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28 Cute and Delicate Wrist Tattoos for Women

One of the coolest tattoo placement options for women is their wrist area. Wrist tattoos rank high because of their relatively high visibility. In this article, I’ll share some of the trendiest wrist tattoos for women. These designs have taken the internet by storm. If you like cuteness, delicate artwork, and perfection, chances are you’ll fall in love with these designs. As a tip, try to select a meaningful design. After all, tattoos are permanent, and you’d like to look at your wrist with confidence and admiration.

Wrist Tattoos for Women

The Wrist Tattoos are quite popular nowadays, we have selected some of the best tattoos design for our tattoo lovers audience, scroll down to check!

1. Semicolon Tattoo on Wrist

Semicolon Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @replitzity via Instagram

A semicolon tattoo is a popular option among wrist tattoos for women. It is also one of the simplest tattoos you can get. It is done free-handedly, often in hand-poked technique, and is a quick session at the tattoo studio. Yet, the semicolon is one of the most powerful in meaning. So what does it mean? It’s a punctuation mark most of us are pretty familiar with. Are you struggling with mental health? — then, the semicolon symbol stands for solidarity and strength. It gives hope for a brighter future. Combine a semicolon with a heart to remind yourself to love yourself. Adding a butterfly enhances the meaning to include rebirth and transformation.

2. Disney Tattoo on Wrist

Disney Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @austinbetzen via Instagram

Your love for Walt Disney and all the associated characters started when you were a young child. Those characters brought joy and amazement and inspired you to be creative, happy, and ambitious. That’s reason enough to get the “D” of Disney tattoos on your most favorite body area— the wrist. Let it be a reminder of all the joy and positivity this world has to offer. But, most of all, never forget to smile and make others smile :).

3. Sea Waves Tattoo on Wrist

Sea Waves Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @tatt_by_ajay via Instagram

Wave tattoos are significant. Waves are the most potent natural force on earth, yet there’s a calming significance associated with them at the same time. Waves are also associated with duality. Countless sailors have drowned in aggressive waters. At the same time, many have been helped by waives to get propelled to their destinations.

The sea or ocean waves are a calming occurrence.

4. Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist
Source: @lukepukeink via Instagram

Butterflies come in a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors. They are beautiful species. What they represent is even more beautiful — transformation and freedom. Butterflies are sought after by women tattoo enthusiasts because of their intricate details and vibrant colors. If you’re a woman going through a transformational time in your life, you will connect well with a butterfly tattoo. Getting one on your wrist is lovely. You won’t have to put up with an extensive, painful experience. The wrist is for small, delicate designs that you and onlookers will see easily. Finally, butterfly designs are reminders to be positive and hopeful.

5. Cross Design Wrist Tattoo for Women

Cross Design Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source: @hybridink.helsinki via Instagram

Cross tattoos are linked with the Christian faith. They represent Jesus’s sacrifice of humanity and goodness. It is for this reason; the cross is often associated with devotion and unconditional love. With such depth of meaning related to the cross, it makes perfect sense for many to consider it tattooed on their wrists or other preferred body placement.

6. Puppy Tattoo on Wrist

Puppy Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @poem_tattoo via Instagram

Many women have the face of their puppy tattooed on their inner wrists. The significance is sheer cuteness, love, warmth, and joy. In the above tattoo, there’s an immeasurable level of detail through the shaded tattoo technique. The puppy’s face has come to life. It’s realistic yet subtle. Overall, there’s a feeling of softness and desire to find the real deal and start cuddling pronto!

7. Side Wrist Tattoo for Women

Side Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source: @inking_sam via Instagram

The side of the wrist is a sexy spot for women to consider for a tattoo. If you want to get a small yet aesthetically marvelous design inked around the wrist area, this placement suits you. The surface area here, however, is pretty minimal. Therefore, the artist will have to be experienced with small designs. Further, this area can cause pain since the thin skin has a higher bone density beneath it. Yet, if you’re looking for a great outcome, the pain is going to be worth every second you experience it. In the above image, the Om (Hindu symbol) looks astonishing inked in black.

