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19 Interesting Love Tattoo Designs For Couple

Humans have always used tattoos to express themselves to the broader world. Tattoos can be used to pay homage to someone or show everyone who is the most important person in their life is. So, is it any surprise that love tattoo designs are only rising in popularity?

Love tattoo designs are an excellent way to express the devotion and affection you feel for your partner.

And what could express the affection better than having both partners get a love tattoo for a couple? What way could be better to express your love to the broader world?

But as with any tattoo design, there are just too many options for one to choose from. It certainly complicates the matter.

However, this is where we can help you out, as the following are some of the best tattoo ideas for couples that you can take inspiration from.

Significance of Love Tattoos

Love tattoos are an excellent way for one to express their feelings to their partner without even needing to say a word. It is also something that many soon-to-be-wed or recently-wed couples get to express their long-term commitment to their partner.

You indeed have entered the right place if this is an idea that excites you.

Top Love Tattoo Ideas

These are the best love tattoo ideas that you can consider. You can replicate them as they are or take inspiration from them; it is up to you.

1. Small Tattoos For a Couple

Small Tattoos For a Couple
Image Source: tinytattooinc

No better place is there for one to start with than getting small love tattoos for couples. A tattoo design doesn’t have to be big to express love toward the significant other. If small tattoos speak more to you, go for them.

This tattoo idea is beneficial for couples when one among them does not have the same threshold for pain as the other. And this is a crucial factor, as getting a tattoo inked on the body would be a painful experience.

There is no point in unnecessarily bothering your partner or pressuring them to get a massive tattoo. One can choose from many options, even in small tattoo designs.

2. Cute Couple Tattoo

Cute Couple Tattoo
Image Source: toptrendsguide

Whether one is of the cheesy sort or not, there is no denying that being in a relationship makes one cheesy. Have you and your partner ever gotten an ‘aww’ from the bystanders just because of how cute you both look together?

Well, then, why not mirror the same into a tattoo design?

You would be overwhelmed with the choices available when it comes to cute couple tattoos. You can easily opt for a sun and moon tattoo. However, it would be best if you go for a design that means something to you and your partner.

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3. Always and Forever Tattoo Design

Always and Forever Tattoo Design
Image Source: i.pinimg

It doesn’t need much explaining to anyone, as the tattoo is very straight to the point. In this tattoo design, the couple has the gorgeous text ‘always‘ inked on their hands. This title symbolizes the couple’s commitment to sharing their future.

Another reason behind the popularity of this tattoo design is that it is minimalist but versatile. One can easily opt for a different script and even change the tattoo’s placement from the standard upper wrist.

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4. Mismatched Tattoos

Mismatched Tattoos
Image Source: i.pinimg

Now, just because of the above examples, if you are under the impression that couple tattoos mean matched cute tattoo designs, you would be wrong.

No rule states that a couple cannot opt for different tattoo designs. And one such example can easily be found here.

Here both partners have a different, small but cute tattoo inked on their middle fingers. The OK text and the smiley face does a superb job of capturing the joy of their relationship.

Its placement is also noticeable as both tattoos are inked at the exact location but on different people. One half is incomplete without the other.

5. Fun Love Tattoo

Fun Love Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

There are many possibilities when it comes to love tattoo designs, which is especially true if one is looking for something cute and adorable.

And nothing could be more attractive than a bunny! A bunny and a carrot tattoo would be an excellent option for your love tattoo design.

Like you cannot live without your partner, the same can be said about the Bunny and the carrot. Without one element, the story would be incomplete. This is a cute and fun way for couples to reflect on their love and devotion.

6. The L-0-V-E Tattoo

The L-0-V-E Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

There is a reason this status has such a unique name. Like how love is the most powerful unifying force in the world, the tattoo is also unifying with the action of both halves of a couple.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the ‘LOVE‘ text is separated between both partners. And it would always remain incomplete in the absence of the other half. This tattoo would serve as a reminder of how incomplete one is without their partner.

7. The Game Tattoo

The Game Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

It is undoubtedly a tattoo design for couples that are into classic retro games. The couples would get a different tattoo inked on their body with text 1P and 2P, which shows the first and the second player in a game, respectively.

Not only is this tattoo design fun, but it also symbolizes that the couple is partners in the truest sense and would tackle the world together, just as with classic adventure games.

8. A lock and key

A lock and key
Image Source; stylesatlife

Lock and key tattoo designs are among the most popular tattoos that couples can opt for to signify their love. In this tattoo design, one individual would opt to get a lock inked on their body, whereas the other would get a key.

The purpose of this fabulous design is pretty simple for every individual to see. Without the key, there is no purpose for the lock and vice versa. It is as simple as that.

Both elements are decorated with curved vines to give an eternal feel to the design, which only adds to the couple’s commitment to each other.

9. Fandom Tattoo Design

Fandom Tattoo Design
Image Source: i.pinimg

There is no limitation where one can take inspiration from their love of tattoo design. And one such place would be to look at something both parties are interested in. Fandom would be an excellent choice to start.

In this love tattoo design, the artist has opted for two anime figures that are well known to anyone who has watched Dragonball Z.

