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10 Best Coil Tattoo Machines 2021 – Expert Review

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When we think of tattoo shops, one of the first things that come to mind is the buzzing sound of the tattoo machines at work. That buzzing sound is typical of coil tattoo machines rather than the comparatively silent type of tattoo machines called rotary tattoo machines. Although both coil and rotary tattoo machines end up achieving the same goal, — poking tattoo needles back and forth safely into the skin to insert ink for the tattoo design — their differing mechanisms to drive the needle movement sets them apart. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing our detailed expert reviews of the 10 best coil tattoo machines in the marketplace.  

What is a coil tattoo machine?

A coil tattoo machine uses an electromagnetic circuit for moving the needle grouping. The electromagnetic current is passed through two square-shaped coils to give effect to vibrations and sounds, triggering a draw and release movement of the armature bar. As an outcome, the hammer-like motion of the armature bar assisted by the release of the springs causes the needles to smoothly poke into the skin for inserting the tattoo ink.

Why use a coil tattoo machine over a rotary machine? 

Traditional coil machines tend to be a lot heavier than rotary machines. And, unlike a rotary machine’s multipurpose functionality, with coil machines, you mostly need separate equipment for lining and shading. Yet, there are several advantages of coil machines that keep them in demand by tattoo artists.

The number one reason tattoo artists cite for their preference for coil machines is that coil machines are more affordable. Another perk is their incredible precision in linework and contours. Hence, many tattoo artists specializing in designs with precise lines and intricate sharpness that need to be inked in one go, go for coil tattoo machines. What makes these machines furthermore appealing is their durability, sturdiness, and long life. 

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Coil Tattoo Machines

Best Coil Tattoo Machines 2021 – Reviews

Image Product
Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine
  • Sturdy Brass Frame
  • Shader 10 Wrap Coils, Liner 8 Wrap Coils
Mast Tattoo Traditional Handmade Liner Coil Machine (Liner)
  • Durable Iron Frame
  • Medium Speed
Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit
  • LED Digital Power Supply
  • High-Elastic Spring
Hawink Tattoo Pure Copper Coil Machine (Shader) M310
  • 12 Wrap Coils
  • Heavy Armature Bar
Redscorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Cast Iron Framework
  • Lightweight
Thomas Liner Handmade Tattoo Machine Gun
  • Liner Capacitor 33UF, 50V.
  • High-Elastic & Anti-Fatigue Springs
Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun (Pack of 2)
  • Alloy-Framed Machines
  • 8-Hours Heatless Work Time
Mummy Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Sturdy, CNC Cut Cast Iron Frame
  • 8 Wrap Coils
TAONE Professional Tattoo Coil Machine Gun
  • CNC Carved High-Quality Brass Structure
  • 10 Wrap Coils
York Tattoo Coil Tattoo Machine Gun
  • Durable Iron Framework
  • Anti-Slipping Silicone Grip

1. Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine Straight Shader Circle LinerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Our top pick — the ‘Dragonhawk (set of 2) Brass Coils Tattoo Machines’ — comes packaged with a circle liner and a straight shader. The sturdy brass frame is equipped with a standard tube vise. The outcome is impressive as you get amazing shading and perfect lining performance. What makes this a truly robust coiled tattoo machine is the craftsmanship and features of the brand. 

The billet brass frame is manufactured using computerized control of machining tools known as CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) to give you accuracy and efficiency in performance. The shader having 10 wrap coils gives you a running performance of 115-120 Hz. The liner has 8 wrap coils to give you a running performance of 140-150 Hz per 7-8V.

Overall this is a great deal, both in terms of the product quality and the price paid for it. On top of that, it’s totally risk-free. The brand guarantees superior results, else you’re eligible for a full refund as per their money-back guarantee. 


  • Incredible for lining and shading.
  • CNC cut brass frame & standard tube vise.
  • Bang for your Buck.
  • High-quality and efficient performance.
  • Great customer support & a full-refund guarantee.


  • A bit heavy.

