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9 Best Loser Lover Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Whenever you get a tattoo, there is a high chance that someone will approach you to ask what it means.

While some tattoos do not have deep meanings and are just done because they look pretty, others have significant memories linked to their existence, making them very special for the person donning them.

Vital tattoos stem from various backgrounds. It could be something related to a life event, a saying that is your mantra, wise words you heard from a friend or family member, and so on.

A popular category of tattoos relates to books, movies, and TV shows. With entertainment and art playing such a significant role in our lives, it comes as a surprise to no one that these pieces of art inspire our tattoos as well.

One such example of a tattoo connected to literature is that of the loser lover tattoo, based on a famed novel by the king of horror stories, Stephen King.

King’s works have inspired many sub-creations, with this tattoo being a prime example.

If you are a fan of this author’s writing, it’s natural to want to get something inked on yourself that reminds you of this fondness, and the loser lover tattoo is a good option.

We have got you covered for those of you looking for tattoo designs for this very purpose. In this article, we will discuss the tattoo’s origin while presenting you with tattoo ideas that you’re bound to appreciate.

Loser Lover Tattoo Ideas to Explore

The good thing about the loser lover tattoo is that it is simple and adaptable enough to be designed on various body parts.

Let’s now take a look at some tattoo ideas one can explore when they are thinking of getting this design on themselves:

1. Side of Your Palm

Side of Your Palm
Image Source: allabouttattoo.com

If you want the size of your tattoo to be minor, then you can choose the side of your palm to get it done. You can add small elements, such as the moon and stars, to make it look cuter.

2. Below The Thumb

Below the Thumb
Image Source: pinterest.com

Following the trend of smaller tattoos, the area under the thumb is also an excellent place to get this tattoo. You can also combine it with other small designs or have it be a part of multiple tattoos on your palm.

3. Below The Elbow

Below the Elbow
Image Source: pinterest.com

The area below the elbow is ideal for showing off such a tattoo. It will look cute and minimalistic if you opt for a smaller font and keep just the word without adding anything more.

4. With a Clown Design

With a Clown Design
Image Source: outsons.com

Do you want to make your tattoo unique and genuinely horrifying? How about adding Pennywise to your tattoo? Sounds fabulously spooky, isn’t it? Go for it! You are sure to get a massive amount of compliments for it.

5. On The Wrist

On the Wrist
Image Source: pinterest.com

Wrist tattoos always look super cute. By getting your loser lover tattoo on the wrist, you can show it off whenever you want, especially while taking photos. Add small flowers to it to enhance its appearance.

6. On The Neck

On the Neck
Image Source: tattoochronic.com

Neck tattoos are forever unique, and when you get something as rare as the loser lover design on your neck, it makes the whole venture doubly unique. You can get delicate art running on the sides of the tattoo if you wish to add more than just letters to your design.

7. With The Balloon

With the Balloon
Image Source: pinterest.com

The balloon forms a critical element of the IT story; adding this as a part of your tattoo can make it even more mystical and spooky. Color the balloon with red hues to make it extra prominent and noticeable.

You can make it look like the balloon string is going around the world, almost strangling or entangling it. Quite an incredibly freaky look, is it not?

8. On The Leg

On the Leg
Image Source: pinterest.com

The leg region offers you enough space to get the loser lover tattoo. You can have it spread out wide on your thighs, your knee, or even your calves.

By choosing this area, you can also incorporate other elements from the movie and insert a quote from the story or some other literature.

9. On The Chest

On the Chest
Image Source: pinterest.com

Since the word ‘lover’ is about the feeling of love, it can be amazing to get the tattoo done on your chest, specifically over the area of your heart.

If you think about it, it gives the entire procedure quite a poetic touch. To keep the spooky element alive, you can add three little red drops, almost making it look like the tattoo is bleeding.

What is The Meaning of a Loser Lover Tattoo?

It’s important to know where it originated to understand the meaning of the loser lover tattoo. The origin of this tattoo can be traced back to the book, IT, written by the famous and beloved author Stephen King.