Now one is not restricted to only opting for anime figures in their tattoo, as the opportunity for experimentation is endless here. However, the couple must agree on something they share; otherwise, it would only diminish the value of the tattoo.

10. A Sunshine Tattoo

A Sunshine Tattoo
Image Source; i.pinimg

One can never go wrong with a sun tattoo; the same is true with couples. A couple can quickly get a sunshine tattoo inked on their body, referring to how their partner is the light in their life.

This would certainly do the trick of expressing the couple’s love to the broader world.

Another thing to note about this tattoo is that both tattoos that are to be inked do not precisely have to be the same. There is always room for change regarding size and even a small design.

However, it would be best if the couple gets the tattoos inked at the exact location on the bodies.

11. A Classic Heart on The Ring Finger

A Classic Heart on The Ring Finger
Image Source: cdn2.stylecraze

If you’re looking for a simple and cute tattoo design, you cannot go wrong with a classic heart on the ring finger. It is said that the ring finger directly connects with nature.

So having a little heart tattoo inked at that location expresses one’s love for their partner.

Now one can choose to get the heart filled with red tattoo ink, but it would be best if the couple opts for a classic black tattoo design as it would do the job just as well.

There is also the point that red ink is not widely considered safe for use, and this is a sensitive location.

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12. A King and Queen Tattoo

A King and Queen Tattoo
Image Source: lookslikecandy

You have got to have seen this one coming from a mile away. A King and a Queen tattoo are among the most popular and exciting love tattoo designs.

The purpose of this type of tattoo is to express how the couple is already bonded for life. And this tattoo does that job spectacularly.

The King and the Queen are described using their crowns with extra detailing. The ideal place to get this tattoo inked is on the wrists.

13. Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos
Image Source: i.pinimg

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but they also represent birth and transformation. So as a love tattoo, they can easily explain how the presence of their significant other has changed, or the better way to put it transformed their life.

The butterflies are pretty minimalist in their design, but they speak loudly and clearly. Another benefit of this title design is that one can get this ink anywhere on the body with minimal fuss.

14. The King and Queen of The Hearts

The King and Queen of The Hearts
Image Source: stylesatlife

We have already talked about the King and the Queen crown, so naturally, the next place to focus would be the King and Queen of hearts. It’s undoubtedly an excellent idea that one can consider expressing their love for everyone to see.

It is also a cute tattoo design that requires minimal space and can be inked anywhere on the body – such is its versatility.

While one can easily opt to get this tattoo inked anywhere on their body, we recommend somewhere near the neck or on the fingers.

15. Simple Letters Tattoo Design

Simple Letters Tattoo Design
Image Source: i.pinimg

Not every tattoo has to be elaborative in explaining or expressing the affection someone feels for their significant other. No, sometimes getting a simple letter tattoo would do the job equally well, which is the case with this simple letter tattoo design.

In this tattoo design, the couples have opted to get different letters inked on their body, more specifically on their wrist.

These letters are the initials of their significant other. It is undoubtedly a cute love tattoo design that a couple can consider.

16. Hooked Rings Tattoo Design

Hooked Rings Tattoo Design
Image Source: hikendip

Rings are a part of marriage ceremonies in many cultures around the world. So it should not surprise you that they would feature among the interesting love tattoo designs on this list.

The hook rings tattoo design expresses the commitment of the two individuals toward each other. It is a popular tattoo design among married couples. The hooked rings are inked at the exact location.

17. Ring Finger Tattoos With Initials

Ring finger tattoos with initials
Image Source: cdn.augrav

It is another ring finger tattoo that one can consider for their love tattoo design. Here the tattoo artist has inked the initials of one’s significant other. The initials are also inked to look like a ring, which only adds to the tattoo design.

The ringer finger is where one wears their wedding ring, so this tattoo design certainly shows the couple’s love, devotion, and future commitment to each other.

18. The King and The Queen Chess Piece

The King and The Queen Chess Piece
Image Source: i.pinimg

The couple can also consider getting a King, and Queen chess piece tattooed on their body. It is undoubtedly a beautiful tattoo design that does its job perfectly. It also has a bit of a royal touch, which only adds to its appeal.

The Queen and King Chess pieces are carefully designed and detailed to give a real-life chess piece impression. They are also shaded appropriately by the artist. The place where it will be more visible to the world is the best place to get this tattoo inked.

19. Cute Quotes Tattoo

Cute Quotes Tattoo
Image Source: piercingmodels

A couple can quickly ink a quote from their favorite movie. Or they can even consider writing something deep and meaningful.

Finally, on this list, we have a cute quotes tattoo that does deserve appropriate consideration from the couple.

Here, the artist has done an excellent job inking a precise quote on the couple. The text ” You keep me safe & you keep me wild ” expresses the couple’s feelings and adds charm to this tattoo design.


Love tattoo designs are an excellent way to express their feelings to their partner and everyone. There is also a certain level of possessiveness in the mix, with both partners laying their claim over the other.

So, if you and your significant other are looking for a love tattoo design to get the job done, you would only need to look above.

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