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35 Best Geometric Tattoos Designs With Meaning

In search of a super cool tattoo idea? Your search ends here! Geometric tattoos aren’t just aesthetically cool, and they’re also hugely popular for being precise, symmetrical, detailed, and intelligent. The only thing to keep in mind is to get them done by a seasoned artist with sufficient experience in inking geometric shape designs.     

Another reason geometric tattoos are here for good is their ‘sacred’ appeal. This stems from the centuries-old, ancient emergence of both tattooing and sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is linked with religious and spiritual iconography backed by history. This is to say that the geometer of the universe we live in is shaped and influenced by divine power. As a result, many essential values, principles, and ideas in our lives can be symbolized using sacred geometry tattoos. 

This article is your complete guide to geometric tattooing. I’ve handpicked the best geometric tattoos from the world wide web. Each of these designs has a mind-blowing aesthetic appeal and symbolism. The artist/source information is mentioned beneath each image so that you may directly explore more work by the talented artists. This guide wouldn’t be complete without taking care of the faqs about geometric tattoos. That’s taken care of at the very end for you to check out.     

Geometric Tattoos Meanings

Before viewing images of the best geometric tattoos designs, it’s helpful to know the meanings geometric shape designs exude.

Geometric tattoos either directly symbolize something or are the logic behind something significant. That ‘logic’ or path to understanding is illustrated when each part of the geometric tattoo elucidates a meaning. In other words, most geometric tattoos have a meaning, which gets uncovered as each element (a geometric shape) making up the design functions as a building block of knowledge.

Each type of geometric shape is associated with a unique element rooted in nature and society. For instance, circles symbolize relationships, community, and life, while the square shape is linked with stability.

To portray the contrast between unity and complications, perplexing shapes such as a dodecahedron or icosahedron can be used. Wherein the former is a 3D shape of any polyhedron with 12 faces, and the latter is a 3D shape of any polyhedron with 20 faces.

A cube-shaped element in tattoos is often representative of the earth. The tetrahedron shape symbolizes fire. Water is represented by the icosahedron shape. And air and spirit are exemplified using the octahedron and dodecahedron shapes, respectively.

In the world of tattoos, our joy is optimized when a combination of geometric shapes make up the tattoo, rather than sticking to one shape. This way, through layering and impressive combinations of the different shapes, different meanings and enhanced symbolism is achieved. Through creativity, you can juxtaposition the geometric elements to express just about any meaning.

The specific placement of your geometric tattoos further influences what values you’re trying to imply. This is what is vital about sacred geometry and its positive, spiritual, and health-related connotations.

The complicated shapes aside, here’s a roundup of the basic shapes and other elements popularly used in geometric tattoos of more current times:

Geometric Shapes 

CircleRelationships, harmony, community, life.
SquareEarth, balance, stability, truthfulness.
TriangleStrength, creativity, harmony, mystical. An important symbol in both Christianity and Judaism.
LionBrave, honor, justice.
ElephantWisdom, or guide figure.
Birds (Eagle etc.)
DeerIndependence, strong will, family, honor, nobility.
BearIncredible inner and outer strength.
Cats & DogsFriends, especially if you have pets.
ButterflyGrowth, rebirth, transformation, freedom, personal progress.

That’s just scratching the surface. There are many more popular animals, creatures, and other elements used in geometric tattoos. These include whales, wolves, diamonds, hearts, straight lines, arrows, flowers, mountains, or anything else that you can think of.

The striking tattoo imagery below is sure to inspire you and bring your closer to your next tattoo design finalization:

35 Best Geometric Tattoos Designs 

#1.Colorful Ornamental Design

Colorful Ornamental Design
Source: @jutarnja_setnja via Instagram

This geometric tattoo on the woman’s upper back is the perfect size to be inked right below her neckline. The colors used are neither too bright nor dull; they’re subdued yet vivid. This appealing tattoo has many small square shapes and some triangles that combine to depict an ornamental square (or diamond) shape. The use of different shapes and the perfect symmetry make this a one-of-a-kind geometric tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo connotes balance, truthfulness, creativity, and strength.

