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17 Adorable Dog Paw Tattoo Ideas

Dogs are often the most loved pets of all, which is why dog parents choose to get dog tattoos done, and getting a dog paw tattoo is quite a popular choice for this purpose.

After all, dogs are the most loyal companions a human can have, and no matter what we do for them, it’s never enough to compensate for their undying loyalty towards us.

Dog paw tattoos are also a great idea for those who wish to pay tribute to their pet but don’t want to sport something too elaborate. Some people also choose to get the actual paw size of their dogs tattooed on themselves, which is a superbly sweet gesture.

Imagine your dog wagging their tail and smiling at you wide when you show them your dog paw tattoo for the first time. It will be such a priceless moment, don’t you think?

So, if you’re looking for dog paw tattoo ideas guaranteed to melt your heart, your search ends here. We have an ideal collection of tattoos for you to check out and choose from.

Meaning and Significance of Dog Paw Tattoos

Paws signify movement and the will to keep moving forward in life. Dog paws have an even deeper meaning and can symbolize different things for different individuals. Here are some of the meanings often associated with dog paw tattoos:

  • These tattoos can be a wonderful way to show your love for your doggo. It could be a dog you have welcomed in your life recently or someone you adopted years ago and has now become your family. Truth be told, it doesn’t take too long for a dog to make their way into a human’s heart. So, this tattoo is almost like a forever present for your pet.
  • Dog paw tattoos are also often opted for by those who have lost their beloved dogs. Losing a pet signifies unbearable sadness for some people, and a heartwarming way to honor their memory is by getting this tattoo. By doing so, you can always have them close to your soul despite them not being physically around you anymore.
  • Dogs are known to protect the home they belong to and guide the ones who adopt them. The sense of loyalty, protectiveness, and guidance is very strong in these four-legged creatures. Hence, getting a dog paw tattoo can also mean you want to always feel properly guided and protected by a presence that is almost spiritual.
  • Dogs are loved for many qualities, and loyalty is probably at the top of that list of qualities. This is why a dog paw tattoo is a go-to option for people who wish to convey the message to their beloved pet that they are loyal individuals who can be trusted and relied on.

Cute and Unique Dog Paw Tattoo Ideas

Let’s now take a look at some of the cutest dog paw tattoo ideas that you can get designed on yourself:

1. Dog Paw Tattoo Behind the Ear

Dog Paw Tattoo Behind the Ear
Image Source: in.cdgdbentre.edu.vn/paw-prints-behind-ear-tattoo-sxfnunfu/

Getting a tattoo isn’t always a comfortable or normal thing for everyone. After all, many people fear needles and don’t have a high pain threshold. However, some still get it done despite their fears purely because they want to have a permanent mark on themselves dedicated to their puppy.

If you’re scared of getting inked, you can opt to get a smaller tattoo, and a small dog paw tattoo is perfect for such situations. You can get one behind your ear, on your finger, or even on the nape of your neck.

2. Dog Paw Tattoo with a Name

Dog Paw Tattoo with a Name
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/568438784221620220/

Perhaps you don’t want just a dog paw tattoo and would also like to add other elements related to your dog. In that case, you can also include your dog’s name in your tattoo. Some choose their favorite font, while others choose a cursive font as it looks elegant and classy.

If you wish to make it more special, you can also write your dog’s name in your handwriting and have that tattooed along with the paws.

3. Multiple Dog Paws

Multiple Dog Paws
Image Source: pinterest.ca/pin/409405422386481548/

Do you know what’s better than just one dog? Multiple dogs, of course! Similarly, you can enhance the appearance of your tattoo by getting multiple little dog paws tattooed on yourself. Some choose to get this design to dedicate a paw each to all the dogs they have.

If you have multiple dogs or have always grown up around dogs, you might want to go for this design.

4. On the Leg

On the Leg
Image Source: pinterest.ca/pin/409405422382010373/

Dogs use their legs for so many purposes. It could be for running around with immeasurable energy, walking proudly with their favorite humans, or bringing their beloved toys to you.

Getting a dog paw tattoo on your leg makes sense for this reason and also because tiny paws will look extremely cute on a person’s ankles.

5. Dog Paw Tattoo with Angel Wings

Dog Paw Tattoo with Angel Wings
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/568438784212138692/

Dogs are undoubtedly angels on earth. God probably created them, knowing that human beings would need some angelic presence constantly that comes in the form of four legs and lots of fur. That’s why including angel wings in your dog paw tattoo can be fantastic.

6. Face on the Paw

Face on the Paw
Image Source: wildtattooart.com/paw-tattoos

Getting a dog paw tattoo is lovely, but how about taking it a notch further and making it more creative?

You can do this by designing the paws so that a dog’s face is seen from within the paws. It will almost be like your dog is always watching over you.

7. Paw in White Ink

Paw in White Ink
Image Source: wildtattooart.com/paw-tattoos

While getting inked with a black tattoo is possibly the most common choice, getting a tattoo in white ink is unusual and sets you apart from the crowd. If you want your dog paw tattoo to be one of a kind in a way, you can surely get it done using white ink.

You can ask your tattoo artist to show you options to ensure that the color looks good on you and suits your skin tone.

8. 3D Paw Print

3D Paw Print
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/520658406911835741/

Many dogs cause quite a lot of chaos when it’s time for them to bathe. Getting them to sit still for an activity isn’t always possible, mainly because they are always so full of energy. Well, your dog must sit still for a 3D paw print tattoo.

Believe us when we say that the effort will be worth it because once you see the final result, your heart will be filled with joy, and your eyes will get teary. It can be challenging to get your dog’s paw print on a sheet of paper, but you can make them do it through a few treats as a bribe.

