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Captivating Skyrim Tattoo Ideas to Showcase Your Dovahkiin Spirit

Skyrim is a blockbuster video game that was released in 2011. It soon attained a cult status, with fans comparing it to something akin to Star Wars and Star Trek. Over the years, the fans have shown their support and love for the game with various tattoos. They are related to the characters and aspects of the game, especially the Dovahkiin Spirit.

Those who identify with the Dovahkiin Spirit are usually huge fans of the dragons in the game. The Dragonborn have mystical powers, and as the players acquire them, they keep moving ahead in the game.

In addition, various aspects of the game lend themselves beautifully to tattoo ideas. Those who love tattoos with mystical signs and edgy motifs will love them. However, it would be best if you got these tattoos from someone who is aware of the Skyrim game. That will enable them to do justice to the designs.

There is something for everyone when it comes to Skyrim tattoos. Whether you want a minimalist design or a full-body or full-chest tattoo, these eclectic tattoos are just what you need to show your love for the game.

Why Are Skyrim Tattoos So Popular?

The Skyrim tattoos became very popular since the game was released in 2011. Over the years, the game became more complex. More characters and aspects were added later on as well.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the most popular versions, released on the anniversary. Gamers were taken in by the realistic depiction of a fantasy world that allowed them to show power, and the dragons in the game were one of its highlights.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this survival strategy game has made the Dovahkiin Spirit famous because all Dragonborn people can speak the dragon language in the game. Those who really love the Dragonborn character show their support with the tattoo.

Some Captivating Skyrim Tattoo Ideas For You

If you’re fascinated enough by Skyrim to get a tattoo, you may be looking for ideas. Here are some to help you express your love for the Dovahkiin and some more.

1. Dragon Dovahkiin Tattoo

Dragon Dovahkiin Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

Skyrim is impossible without dragons, and if you have the true Dovahkiin spirit, you are a Dragonborn! Nothing better to flaunt that love other than the perfect Dovahkiin dragon tattoo. This dragon tattoo is minimalist, yet the dragon’s color and posture are enough to draw anyone’s attention.

The color combination is unique, with a blend of red, orange, and blue at the rim of the dragon tattoo. It’s not an ordinary dragon but is primarily symbolic of the Skyrim franchise. Choose your artist carefully to represent the Dovahkiin spirit accurately.

2. Skyrim Sword Tattoo

Skyrim Sword Tattoo 
Image Source: Pinterest

The sword of the warriors in the Skyrim universe is unique in its own right. It is just what a warrior would have, only more ornate and mystical. It’s for you if you want an ornate but edgy tattoo. It’s something that the Dragonborn wields and will surely get a lot of attention.

You can get this as an arm tattoo since it will look great both in the forearms and the upper arm. It would look well predominantly in black or navy blue ink, with intricate details.

3. Skyrim Black And White Dragon Tattoo

Skyrim Black and White Dragon Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit

This tattoo is also the quintessential Skyrim dragon tattoo, except that it is black and white. As a result, it stands out starkly against pale skin. This tattoo is great as an arm or leg tattoo because of its vertical design.

The outline of the tattoo has all the details. Remembering that a lot of black ink will be pumped in for this tattoo would be best. Overall, this is a very edgy dragon tattoo and just what you need to flaunt your love for the Dovahkiins. For more details, You may add white highlights around the wings and claws.

4. Dragon Tattoo With Runes

Dragon Tattoo with Runes 
Image Source: Pinterest

The runes are an essential part of the Skyrim universe and hold the key to many levels. You can make a regular Dovahkiin tattoo even more mysterious by adding runes all around it. These runes come in various shapes, like stars, skulls, seahorses, sunsets, flames, snakes, and more.

Each rune has a hidden meaning that is only possible for a Skyrim lover to decipher. You can add some color by adding splashes of red to the tattoo. It’s great as a shoulder tattoo or even for the nape of your neck.

5. Skyrim 3D Dragonhead Tattoo

Skyrim 3D Dragonhead Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The Dragonhead is a popular tattoo design, but more so in the Skyrim universe. The 3D dragonhead has intricate details, and while the dragon does not breathe fire, it looks like it will do so because of the red tongue. It’s also the only source of color in the tattoo.

The dragonhead has remarkable features in terms of skin, bloodshot eyes, and horns. The 3D effect makes it highly lifelike, which works great as a bicep or upper back tattoo. The shaded areas add some extra drama and relief to the pattern.

6. Female Warrior Skyrim Tattoo

Female Warrior Skyrim Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The female warriors of the Skyrim universe are as fierce and honorable as you can imagine. If you are a woman in love with the game, then this tattoo is sure to resonate with you. The tattoo depicts a woman in all her beauty and warrior costume.

The braided hair and the sword by her side add to the details. You can add details, like a flaming torch or extra patterns around her. This tattoo is very intense, and the female warrior can be a representative of your own rebellious spirit.

7. Colorful Skyrim Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Skyrim Dragon Tattoo
Image Source: Dubuddha

It’s a very colorful and powerful tattoo that will make an immediate impact. You may get it as a full-sleeve tattoo or a shoulder tattoo. The tattoo depicts a warrior with the moon in the background and the flying dragon overhead. But even above that, a roaring dragon commands all the attention.

The tattoo is predominantly blue. Because of the heavy use of colored pigments, the tattoo can also be quite expensive. The tattoo has many details, so you need an expert artist to highlight all the aspects.

8. Runes And Armor Tattoo

Runes And Armor Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The runes and the armor in the Skyrim universe have a world of their own. This tattoo is magical, and you will be sure anyone looking at it would surely try to decipher their meaning.