This horror novel instantly became a hit and won numerous awards when it was released in 1986. An adaptation of this movie was released in 2017.

‘IT’ refers to Pennywise, who is the villain or antagonist of this story. His victims are the children living in Derry in the state of Maine. Derry was a fictional place that the writer concocted.

The book features a group of seven kids, comprising six boys and a girl. This group is known as the Losers Club, with all the members unhappy with their respective lives.

They are also victims of bullying, and throughout the novel, they stumble upon IT and decide to defeat him and end the terrors he has been causing. The novel traces their journey and shows their friendship and ability to overcome various struggles.

The phrase ‘loser lover’ is created by a member of the club, who is called Eddie.

One day, while trying to escape from being captured by Pennywise, Eddie ends up hurting his arm, and a cast gets placed on it. When a bully sees Eddie wearing this cast in school, he scribbles the word ‘loser’ in bold writing.

To save himself from more embarrassment, Eddie writes a ‘V’ on top of the ‘S,’ thereby changing ‘loser’ to ‘lover.’ It also takes on a symbolic meaning in the novel because Eddie transforms from being a victim of bullying to finding people who genuinely love and support him.

Appeal And Purpose of a Loser Lover Tattoo

Due to the cult following that the book, IT, has, the concept of the loser lover tattoo became superbly popular, getting mimicked and adapted in multiple movies and TV shows. The television series Riverdale, for instance, has it as well.

The appeal of this particular tattoo goes beyond the love people have for literature and entertainment, as it makes a powerful statement that individuals can relate to in eclectic ways.

A loser lover tattoo is a stand against bullying. So many people fall prey to bullying, with kids being affected most at an early age. By being able to move past those traumatic moments, such individuals often choose to get this tattoo to display their anti-bullying stance.

As is seen from the example of Eddie, this tattoo also shows that no matter how much life tries to bring you down or the vile humans attempt to demotivate you, nothing can come your way if you choose to get back up keep going every single time.

Therefore, this tattoo can be a tremendous motivational factor in the life of many. Every time you look at it, you can remember when you faced a hurdle but persevered and rose above it all, proving your resilience.

If you see someone spotting this tattoo, it can also mean they are finally learning to be kind to themselves after having been hard on their emotions for too long.

Additionally, it is a reminder to be kind, compassionate, and empathetic to those around you because you never know the struggles one faces.


1. What is the meaning of a loser lover tattoo?

A loser lover tattoo can take on several meanings. It can show that you’re against bullying or have suffered bullying in the past. The tattoo also portrays your ability to keep going after facing many hurdles.
It is also a beautiful reminder to be kind to yourself and those around you.

2. How did the loser lover tattoo originate?

The loser lover tattoo originated from the book IT by Stephen King. In the book, one of the characters, Eddie, hurts his arm while trying to escape from the villain, Pennywise.
He gets a cast on his arm due to this injury, and a bully at his school scribbles the word ‘loser’ on the cast. To save himself from embarrassment, Eddie writes ‘V’ over ‘S,’ converting ‘loser’ to ‘lover.’

3. Who should get a loser lover tattoo?

Anyone who enjoys Stephen King, the book, and the movie can get a tattoo. You can also go for it if you believe in the purpose and meaning behind the tattoo.

4. Which are the areas you can get a loser lover tattoo?

Since this tattoo is simple enough, you can get it on any body part, including your neck, back, thighs, ankles, arm, etc.

5. Does it hurt to get a loser lover tattoo?

The tattoo is made up of letters, so it doesn’t hurt to get it done. However, if you get it done in a delicate and sensitive region, it could hurt a little. It may also sting if you have low pain tolerance.

6. Is it complicated to get a loser lover tattoo?

Getting a loser lover tattoo is generally a non-complicated process, mainly if you include the alphabet and don’t add any more designs.


Loser-lover tattoos form the perfect mix of simple and meaningful. For someone who grew up with the story of IT and has had solid anti-bullying opinions throughout their lives, this indeed can be a very powerful tattoo to get inked.

Go through the designs mentioned above and take your pick based on whatever suits your liking.

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