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15 Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men {Must Check Out}

Boxing is an incredibly dynamic and powerful sport. It showcases power and confidence, yet also requires resilience and patience. While one can unleash their full power, they must still follow the rules inside the ring. Boxing glove tattoos are unique and represent the right amount of confidence and faith in oneself.

There’s a common misconception that only boxers should get boxing glove tattoos since they’re directly related to the sport. However, that’s not true at all. You can get a boxing glove tattoo simply because you love the game or identify with what the sport stands for.

Since tattoos are supposed to be meaningful, you should choose your boxing glove tattoo with care. While the central theme of the tattoo remains the same, you can add other elements to enhance its meaning.

Your tattoo artist can help you create a customized tattoo that incorporates details that are personally significant to you, in addition to the boxing gloves. You can choose to have the gloves in color or black ink, although red boxing gloves are also popular.

Why Are Boxing Gloves A Popular Tattoo Idea?

The boxing glove tattoo ideas are suitable for men of all ages. If you are passionate about boxing, you can have the boxing gloves etched on a body part like the upper arms, shoulders, or back. You can also have them on your chest, alongside the name or face of your favorite boxer, or with a beautiful quote.

Boxing gloves represent strength and integrity, and you should know about the significance of boxing before having them. They will create a bold statement and make heads turn wherever you go. It is also one of the best tattoos if you want to add some colors to your design and make it stand out.

Some Popular Boxing Glove Tattoo Designs For Men

Boxing glove tattoo designs for men are unique, and here are some ideas to help you out. You can personalize them with something important to you and create something unique altogether.

1. Boxing Glove Tattoo With Favorite Boxer

Boxing Glove Tattoo with Favorite Boxer
Image source: nextluxury.com

The boxing glove tattoo with one’s favorite boxer at the side is a popular tattoo idea and shows one’s immense love for boxing legends and the sport.

If you are a fan of legends like Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, or Rocky Marciano, you can inscribe their face or name on the boxing gloves. You have to choose your tattoo artists wisely because they should be able to replicate the face of your favorite boxer as flawlessly as possible. You can also use the face of any boxer.

Or, you can have the name of your favorite boxer entwined around the boxing gloves. You can choose a powerful font and design that expresses your passion for the sport.

2. Boxing Gloves Tattoo With Quote

Boxing Gloves Tattoo with Quote
Image source: tattoosworldsite.wordpress.com

Boxing gloves stand for strength and stamina; you can further intensify it with wonderful quotes of strength and resilience. This is a great way to remind yourself that you are a confident, assertive, and good human being. You can choose a quote that resonates with you, and you may turn to the master poets for inspiration.

These tattoos will motivate you and ensure that you are constantly reminded of your goals and dreams. You can make the tattoo colorful by adding colors to a font of your choice. You can also add other elements close to you for a more personal touch.

3. The Chest Boxing Gloves Memorial Tattoo

The Chest Boxing Gloves Memorial Tattoo
Image source: @chrisvanntattoos via Instagram

The Chest Boxing Glove Memorial tattoo is perfect if you want a bold tattoo on your chest. This is a simple and minimalist tattoo, and the details of the tattoo glove are the main attributes.

The memorial tattoo is a testament to everything vital in your life. It teaches you to remember the lessons life has taught you, and you can add a quote to make the message more meaningful.

The boxing gloves represent how hard you fought for your dreams and will remind you of the difficult times you have overcome when you are next faced with adversities. It says that memories are not just reminders but can be inspirations when you learn from them, whether good or bad.

The next time you want to give up, stand in front of the mirror, and you will remember what a brave and strong person you are.

4. The Bear With Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men

The Bear With Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men
Image source: @labmonkeytattoo via Instagram

This is a fun and classic boxing glove tattoo idea, and you can use bears or any other animal you choose. Bears are among the bravest and the most ferocious, and to imagine a bear fighting with boxing gloves paints a formidable image.

Bears can be daunting and ruthless and are not to be messed with. They represent the raw energy of nature, but with the boxing gloves on, they also represent the measured stance. They are ready to retaliate when provoked; if that is how you see yourself, this is the tattoo for you.