#2. Pig Design

Pig Design
Source: @j9illustration via Instagram

This geometric tattoo looks incredibly cool inked (or should I say oinked) on the upper inside forearm. The artist has used precise linework and done the shading with remarkable dot work. The pig, in many cultures, symbolizes wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

#3. Geometric Hand Tattoo

Geometric Hand Tattoo
Source: @geometrip via Instagram

A hand tattoo is painful to do, especially if it has thick detailing. Yet, it’s worth the agony if you’re going to have a hand design such as the above. This tribal design has several geometric shapes drawn freehanded yet immaculately. I can spot hearts in the center, some semicircles, solid dots (circles), diamond shapes, and solid linework. This customized design could mean different things to different people. That’s what I love about geometric designs!  

#4. Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo
Source: @paulawechi via Instagram

The above sleeve tattoo features numerous hexagons on the man’s right pectoral. A hexagon is a 6-sided polygon that symbolizes “time” or “meaningful universe.” It’s a nearly circular geometric shape yet more aesthetic. Both matter and consciousness converge at the hexagonal nexus. The rest of the sleeve (the arm piece) has other beautiful geometric shapes, depicting elements like the sun and fire, symbolic of truth and light.

#5. Artsy Geometric Tattoo

Artsy Geometric Tattoo
Source: @agamlotkowska_art via Instagram

This is a masculine tattoo design crafted with geometric shapes and abstract artistry. The talented artist has done an excellent job using different techniques and, likely, the best tattoo equipment. The eye is the focal piece on the chest, symbolizing god is watching over humankind. In terms of the rest, the enthusiastic artist claims this artwork is inspired by Szukalski’s art (he’s a Polish sculptor and painter) and mesoamerican tribal culture.

#6. Half-Sleeve and Chest Mandala Tattoo

Half-Sleeve and Chest Mandala Tattoo
Source: @weschetattoo via Instagram

Making a sleeve tattoo takes talent and dedication. Once completed, a sleeve tattoo has a lot to show. This particular one has a centerpiece mandala on the upper arm and other geometric imagery everywhere else. The theme is the mesmerizing mandala, which, as we all know, means love, femininity, and the blossoming of life.

#7. Minimal Line Tattoo

Minimal Line Tattoo
Source: @kurylak.tattoo via Instagram

This is the perfect example of a minimalistic, abstract tattoo done in black ink with lots of finesse. Perfectly drawn lines are the basis of geometry, and in this case, perfectly contouring the feminine arm.

#8. Abstract Rose Design

Abstract Rose Design
Source: @tattooist_basis via Instagram

This design is a result of the magic of the hand poke style of tattooing. Abstract art is often wonderfully supplemented using geometric shapes. The red and black are a vibrant combination for this wearer’s skin tone. 

#9. Geometric Stipple Whales Tattoo

Geometric Stipple Whales Tattoo
Source: @clean_slate_tattoo via Instagram

The dot work here is praiseworthy. It’s a challenging task to ink geometric stipple designs that are minimalistic. The cute whales represent inner peace, motherhood, harmony, strong family ties, and above all, protection.

#10. Medusa Back Piece

Medusa Back Piece
Source: @xsonsevenvia Instagram

A Medusa tattoo represents female power, transformation, and my favorite, “freedom.” Going by her reptilian hair, however, she could also represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Overall, the Medusa tattoo is an iconic symbol representing female strength. Combined with the geometric imagery, this tattoo is a mathematical phenomenon that is sure to get onlookers curious.

#11. Geometric Cover Up Design

Geometric Cover Up Design (1)
Source: @tattooist_basil via Instagram

You may have experienced a tattoo blowout, or perhaps the artist may have messed up while tattooing on you. No worries! Pick your favorite geometric symbols and some other elements dear to you, and like above, you can cover up the error beautifully.  

#12. Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo
Source: @_johnmonteiro via Instagram

Lions are brave, honorable, and representative of justice. No wonder lion tattoos are so popular. Combine that with fine geometry, and you have yourself an astonishing tattoo design that is incredibly precise and extremely impressive.

#13. Geometric Mountain Design

Geometric Mountain Design
Source: @toytattooparlour via Instagram

This tattoo ultimately represents your love for nature and travel. The basic meaning of the shape of the triangle symbolizes strength, creativity, and harmony. So, as you may have sensed, this tattoo is an illustration of positivity.

#14. Lord Ganesha Full Back Tattoo

Lord Ganesha Full Back Tattoo
Source: @sita_rama via Instagram

This Lord Ganesha tattoo in geometric form is the perfect way to fill your back with a piece that isn’t dense (and painful to ink) yet is inspiring and meaningful. Ganesha is a Hindu deity identified by his large elephant head and four arms. This God of “removing obstacles” is the perfect god for your next tattoo if you want your obstacles removed. The incredible symmetry and circular flow of the patterns make this design worthy of being in the geometric tattoos category.

