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10 Catchy 2 Doves Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning

Dove tattoos have a timeless and universal appeal thanks to their elegant appearance and rich symbolism. These graceful birds are seen as a symbol of peace, love, and hope by many cultures worldwide and have been a popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts for centuries.

While a single dove tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful design, there’s something even more special about the “2 doves” tattoo. The double image of these winged wonders can have varying meanings, making the design even more meaningful for those who choose it.

Here we’ll explore the many different meanings and interpretations of this beautiful tattoo design and offer some tips and inspiration for those considering a 2 doves tattoo of their own.

So, whether you’re a seasoned tattoo veteran or a first-time ink seeker, join us as we delve into the fascinating world of 2 dove tattoos.

Why Are 2 Doves Tattoos Popular?

Doves are widely recognized as symbols of peace, love, and hope, making them meaningful tattoo designs for many people. Additionally, their graceful and elegant appearance makes them a visually appealing choice for body art.

The image of two doves together can also represent unity, partnership, or friendship. Simply put, the popularity of dove tattoos can be attributed to their positive symbolism and the enduring beauty of the bird itself.

“2 Doves” Tattoos & Their Meaning

The “2 doves” tattoo design is popular for those seeking a meaningful and symbolic tattoo. Representing love, peace, and harmony, these doves are often depicted in pairs to represent the bond between two individuals.

This tattoo can be significant for those who have experienced loss or wish to celebrate a relationship or partnership. Here are ten variations of the “2 doves” tattoo design and their unique meanings.

1. 2 Doves With Lock And Key Tattoo

2 Doves With Lock And Key Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The two doves with lock and key tattoo is an extraordinary design that captures the essence of love, freedom, and protection. In this tattoo, two doves fly, carrying a lock and key in their beaks.

Doves represent peace, hope for a new life, independence, and purity. In contrast, the lock and key symbolize strength, security, protection, and access, serving as a testament to the love and relationship between two individuals.

This tattoo is an excellent choice for women, as it embodies feminine qualities such as grace, elegance, and tenderness. It looks best in shades of black ink and is most commonly placed on the back or chest. It can be done in various sizes, from minor to medium, depending on the desired level of detail and complexity.

2. 2 Doves Inked on the Wrist

2 Doves Inked on the Wrist
Image Sourcei.pinimg.com

In tattoo designs, the two doves inked on the wrist is a simple yet powerful design. This tattoo features two doves, often depicted in flight, and is usually done in black or shades of gray. The wrist is a popular location for this tattoo, as it allows the design to be easily visible and constantly reminds of its meaning.

Doves have long been associated with peace, love, and purity, and the placement of this tattoo on the wrist can add additional symbolism to the design. The wrist is considered a vulnerable part of the body, representing the fragility of peace and the importance of protecting it.

This tattoo is a popular choice for both men and women and can be done in various sizes to suit the wearer’s preference. It is often used to commemorate a loved one or to represent hope for a new beginning, such as in the case of a relationship that has gone through a difficult time.

3. 2 Doves Inked on the Ankle

2 Doves Inked on the Ankle
Image Source: stylesatlife

The two doves tattoo design has gained popularity in recent years. The ankle is a popular location for this elegant and symbolic design. This tattoo typically features two doves, often depicted in flight, and is commonly done in black or shades of gray.

The significance of doves in this tattoo design is closely associated with peace, love, and purity. Furthermore, the placement of this tattoo on the ankle adds a deeper level of symbolism to the design. The ankle is a highly flexible joint vital for movement and balance. Therefore, this location for the tattoo symbolizes the need for harmony and balance in our lives.

The two doves tattoo design is popular among women who desire to express their values and ideals through body art. It can represent hope for a new beginning and long-lasting life and symbolize independence and freedom.

4. 2 Doves With Roses Inked on the Back

2 Doves With Roses Inked on the Back
Image Source: savedtattoo

The two doves sitting on a branch with two roses and “Mum & Dad” inked beneath is a popular tattoo design with a deeply personal significance. “Mum & Dad” adds a layer of meaning to the already significant tattoo design, turning it into a touching tribute to the wearer’s parents.

The two doves perched on the branch holding roses in their beaks symbolize peace, love, and the twists and turns of life. Including the words “Mum & Dad” makes the tattoo a personalized and unique expression of the wearer’s love and appreciation for their parents.

The “Mum & Dad” inked beneath the branch gives the tattoo a sense of permanence and dedication, with the wearer carrying a reminder of their parents wherever they go.

5. Religious 2 Doves Tattoo

Religious 2 Doves Tattoo
Image Source: wildtattooart

The 2 Doves tattoo is a design with a special place in religious symbolism. It is an emblem of peace and hope, especially in Christian beliefs. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, a symbol of divine love, purity, and grace.

The Religious 2 Doves tattoo design often incorporates elements like a cross, a Bible verse, or other religious imagery to enhance its spiritual significance. The two doves can be depicted holding a banner inscribed with a biblical quote or carrying an olive branch.

The tattoo’s placement can be varied, with the chest, back, and arm being popular locations where the tattoo can be prominently displayed. Ink color choices can also be significant. Many people opt for lighter colors, such as white or pale blue, to further emphasize the dove’s symbolism of purity and divinity.

