color to the tattoo if you want. The tattoo works best for the upper arm but is also great for the shoulders. Additional details around the head make the tattoo more extensive.

3. La Llorona 3D FlameTattoo

La Llorona 3D FlameTattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Skin Giants

This La Llorona tattoo is best depicted in color to bring out the interplay of light and shadow in the tattoo. The tattoo shows the weeping woman’s upper half of the face covered with a dark veil, while the lower half has her cupping the flames of a candle.

The 3D effect of the tattoo makes it very realistic. The hands and the face are the highlights of the tattoo, and you need an experienced artist to bring her expression to life. This tattoo works great as a full-sleeve design.

4. La Llorona Sketch Tattoo

La Llorona Sketch Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Brend

This tattoo is somewhat traditional because it shows the weeping woman crying by a water body. It’s a black-and-white tattoo with several other details thrown into the mix. The tattoo has Roman numerals and clouds, flowers, rocks, and pebbles in the frame.

This tattoo is more like a miniature painting, and you can also add the words “La Llorona” at the bottom of the tattoo to make it clear to the viewers what it is about. Or, you may add some other text to personalize it more.

5. La Llorona Skull and Flower Tattoo

La Llorona Skull and Flower Tattoo
Image Source: [email protected]

This La Llorona tattoo is perfect for celebrating the Day of the Dead. The tattoo depicts the weeping woman resembling a skull, like the dead brought back to life. And yet, details like flowers, leaves, and her veil make it a beautiful tattoo.

This tattoo is quite extensive, so it is great for the upper shoulders. It’s a sketch tattoo; the markings around the eyes make it very distinctive. The sideway gaze of the woman makes the tattoo even more alluring.

6. La Llorona Cosmos Tattoo

La Llorona Cosmos Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Pacho Tattoo

It’s another contemporary take on the traditional theme where the weeping woman has stars and planets circling her. They are placed in such a way that they replace the tears in her eyes.

Yet, it is easy to decipher the central theme of the tattoo. The woman is looking up as if waiting for a cosmic sign. This black and white tattoo is wonderful for the upper arms or legs. The glazed and teary look in the woman’s eye depicts the sadness.

7. La Llorona Praying Tattoo

La Llorona Praying Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram@Maria Lopez

This weeping woman tattoo is closer to the traditional theme. It has the woman crying and praying as if praying for her lost children to come back. The woman is depicted with open hair, with blackened tears streaming down her face.

You can add a splash of color to the tattoo by coloring the flowers on her head. It makes the tattoo pop and adds an extra dimension. There are other details, like flowers and skulls around her, but you can add or subtract them according to your preference. It would be best if you had an experienced tattoo to bring out the traditional theme of the tattoo.

8. La Llorona Skull Tattoo

La Llorona Skull Tattoo
Image Source: @100Tattoos.com

It’s a simple weeping woman tattoo, yet it packs a punch. Here the face of the woman is depicted as a skull with another skull below her face. The markings on the face of the woman add all the details to the tattoo.

There is also a marking on her forehead. This tattoo is ideal for Halloween Day. You can add more skulls to the tattoo if you want it as an extensive chest or back tattoo.

9. La Llorona Veiled Tattoo

La Llorona Veiled Tattoo
Image Source: Instagram@SlowPortal

This tattoo is a beautiful weeping woman tattoo with a transparent veil across her face. The merit of the tattoo lies in the thin veil across her face that shows her face and yet adds mystery and beauty to the tattoo.

You need to hire a very experienced artist who can bring out this effect, as it can be challenging to create this look. You can add text or your initials at the bottom of the tattoo. This tattoo is great for the arms, but you can also use it for the middle of the back.

10. La Llorona Crucifix Tattoo

La Llorona Crucifix Tattoo
Image Source: @Black Market Art Company

Although the crucifix is meant to keep away evil, this tattoo depicts the weeping woman with a crucifix in her hand, holding it right before her. The tattoo has several striking details, the first being the tears on her face being depicted in red ink. That adds a bold splash of color to the tattoo.

Next, the crucifix also depicts a face inside, giving a mirrored effect to the tattoo. The hands of the woman are bleeding as well, and the hair is tied in a braid. All of this combined creates a very realistic look, and the result is stunning.

11. La Llorona Child Tattoo

La Llorona Child Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Vampirefreaks

This tattoo is unique because it depicts La Llorona but with the face of the child. One interpretation of the tattoo is that the children that the woman was weeping for were also weeping for their parents. And this tattoo depicts their sorrow.