Verdict: Editors Choice

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2. Mast Tattoo Traditional Handmade Liner Coil Machine (Liner)

Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Liner Coil Machine (Liner)Check Latest Price on Amazon

Mast Tattoo’s ‘Traditional Handmade Liner Coil Machine’ is a stunner when it comes to overall lining performance. What you get is a super sturdy liner crafted with a durable iron frame and a standard tube vise. The 10 wrap black coils style with a 47UF liner capacitor grants you medium running speed that has a long throw and precise, hard-hitting performance.

If anything, you’re going to compliment this machine for its quieter, smoother all-round lining performance aided by the robust brass binding with contact screw. It’s a relatively lightweight machine that may take a bit of time in getting used to the initial adjustments. Yet, once you get the hang of things, this Mast Tattoo product will prove to be your best companion when it comes to tattooing efficiently. 

Having invested in this product ensures you a long-lasting, high-performance tattoo coil machine (liner) your customers are going to thank you for using. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — the product carries a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.


  • Quiet & smooth all-round lining performance.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
  • Durable iron frame.
  • Brass binding with contact screw.
  • 10 wrap coils, 47UF line capacitor.
  • Convenient medium speed.


  • It could take you some time to get used to the adjustments.

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3. Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 

Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit Liner Shader Coils Tattoo Machines Power Supply Foot Pedal Needles SAN-2Check Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit’ leaves you stunned with its cast-iron tattoo machines crafted with 10 wrap coils and superior composite material. As the “deal-maker,” the high-elastic spring promises an anti-fatigue, long-duration working performance. The two machines included in the kit are meant for superior lining and shading.

Among the various components in the kit is the Dragonhawk Tattoo LED digital power supply along with a convenient foot pedal and a sturdy clip cord. The power supply grants rapid, precise energization and voltage adjustments so that you experience nothing but reliable and efficient tattooing performance.  

The kit is equipped with a bunch of neat accessories for all categories of discerning tattoo artists. Among these are sterilized tattoo needles, disposable tips, steel tattoo grips, disposable grips, disposable tubes, and more. 

The object of this high-performance tattoo kit is to make the process as easy as possible for tattooists by offering them a quality product tested with the most stringent measures before shipping. All this comes at no risk. You get attractive customer service support accompanied by professional advice.


  • 10 wrap coils & superior composite material.
  • High-elastic spring for anti-fatigue performance.
  • Includes lining & shading machines, and a full host of accessories.
  • LED digital power supply.
  • Easy to use.
  • Value for money.


  • Lacks instructions; you’ll have to learn the instructions from youtube.

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4. Hawink Tattoo Pure Copper Coil Machine (Shader) M310

Hawink Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade shader Pure Copper Coil Machine (Shader) M310Check Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Hawink Tattoo Pure Copper Coil Machine (Shader)’ is one of the most solid coil tattoo machines, especially at such a price point. Going by the remarkable customer reviews, you’ll be amazed at the incredibly prompt after-sale support you’ll get. 

The construction of the machine is pure brass at both the front and rear binding posts. The machine stands out in terms of both looks and durability due to its durable steel, powder-coated frame, and robust vise and screw. Moreover, this professional shader machine has a staggering 12 wrap coils made of 24 gauge wire that is enamel coated and magnetic. In simpler terms, the build quality will leave you extremely pleased.

The Hawink M310 can accommodate tattoo needles up to 18 RL aided by its heavy armature bar. You’re also ensured optimal tattoo ink flow and efficient single-pass lines aided by the featured 3.5 mm throw.

When it comes to getting down to doing traditional style tattooing, this should be the product of choice. You have the front spring for higher power and speed with an efficient stroke, and the rear spring is saddle mount to give you an anti-fatigue and precise duty cycle. 


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 12 wrap coils, 47UF capacitor.
  • Max voltage of 50V, to handle any load.
  • 3.5 mm throw for maximum ink flow and clear single-pass lines.
  • Superior construction & durable.
  • A quality machine that doesn’t break the piggy bank.