#15. Geometric Pet Design Tattoo

Geometric Pet Design Tattoo
Source: @rosie_seventyeight via Instagram

Pets inked in geometric design are an impressive option. In the above design, the pet dog is sketched with different geometric shapes, yet you can make out the strong resemblance. Choose a professional artist who knows what they’re doing, and this concept won’t let you down.

#16. Geometric Owl Design Tattoo

Geometric Owl Design Tattoo
Source: @julie_auf via Instagram

While in some cultures, an owl is an unlucky symbol, in most others, these nocturnal birds are a symbol of excellent life transition. This means fantastic things are about to happen to you. The reason most people opt for owl tattoos is the owl’s symbolism of light shining through the darkest of times and being the epitome of hope.

#17. Synagogue Window Design Tattoo

Synagogue Window Design Tattoo
Source: @memo.tattoo via Instagram

This fantastic geometric tattoo represents a Synagogue window. Those familiar with synagogues and churches would know about the impressive windows that are inherent in the architecture. The fine geometric patterning and intricate detailing are mesmerizing at the very least.

#18. Abstract Sun Kandinsky Geometric Tattoo

Abstract Sun Kandinsky Geometric Tattoo
Source: @jingstattoo via Instagram

Kandinsky was a Russian painter who was the pioneer of non-objective, abstract art. As seen from the Kandinsky-inspired tattoo above, his work often entailed vivid colors, among other characteristics. The abstract sun in the design above represents new life, healing, sexual fertility, and truth.

#19. Moth Tattoo

Moth Tattoo
Source: @lexitronacon via Instagram

If You’re someone passing through a tough time in your life, a moth tattoo could be the apt representation of it. To add extra doses of appeal and an exciting twist, you can go for a geometric moth tattoo like the one above. Like butterflies, moths are understood to be icons of transformation or metamorphosis

#20. Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo
Source: @hirky_tattoo via Instagram

Compass tattoos straightforwardly mean anything to do with direction. Perceiving through a positive mindset leads me to believe it’s the direction towards the right, positive path in one’s life. Overall, it makes for a tremendous geometric pick.

#21. Geometric Watercolor Style Tattoo

Source: @edumandarina_tattoo via Instagram

Looking for a fine line tattoo in watercolor style with geometric precision? This tattoo is bang on! The theme is circles, triangles, and forest fires. That’s a lot to think about. And, the lesson is the protection of nature. 

#22. Minimalistic Abstract Elephant

Minimalistic Abstract Elephant
Source: @mafupoke via Instagram

This is another remarkable minimalistic option in the geometric tattoos category. The elephant symbolism packs a punch to this small tat. Elephant tattoos signify wisdom and guidance from an honorable teacher or guru.

#23. Geometric Mandala Sleeves Tattoo

Geometric Mandala Sleeves Tattoo
Source: @dziarczyncy via Instagram

This piece looks like it was the work of a printing machine. In reality, all that perfection is the work of a fabulous, talented tattoo artist. The artist obviously knew everything there is about getting geometric patterns right. The design is that of a mandala — a geometric compilation of symbols that are aligned in a circular formation. That said, a mandala symbolizes balance, perfection, and eternity. However, that symbolism isn’t set in stone.

#24. Black & White Lion Tattoo

Black & White Lion Tattoo
Source: @blocktattoo via Instagram

The bravest animal had to make this list more than once, at least. This tattoo is simple yet ideal for the back of your upper arm. It’s sensible to have vertically flowing tattoos at this placement. The lion is one of the best options, and this tattoo looks highly appealing. 

#25. Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglass Tattoo
Source: @hwan.ink via Instagram

Generally, an hourglass tattoo symbolizes time. Yet, that meaning isn’t set in stone. You could imply anything you want with your hourglass tattoo. The above hourglass, sun, and tree composition are suggestive of a deeper meaning. Perhaps, it means the sun is the provider of a new life and fertility. Hence, the tree can grow as time passes. What’s your interpretation?

#26. Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo
Source: @siknaktattoo via Instagram

The lotus and the moon beneath are both beautiful, meaningful symbols. The lotus flower in full bloom is symbolic of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The moon is symbolic of growth, manifestation, and creativity.