The runes are etched on a pattern resembling a dragon scale, just like the Dovahkiin warriors would do. It is a wonderful blend of various aspects of the Skyrim universe. The tattoo can be done entirely in black and white. Or it can use some color like navy blue or even deep green.

9. Skyrim Psychedelic Tattoo

Skyrim Psychedelic Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

This psychedelic tattoo uses various colors to bring out the fantasy elements of the Skyrim world. It depicts the eye of the dragon, along with other patterns and runes. It is like passing through the gates into a whole new world.

However, this tattoo is extensive, and you need an expert artist to describe all the details accurately. It could also be a comprehensive tattoo because of the various colors and intricate patterns in the tattoo. You can also include any mystical creature from that world to your liking, and your tattoo artist will know how to incorporate it.

10. Warrior Helmet Tattoo

Warrior Helmet Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The warriors of the Skyrim world wear their trademark helmets. They are made of metal and cover the head and eyes. This minimalist tattoo has a sword and helmet motif that depicts the warrior’s stealth and bravery.

The runes around the edges add to the mystic feel. If you want something small yet to showcase your love for the Dovahkiin spirit, you can try this. This tattoo is great for the elbows, the nape of the neck, the waist, or right above the ankle.

11. Sword And Flower Tattoo

Sword and Flower Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The sword is a recurring motif in the Skyrim game because all the warriors have one. This tattoo is beautiful because of the entwining flowers, helping you make the perfect statement as a Dovahkiin without being too edgy or messy.

The best thing is the details on the sword and the petals of the flowers. Since this is a colored tattoo, the details are especially noticeable. This tattoo is great for the forearms or the legs and is also suitable for a first tattoo.

12. Fire Warrior Skyrim Tattoo

Fire Warrior Skyrim Tattoo
Image Source: Twitter

The fire woman is a very edgy and powerful Skyrim tattoo. This tattoo has a ring of fire entwining a woman. Fire cannot harm the Dovahkiin because they are Dragonborns, and the fire runs in their veins. Hence, it is a great tattoo to express your Dovahkiin spirit. This tattoo stands out because of its bright colors, like yellow, orange, and black.

Your tattoo artist needs to be quite experienced to bring out the form of the woman, as well as the ferocity of the flames. It’s a striking tattoo that will turn heads with its unique motif and colors.

13. Skyrim Runes And Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Skyrim Runes and Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest

The runes form an intrinsic part of the Skyrim universe, and this tattoo helps you bring out the best of them in a dreamcatcher pattern. This design looks great in black and white. However, you can also add colors to make the runes stand out. The circular motifs are common, depicting the circle of life.

This tattoo works excellently as a shoulder tattoo or an upper arm tattoo. You can make it minimalist or as extensive as you want but incorporate as many runes as you want.

14. Skyrim Handprint Tattoo

Skyrim Handprint Tattoo
Image Source: The Body is Canvas

The handprint is the print of a warrior. In the Skyrim world, this could mean many things. However, the USP of this tattoo is that even if someone is not familiar with the game, they would still find this tattoo very exciting to look at.

This black and white tattoo has a handprint, and you can add a Skyrim quote. You can use a Dragonborn quote to complete the tattoo. It looks great as a back or shoulder tattoo, as you will be able to display the tattoo fully without any creases.

15. Dragonblood House Tattoo

Dragonblood House Tattoo
Image Source: The Body is Canvas

This Dragonborn house tattoo depicts a rustic and wooden home over which a dragon can be seen flying, with the sunset in the background. This tattoo is very simple and beautiful, and although it features a dragon, it has no edginess.

The colors are stunning, allowing you to play with various shades. However, the rustic log cabin still has quite a few details. You can get this tattoo on the arms or make it more extensive for the shoulder or the back. It can be great as your first Dovahkiin tattoo as well.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Skyrim tattoos that will help you choose and get one for yourself:

Are Skyrim Tattoos complicated?

The complexity of a Skyrim tattoo depends on the design. If you have chosen a simple dragon design, it would be minimalistic and won’t take much time to ink. However, opting for a full-chest or full-back dragon tattoo will be quite complex as the detailing would mean everything. These can also be quite expensive.

How to Care for a Skyrim Tattoo?

To care for any tattoo, you must avoid heavy exertion. Or else that could cause the skin to stretch and break. The color may also bleed out. Keep the tattoo covered to protect it from UV rays, and avoid ointments or sunscreen. Lightly clean the tattoo with antiseptic lotion to remove traces of sweat and dirt till it dries completely.

How much time does it take for a tattoo to heal?

A minimalist, small tattoo can take about two weeks to heal. However, a large and complicated tattoo could need more time. Hence, it could take three to four weeks for a tattoo to dry and the scabs to fall off.

How much does a Skyrim tattoo cost?

A small Skyrim tattoo can cost you about $80 to $100. However, a complicated design will be more expensive for sure. Moreover, the tattoo could be even more expensive if you use colors. It’s better to choose a tattoo design first and ask your artist for an estimate before deciding to get inked.


Skyrim tattoos are very stylish and edgy, and everyone can have them. Youngsters, especially gamers hooked on the game, find these tattoos expressive. If you love the game, you can also get a Skyrim tattoo, especially one that reflects the Dragonborn spirit.

Just hire an experienced tattoo artist because a Skyrim dragon differs from a regular dragon tattoo. And you need someone to bring out the nuances. Once you have the tattoo, you can proudly claim to be a part of the Skyrim fandom.

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