You can make the tattoo stand out further by adding colors and details like teeth and furs to the bear, which an experienced tattoo artist can bring out. You can have the tattoo on your chest or your back.

5. The Roses And Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs

The Roses And Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs
Image source: @inkvisible_tattoos via Instagram

The Boxing Gloves with Roses design is powerful and portray quiet beauty and silent strength. Roses are not just pretty flowers- they bloom amidst prickly thorns. This symbolizes courage in the face of challenges and that you can win despite the odds against you.

You can entwine the roses with the boxes gloves to create a unique design with beauty and strength. These tattoo designs are perfect if you are looking for something classy, small, and yet that sends a powerful message.

Instead of one or two big roses, you can have rosettes along the boxing gloves for a more intricate pattern. You can play with colors, and black roses also look stunning with this tattoo, making it bold and eclectic at the same time. You may also use another kind of flower with boxing gloves instead of roses.

6. The Boxing Gloves With Leaves Tattoo Ideas

The Boxing Gloves With Leaves Tattoo Ideas
Image source: @mutinytattoopiercingandmore via Instagram

If you are not a flower person, you can use leaves instead. This will also allow you to play around with colors, especially with different shades of green. This also portrays a deep connection to nature, which people in the past used to do- living in sync with nature.

Moreover, leaves and trees signify growth and life; the entire idea of the tattoo would be that you are moving forward with courage. The leaves can entwine the boxing gloves, just like warriors of old age often had wreaths around their weapons.

Plants also have to struggle to stay alive, especially in the wild. You could use this motif to talk about your journey. This would be an excellent tattoo for the upper chest of the biceps.

7. Cover-Up Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men

Cover-Up Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs For Men
Image source: @smallwoodink86 via Instagram

While boxing gloves are the primary accessory in boxing, there are other elements to them as well. You can add other elements to the boxing glove tattoo to make it more fun and attractive, like a hat or a belt. Or, in case you have some other favorite accessory, you can use it alongside the gloves.

You can tell your tattoo artist about them, and they will draw up a design to incorporate the other accessories. You can make it fun and playful, yet the boxing gloves will present a bold image. It can be a highly fashionable tattoo idea.

8. Boxing Gloves Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Boxing Gloves Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
Image source: @tatmand_inks_ via Instagram

Nothing can come close to the strength and resilience of a cancer patient, and if you are a survivor or know someone who is and wants to celebrate that person, this is the perfect tattoo for it. You can also get this tattoo for someone you might have lost to cancer or because you are passionate about cancer awareness.

It is impossible for someone to understand what it takes to undergo cancer treatment and its toll on near and dear ones. The cancer ribbon tattoo entwined with the boxing gloves is a great way to create cancer awareness, as many are still unaware of the full implications of this illness or how to prevent it. This will be a great way to show that you are fighting for the cause.

9. Wire Stinger Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs

Wire Stinger Boxing Gloves Tattoo Designs
Image source: @cuevas_tattoo via Instagram

The Wire Stinger Boxing gloves tattoo designs are ideal if you want a hard-hitting tattoo design. This shows a pair of boxing gloves with barbed wires entwined around them.

While this is not permissible in a real boxing ring, the idea is that you can throw a punch and make it hard and brutal. This portrays a display of strength; you can use this tattoo around your shoulders or upper arms.

You can talk to your tattoo artist about how you want the wires around the boxing gloves because they create the maximum impact. You can also add or subtract the number of spikes to make it as edgy as you want. This will surely be a tattoo that stands out.

10. Video Game Controller Boxing Gloves Tattoo

Video Game Controller Boxing Gloves Tattoo
Image source: @baezaiten via Instagram

If you love boxing and gaming at the same time, then this is the tattoo for you. Gamers have a lot of creativity, and tattoos are excellent expressions. You can put the boxing gloves at the center and then put other gaming elements around it. It could be your gaming console or a character from your favorite video game.

