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Red Ink Tattoo: Everything You Need to Know (+4 Great Ideas to Have One)

It seems that tattoos are more popular than ever. Wherever you look, you will find someone with either a facial tattoo or a tattoo somewhere on their body. From young to old, tattoos are not a subset to a specific age group, nationality, gender, or culture – they are universal and in vogue around the globe.

According to a recent survey by Pew Research center, around 40 percent of young adults in the US have a permanent tattoo inked on their body – which is simply an astronomical number. And with the way it is going, the fad will increase in the future.

One thing everyone needs to know about tattoos is that they are nothing new. This permanent body art has been around since the Neolithic times and has played a critical role in human history.

Now naturally, the usage of tattoos has changed significantly as the times have changed. For the vast majority of the world, tattoos have become a way to reflect their personality, honor people close to them, or something close to one’s heart. And when it comes to tattoo preference, red ink tattoo has become one of the more popular choices for an individual to ink their body with.

What is a Red Ink Tattoo, and Why has it Become so Popular?

What is a Red Ink Tattoo, and Why has it Become so Popular?
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Red tattoo or red ink tattoo has gained popularity in the last few years. Not only is it quite pleasing to the eye, but they also allow one to experiment quite a bit. It’s not often the case with other ink tattoos. While black ink is still the most popular option in tattoo studios, more and more people are opting to paint their bodies with rainbow color tattoos, especially with red ink tattoos.

One of the main reasons for this coming into practice is that they are suitable for light skin and all skin colors. Besides, the red ink tattoo looks so appealing. For many years, one constant criticism of tattoos was the limited coloring option available, and how they were not suited for every skin color.

With the improvement in tattoo ink technologies in the past few decades, such an observation has become obsolete. Now, with the appealing nature of red ink tattoos, it is not surprising that they have become one of the more popular tattoo choices.

Ingredients Used in Red Ink Tattoo

Ingredients Used in Red Ink Tattoo
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Tattoo inks are not FDA-approved or standardized. So one can never be too certain about the toxic and harmful components present in the tattoo ink. For example, heavy metals could lead to cases of metal poisoning. And while it is an issue attached with every tattoo ink, red ink might be the most harmful substance one can go for.

Common red ink ingredients are aluminum, cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide, Naphthol-AS pigment, Cinnabar, formaldehyde, and many more toxic components. And while it is possible that the red ink you will be using would not contain many of these harmful components. But, one could never be too sure because of the lack of standardized or FDA-approved tattoo inks.

And before you get your red ink tattoo, be aware of some of the issues that have made red ink tattoo a controversial choice in the tattoo community.

Disadvantages of Having Red Ink Tattoo

It is always wise to gather as much information before doing anything, especially with their body. And this article is here to help you out with that. Red Ink tattoo is a trendy choice for those looking to ink their tattoo. The red ink not only allows one to go without borders in their tattoo design, but it heals beautifully and looks mesmerizing. But that is not to say that everything is excellent with red ink tattoos, as there are some drawbacks that one should be aware of before inking their body with red ink.

#1. Blurred Outlines

Blurred Outlines
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One of the biggest disadvantages of a red ink tattoo is that it bleeds over time and creates blurred lines. This is not an uncommon occurrence to those who have been familiar with a red tattoo or been part of the tattoo community.

Without the presence of a solid classic black line that can contain the work done on your body, your single color red ink tattoo will likely bleed after some time. And this problem requires having some job done over it to get it back in the right shape.

So, suppose you are looking for something that will last a long run without the need to get some extra work done. In that case, it’s advisable to opt for a classic black ink border with your red ink tattoo or look for something else entirely.

#2. Perpetual Itching

Perpetual Itching
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Now, itching after getting a tattoo pierced is not a new phenomenon, solely related to red ink tattoos. No matter the ink, all tattoos itch when they are brand new. The itch is actually a part of the healing process. And it does not persist long and can be contained with different lotions and ointments. But in the case of red ink tattoos, the itch is a bit different.

As observed in some cases, the itch has remained for years. Because in such cases, the body has never got used to the red skin and developed sensitivity to it. But the trouble does not simply end there, as this perpetual itch could result in an immune system deficiency. And eventually resulting in severe health conditions like cancer. The red ink will start regulating in the bloodstream. It will remain there forever, which is obviously not good news for the individual.

#3. Red Ink Allergies

Red Ink Allergies
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Those familiar with tattoo ink know that allergies are a common part of the tattoo community. But red ink tattoos take that risk to a whole new level. It’s notorious because of its correlation to ink allergies and reactions. Sadly, this is not the end, as red ink has shown long-term issues on its users. Problems like skin hypersensitivity, burning, tattoo scarring, and skin rushing do persist. At the extreme level, some even had cancer.

Suffice to say that these are all severe conditions that one should avoid as best as possible. And this is one of the reasons why using red ink is such a controversial subject in the tattoo community.

#4. The lengthy Tattoo Removal Process

In addition to all of the following drawbacks, red ink tattoos take longer to remove. Red ink is a tough ink to remove, and one should expect that it would take at least twice to remove from the laser removal process than the more common black ink variant.

How Can One Deal With Red Ink Tattoos?

Still, looking forward to getting a red ink tattoo after reading the following drawbacks and potential risks? Then, brace yourself up to deal with an allergic reaction or infection caused by it.

1. Minimize the Risk

Before you ink your body with a red ink tattoo, it is vital to minimize the potential of getting an allergic reaction by getting an allergy test. Your tattoo artist would likely make you aware of this test and recommend you take it before opting for a red tattoo. If that is not the case, you should consider switching your tattoo artist immediately.

