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The Best Tattoo Machine Brand – Top 5 Reviews

Looking for the best tattoo machine for your needs? The search could be daunting, given that the marketplace is flooded with different tattoo machine brands. Furthermore, each of those brands offers an extensive range of tattoo machine models to leave you perplexed. In this article, we’ve narrowed down to the top brands you should consider and reviewed a top-notch product from each of them to put your decision on the fast track.

You wouldn’t want to end up with a product that breaks down early on or works inefficiently. As a tattoo artist, you need to pick the most appropriate machine for the job. An ideal way to find one is by restricting your search to only the best tattoo machine brands.  

We’ve compiled this review to introduce you to the top tattoo machine brands in the industry and recommend the following 5 products by them:

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Tattoo Machine Brands

Best Tattoo Machine Brands Reviews

After researching hoards of products from numerous brands and paying close attention to their respective reviews (including those by tattoo artists), we’ve determined the best tattoo machine brands.   

Here are the most recommended tattoo brands with a review of a top-notch product from each:

Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit • Needle Protrusion 0-4.5 MM
• 9000 RPM speed
Cheyenne Hawk Pen’• Adjustable Needle Depth 0-4.0 MM
• Award-winning Ergonomic Pen-Shape
HAWINK Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine CNC-Q2’• German FAULHABER Motor
• Lightweight (0.28 LBS)
Solong Tattoo Premium Rotary Tattoo Pen’ • Adjustable Speeds
• Incredible Working Voltage (5-14V)
STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine’ • 5 Professional Tattoo Grips Included
• 2000mAh Battery


Two Hong Kong-based expert tattoo artists partnered to form Dragonhawk in the year 2001. A few years later, in 2004, they took their company to greater heights by registering their trademark and marketing their products globally. Their goal — to offer an affordable range of tattoo machines.

All their hard work and perseverance paid off, and by 2008 they had established warehouses in China, Europe, and the United States. Subsequently, they started seeing exponential growth. 

Today, Dragonhawk is known for both coil and rotary guns. A convenient ordeal for passionate tattoo artists who can get everything under one brand. 

This incredible brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee, all types of tattoo machines, and is endorsed by renowned Hong Kong tattoo artist, Gabe Shum, who services customers like Lebron James and David Beckham. Do you don’t need more reasons to trust this brand?

Check out this review of one of its many top-rated products:

1. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Cartridge Needles Power Supply for Tattoo Artists 1013-7 (Atom)Check Latest Price on Amazon

The Dragonhawk tattoo pen in this kit is a lightweight tattooing machine that feels as natural as holding an actual pen. It’s made of anodized aluminum, enabling you to complete your tattooing job effortlessly with precision, in minimum time.

While operating this rotary tattoo machine, you’ll realize how unbelievably quiet and low in vibration this product is. Being part of a product line from a reputed global brand, you get great puncturing performance (frequency of 55-165 Hz), an amazing adjustable needle protrusion (0 – 4.5 mm), a practical stroke length (3.5 mm), 9000 RPM speed, stable operation (6-9V), and maximum ease of use.

Dragonhawk is an affordable brand, yet they offer high-quality tattoo products at great value for your money. This kit is no exception. It comes with a DC clip, corded Atom pen rotary tattoo machine, power supply & cable, an assortment of 20 cartridge needles, a foot pedal, and a carrying case.


  • Quiet, stable, & easy to use.
  • Durable unibody design.
  • Value for money.
  • Feels as natural as holding an actual pen.
  • Incredible tattoo results.


  • Ink sold separately.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Founded in 2006, Cheyenne is a Berlin, Germany based tattoo equipment company known for developing products to the highest medical calibre. Their famous motto is “Made For Artists,” and they’re practically living up to it.  They were quick to become market leaders as they had the underlying focus on developing safe, hygienic, and precision products for professional tattoo artists. Their high-end tattoo products — especially machines and cartridges — have reached cult status.   

The brand is popular for producing robust and dependable tattoo machines. They’re also renowned for developing reliable tattoo needles, sturdy and comfortable tattoo grips, and several other useful accessories. 

It’s a leading brand today due to constant innovation and a quality focus.  Developing new ideas and technologies to introduce new products at a fast pace has been their success mantra. Besides being the inventor of the first electric motor tattoo machine, Cheyenne is also credited for having introduced the first tattoo grip “Click System” on the planet. The click system aids in adjusting tattoo protrusion depths in a jiffy.

All in all, Cheyenne is a trusted brand that makes life simpler and more efficient for tattoo artists. The “out of the box” company build’s instinctive tattoo equipment with enhanced versatility for perfection in all types of tattoo styles.

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen reviewed below is one of their most innovative tattoo machines.

