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15 Best Daisy Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Daisies are some of the prettiest flowers you will ever come across. These tiny flowers are the ultimate symbol of nature’s beauty. Like most flowers, they blossom in spring. If you are a young boy or girl looking for ideas for your first tattoo or want something cute and minimalistic, then daisies are perfect.

Like all tattoos, there are multiple daisy tattoos to choose from. You can get them in black and white or in color. Daisies are white, but there are other colors, like yellow and pink. In addition, you can also personalize them depending on your preference.

Daisies have been immortalized in poetry by many poets in the past. They have also made appearances in paintings and other works of art. These cute flowers are instant mood-lifters- you will find it impossible to have a bad day if you have them around you.

Having daisies on your body will constantly remind you to be happy and cheerful wherever you go. They will light up your day if you feel low. You can speak to your tattoo artist about the best ways of getting a daisy tattoo, and they will guide you from there.

Why Are Daisy’s Tattoos so Popular Among Boys And Girls?

Daisy tattoo designs are popular because of their beauty. Although daisies seem delicate, they can withstand rough weather because they often grow as wildflowers in the countryside. Suppose you want a flower tattoo that signifies growth and resilience yet looks pretty. In that case, you must consider daisies for your tattoo.

The best thing about daisy tattoos is that these take little time if you want to get inked. Of course, the more elaborate you want your tattoos to be, the more time it will take. The best thing about daisy designs is that you can make them as extensive or minimalist as you want.

Since budget can be a factor for boys and girls, these tattoos are perfect without digging deep into one’s pocket money. And yet, they offer an individualistic sense of style and make for lovely body art.

Some Daisy Tattoo Ideas For Boys And Girls

Daisy tattoos look lovely on everybody, and they are suitable for all. Age and gender is not a barrier to getting them. Here are some daisy tattoo ideas for boys and girls.

1. Multicolor Daisies

Multicolor Daisies
Image Source: Pinterest @HowLifeStyles

Daisies appear in all colors in nature, and you can replicate that in your tattoo. You can have a string of daisies in multiple colors. You can also throw other flowers into the mix. You can have as many daisies as you want, whichever color you wish.

These tattoos are great for collarbones, inner wrists, waistlines, or ankles. The cluster of daisies attracts just the right amount of attention without being overpowering. This tattoo is apt for both boys and girls, and it is accessible on the pockets as well.

2. Daisy Sketch Tattoo

Daisy Sketch Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Margarida Lavrador

Sketch tattoos are mostly done in black and white, and they are perfect for your daisy tattoos. These tattoos are lovely for the back of the upper arm, the nape of the neck, and the ankles. They stand out against pale skin, and it is a minimalist design that suits everybody.

Sketch tattoos are also easy to etch, and you can have a pair instead of a single daisy to make the tattoo stand out. You can also add a 3D effect to the tattoo with shading; even if it’s small, it will still look stunning.

3. White Daisy Tattoo

White Daisy Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @TattMag

The single white daisy tattoo will make heads turn because of its stunningly simple design. The most beautiful things in life are chaste and simple; this tattoo proves it. This tattoo looks unique because it uses white ink, which looks stunning on any skin color. And if you have slight skin tones, this tattoo will stand out even more.

The tattoo does not have any other element other than the flower itself. The borders are shaded for maximum effect. However, the tattoo might pale quickly, and you must stay out of the sun as much as possible to keep the color intact.

4. Daisy And Flowers Tattoo

Daisy And Flowers Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Nidhi Patel

While daisies are central to the tattoo, the combinations of other flowers make this tattoo stand out. You can have this as a sketch tattoo, but add colors if you want. You can have roses, lilies, and daffodils alongside the daisies.

This tattoo is suitable for almost any part of the body. You can speak to your tattoo artist about the flowers you want in the tattoo, and they will give you ideas about their placement and design. You can also have the daisies in the center with the other flowers around them to keep the attention on the daisies.

5. Shaded 3D Daisy Tattoo

Shaded 3D Daisy Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Alyssa Keen

If you want a shaded and 3D effect for your tattoo, this one works best. The tattoo is unique because of the dim impact, and although it is in black and white, it will bring out all the intricacies of the tattoo.

This tattoo is perfect for the upper or lower arm, above the ankles, the collarbones, behind the shoulders, or the lower back. You can also get this tattoo in some darker colors like navy blue or deep green to make it appear more edgy if you want something minimalist but also a little edgy.

6. Daisy Cluster Tattoo

Daisy Cluster Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Chanice Burton

What is better than a single daisy? A cluster of daisies, of course. This little cluster looks pretty because of the delicate manner in which they are held. The daisies are tiny, and they are held together in a pretty bow. You can have this in black and white or add some color; both look pretty.

The tattoo is excellent on the waist, above the elbow, or on the thighs. You make the cluster as extensive as you want a giant tattoo or opt for multiple clusters if you wish to match tattoos on both hands or legs.

7. String of Daisies Tattoo

String of Daisies Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

A string of white daisies is one of the best tattoo ideas if you are looking for a floral tattoo. The white daisies are soothing, and the white string connecting them all seems surreal.

The string of daisies is perfect for the arms or the legs. While you can add color, the white daisies look very dreamy. The white ink also stands out against the skin, and you can make it more edgy with a bit of shading, which your tattoo artist will help you figure out.

8. Daisy on Triangle Tattoo

Daisy on Triangle Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Mama Tried

Geometric designs make any tattoo stand out; even a simple daisy tattoo can look edgy with a bold and black triangle in the background. It puts the flower in sharp focus and makes the tattoo stand out. You can choose any other geometric shape, but a dark background will always look good.