This allergy test would give out a list of components that your body could be potentially allergic to. You need to match the listed components with the ingredients used to make the red ink, and if any of them match, you should avoid that ink.

Now you can never be sure of all of the components used in the ingredients, but this is the best precaution you can take against red ink tattoo allergy.

2. Get the Tattoo Only from a Professional and Renowned Studio

Get the Tattoo Only from a Professional and Renowned Studio
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Yes, it may sound like a more expensive option, but it is an expense worth taking. In those renowned tattoo studios, you would be sure to get red ink that is safe for usage. They also check for toxic elements and other harmful components to prevent any health problems later.

3. A Multicolor Tattoo Would be a Better Option

You might be dead set on getting a red ink tattoo, but if there is any way you can opt for a more multicolor tattoo, then it would be a much better option for you. As the name suggests, a multicolored tattoo contains more than a simple red ink. It can minimize the chances of one getting an allergic reaction and the risk of perpetual itch after the tattoo gets healed.

4. Do not Wear any Scratchy Fabrics

If you opt to go with a red ink tattoo, better avoid wool and other scratchy fabrics. Itching is an issue that is quite common in the case of red ink tattoos, and it would be better if you could do your best to avoid promoting rashes and itchy bumps. Opt for a non-scratchy material, at least until your healing process is complete and that the red ink tattoo does not itch anymore.

5. Do not Forget to Moisturize the Tattoo

As is the case with any other tattoo, you must take good care of it, especially during the healing process, but even after that as well. Lotions and ointments should be regularly used, as it helps against itchiness and rashes. That’s why there must be a part of your aftercare routine unless you want to remove the whole tattoo and start the entire process again.

6. Seek Medical Help

If you find that swelling, redness, tenderness, and oozing from your newly tattooed area, then the very first thing you need to do is to reach out to a doctor. It is highly likely that such reactions are allergic or possibly an infection and would be better treated professionally by a doctor.

Some Popular Red Tattoo Design Ideas

Some Popular Red Tattoo Design Ideas
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Once you have taken the pros and cons of red ink tattoo into account, the next step is obviously choosing the right tattoo idea that fits your purpose. There are several reasons one might be looking to get a tattoo. Maybe they are looking to pay homage to a recently passed family member or friend or simply looking for something cool to ink their body with.

Whether it’s fair skin or colored, red ink tattoo suits all skin types, and you can go limitless in creativity and ideas when applying a red ink tattoo. There are actually no boundaries to it. Have patience and enjoy reading the list below.

#1. Red Dragon Tattoo

Red Dragon Tattoo

Source: pixabay

When it comes to inspired illustration and tattoo style, few could match the popularity of a dragon, especially a dragon from the Far East. These dragons are mythical but omnipresent creatures and have a revered place in the folklore of these regions. A red dragon tattoo is a great tattoo idea if you are looking for something with an oriental vibe. Now you can simply tattoo a red shape outline or completely fill the dragon with shading and lining; that is up to you and your preferences.

#2. Red Butterfly Tattoo

Red Butterfly Tattoo
Source: pixabay

Red Butterfly Tattoo is indeed a popular choice among ladies looking for a simpler and minimal design to ink their bodies with. These red butterfly tattoos are not just cute, but they are subtle yet effective in their looks. One could go for several designs here, including getting several smaller butterflies scattered around or a large-sized butterfly on the back. No matter which one you opt for, you will find red ink butterfly an excellent choice for your tattoo design.

#3. Red Snake Tattoo

Red Snake Tattoo
Source: pixabay

If you are looking for something fierce, you could not go wrong with a red snake tattoo. And while snake tattoo design is quite a common tattoo design, they work best with red ink. Red ink snake tattoos are bold and powerful, no matter the tattoo’s size. Of course, there are so many excellent varieties available with a red snake tattoo.

#4. Red Rose Tattoo

Red rose tattoo
Source: Pixabay

One of the most common tattoo designs you will find around the globe. Red rose tattoo is one of those timeless tattoo designs that is not going out of trend anytime soon. There are just so many variations of red rose tattoos that one can go for to convey their message. And this is one of the reasons why it has become an evergreen choice for those searching for tattoo design.

There are several other red ink tattoo designs you could go for. The trick here is to find something meaningful and then go from there. Meanwhile, taking inspiration from various designs is fine. Still, you should avoid utterly copying as indeed you would want a unique tattoo on your body.

Things you Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Since you are going to get a permanent tattoo inked on your body, there are obviously a couple of things that you need to keep in mind to get the best possible result with your red tattoo ink.

Ignore Any Alcoholic Beverages at all Cost

A misconception exists that food is something that one should avoid before getting inked. But that is not true at all. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages are something that one should avoid at all costs. And this includes drinks that have a minimal amount of alcoholic content. The reason behind this is that alcohol thins your blood, resulting in excess bleeding at the time of piercing. Not only would it be bad for your health, but it can also mess up the final result of your tattoo. So, it would be best if you avoid alcohol for a couple of days before getting your tattoo.

Do Not Go Out in the Sun, or at Least Cover Yourself Before

Another thing you should be aware of is the sun – which is better avoided. Sunburned or dry skin is not best for a tattoo. That’s why it would be best, either you cover your body before going into the sun or simply avoid it altogether if you can.

Point About Shaving

If you are unsure about the shaving procedure before getting a tattoo, then do not search for blogs online; simply let the tattoo artist handle it. Surely you would not want razor burn to interfere with your tattoo. A razor burn would not only mess with your tattoo, but it would be quite painful as well.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with every query you might have about a red ink tattoo and would help in your decision to get one.

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