2. Cheyenne Hawk Pen

Cheyenne Hawk Pen (Bronze Color)Check Latest Price on Amazon

The HAWK line of tattoo machines by Cheyenne are considered classics. The HAWK,  was first introduced in 2007 and quickly revolutionized the rotary tattoo machine industry. This new, Cheyenne HAWK Pen, comes in a rich bronze design and is not something you should pass up on.

This is an award-winning tattoo machine with amazing ergonomic dynamics, giving the artist using it complete comfort and freedom to hone their skills.  The vibration and noise levels are so low, you can tirelessly work for long hours and end up finishing the job in record time.  

The above advantages combined with the machine’s low weight and precision make it a class apart from competitors. It’s tattooing capability is incredible too. You get stroke length from 3.5 mm and stepless adjustable protrusion depth 0-4.0 mm. It further features a responsive mode, which helps the frequency of the reactive hit and stitch. 

Overall, this is an incredible tattoo machine for lining and shading. Adding to the perks, this machine is customizable with 2 of HAWK’s own pen grips of 22 mm and 25 mm each, as well as the three differently sized variants of the brand’s disposable grips. The only setback is the steep price. Yet if you’re a professional tattoo artist looking for the best equipment for your establishment, you’ll see the value in this product! 


  • Superior German product.
  • Rich-looking bronze design.
  • Excellent ergonomics.
  • Extremely low vibration & noise.
  • Compatible with 2 of its own grips.
  • Rotating jack connection (gives freedom of movement).
  • Compatible with other power supply brands.


  • Expensive.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


HAWINK is another brand that’s serious about its tattoo business. The company was founded in 2008 and boasts of being the manufacturer and seller of the most advanced tattoo equipment and accessories in the market. 

They make a full range of tattoo products including machines, needles, kits, makeup, ink, and an innovative range of tattoo power supplies. They are on a perpetual mission to constantly innovate their products, offering customers better performing and more practical products each year.

HAWINK is the proud global pioneer of designing and manufacturing wireless tattoo machines and power supply. This endeavor of theirs has initiated a revolution, influencing the use of wireless tattoo machines at a rapid pace all over the world. Moreover, they offer incredible after-sales service, which is a common attribute among all the best tattoo machine brands listed here.

The HAWINK product reviewed below is the perfect example of this amazing brand’s capabilities.

3. HAWINK Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine CNC-Q2

Hawink Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine with German FAULHABER Motor CNC-Q2Check Latest Price on Amazon

This fantastic pen-design tattoo machine is from the superior CNC brand range by HAWINK. CNC’s focus is on high-end quality and the actual operating experience. This rotary pen tattoo machine is constructed with aircraft aluminum alloy and houses a powerful, stable, low-noise German motor by FAULHABER. 

The machine is super lightweight at just 0.28 lbs. Besides the machine, the package also comes with a HAWKIN RCA cord. You get high puncturing power ranging from 5-10V and an amazing Frequency of 25 -160 Hz.

This machine is compatible with all cartridges of all sizes and brands. Overall, it’s a machine you can’t go wrong with. It hails from a top-class brand and helps bring out the best in a tattoo professional.


  • Extremely silent.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The highest quality (aluminum alloy).
  • Powerful German FAULHABER motor.
  • Works continuously for 12 hours without heating up or causing fatigue.
  • Lightweight &  stable.
  • Incredible healing.


  • It’s too perfect!

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Solong is one of the best tattoo machine brands in the industry for several reasons. One of them is the company’s focus on developing instruments and supplies that lead to a simple, comfortable, and safe tattooing experience for artists and their customers.

Under their product umbrella lies an extensive range of tattooing related equipment. These include tattoo machines, kits, and all kinds of tattoo supplies and accessories any artist can think of requiring. Of special significance is the ease of use of each of their tattoo machine models.

Solong is known for keeping prices relatively low. In fact, sometimes unbelievably low, whilst offering a 6-month warranty on tattoo machines. The company was founded in China in 2008 and is one of the leading manufacturers in that country today. Beginning with a modest start, today,  Solong has become a seasoned professional brand that has major global expansion plans.

Solong is proof that incredible quality and product performance doesn’t have to come at a high price. No wonder, they’ve been experiencing exponential growth in sales and incredible online reviews throughout. In short, Solong is a brand that offers unmatched value for the price, making it a great alternative to its pricier competitors.

Check out the product review below of their incredible rotary tattoo pen to get a better gist of their brand’s importance.

4. Solong Tattoo Premium Rotary Tattoo Pen

Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Wireless Battery Tattoo Needles Cartridges Tattoo Pen Kit EM138-USCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The Solong rotary tattoo pen is equipped with a high-quality machine carved by space aluminum. The robust technology features a coreless motor and high-tech gear system, giving it incredible power and operating versatility. This is a corded machine pen, having a 2 meter long RCA cord.