The tattoo is sadly beautiful, with the tears streaming down the face of the child depicted beautifully in the tattoo. Other details like the hair, the marking on the face, and some additional markings around her face make it very interesting. This tattoo works best as a black-and-white tattoo.

12. La Llorona Flower Tattoo

La Llorona Flower Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Noemie Legault

This weeping woman tattoo boldly depicts her as if she has embraced her undead nature. The tattoo gets the details from the veil on the head, the hair partially covering her face, the stitch markings on her face, and the dark-rimmed, tear-stricken eyes.

But the striking feature is the placement of two huge roses around the neckline, adding a splash of color to the tattoo. Overall, this is a very interesting and bold design, and you can flaunt it on your hips, the middle of the back, or the upper shoulders.

13. La Llorona Spanish Tattoo

La Llorona Spanish Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit@Bill Rath

The La Llorona is a Mexican legend popular among the Spanish. This tattoo specifically caters to that demographic in how the weeping woman dresses. The tears in her eyes are not as dramatic, yet it brings out the tattoo’s message.

The details are from the scarf tied around the woman’s head, hair, and the flowers around the base. This tattoo has a vintage feel to it, and the bold splashes of color make it stand out.

14. La Llorona Punk Tattoo

La Llorona Punk Tattoo
Image Source: @ImpeccableDesigns.com

If you are into punk culture and want something gothic for your tattoo, this can be the tattoo for you. This tattoo depicts the weeping woman in her punk attire. The ponytails, the beads in her hair, and the bold lips make up the rest of the tattoo, with the teardrops also modernized with makeup.

It’s a very bold tattoo to pull off. The highlight of the tattoo is the hair, with the fringe, ponytails, and the horn up-do, which makes the woman look young and lean. It’s a great option for young people who love punk and rock.

15. La Llorona Rose Tattoo

La Llorona Rose Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Men’sTattooIdeas.net

This weeping woman tattoo depicts the woman gazing at the distance with bold roses around her. The markings on her face make the tattoo striking, with bold eyes and red lips. The tattoo has two roses above and below her face, but you can add more if you want. The leaves and flowers add a splash of color to the tattoo.

However, they might require some touchup from time to time. The scarf on the woman’s head makes the tattoo look distinctive because it lends her a certain cultural look. This tattoo is ideal if you are looking for an exotic tattoo with the La Llorona theme.


Although La Llorona tattoos are very popular, you may have questions before getting inked with them. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions that may help you decide.

Do La Llorona tattoos bring misfortune?

No, there is no such thing as a tattoo that can invite misfortune or bring bad luck. However, some cultures have taboos against using dead characters on one’s body. Whether you look at the tattoo as body art or attribute any deeper meaning to it depends.
However, suppose you are superstitious about these things, or any of your close ones are. In that case, you should adequately research the topic before getting inked.

Are La Llorona tattoos expensive?

La Llorona tattoos are not very minimalist. Even the smallest La Llorona tattoos will feature some details, especially bringing out the pathos in the weeping woman’s eyes. These tattoos are primarily comprehensive, so you can expect the starting price to be around $125. And it will become more expensive if you add more details or colors.

How to prepare for a La Llorona tattoo?

Since La Llorona tattoos are pretty elaborate, you need to be prepared to stay under the needle for longer durations. Have a good meal so that you can withstand the pain. 
Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before getting inked because alcohol thins the blood and could cause excessive bleeding while tattooing. Wax and clean the area so that it becomes easier for the tattoo artist to work on the design.

How much time does it take for a La Llorona tattoo to heal?  

Since La Llorona tattoos can be pretty detailed, healing could take some time. Usually, it can bring about six to eight weeks to heal completely. 
If you have opted for a chest or back tattoo, avoid heavy exercises that may cause you to sweat or stretch the skin. It will only make the healing process longer. Keep the tattoo covered to protect it from UV rays, or the details of the tattoo may become blurred.


A La Llorona tattoo can really change the way you look. This intense tattoo can turn heads for sure. In addition, if you are into legends and folklore, this tattoo fits the bill perfectly. Moreover, if you love gothic styling, then the tattoo will also go with the rest of the attire.

The best thing about the tattoo is that even if you have other tattoos on your body, this gothic tattoo will fit right in, depending on the style you choose. This tattoo is worth considering if you are looking for a unique one.

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