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11 Inspiring LOTR Tattoo Ideas And Designs With Meanings

Pop culture often inspires fans to do something unique through which they can hold their favorite books, movies, or TV shows closer to their heart, and one such way of achieving this is by getting a tattoo.

As far as tattoos related to pop culture is concerned, there is a series that has led many fans to get inked, and that’s the Lord of the Rings series written by J. R. R. Tolkien. This is a book series that came out way back in the 1950s and continues to win the hearts of fantasy lovers even today.

The popularity of this series is so widespread that it has led to the creation of movies, TV shows, and pieces of merchandise that fans passionately collect and display in their homes. A LOTR tattoo is yet another way for them to show the world just how devoted they are to this story.

Since the story is so vast, it’s almost impossible to narrow down LOTR tattoo ideas to just a few options. However, we decided to embark on this mission and select some of the most creative and inspirational LOTR tattoo ideas that fans can choose from.

So, let’s just do a fun, deep dive into this magical world and explore the tattoos it inspires, shall we?

Why Are LOTR Tattoos So Popular?

Before we get into the tattoo designs, how about we have a little discussion as to why LOTR tattoos are so popular?

Not every piece of literature gets to stand the test of time the way Lord of the Rings has. Even today, you will find ardent fans flocking to bookstores to grab copies of exclusive editions, dressing up as the characters for Halloween, and choosing designs as tattoos for themselves.

The timelessness of the themes associated with the series is one of the major reasons why this series is so beloved, making people want to honor the story in the form of tattoos.

With the discussions regarding the importance of standing up for what’s right, the strength of friendship, and the power of hope and perseverance filling the series, it’s not astonishing that LOTR tattoos are in style even in the current generation.

For some individuals, it’s also a way to remember their childhood fondly, encouraging them to carry the same values every time they take a look at their LOTR tattoo design.

Creative LOTR Tattoo Ideas

Trying to decide which LOTR tattoo to get permanently drawn on yourself can be tricky. Here are a couple of exciting LOTR tattoo ideas to serve as inspiration:

1. One Ring Tattoo

One Ring Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

Even if you aren’t aware much of the LOTR books, you must have surely heard the famous quote from the series that says, “One ring to rule them all.” This quote forms the driving force for many events in the book.

The good thing about a One Ring tattoo is that you can go as big or small as you want with the design, always reminding you that knowing how to handle power is extremely important.

2. The Eye of Sauron Tattoo

The Eye of Sauron Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

If you wish to incorporate a darker theme in your tattoo, then the Eye of Sauron is a great option to go for. Sauron is the central antagonist of the LOTR series, who continues to survive as a disembodied eye looking for the Ring.

With the eye burning bright as a part of your tattoo design, you can choose to include other characters and scenes below the Eye of Sauron in your tattoo, representing many subjects explored in the series.

3. Frodo And The Fellowship

Frodo And The Fellowship
Image Source: nextluxury

Frodo is undoubtedly among the most loved characters in the series, standing tall in the fight for good against evil and taking on a mission that other soft-hearted individuals would have stayed away from.

Fans can either choose to get just Frodo’s innocent face tattooed on themselves as a symbol of courage or get him along with the Fellowship designed on their body to be reminded of the friendship portrayed in this immortal series.

4. The Tree of Gondor Tattoo

The Tree of Gondor Tattoo
Image Source: outsons.com

The White Tree of Gondor signifies hope and the possibility of life being renewed and restored. If you want to boost your positivity through a tattoo, then we doubt there are better options than this particular one.

The tree represents the people of Gondor waiting for the king to return and restore the peace and prosperity they have been craving after having suffered tremendously. This design can serve as a wonderful pick-me-up on hard days.

5. Quote From Gandalf

Quote From Gandalf
Image Source: pinterest

Gandalf is one of those characters in Lord of the Rings who keeps delivering the most profound and vital quotes, all of which reflect his wisdom.

Of those quotes, the one you can think of getting tattooed is the one that says, “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.

We’re often told that crying is a sign of weakness, but this reinstates the fact that tears are often a sign of great strength and that you should never hold them back.

