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Coffee Tattoo Ideas: 15 Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Coffee is a go-to drink for thousands of people around the world. For many, a perfect day begins with a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. Coffee beverages and desserts like cold coffee, coffee with ice cream, and coffee cakes are everyone’s favorite. A true coffee lover or someone who works in the coffee industry can never have enough coffee!

If you are a coffee lover and want to demonstrate your love, consider getting a coffee tattoo. These artistic coffee tattoos will take your love for this aromatic brew to the next level. The coffee tattoos are all about expressing various themes related to coffee, and they are great for both men and women.

You can choose from a wide range of minimalist coffee tattoos or more colorful and elaborate ones. These tattoos are cute and make for very aesthetic body art. Hence, they are also apt for a first tattoo.

These tattoos are not very expensive, but you still need an expert tattoo artist to etch them if you want to bring out the best of this beverage. You can speak to your artist, who will help you include any special motif or design close to your heart and customize the tattoo.

Why are Coffee Tattoos so Popular?

Coffee is something that almost everyone identifies with. Whether you like your coffee cold with lots of cream and sugar or whether you like it hot and black, coffee can instantly lift your mood and spirits. Hence, coffee means rejuvenation for many and is more than a refreshing drink.

The best coffee in the world is sourced from the most exotic locations like Africa, India, or Mexico. The coffee beans also have other medicinal properties, and the right dose of caffeine can boost your immunity. If you truly appreciate coffee for all these reasons, a coffee tattoo is your perfect expression of love.

As a result, many people opt for coffee tattoos because they are something everyone loves, irrespective of age and gender. Getting a coffee tattoo will lift your spirits in the same way that coffee does, and it will be a reminder that no matter how sad and tired you are, there is always something to get you back up.

Some Artistic Coffee Tattoo Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Coffee tattoos are fun and beautiful at the same time. You can get them in black and white or in color and personalize them with additional motifs. Here are some coffee tattoo ideas for you to try out.

1. Coffee Text Tattoo

Coffee Text Tattoo 
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/611997036835414621/

This minimalist coffee tattoo captures the essence of a cup of coffee and how simple things in life can make it worthwhile. The tattoo depicts a cup of coffee, and to make it more evident, the steam from the cup forms the letter “coffee” in an artistic way.

There are other whimsical motifs around the cup. This simple black-and-white tattoo is suitable for all age groups and genders. You can flaunt this tattoo on your arms, shoulders, or ankles to express your love for coffee.

2. Coffee Plant Tattoo

Coffee Plant Tattoo 
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/tatoos-henna-and-stuff-like-that–333407178667223757/

The coffee plant tattoo is an artistic depiction of how coffee makes its way from the plant to a cup. It’s a colored tattoo, and you need an expert tattoo artist to etch this tattoo for you.

It shows a coffee plant with coffee beans, and the aromatic beans are pressed by a coffee machine, with the liquor making its way through a percolator to make a delicious cup of coffee. The greenery of the coffee plant and the other colors make this tattoo very realistic and show that you appreciate the beverage and the process behind making it.

3. Coffee and Rain Tattoo

Coffee and Rain Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/331647960064452672/

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the solitude of your room while it rains outside is one of life’s simplest pleasures. It’s a black-and-white tattoo that depicts this pleasure very artistically. The tattoo shows a cloud above the cup.

The raindrops fall into the cup with a paper boat, symbolizing one’s childhood pleasures. These elements together symbolize that life should be led slowly and one should cherish the simple things in life.

4. Coffee Steam Tattoo

Coffee Steam Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/104286547609215881/

This simple yet artistic tattoo draws attention with its depiction of hot steam rising from the coffee. The tattoo has a fantastical element with blurred lines, and the main element is the thick whiff of smoke from the cup.

This tattoo is excellent as a first tattoo and is suitable for both genders. It is great for the forearm, the nape of the neck, or the shoulders. The tattoo is artistic yet fuss-free and just what you need to make a statement.

5. Coffee Utilities Tattoo

Coffee Utilities Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/2322237286885030/

It’s the perfect tattoo for a coffee lover because it has all the elements that go into making a warm cup. The tattoo depicts a bag of coffee beans, a scoop full of coffee, and a steaming cup that has just been stirred to perfection.

It’s an excellent tattoo if you love coffee or work in the coffee industry. You can make this colored tattoo more extensive by adding more elements. It’s a very pretty tattoo that sends a clear message about your ardent love for coffee.

6. Coffee Percolator Tattoo

Coffee Percolator Tattoo 
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/436638126376955922/

The coffee percolator tattoo depicts a pot of coffee being made with love. It’s a colored tattoo and shows the love and patience you must have to make a fresh cup of coffee.

While instant coffee is all the rage now, true coffee connoisseurs will always make their cups old-fashioned. And this is why this tattoo can be so special if you love a perfect brew. This tattoo is great for the arms, above the ankles, and also for the shoulders.

7. Coffee on Hand Tattoo

Coffee on Hand Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/400961173071674250/

This tattoo is rather whimsical and is open to symbolism. It shows a cracked cup of coffee floating above a hand, with a small dagger on the side and blood drops dripping from the hand in the shape of hearts.

It could mean that when life happens and nothing turns out well, a hot cup of coffee can set things right for you and help you cope. You can add other elements to it to make the coffee more meaningful. This tattoo works best for the upper arm, but you can also etch them on the calves of your legs or the middle of your back.

8. Coffee and Cat Tattoo

Coffee and Cat Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/coffee-tattoo-ideas–436638126374603476/

If you love cats and coffee, this tattoo is meant for you. This simple and minimalist sketch tattoo depicts how simple life can be. It shows a cat sitting beside a coffee percolator with a vase.