However, before you get this tattoo, discuss the design with your tattoo artist beforehand. The reason behind this is that getting the design right can be slightly tricky, and if it doesn’t turn out well, it will surely leave you upset.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure your tattoo artist is confident that they can execute it perfectly.

9. Paw Tattoo with a Heart

Paw Tattoo with a Heart
Image Source: tattoomenow.com/tattoo-designs/dog-paw-tattoos-2/

Dogs make a permanent place in our hearts from the minute we bring them home, which is why getting a dog paw tattoo with a heart in the design makes complete sense. It can be as simple as outlining a heart and having a little paw inside it.

You can also get more creative with the designs. For example, you can put down enough dog paws so that they are designed to form a heart. Or you can draw a heart using dots and then have the paw look shaded within it.

10. Colorful Dog Paw Tattoo

Colorful Dog Paw Tattoo
Image Source: instagram.com/tattoosbychivo/

Dogs are extremely lively and colorful animals. They’re playful, mischievous, and filled with energy. Including colors in your dog paw tattoo is a fun way to showcase this personality trait. You can choose one or two colors or include multiple hues in this adorable tattoo design.

Size isn’t an issue when it comes to colorful tattoos, and you can get them on any body part. If you choose darker colors for your tattoo, you can make the outline stand out by printing it in white ink.

Since gradient tattoos have been all the rage for quite some time now, this unique tattoo design will surely turn several heads in your direction. It’s a thoughtful way to convey the colors a dog brings into our lives.

11. Dog Paw Tattoo with Floral Elements

Dog Paw Tattoo with Floral Elements
Image Source: in.thtantai2.edu.vn/flower-paw-print-tattoo-9pglnnja/

If you were picturing your tattoo to look a little more embellished, the best way to make that happen is by including floral elements. You can also add colors to this tattoo or make the paw appear like a flower that grows out of a branch with leaves underneath it.

12. Dog Paw with Shoe Print

Dog Paw with Shoe Print
Image Source: wildtattooart.com/paw-tattoos

Dogs enjoy playing in the mud or anywhere outdoors without ever caring about how dirty they will get later. If you have a dog, you know how often you have gotten your shoes muddy trying to pull your dog away from a play area.

Such fond memories can be immortalized by drawing a shoe print and a dog paw on your tattoo.

13. Dog Paw with a Heartbeat

Dog Paw with a Heartbeat
Image Source: wildtattooart.com/paw-tattoos

Dogs are a human being’s heartbeat, especially if you have had your pet for years. They become your family, your home, and your entire world. That’s why having a heartbeat feature in your dog’s paw tattoo makes sense.

14. Holding Hands with Your Dog

Holding Hands with Your Dog
Image Source: bodyartguru.com/paw-print-tattoos/

Getting to hold your dog’s hand is a privilege and an honor. So, how about you get a tattoo wherein a dog’s paw is shown to meet a human’s hand? Doesn’t it sound so adorable?

This tattoo design is the ultimate metaphor for the bond shared between a person and a dog. It indicates friendship, faith, and a lifelong relationship that only grows deeper with time.

This tattoo design will hold an even more special meaning for dog lovers who lost a dog sometime in the past. It can also indicate the beginning of a friendship you have with a dog since one of the first things dog parents teach their pet is how to shake their hand using their paw.

You can just give an outline for such a design or choose to go bolder by adding darker shades of black and grey to make it look more realistic.

15. On the Hand

On the Hand
Image Source: instagram.com/black_mass_ink/

How often have you come home to be greeted by your dog excitedly wagging its tail at you and requesting to be picked up? Or take them out for a walk by holding on tight to their leash? Or bent down to rub their belly after a long day?

These activities symbolize how habituated we get to using our hands to show our love to our pets. For this reason, you can get a dog paw tattoo on your palm or hand to make you feel like you’re constantly holding your dog’s little paw.

16. Dog Paw Tattoo on the Chest

Dog Paw Tattoo on the Chest
Image Source: tattoostime.com/dog-paw-print-tattoo-on-man-chest/

We want to keep our dogs as close to our hearts as possible. To honor this emotion further, you can ask your tattoo artist to design the tattoo on your chest. It can make you feel your dog is comforting you by pressing their paws near your heart.

17. With an Infinity Sign

With an Infinity Sign
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/110901209566499524/

Friends may come, and friends may go, but the love of a dog is forever. Since this statement is true, you can convey this sentiment through your tattoo by adding an infinity symbol to the design.

Regardless of whether you currently have a dog or are getting the tattoo in memory of a pet you lost, this tattoo design will be special forever. You can also add the dates and years of when you got your dog or lost it to add a sentimental touch.


Which is the best place to get a dog paw tattoo?

You get a dog paw tattoo on any part of your body, such as your wrist, ankles, neck, and fingers.

Can I get a bigger dog paw tattoo?

If you want a bigger dog paw tattoo, you can get it done.

How much will a dog paw tattoo cost?

The cost of a dog paw tattoo will depend on the size of your tattoo.

Will it take long to get a dog paw tattoo designed on myself?

The time it takes to get a dog paw tattoo designed on yourself will depend on how vast and intricate it is.

What is the symbolism associated with a dog paw tattoo?

The symbolism associated with a dog paw tattoo is usually love, loyalty, and the strong bond between a person and their pet.


Dogs play so many roles in a human’s life. They are our buddies, protectors, companions, and saviors.

Although it may feel as if we adopt them, the truth is that they adopt us and blend us seamlessly into their lives, and that’s a gift we can never repay.

That’s why getting a dog paw tattoo is a small yet incredibly meaningful gesture to show how much you love your little furry friend.

If you have been thinking of getting a dog paw tattoo for a long time, we hope these interesting ideas will help you choose one that catches your eye.

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