8. Mother & Child Outline Tattoo on Wrist

Mother & Child Outline Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @lorashes via Instagram

As will be mentioned repeatedly in this article, the wrist is a special space reserved for the most special thought or symbolism in your life. In the above image, you can see a perfect example of that line of thinking. A mother is holding her baby. The above watercolor-style tattoo is immaculate. There’s the right amount of color, yet the thick black contouring lines capture the essence of the imagery in the most simplistic way. Notice the baby’s angel wings? A tattoo of Angel wings crosses every female enthusiast’s mind. This concept is popular among those that show a solid inclination to honor their faith. Further, angel wings also represent freedom, protection, and an excellent sign for cherishing the memory of a loved one. There’s no better spot to be reminded of a loved one than your wrist. Let’s not forget how cute this design is, mainly if confined to the limited wrist area.

9. Cats on The Moon Wrist Tattoo

Cats On The Moon Wrist
Source: @siamak_tattoo via Instagram

The above image shows a particular stage of the lunar cycle. It is the phase in which there’s an association of transition and perpetual changes in one’s life. The cats are the favored pets of the witches. This tattoo represents luck, mystery, and in some cultures, death.

10. Phases of The Moon Tattoo on Wrist

Phases Of The Moon Tattoo On Wrist
Source: @sunnymytattoo via Instagram

The above is a classic example of a tattoo that looks incredible on the side of the wrist. The phases of the Moon are along the woman’s wrist side. It’s a colored tattoo, yet it’s subtle and minimalistic at the same time. The Moon is associated with powerful feminine energy. The symbolism is wisdom, birth, rebirth, intuition, spiritual associations, and even death.

11. Red Peppers Tattooed on Wrist Sides

Red Peppers Tattooed on Wrist Sides
Source: @louiseflowerbloom via Instagram

This is yet another set of tattoos to spice things up in a woman’s life. The realistic red peppers are inked along the side of the wrists. The meaning can be as hot or bitter as the wearer perceives it to be. All in all, this is a quirky tattoo that is undoubtedly going to get the conversations going.

12. Paw Print Tattoo on Wrist

Paw Print Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @siarnthecatwitch via Instagram

Here’s another design to jack up the cuteness quotient to a record new level. The intricate dot work tattooing technique above reveals the paw print of your favorite four-legged pet. So get ready to hear abundant “awes” and “how cutes” when you walk around with your new tattoo.

13. Baby Elephant Tattoo on Wrist

Baby Elephant Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @malobita via Instagram

Elephants are universal symbols of strength, honesty, loyalty, divinity, and good luck. The elephant is a fantastic tattoo design idea that looks great inked on many different body placements. The wrist is the ideal spot for a cute, small-sized one like above.

14. Heart Tattoo on Wrist

Heart Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @justine_tattoos_ via Instagram

The heart is primarily a symbol of love. It is also associated with passion, life, and heartbreak, among other meanings. A heart tattoo makes sense if you’re in a relationship or want to honor a loved one. Did you know a red heart represents “romance” while a black one represents “loss of life?” What will be your reason for getting a delicate heart tattooed on your wrist?

15. Heartbeat Tattoo on Wrist

Heartbeat Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @handitrip via Instagram

Hearts are excellent tattoo options for all of us to consider. But the heartbeat is fast catching up as a great twist to the classic heart(s). I say “generous” because the heart’s rhythm is shown as an extension to the traditional red heart. This way, the monotony is broken to form a new design aligned with the concept of hearts.

16. Row Boat Tattoo on Wrist

Row Boat Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @creative_toe via Instagram

Boating is an activity that brings you close to peace and nature. The above depicts a scene of nighttime rowing while the participant glazes at the stars and water during their “me time” of immense peace and tranquility. The symbolism of the tattoo is to remind the wearer to remain calm and grounded in life.

17. Cute Bird Tattoo on Wrist

Cute Bird Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @handitrip via Instagram

We all know all species of birds are associated with freedom. They are also powerful symbols of courage. On top of that, birds come in a beautiful variety. So when we shrink the size of your favorite bird and tattoo the design on your wrist, the outcome is super cute. But, of course, the exact meaning of the bird design you pick depends on the bird you choose. For example, select a hummingbird if you want a sign associated with hope and great joy. Alternatively, choose a swallow if you want the meaning to be loyalty and luck.