  • It’s on the heavier side.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. Redscorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machine

Redscorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machines Tattoo Gun 8 Wrap Coil for Tattoo SuppliesCheck Latest Price on Amazon

This next coil tattoo machine is extremely sturdy as it’s constructed from cast iron. It has outstanding electric and magnetic conductivity. As a result, you get smoother, simpler lines. Further, you won’t encounter any dimension related faults, since the frame dimensions are cut and processed through a precision line.

This coil tattoo liner is accurate, stable, and powerful. The 8 wrap coils for the liner ensure flawless operation for up to 8 hours in one go without worrying about heat-related issues. The liner features a capacitor of 33UF, 50V, at a start voltage of 4V and a working range of 6-8V. Furthermore, you get a running speed of 2500-2800 RPM per 6-8V. 

As an added perk, the product features Height Solenoid Valve Technology (28 mm) and a rear seat magnetic absorption so that accuracy is paramount. The biggest advantage of all is the excellent customer service and the 6 Months Warranty for quality-related concerns. The warranty entails a free replacement or your money back during the warranty period in case you’re not satisfied with the quality.


  • Made with Cast Iron. 
  • 8 wrap coils.
  • Perfect magnetic & electrical conductivity.
  • Precision lining.
  • Lightweight.
  • High-elastic, anti-fatigue springs give a long working duration.
  • Renowned customer service.


  • The shader feature is not very prominent.
  • Frequent upkeep by smearing of rust oil is necessary, else it will get rusted.

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6. Thomas Liner Handmade Tattoo Machine Gun

Thomas Liner Handmade Tattoo Machine Gun 8 Wrap Coils for Tattoo SuppliesCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Thomas Liner Handmade Tattoo machine Gun’ is a solid piece of equipment made with a CNC cut brass framework. You get optimal accuracy and zero dimension errors as the dimensions of this liner are cut perfectly using computerized control of machining tools. 

The pure copper coil in this tattoo gun is handmade and wound to perfection. The machine works a long time without a heating effect, due to the sturdy 8 wrap coil design and a 33UF 50V capacitor. Further, you get long-time consistent working capability because of the superior front and rear springs that are high-elastic and anti-fatigue. 

The running cycle of the machine is consistent and smooth as the magnetic permeability grants you endless power for the job. Further, low voltage is needed, whilst the liner hits hard to drive in smooth lines. In terms of the warranty, it’s pretty competitive at 6 months (replacement or full refund) for quality-related concerns. 


  • Pure brass contact 
  • High hardness & wear resistance.
  • High-elastic and anti-fatigue springs. 
  • A modest start voltage of 4V and an upper range of 6-8V. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason you may have.
  • A Liner Capacitor of 33UF, 50V.


  • A bit on the heavier side.

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7. Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine (pack of 2)

Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Set for Liner and Shader Alloy Frame (pack of 2)Check Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun’ package comprises two alloy-framed machines set for lining and shading. The alloy and spring design make it a highly robust and durable machine. There are 10 wrap coils (handmade, pure brass) for shade and 8 wrap coils for liner. This coil machine is the ideal tattooing equipment if you’d like to work long, consistent hours without noise or heat. 

This product is one of the best coil tattoo machines due to its steady and smooth functionality. The uniform speed results in discrete, smooth, and safe lines that won’t harm the skin. At the same time, the mechanism results in a relatively noiseless and heatless process. With this machine, you can achieve up to 8 hours of consistent operation time without it heating up. Moreover, the featured spring is elastic and durable and remains undamaged.

In terms of power and speed, the start voltage is 4V and the working voltage range is 6-8V, and the running speed is 2500-2800 RPM. The product package arrives with 2 machines that carry a convenient 3-month warranty (replacement or full refund) each.


  • Durable alloy-framed liner and shader machines.
  • Smooth, safe functionality.
  • Precision lines.
  • No noise, heat for up to 8 hours of consistent operation.
  • Durable, elastic spring mechanism.


  • The warranty period is relatively shorter at 3-months, though the service is friendly.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. Mummy Coil Tattoo Machine 

Mummy Coil Tattoo Machine Handmade Iron Frame 8 Wrap Coils Set LinerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The ‘Mummy Coil Tattoo Machine’ has all the attributes expected from the best coil tattoo machines in the marketplace. Let’s start with the sturdy construction. The billet cast-iron frame is manufactured to precision through Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) to guarantee dimensional accuracy, hence preventing any chance of dimension errors typical of manual variants. 

