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15 Attractive Anarchy Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning

Getting a tattoo should not be taken lightly, especially if you want a controversial design. Anarchy tattoos are one such category of tattoos that can be interpreted in many ways, so you should do a lot of research before getting them.

Anarchy is associated with chaos and disregard for any rule. It is associated with recklessness and an indiscriminate show of strength. Guns and violence are also associated with it.

However, anarchy also stands for freedom of mind and action. Those who believe so try to showcase this belief through interesting anarchy tattoos. These tattoos are edgy and perfect for those who love adventure and thrill.

There are many types of anarchy tattoos to draw inspiration from that can help you express your sense of freedom. However, it would be best to research the idea properly before getting the tattoo because you may face criticism from specific communities.

However, artistically, these tattoos are trendy and need a lot of precision to convey what you are trying to convey. You need an expert tattoo artist to help you express yourself through these tattoos, and they can also give you input.

What Does Anarchy Mean, And Why Are Tattoos So Popular?

Anarchy usually means a state of disorder where an authority figure is absent. It’s a state where society refuses to listen to the authorities, resulting in chaos.

Because of these reasons, the word anarchy is often associated with negative connotations. It means that people disregard rules and regulations and must learn how to conduct themselves if no one can watch them.

The popular American TV show “Sons of Anarchy” made the concept of anarchy popular among the audience. People now believe they can conduct themselves with honor and stand up for what is right.

Talking about anarchy tattoos they are very popular among the show’s fans and those who want to stand up against society’s sometimes rigid rules. Some get these tattoos because they are trendy and edgy, and you cannot go wrong with them.

Some Trendy Anarchy Tattoos to Inspire You

Anarchy tattoos come in all shapes and forms and have multiple designs. Here are some attractive tattoos with their meanings for some ideas.

1. Anarchy Mask And Flag Tattoo

Anarchy Mask and Flag Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @Peter Scott

It’s ideal if you want an extensive, intricate anarchy tattoo that looks lifelike. This tattoo depicts the anarchy symbol with the ‘A’ inside a circle, drawn on a flag and held by masked men.

It depicts a sense of freedom and a disregard for authority figures. The tattoo is great for a back or shoulder tattoo and looks excellent in black ink. You can also create a 3D effect with the shading in the tattoo; hence, you need an expert tattoo artist to ink this on you.

2. Classic Anarchy Tattoo

Classic Anarchy Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @outsons.com

The classic anarchy tattoo is the traditional “A” sign with a circle around it. It is one of the most common anarchy symbols and can be easily deciphered. If you want a small tattoo that symbolizes freedom and is also minimalist in design, or you are thinking of something edgy yet small for your first tattoo, this is perfect.

You can get the tattoo in black and white or opt for colors like red or green. The tattoo is ideal for elbows, the nape of the neck, behind the ears, or the ankles. The symbol can make you feel powerful and showcases your views without being flashy.

3. Anarchy Heart Tattoo With Quotes

Anarchy Heart Tattoo with Quotes

Image Source: Pinterest @StyleCraze

It’s the perfect combination if you love beautiful quotes on freedom and liberation and want something edgy yet meaningful. The anarchy symbol is entwined with a heart that makes it less harsh or problematic. You can also add a quote about freedom or what anarchy represents.

You can get them together or on separate body parts, like both hands and shoulder blades. It creates cohesiveness and yet allows you to have an extensive tattoo. You can bring out your ideas clearly through this tattoo by expressing yourself through quotes.

4. Anarchy Skull Tattoo

Anarchy Skull Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @legend tattoo

The skull is a popular design in the tattoo industry, and it represents death, horror, rebirth, danger, freedom, and many other things, depending on the context of the tattoo. The skull with the scythe and the anarchy “A” symbol is a very edgy and thrilling tattoo.

It incorporates a lot of elements, and it represents the end of the struggle. The scythe stands as a symbol of destruction, destroying anything and everything that stands in the path of freedom. The tattoo is great as a sleeve tattoo or if you want a bigger one for your shoulder blades or legs.

5. Sons of Anarchy Tattoo

Sons of Anarchy Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @NSF

The TV show “Sons of Anarchy” is very popular and explores the idea of liberty through a biker gang. The show was a significant success, and if you are a fan of the show, then you could get an SOA-themed tattoo as well.

These tattoos often feature guns and bikes, and you can also have one or two of your favorite characters inked on you. However, having an expert tattoo artist for the process would be best because you want your characters depicted as honestly as possible.

6. Matching Anarchy Sketch Tattoo

Matching Anarchy Sketch Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @neatotattoos

If you love the sketch style of tattooing, you can use it to the best advantage with an anarchy tattoo. The sketch style involves a lot of intricate details, and you can use it to create a 3D effect as well.

You can include various elements of the anarchy theme, like the classic “A” symbol, guns, thunderbolts, weapons of all kinds, and other geometric patterns. The masked man is another popular motif; it looks thrilling and adventurous. You can also get matching tattoos for both hands and both legs.

7. Anarchy Minimalist Tattoo

Anarchy Minimalist Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @jazzyhogers

Although anarchy-themed tattoos are usually intricate and extensive, there are also small and minimalist designs. The scythe or the axe is a small but edgy design for a tattoo. Similarly, you can have a gun or a chainsaw etched as well.

These tattoos are great for areas like your fingers, the back of the hand, below the ears, ankles, or outer wrists. You can make a statement with this edgy tattoo, showing your feelings about the subject without being too loud or in your face.

8. Anarchy Mask Tattoo

Anarchy Mask Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @Dope tattoos

The anarchy mask tattoo is another popular design. Usually, those who support the idea of anarchy sport a different persona, and the mask stands for this other side of human nature. You can also add colors to the tattoo to make it pop.

