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Do You Tip Tattoo Artists (And How Much)?

Do you tip tattoo artists? It’s a question that comes to mind to a people when they set out to get their first tattoo. The short answer is yes. You’d tip your tattoo artist just like you would your server when you’re out getting drinks or your hairdresser after a haircut. What all of these professions have in common is they don’t make an hourly wage, and both a tattoo artist and a hairdresser usually have to pay for the right to work in their shop!

Why You Tip Tattoo Artists

A tattoo artist working in a shop is either paying a shop booth rental fee or is paying a certain percentage of what they make to the shop owner. This percentage usually ranges anywhere from 40-60%! That’s giving up a lot of their potential earnings just to have a job! Not to mention a tattoo artist is responsible for all their own supplies and tattoo machines!

What Should You Tip Tattoo Artists?

So how much should you tip a tattoo artist? Well, that depends on a few different things.

How much did the tattoo cost? If your tattoo artist is hooking you up on a really good price you should generally tip a higher percentage.

How good was the artist to you? Did they make you feel comfortable? If an artist goes out of their way to walk you through the process and make you feel comfortable with everything that is going on; the percentage your tip should then increase based on their service.

How was the artist’s work? If they put in the time to draw up an awesome original piece of artwork or drew out something you brought in, and if they did an excellent job then you should tip them at a higher rate.

Regardless of any factors just like you should tip a server at least 15% you should, at least, tip a tattoo artist 15% too. Generally, though your tip should range between 20-30%.

There is no maximum amount that should be tipped. If you feel the artist hooked you up and did an excellent job than you can even tip 50%.

Use Your ​Judgment

Use your ​judgment when deciding how much to tip a tattoo artist. If you feel they deserve more, then tip more, but don’t tip more than you can afford. And if your tattoo is going to be broken into different sessions you can either tip at the end when it’s all done or after each session. Whichever you decide to do talk to your tattoo artist about your plan. After all, a happy tattoo artist makes for better tattoos!

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