The pure copper contact assures great conductivity and low carbon deposition, aided by the carbon steel speed armature bar. Further, the 8 wrap coil is handmade with pure copper wire wound to precision. The liner capacitor is 33UF, 50V that doesn’t trouble you with heat-related issues during long-duration work.  

In the package, you get the coil tattoo machine along with a couple of wrenches, a few O-rings, a few rubber bands, and a few grommets to get you on a roll. Finally, to make this a risk free decision, there is the 30-day money-back guarantee “for any reason” that you can opt for if needed. If that isn’t enough, you also get their friendly customer service as well as a 3-month warranty (replacement or full refund) specifically for quality-related issues.


  • Sturdy, CNC cut cast iron frame.
  • Pure copper contact (offers incredible conductivity).
  • Handmade 8 wrap coil made with pure copper wire and precise winding.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee “for any reason”


  • Heavy, though strong build.

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9. TAONE Professional Tattoo Coil Machine Gun

Professional Tattoo Coil Machine Gun CNC Carved Brass 10 Wrap Coils Handmade Tattoo Liner Machines Excellent Supply for Professional Tattooist ArtistsCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Are you big on tattoo linework compared to shadows or coloring? If yes, you’ve probably been on the lookout for the perfect tattoo liner machine to ink those sharp, intricate lines. Look no further, the ‘Professional Tattoo Coil Machine Gun’ by TAONE is one of the best coil tattoo machines for your purpose. This machine lets you do your tattooing for hours without the machine heating up. 

The design of this incredible coil tattoo machine is a CNC carved high-quality brass structure with 10 wrap coils that are handcrafted with pure copper. The machine is compatible with all sorts of tattoo grips and needles. For up to 8 hours of work, you experience no heat and negligible noise. The working voltage is 4-8V and speed attained 3000 RPM. 

TAONE has been into selling tattoo supplies for over 10 years now. Currently, their network is spread across 30 countries and counting. In line with their brand’s global credibility, they’re serious about making customers fully satisfied. Hence, all U.S. stock shipments carry a 90-day ‘no reason’ replacement or refund guarantee.


  • High-quality CNC carved brass.
  • It’s a professional tattoo liner suited for professional tattoo artistry.
  • 90-day no reason replacement/refund policy.
  • Smooth movements for intricate & precise linework.
  • Noise-free & heatless for 8 hours.
  • Handmade wrap coils. 


  • It’s not the best shader.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

10. York Tattoo Coil Tattoo Machine Gun

Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Iron Liner 10 Wraps Coils Shader Tattoo Kit Selflock Tattoo Grip Tube 25mm Silicone Grips Cover Tattooing Tips 5F 5R for Starter TattooistCheck Latest Price on Amazon

The coil tattoo machine in this small kit by ‘York Tattoo’ is made of a durable iron framework. This multifaceted machine works smoothly and efficiently as a liner and shader. Though it’s more inclined to be an incredible liner that works at a uniform speed for hours without heating up. 

Its silicone grip gives it an anti-slipping attribute, making it comfortable to handle. The contents of the small kit include the tattoo coils machine, a 25 mm grip, a 30 mm grip cover, stainless steel 5R and 5F tips, and an iron box which is extremely easy to store. 

The machine’s fantastic 10 wrap coils (made of high-quality copper) and elastic spring design makes it safer on the skin during the tattoo poking process, whilst coloring too is a breeze. 


  • Durable iron structure.
  • Extremely reliable liner and shader.
  • Anti-slip, silicone grip.
  • 10 wrap coils handmade with copper.
  • Heatless operation for up to 8 hours.
  • Lightweight with low vibration.


  • Some users reported the packaging was a bit flimsy.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


Those were our expert reviews of the top 10 coil tattoo machines. When it comes to selecting the best one for your needs, some factors to consider include the frame type, weight & size, warranty & service, spring, and handling comfort. 

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