#27. Animals Geometric Tattoo

Animals Geometric Tattoo
Source: @jankyjake_tattoos via Instagram

Some very powerful, meaningful elements make up this composition. You can see an antelope, eagle, lion, sun, and moon all tattooed on the upper arm within a geometric framework. Overall, this tattoo looks visually very appealing.

#28. Full Leg Tattoo

Full Leg Tattoo
Source: @unitfourbristol via Instagram

This is a bold tattoo to get. The back of the knee is a painful area to get a tattoo. Even otherwise, this individual would’ve had to go through multiple, lamentable sessions as the tattoo is quite dense and large. The result is breathtaking and impressive, as one would expect after going through the pain, expense, and multiple sessions.

#29. Geometric Paradise Tattoo

Geometric Paradise Tattoo
Source: @tattoologylounge via Instagram

This scenic design is soothing to the eyes. There are a lot of exciting elements that make this a truly unique art piece.

#30. Wolves Tattoo

 Wolves Tattoo
Source: @fabiosnake via Instagram

This blood loyal pack is the perfect symbolism of loyalty. I love this tattoo for its intricate geometric design with remarkable dot work. This kind of design’s ideal placement is the inner forearm.

#31. Flower of Life Pattern

Flower of Life Pattern
Source: @simonwatkinstattoo via Instagram

The inner ears are a tough place to tattoo. The pain is excruciating, especially if your pain threshold isn’t that great. Once the tattoo is inked, you’ll be overjoyed with a pattern such as the “flower of life” design shown above.

#32. Intricate Dotwork Tattoo

Intricate Dotwork Tattoo
Source: @arellanotattoo via Instagram

This is another astonishing geometric tattoo design you can be proud of. It takes up the entire inner forearm space, depicting the mandala in intricate black and grey dot work.

#33. Minimalistic Lined Girl

Minimalistic Lined Girl
Source: @slim_reaper_tattoos via Instagram

This design boasts femininity, fertility, and sensuality. It’s a simple linework tattoo portraying a woman’s back pose. The rectangular frame adds to the interest level, especially with that bit of line extending beneath it that represents her hip curve.

#34. Geometric Tribal Leg Piece

Geometric Tribal Leg Piece
Source: @cafepretotattoo via Instagram

This geometric tribal design is simple to do. Yet, the thick bold lines aren’t pain-free to achieve. If you’re looking for a simple yet bold tribal tattoo that covers the entire backside of your leg, this is a superb option.

#35. Geometric Art On Full Leg Front

Geometric Art On Full Leg Front
Source: @abbeymanson via Instagram

This is a beautiful, colorful entire front geometric leg piece. It is extremely important to give your tattoos appropriate aftercare using the best aftercare products so that they can heal and look wonderfully. 

Geometric Tattoos FAQs

Those were 35 of the best geometric tattoos being appreciated online, as you read. After all that inspiration, your curious mind must be having some more questions.

Here are some of those questions demystified:

Q1. What is the history of geometric tattoos?

Geometry is a subject area within mathematics. This scientific principle was introduced in the 6th century BC. We see that evidenced through ancient Egyptian architecture of the pyramids, which inspired the Egyptians to get engraved with geometric tattoos. The Egyptians weren’t the only ones. The history of geometric tattoos can be traced back to the inhabitants of Micronesian islands.

Q2. What are the best placements for geometric tattoos?

The number one placement for geometric tattoos is the inner forearm. The other close contenders are the upper arm, full sleeve, half sleeve, upper back, full back, front of the leg, back of the leg, and pectoral. There are no rules carved in stone, but you should bear in mind most geometric tattoos are small in size, so the forearm or upper arm is the ideal placement.

Q3. Are geometric tattoos expensive?

As with any tattoo, the cost is determined by the size and type of tattoo, along with the time taken to ink it. Furthermore, the experience and location of the tattoo studio can further add to the cost. When the type of tattoo is geometric, the artist will have no room for making mistakes. The geometric shapes and patterns have to be precise and perfectly symmetrical to look good. The minutest deviation in the planned design during execution could diminish the potential aesthetic appeal. That said, highly intricate, colorful, and geometric tattoos are typically not cheap.


When it comes to selecting a geometric design for your next tattoo, one can easily be spoiled for choice. As you saw from the above list of designs, a typical geometric tattoo is simple, symbolizing traits like balance, harmony, and order. Yet, the infinite array of design ideas may inspire you to alter the style as per your free will to get the desired symbolism. I hope you were inspired by the best ones I found online and would now find it easier to take things forward from there.

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