The daisy tattoo can also have a leaves motif, making the tattoo more extensive. Making the background dark can be painful, but you can talk to your tattoo artist about how large you want the background to be.

9. Daisy Tattoos With Quotes

Daisy Tattoos With Quotes
Image Source: Pinterest @CJames Menard

Daisies are one of the prettiest flowers; a quotation can make the tattoo even more meaningful. You can place the quotation around the tattoo in any way you want. You can have the quotation in place of the stem or the text around the design, with the daisy at the center.

The text can be a line from your favorite poem or an idea you hold dear. You can add some color to the tattoo by having the daisy in any color you want. You can also speak to your tattoo artist about the font you want for the text to make it stand out.

10. Daisy And Tears Tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest @TattooStylist

It’s a slightly edgy tattoo that has a deeper meaning. Even the prettiest little thing, like a daisy, is not free from the darker aspects of life. The daisy is presented as an umbrella with falling petals trying to withstand the rain, which signifies the hardships of life.

The tattoo looks best in black and white and is perfect for the upper arm, waist, or ankles. You can make the raindrops darker in hue to present a contrast. The falling petals lend an extra touch of melancholy to the tattoo, but that is what makes it so beautiful.

11. Daisy Wreath Tattoo

Daisy Wreath Tattoo
Image Source: tattoofilter

A wreath of daisies is one of the prettiest things ever. The beautiful daisies are arranged in a circular pattern with leaves and other delicate flowers. This tattoo looks wonderful both in color and as a sketch tattoo.

You can have a full wreath or one that is shaped like half a moon. A larger daisy can be at the center with smaller ones around it. The different shapes of the leaves make it more unique, and this tattoo is great for the nape of the neck, the collarbones, or the lower waist.

12. Daisy Rainbow Tattoo

Daisy Rainbow Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @FindTattooDesign

When the colors of the rainbow and daisies come together, it is bound to make a beautiful tattoo. You can have a full rainbow behind the daisy or just a splash of the different rainbow colors.

This tattoo is perfect for behind the legs, above the elbows, or behind the shoulders. The daisy can be an outline, and the imperfections make this tattoo stand out. The color splashes look unique, and you can speak to your tattoo artist about the ones you want to include.

13. Aztec Daisy Tattoo

Aztec Daisy Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Easily

This Aztec print-inspired daisy tattoo is a pervasive one that includes a lot of elements. There is a cross in the center that is done in bright colors and is done in Aztec print. There are daisies and birds around the cross, along with whimsical elements and rings that add to the look.

The colors are bold, and this could be a very expensive tattoo to create. It works well as a full-sleeve tattoo, and the combination of colors will turn many heads. The birds and daisies enhance the beauty of the design in every way.

14. Bold And Black Daisy Tattoo

Bold And Black Daisy Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Easily

This bold take on the daisy tattoo shows that every delicate thing has a strong and bold side to it. The tattoo uses bold, black strokes with hints of color that create a bold pattern. This tattoo looks great on the feet or the back of the hand.

The bold outlines make the tattoo stand out sharply; even a tiny motif will attract much attention. The daisy has a deconstructed look that shows one can be different and bold yet turn heads simultaneously.

15. Half Daisy Tattoo

Half Daisy Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Nidhi Patel

The half-daisy tattoo is a unique take on a conventional design. This tattoo is best for the elbows or any joint area like the knees or the feet. The tattoo shows a half daisy, but it does not signify incompleteness. You can have the tattoo as a sketch design, with the petals shaded for maximum effect.

The tattoo almost looks like a half-moon and is apt for both genders. You can get this tattoo in color, although the starkness of the sketch tattoo looks best. It’s one of the best minimalist tattoos you will come across.


You may have some questions before getting a daisy tattoo. Here are some of the most common ones.

Q1. Are daisy tattoos expensive?

Ans: The cost of getting a tattoo depends on how intricate and extensive it is. The more complex it is, the more expensive it will be. However, daisy tattoos are usually minimal and will not cost much unless you choose to go for something elaborate. A tiny daisy tattoo can cost you around $50, and the prices will climb for something more extensive.

Q2. How to prepare for a daisy tattoo?

Ans: Like any other tattoo, ensure you stay hydrated and moisturize your skin. Please do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours, as it may dilute your blood and cause excessive bleeding. Wax the area to keep away unwanted hair so that it is easier for your tattoo artist to work on your motif.

Q3. How to care for a daisy tattoo?

Ans: You must avoid doing heavy exercises for at least eight weeks after getting your tattoo. It increases the chances of your skin breaking and bleeding, and sweating and may lead to infections and rashes. Avoiding the sun to prevent your tattoo from fading from UV rays would be best.

Q4. How can I personalize a daisy tattoo?

Ans: Yes, daisy tattoos are simple, leaving much scope for personalization. You can add text to the tattoo. You can also make it more extensive by adding other flowers to the mix, colors of your choice, or some other symbol with a deeper meaning.


One should be very careful while choosing a tattoo, especially if it is the first one. There have been far too many instances where people have regretted getting a tattoo.

However, daisy tattoos are one of the safest choices because you can never go wrong with them. Their prettiness inspires love and is perfect for the delicate skin of young boys and girls.

You can get daisy tattoos in several colors because, in nature, daisies grow in several colors. They will be one of the prettiest tattoos to have on yourself.

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