6. Minimalist 2 Doves Kissing Tattoo

Minimalist 2 Doves Kissing Tattoo
Image Source: savedtattoo

A minimalist “2 doves” kissing tattoo is a beautiful and elegant design often chosen for its simplicity and beauty. The two doves are depicted in a simple yet intimate embrace, symbolizing love, partnership, and the desire for a deep and meaningful connection.

The kissing doves are often seen as a representation of deep and passionate love, and the minimalist design emphasizes the purity and simplicity of this emotion. The tattoo can remind one of the importance of love and affection and is a tribute to a significant other.

The minimalist approach to the design can also represent the beauty of simplicity and the power of a subtle message. The two doves represent the beauty of nature and the harmony between all living things. At the same time, the simplicity of the design suggests the idea that the most profound things in life are often the simplest.

7. Dedicated 2 Doves Tattoo

Dedicated 2 Doves Tattoo
Image Source: savedtattoo

A dedicated two doves tattoo with one dove holding a twig is an exquisite and symbolic design that speaks volumes about growth, prosperity, and new beginnings. The single dove grasping a twig in its beak represents the start of a new journey. The other dove with outstretched wings signifies freedom and the ability to rise to new heights.

This tattoo design is perfect for individuals who want to commemorate a significant event in their life, such as overcoming adversity, starting a new chapter, or finding true love. The tattoo can be a beautiful tribute to a loved one or a reminder of the wearer’s resilience and strength.

Including a twig in the design can also signify growth and renewal. This tattoo can serve as a reminder to strive for progress and development and never forget the journey leading to this point.

8. Two Doves Inked on the Shoulder

Two Doves Inked on the Shoulder
Image Source: askideas.com

A two doves tattoo with tiny hearts inked between them is an incredibly romantic and meaningful design that can be inked on the shoulder. This tattoo design represents the beautiful bond between two people in love and their commitment to each other.

The two doves’ presence in this tattoo design emphasizes the passion and devotion between the two individuals. The tiny hearts inked between the doves add an endearing and charming touch to the overall design. It emphasizes the connection and bond shared between two people.

Simply put, a two doves tattoo with small hearts inked between them is a beautiful and powerful way to express love and commemorate a particular moment in a relationship. This tattoo is a constant reminder of the love and commitment shared between two individuals, symbolizing a love meant to endure forever.

9. 2 Doves Inked on the Sleeve

2 Doves Inked on the Sleeve
Image Source: askideas.couple

The tattoo of two doves on the sleeve can hold different meanings for different people, depending on their cultural, personal, or spiritual beliefs. 

When two doves are depicted together in a tattoo, they may represent a couple, two individuals with a strong bond, or even a tribute to a loved one who has passed away. The positioning of the tattoo on the sleeve can add to its significance, as it may indicate that the wearer wants to showcase their values, beliefs, or personal experiences to the world.

10. Playful 2 Dove Tattoo

Playful 2 Dove Tattoo
Image Source: savedtattoo.com

A playful two doves tattoo can be a creative and unique take on the traditional symbol of peace, love, and harmony. While the basic image of two doves represents the idea of a strong bond, the playful design may add a touch of whimsy or humor to the tattoo.

There are several ways to create a playful tattoo. For example, the doves may be depicted in a cartoon-like style, with large eyes, exaggerated features, or in a playful pose. The birds may be holding an object, such as a heart or a flower, or wearing a hat or other accessories to add to the playful nature of the tattoo.

A playful two doves tattoo may also be placed in a unique location on the body, such as on the ankle, wrist, or behind the ear. It adds to the playful nature of the tattoo and makes it a more personal expression of the wearer’s personality.

Ultimately, a playful two doves tattoo is a great way to express a sense of humor or playfulness while still incorporating the traditional meaning of the symbol into the design. It is a unique and creative way to showcase a strong bond, whether it be between two individuals, friends, or family members.

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Where is the best place to get a “2 Doves” tattoo inked?

The best place to get a “2 Doves” tattoo is a personal choice. It depends on factors such as the size of the design, the level of visibility, and the individual’s pain tolerance. Standard placements for this tattoo include the wrist, ankle, shoulder, and back.

How much does a “2 Doves” tattoo typically cost?

The cost of a “2 Doves” tattoo varies based on the design’s complexity, the body’s location, and the tattoo artist’s expertise. A small and simple “2 Doves” tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. In contrast, a larger and more intricate design can cost several hundred dollars.

How do I choose the right “2 Doves” tattoo design?

Choosing the right “2 Doves” tattoo design is a personal choice, and it should reflect your style and personality. Some factors to consider when selecting a design include the size and placement of the tattoo, the level of detail, and the overall meaning behind the design. Working closely with a skilled tattoo artist ensures the design is executed precisely and accurately.

What preparations should I make before getting a “2 Doves” tattoo?

Preparing for a “2 Doves” tattoo is important by staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, and eating a healthy meal before the appointment. It is also a good idea to avoid alcohol and drugs for at least 24 hours before the tattoo session, as this can affect the healing process.


“2 Doves” tattoos are aesthetically beautiful and hold significant meaning. They represent the powerful concepts of love, peace, and harmony and are a popular choice for many individuals.

The ten catchy 2 Doves design ideas discussed in this blog serve as a starting point for those seeking inspiration. Collaborating with a skilled tattoo artist can help bring your vision to life, ensuring that your tattoo is a lifelong reminder of the powerful emotions and values it represents.

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