This high-caliber machine is a professional tattoo artist’s best companion. It runs quietly and with minimum vibration. As per the brand’s greatest selling proposition, this item has outstanding features that make it a mismatch to the modest price you’re paying for it. These include a light-up design, adjustable speeds ( 8V 6933RPM; 10V 7866RPM; 12V 8600RPM), incredible working voltage (5-14V), and a vast needle protrusion range (0-4.0 mm)

The tattoo pen machine has a carved texture that gives you an awesome grip so you can work comfortably on your design.


  • Bang for one’s buck.
  • High-tech gear system.
  • Adjustable speeds.
  • Great power.
  • Silent, safe, and easy to master
  • Incredible grip.


  • It’s corded, though the 2-meter cord is sufficient for most.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


The German company ‘STIGMA,’ is operated by two tattoo artists having extensive experience. They formed STIGMA-Rotary back in 2005. The brand is credited for having invented a rapid method of adjusting the “give” specific to rotary machines, enabling them to hit harder or softer at a brink.

The company maintains its high-quality standards by using German frames and Swiss motors. They are also known for making the best tattoo shading instruments.

One of the founders, the great tattoo artist Artemis Rosakis, is coined as the father of every STIGMA-Rotary to date. Their machines are ideal for lining, shading, packing solid color, and come in ergonomic designs.

The popularity of STIGMA machines is linked with their superior quality, operating precision, fabulous design, and incredible customer service. The company has been on a constant mission to improve, innovate, and develop new products regularly. Discerning tattoo artists keep in touch with the brand and take advantage of its latest offerings as and when a new product is announced. 

The STIGMA Premium rotary tattoo pen machine reviewed below is a perfect example of how unique the brand is.

5. STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine

STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Red with Japanese Coreless Motor Tattoo Wireless Battery Oneness Machine with 5 Free Professional Tattoo Grips EM158-2

Check Latest Price on Amazon

First off, we can’t ignore how much thought has been put into the design of this STIGMA masterpiece. To stress the importance of user comfort, the package contains 5 professional tattoo grip sleeves.  Both, the rubber and metal grips, ensure low vibration. Further, the metal body of the machine is carved using an aircraft aluminum alloy enclosure. 

This is a wireless machine, offering you immense convenience. It comes equipped with a powerful 2000mAh, 3.7 V, lithium battery. The scrollable LED display offers digital information about active voltage, remaining battery power, and working time.

This machine gives you the flexibility to protrude the needle up to 3 mm and stroke 1-4mm. Overall, it’s an astounding wireless machine by the great STIGMA brand, suitable for tattoo work whether indoors or in an outdoor setting. 


  • Premium brand.
  • Low vibration, high performance.
  • Sturdy & durable.
  • Easy adjustments to voltage, grips, etc.
  • Wireless LCD pen-design machine.


  • Relatively expensive.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

How to Pick the Best Tattoo Machine Brand for Your Needs

Looking for the best tattoo machine brand? Here are a few factors to consider:

The Background Story 

According to statistics, brands started by founders having extensive experience in the field yield the best and most trustworthy products. As evidenced from our list, these brands were formed by passionate, professional tattoo artists themselves.

Tattoo Equipment Pricing

Tattooing involves great skill. Factors such as hygiene, safety, and professional artistry are important to the customer. The equipment used shouldn’t cause flaws leading to health or emotional issues to the customer. That’s why a cheap product isn’t always recommended. On the other hand, the top brands aren’t all expensive. 

Not all expensive products are great products, nor is it true all low-marked products are substandard. When you invest in a renowned brand, you’re bound to find quality at a reasonable price, and if you’re paying a high price you’re getting more functionality for sure.

Customer Reviews

You can learn a lot about a brand’s reputation by researching what customers are saying about it. There are lots of opinions and feedback shared by tattoo artists online that indicate where a brand stands today. 

Product Reviews

It’s worth your while to read product reviews that show two sides of the coin. Lots of reliable reviewing websites share insights about tattoo products through their extensive research, analysis of customer reviews, and actual testing of products. 

Check Out The Brand’s Product/Accessory Range 

A well-established brand will have extended its line of products to include useful accessories, replacement parts, and several product variants to meet the needs of all types of tattoo artists. A brand that regularly innovates and introduces new products is sought after. Customers who get satisfied with a product would from time to time expect a chance to revamp their product or buy a variant as and when available. Thus, a brand that gets repeat customers, is the brand that is building a reputation and stays alive.


The most popular and trustworthy brands offer some of the best tattoo machines in the market, and they back it up with a flawless customer support initiative and warranty plan. By entrusting faith in one of these top brands, tattoo artists can build a better bond with their customers and grow their businesses.

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