Arcade games have a lot of exciting features, and you can also use your gaming avatar alongside the gloves. If you are more into the cyberpunk genre of gaming, then you can choose elements from the game for a more eclectic feel, like using neon colors or abstract and geometric shapes and symbols related to the games you play most.

11. Boxing Gloves Neck Tattoo

Boxing Gloves Neck Tattoo
Image source: @worgan_moccitattoo via Instagram

The boxing gloves tattoo for the neck is sure to stand out because of the placement of the tattoos. Men love to flaunt their broad shoulders and strong neck, and this tattoo will further accentuate these wonderful features.

The tattoos have a more elongated shape, like the gloves are hanging. You can also use a short quote with the tattoo if you want. You can make the gloves as big or as small as you want and add additional details to cover the entire neck.

12. Monkey With Boxing Gloves Tattoos

Monkey With Boxing Gloves Tattoos
Image source: @inkspotdoll via Instagram

Boxing glove tattoos with monkeys are one of the best tattoo ideas because they depict restlessness and strength at the same time. If you want a meaningful yet playful tattoo, this is the one for you.

You can go all out with the kind of monkey you want and also play around with the boxing gloves on them. You can also make the monkey bulk up if you want an edgy and brutal look. This kind of tattoo is not something that anyone can easily carry, so if you can pull it off, it would be fantastic.

13. Boxing Gloves With Wings Tattoo

Boxing Gloves with Wings Tattoo
Image source: tattoosboygirl.com

Boxing gloves with wings signify freedom and strength at the same time. The tattoos have branches on both sides of the boxing gloves and have a very spiritual feel. This tattoo signifies liberation and power, and the gloves symbolize the strength you attained with freedom.

You can get this tattoo on the shoulders, on your chest, or also on your forearms. The wings can be of any shape, and you can consult your tattoo artist to provide an edgy look to the wings to enhance the mood.

14. Boxing Gloves With Red Ribbon Tattoo Ideas

Boxing Gloves With Red Ribbon Tattoo Ideas
Image source: in.pinterest.com

Boxing gloves with red ribbons are a popular tattoo idea. There are many variations you can try. The way the red ribbon wraps around the gloves makes these tattoos so unique.

You can either opt for a bright shade of red or a darker shade for an intense look. Red symbolizes passion, which could be a passion for the game or a love for life.

15. Boxing Gloves With Violin Tattoo

Boxing Gloves with Violin Tattoo
Image source: www.pinterest.com

Although both these elements seem contradictory, this is a very artistic design concept for a tattoo. The violin represents music, especially the music of life. While the boxing gloves represent strength and stamina, the violin represents the finer aspects of life.

If you want to replace the violin with some other musical instrument close to your heart or play it yourself, you can do that as well. The tattoo artist will show you how to incorporate both and draw a work of art for you.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get a boxing glove tattoo design for men.

Q1. Is boxing gloves tattoo design for men expensive?

Ans. An experienced tattoo artist will charge you for their services and the excellent artwork they etch on your body. The final price will depend on the size of the tattoo and how many intricate details you want in them.

Q2. How to choose a boxing gloves tattoo design?

Ans. You can think about something that truly matters to you and incorporate it with the tattoo gloves. You have a few elements in your mind, but you might not have a clear idea of incorporating them. Your tattoo artist will provide you with suggestions you can choose from.

Q3. How to prepare for a tattoo the day before?

Ans. It is essential to eat well and stay hydrated before getting a tattoo. Stay away from alcohol and get good sleep. It would be best to eat a healthy meal before getting a tattoo to give you strength to withstand the pain from the needles.


The boxing gloves tattoo design for men is one of the trendiest tattoos one can come across. These tattoos have a profoundly personal meaning, and you can interpret them in various ways. Apart from expressing your love for the sport, the tattoo also symbolizes the strength you carry within yourself.

You can make this deeply personal, and you will love your feeling after etching it on your skin. You can also seek inspiration from other areas of life to go along with the boxing gloves, and it will be a truly remarkable work of art on your skin.

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