18. Leaves Tattoo on Wrist

Leaves Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @beyondink_tattoo via Instagram

The above tattoo is elegant, simple, and downright feminine. It’s a bracelet style wrist tattoo for women. Tattoos and jewelry go hand in hand as popular forms of body art. It’s not uncommon to find folks with ornamental tattoos at their earlobes, ring finger, ankle, or wrist. These are all hot placements for jewelry lovers. The above leafy, bracelet tattoo is no exception. It’s a striking design that makes excellent fashion sense. Generally, bracelet tattoo Ideas include incorporating elements such as vines, leaves, flowers, chains, etc.

19. “Be Still” Quote Tattoo

“Be Still” Quote Tattoo
Source: @tattycattyjen via Instagram

Quotes that keep you grounded, positive, and focused are a popular option for wrist tattoos. For example, the above “be still” quote is a constant reminder to stay calm and composed. Don’t let the ups and downs in life transform you into something you’re not.

20. Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Rose Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @sunnymytattoo via Instagram

Among all the flowers out there, the rose holds a special significance in our hearts. As a flower of beauty, pain, and love, this beautiful bloom reminds us of the balance in life we must strive to strike. The thorns on its stem are what help create the balance. Hence, if you’re looking for a powerful symbol of the perfect balance in life, think no further. Roses come in different colors. Popular among them are pink, red, white, and yellow ones. So, if love and romance are on the cards for you, think red roses—select yellow for joy. By the way, roses tattooed on shades of black can be as vivid and meaningful as any other.

21. Name Tattooed on Wrist

Name Tattooed on Wrist
Source: @_cutegirlytattoos via Instagram

Your name or a loved one’s name tattooed on your wrist serves as a regular reminder. That reminder is of the significance of that name (or its meaning) in your life. The name is right in front of you. It’s on your wrist. You can’t help but look at it and think about it daily. It’s a well-thought-out and special tattoo. The spot is also fantastic for a quote of special significance to you. The hope is for this tattoo to remind you to stay strong and positive daily.

22. Minimalist Wrist Tattoo

Minimalist Wrist Tattoo
Source: @tattoovasquez via Instagram

Minimalist tattoos are super cute. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of such tattoos to confuse you. However, if you’re among a majority of women that have their eyes on cute puppy or paw designs, then those are a couple of attractive options that can’t wrong you. Other beautiful options include his and hers matching hearts, a tiny fruit, or lettering (name, initials, etc.). The bottom line is, pick a design that holds a meaning special and close to your heart. The evil eye above is a protectionist symbol to safeguard you from bad things.

23. Adorable Panda Tattoo on Wrist

Adorable Panda Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @albina_tattoo_toronto via Instagram

The panda bear is a symbol of peace and tranquility. The rest is history! This tattoo is also one of the cutest options one can think of getting inked with. Everyone loves pandas. Women and children love them most. So if you’re hunting for the cutest possible tattoo design, look no further.

24. Anchor Wrist Tattoo for Women

Anchor Wrist Tattoo for Women
Source: @raamcat via Instagram

The wrist is a beautiful spot to get the cutest, most meaningful tattoo inked. In line with that thought, why not consider a little anchor? In ancient times, an anchor was a sign of safety, so the Christians adopted it as a symbol of hope. In the shipping world, the heavy metal anchor holds the ship in place. Thus, it is an excellent symbol of strength and security.

Are you in a relationship? Yes? It makes sense to go for this amazing symbol. An anchor is a sign honoring your partner, whom you respect for holding you grounded and safe.

25. Crown Wrist Tattoo

Crown Wrist Tattoo
Source: @ddingdong_tat2 via Instagram

The surface area on the wrist is relatively small to tattoo. But that doesn’t mean a tattoo placed there can’t be immensely powerful in meaning. One such design is the crown symbol; it means power, royalty, and riches. There are many types of crowns you can choose from. Yet, a cute one like shown above is the perfect choice for a woman’s wrist. Also, you can add other elements in conjunction with the crown image to alter the meaning or make the design more unique. Crown tattoos are also an exciting way to honor your partner if you’re in a relationship. For example, your boyfriend or husband may be the king in your heart. Crowns also remind us that we are strong and deserve a good life.