You can personalize it more by adding other personal elements to the tattoo. This tattoo is great for the region above the elbows, the knees, or the inner wrist. You can also add text, your initials, or those of your loved ones to the tattoo.

9. Coffee and Text Tattoo

Coffee and Text Tattoo 
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/436638126375974380/

For some, a great morning begins with the perfect cup of coffee. This tattoo shows a coffee pot with motivational quotes like “Wake me Up Inside.” You can add your own motivational words to the tattoo.

You can also use quotes from your favorite poets and authors to help you move forward. This tattoo is a brilliant way to remind you that a cup of coffee and some motivation are all the inspiration you need to keep moving forward and can be a wonderful reminder for you on days you are feeling low.

10. Coffee or Death Tattoo

Coffee or Death Tattoo 
Image Source: nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/coffee-tattoo-designs-for-men/

Coffee tattoos can also be edgy and adventurous. If you love gothic motifs and want to include skulls in your coffee tattoo, this tattoo is perfect. It shows a skull half submerged in a pot of coffee with the words “coffee or death” written under it. It means you feel as good as death if you do not have your coffee.

Coffee is what keeps you driven and moving forward. The tattoo also has a strong whiff of steam from the pot with coffee leaves in the background. It’s a black-and-white tattoo, but you may add color.

11. Coffee Bean Tattoo

Coffee Bean Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/58054282675957156/

The coffee bean is the main element of making the perfect coffee liquor. A coffee bean is roasted and ground to perfection to brew the perfect cup. This colored tattoo depictes a single coffee bean in 3D.

The beauty of the tattoo lies in the details of the coffee bean. This tattoo is great for the inner wrist, the nape of the neck, and, if you want it smaller, behind the ears. You can make it more extensive by adding multiple beans to the tattoo.

12. Coffee and Flowers Tattoo

Coffee and Flowers Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/392305817523756536/

If you have ever enjoyed the beauty of nature with a cup of coffee in your hands, then this tattoo is for you. This tattoo shows a steaming coffee mug with colorful flowers strewn around it. It’s just what you need when on a vacation or want to spend quality time with yourself.

This tattoo is great for the arms, and you can make it extensive by adding elements if you want a sleeve tattoo. After speaking to the tattoo artist, you can personalize it by adding your favorite flowers.

13. French Press Tattoo

French Press Tattoo 
Imager Source: pinterest.com/pin/832110468623365940/

There are many ways of making coffee, but one of the best ways of brewing the perfect cup is using the French press. If you work in the coffee industry, you would know that the French press uses traditional methods to extract coffee liquor from the beans.

This tattoo shows a traditional French press with some coffee inside. You can also add steaming cups around it to make the message clearer. This tattoo is great for the arms, legs, and shoulders and is best done in color to reveal the pot’s details.

14. Coffee and Books Tattoo

Coffee and Books Tattoo
Image Source: reddit.com/r/tattoo/comments/ei35zu/

Spending quality time curled on the bed with your favorite book in hand and your coffee by your side is a luxury for many these days who are forced to lead a hectic and stressful life. This tattoo is a wonderful reminder to take things slow and enjoy life’s simple things.

The tattoo depicts a cup of coffee balanced on a bunch of books and some flowers. This tattoo depicts that life can be simple if you want it to be. It’s a black-and-white tattoo, but you can make it colorful with pops of bold colors for the flowers.

15. Skull Coffee Mug Tattoo

Skull Coffee Mug Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/434949276505481555/

The skull coffee mug tattoo is very gothic and edgy and depicts your love for coffee in an unorthodox manner. This black-and-white tattoo is quite minimal in design, yet it packs a punch and makes an impact.

You can add gothic elements around it, like cobwebs or bats. The skull coffee mug is something you can try out for a special Halloween tattoo. It will also fit right in with any other gothic tattoos you may have.


You may have questions before getting a tattoo that will help you decide about getting a coffee-themed tattoo. Here are some of those that can help you clear your doubts.

Are coffee tattoos expensive?

Coffee tattoos are mostly inexpensive Unless you opt for a colorful and extensive tattoo. A tiny cup of coffee with a heart beside it can cost you less than 50 dollars. A moderate tattoo in black and white will cost you around eighty dollars. The more elements you add, the more expensive it gets.

How do you make coffee tattoos more distinctive?

Coffee tattoos have a similar theme to a hot mug of coffee. But you can make it more unique by adding elements like books, flowers, butterflies, birds, and other elements of nature. You can add your initials, the name of your favorite café, or some motivational quotes and texts that inspire you.

How do you care for a coffee tattoo?

It would be best if you kept your coffee tattoo covered till it has healed completely. Do not expose it to sunlight, as the UV rays may blur the tattoo. Try to keep away from exertion as the sweating may lead to bacterial infection. It would help if you avoid strenuous exercise that may cause the tattoo to rupture and bleed again. 

How much time does it take for a coffee tattoo to heal?

Since a coffee tattoo is minimalist in design, it takes about four to six weeks to heal. However, if you have added multiple elements to the tattoo and made it extensive, it could require eight to twelve weeks for all the scabs to fall off and dry completely.


Coffee lovers are found worldwide, and a tattoo depicting a cup of coffee is quite cute and full of warmth. It is a simple theme, yet you can turn it into something deeply personal.

Coffee as a beverage has antioxidant properties when taken in limited amounts and boosts your immune system. And it is something that you only enjoy for yourself or when you are out with your loved ones. A cup of coffee is enough to bring people together, and your coffee tattoos will be a gentle reminder to appreciate all the little things in life.

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