6. Gollum Tattoo

Gollum Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

Did the words “My precious” immediately spring to your mind, the minute you heard Gollum’s name? Well, that’s a sign that you are indeed a true LOTR fan.

While Gollum may have been a character who is considered a villain, one could also take him to be someone who represents the human qualities of being complex and flawed. This is why several people choose to have Gollum for their LOTR tattoo.

A Gollum tattoo is also preferred by those who wish to have spooky elements in their tattoo that are sure to make the rest of the world stop and take notice of the design.

7. The Blades From LOTR

The Blades from LOTR
Image Source: nextluxury

Are you someone who wants to have fierce symbols in your tattoo that remind you of your own power, strength, and capabilities? If so, then the blades featured in the LOTR series should be a part of your tattoo design.

These blades can also be accompanied by quotes or colorful features to give your tattoo a nice combination of softness and fierceness. You can get Frodo’s dagger, known as Sting, drawn on you, or even go for Anduril, which is the sword of the character named Aragorn.

8. Gandalf Design

Gandalf Design
Image Source: nextluxury

If there is one character in Lord of the Rings who is unanimously loved for the wisdom and endurance he displays, it has to be Gandalf. Not only was Tolkien’s version of this character worthy of respect, but the actor who played it in the movies further made people revere him more.

With a myriad of qualities shining in his eyes, you can give him a unique avatar in your tattoo and let it cover your arm or even your back. A design of Gandalf, along with Frodo, is also a classic option for a tattoo.

9. Iconic LOTR Quote

Iconic LOTR Quote
Image Source: facebook

“Not all those who wander are lost” has become a life mantra for so many individuals worldwide. Yet another iconic quote by Gandalf, these are surely words to live by, which is why they deserve a permanent space on your body as a tattoo.

Every time you look at it, you can feel uplifted, knowing that while the current path you are on may seem bleak and uncertain, there is hope that light will shine at the end of the tunnel, illuminating a world of opportunities for you.

10. Silhouette of The Travelers

Silhouette of the Travelers
Image Source: bustle

The travelers are the ones who accompany Frodo on his journey in the LOTR series. If you’re searching for a minimalistic tattoo that will ideally depict the aura of Lord of the Rings, then we suggest you confidently go for this design.

11. Scenes From LOTR

Scenes From LOTR
Image Source: nextluxury

With so many scenes in Lord of the Rings that have been immortalized, it’s not surprising that fans love to get whole scenes tattooed on themselves. This could be a scene from the books, the movies, or just a scene that holds significance for you personally.

This is a fantastic option for fans who are lovers of huge or detailed tattoos and wish to include almost the entire cast of characters in their tattoo design.

There are a lot of burning desire questions that might pop up in someone’s head, considering they want to showcase their love for LOTR through Body Art. We have tried to discuss them here; feel free to ask more.


Can I get a minimalistic LOTR tattoo?

Yes, minimalistic LOTR tattoos look perfect. Minimalistic style tattoos featuring LOTR are immensely popular among all tattoo enthusiasts.

I want to get my favorite LOTR quote tattooed on myself. Which is the best area for it?

You can get your favorite LOTR quote tattooed on any body part, depending on how big the quote is. Some of the options are the nape of your neck, your wrist, and your ankles.

Can I get a colorful LOTR tattoo design?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to get a colorful LOTR tattoo design.

Will a cute little Frodo tattoo look good on me?

Yes, a cute little Frodo tattoo will look good on anyone depending upon which area of your body you wish to get it inscribed on.

Is the Tree of Gondor a good idea for a Lord of the Rings tattoo?

Yes, the Tree of Gondor is a good idea for a Lord of the Rings tattoo.


If you’re someone who read the LOTR books as a kid, you probably decided back then that you would want a LOTR tattoo once you became an adult. Now that the time has come to do so, you’re probably super confused about choosing a single design from the numerous themes in this series.

Well, this is why we wanted to make this decision easier for all the fans out there. Before you go to a tattoo parlor, peruse through the LOTR tattoo ideas listed above and pick one that best describes the love you hold for this series.

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