26. Snake Wrist Tattoo

Snake Wrist Tattoo
Source: @ghostnests via Instagram

Snakes shed their skin, which is why tattoos with snakes mean transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings. Overall, snake tattoos are attention-grabbing and symbolic. The snake is a mighty creature, popular among both men and women.

27. Sunflower Wrist Tattoo

Sunflower Wrist Tattoo
Source: @penrose.ink via Instagram

Flowers are a popular theme across body placements for women. Of course, I’ve already mentioned the rose, peony, and chrysanthemum. Yet, there’s another flower that has been growing in popularity — the sunflower. Sunflower is a bright yellow flower that brings a smile to everyone’s face. It’s the flower known for its dedication to the sun. Onlookers get a sense of warmth and happiness just by looking at the flower. The meanings associated with the sunflower include good fortune, vitality, joy, and hope, and immense positivity.

28. Flower(s) Tattoo on Wrist

Flower(s) Tattoo on Wrist
Source: @tiffany.fox.tattoo via Instagram

Flower tattoos anywhere on the body are the most popular tattoo element for women, hands down! Whether it’s the rose, chrysanthemum, peony, or a lotus, women love them all. Flowers have an incredibly feminine feel, even more so than butterflies. What makes them more special is their meanings. Women love different flowers for different intentions (hint: select a rose if you’re in love). The general sense associated with all flowers, of course, is beauty, life, and nature. Flower tattoos can be black and white. Else, they can be colorful. The latter is selected if you’re in for maximum vibrancy.


Q. Are Wrist Tattoos Painful?

Ans. The wrist placement is one of the most painful while getting tattooed. The reason is, there is very thin skin there and limited muscle mass to cushion the vibrating tattoo needle. The sides of the wrist are even more painful to ink, as the bone structure there is dense. However, this doesn’t mean the pain will be unbearable. Not at all. The limited surface area of the wrist means the tattoo session will be short as most designs that fit there are minimalistic. So, the pain will be short-lived and worth it. The outcome is what you should look forward to.

Q. Are Wrist Tattoos Expensive?

Ans. Most artists charge by the hour. Some have higher rates due to their expertise and popularity in the industry. Nevertheless, wrist tattoos aren’t unbearably expensive because the designs at this placement are small and take little time to ink. The overall cost is further affected by factors like the type of design, technique used for tattooing, and brand of ink used. That said, typically, wrist tattoos can cost in the range of $50 to $200.

Q. What is the Significance of Wrist Tattoos?

Ans. The primary significance is the high level of visibility. Also, there’s considerable versatility. You can get a bracelet design that envelops the entire circumference of the wrist. Or, you could get a small image on the side of the wrist. So, the range of techniques is vast. The meanings are usually close to the wearer’s heart. Thus, the reason for getting the design inked at the wrist is most personal to the wearer. These tattoos are typically cute, beautiful, and meaningful reminders to stay positive and do well in life.

Q. Do Wrist Tattoos Fade Easily?

Ans. Tattoos of the feet and hands (wrist included) are generally quicker to fade than those elsewhere on the body. The relatively high exposure to water, sun, and the general outside environment make the tattoo prone to fading faster. On the other hand, tattoos such as those on the back, chest, upper arm, and thigh stay vibrant for long as they are covered by clothing most of the time. Sunshine and water fade the ink unless you religiously apply sunscreen and other recommended aftercare products. If you’re new to tattoos, remember the rule: it takes around three weeks for the piece to heal fully. Meanwhile, follow the recommended aftercare regimen and products.

Q. Is It Risky To Get A Wrist Tattoo?

Ans.No tattoo is entirely risk-free. But that risk gets reduced if you select a renowned tattoo studio. An expert artist that uses the best, safest equipment and generally knows what they’re doing will take care of you through the process. This in itself reduces any risks of infections or improper healing multifold.


Wrist tattoos are highly visible at all times to the wearer. For this reason, women opt for cute, delicate designs that they won’t mind glancing at throughout the day. If you found the above wrist tattoo designs inspiring, you’d want to check out more work by the artists. The artist name/source is given below each image so that you can approach them directly.

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