Adding quotes to the tattoo will make it more exciting and allow you to portray your idea. You can have a smiling mask with leaves and flowers around it, symbolizing the emerging new life after one has refused to bear the burden of slavery to any ideology or authority.

9. Anarchy Radioactive Tattoo

Anarchy Radioactive Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @SkinGiants

It’s an anarchy tattoo with a dark theme. The radioactive anarchy tattoo depicts men with masks after society has descended into anarchy by defying all authorities. It borders on lawlessness and can be controversial in some respects.

You need an expert tattoo artist to bring out the details in this tattoo. However, if you can pull it off, it’s an excellent idea for a full-back or a full-chest tattoo. The tattoo has men donning radioactive masks and people running in distress, and you can also add accents in the form of colors or different kinds of weapons.

10. Black Rose Anarchy Tattoo

Black Rose Anarchy Tattoo

Image Source: liverpoolecho.co.uk

The anarchy black rose tattoo is more subtle and looks at the softer side of this theme. The “A” symbol of anarchy is woven into the flower, yet the black ink makes the tattoo stand out. Its design creates an impact, meaning that not everything is dark and gory with this theme.

The tattoo works well for body areas below the years, side or base of the head, elbows, knees, or ankles. You can also use other colors to change the rose, and the colors will add another layer of meaning.

11. Anarchy Gas Mask Tattoo

Anarchy Gas Mask Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @customtattoodesign.ca

According to conspiracy theorists, using biological weapons like poisonous gases and chemicals could be the norm if society ever descends into anarchy. This idea has been explored in several futuristic and nihilistic books and shows.

The gas mask tattoo shows this gory side of anarchy. You can add colors like red to depict blood. Additional details like a ruined cityscape or an ominous skyline make this tattoo edgier. You can complete the tattoo with the “A” inside the circle and pop it up by adding color.

12. Anarchy Feminine Tattoo

Anarchy Feminine Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @Jesse Gill

The feminine anarchy tattoo is all about exuding feminine strength. This tattoo depicts a woman in all her beauty but also shows what she could become if she descends into anarchy and liberates herself.

It’s an excellent tattoo for women who want something trendy and beautiful yet closely depicting the idea of anarchy and liberty. The raging hair adds beauty and detail to the tattoo. The snake adds an edgy look and completes the theme of anarchy.

13. Anarchy Gun Tattoo

Anarchy Gun Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @Micheaela Jarusiewicz

The anarchy gun tattoo is a classy tattoo that depicts the theme with beauty. It’s for you if you want a tattoo that represents anarchy but is also refined and beautiful. This tattoo depicts a gun with roses and a female face etched on it, and looks very classy,.

You can also have rifles blazing or other guns and weapons in the tattoo. They are trendy and thrilling, but you need to research a design carefully as you do not want to come across as someone who condones violence.

14. Anarchy Cartoon Tattoos

Anarchy Cartoon Tattoos

Image Source: liverpoolecho.co.uk

This is for you if you want an anarchy tattoo that is cute and funny. You can take cartoon characters like Snoopy or others and transform them into anarchists. It’s a somewhat funnier and light-hearted take on this theme, and you will not come across as someone who condones violence.

You can add colors to the tattoo as well. Moreover, these tattoos are usually small, so they are perfect if you do not want them to become too conspicuous.

15. Anarchy Mask Tattoo

Anarchy Mask Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @Next Luxury

Anarchy is synonymous with masks, and the mask is very popular. The two halves of the mask can have two different motifs. There can be a skull on the side as well. Half-masks also have other kinds of designs etched on the two sides.

One of the best ways of depicting this tattoo is to use it as a full-sleeve design because of the longitudinal element of the mask. You can also use quotes about how people portray different facets to make the tattoo more meaningful.


Here are some frequently asked questions on anarchy tattoos to help you decide whether to get them.

Q1. How much do anarchy tattoos cost?

Ans: The cost of getting an anarchy tattoo will depend on its size and intricacy, much like any other tattoo. The larger the tattoo, the more it will cost you. On the other hand, a small tattoo can also be expensive if you opt for colors. 
The starting price point is around $80 for a small tattoo, which will increase depending on the size and complexity.

Q2. Will getting an anarchy tattoo get you in trouble?

Ans: No, simply getting the tattoo will not get you in trouble. It is a popular design, and many people sport them. 
However, you should research the symbols and find out what they try to convey. You can cover the tattoo if you go somewhere where it could become a sensitive subject.

Q3. Do anarchy tattoos look best in black and white?

Ans: Anarchy tattoos are edgy, and the power comes out in black ink. However, if you want a colored tattoo, you can also use deep green or navy blue. 
The tattoos also look great with red accents, especially if your tattoo tries to depict blood in any way. The colors will add depth to the tattoos to a great extent.

Q4. Can any tattoo artist do an anarchy tattoo?

Ans: Yes, any tattoo artist can make the tattoo for you, especially a small one. 
However, suppose you aspire to get an extensive back or chest tattoo, especially one that depicts a character from the popular TV show “Sons of Anarchy.” In that case, you need an expert to bring out the features accurately. Or else your tattoo will fail to make an impact.


Anarchy tattoos are very liberating, and having them on your body makes you feel powerful. However, these kinds of tattoos are difficult to pull off. The tattoo is especially popular among bikers who want to portray freedom. However, they are also popular among others. For example, if you love adventure and want to show it, these tattoos will do just that.

When you speak to your tattoo artist about how you feel about the symbol, they can help you incorporate other elements. Most importantly, follow their after-care instructions, and you will have a stunning tattoo that will make you feel proud and liberated.

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