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50 Stunning Finger Tattoos Ideas & Designs

The popularity of finger tattoos has reached the sky. From Kendall Jenner’s hearts on her middle fingers to Rihanna’s “Shhh…” on her pointer finger, you can spot many of your favorite celebrities with pretty finger tattoos. Unfortunately, fingers are amongst the most painful body parts to tattoo. Yet it’s all worth the pain because the tiny tattoos that run down fingers look super cool.

There are a plethora of designs you can choose from in the design pool. Each design, though tiny, ensures your desired finger tattoo is both meaningful and a visual delight. Although the surface area on a finger is restricted to work with, there’s no shortage of incredible options — you may opt for a subtle tattoo or the boldest one for your finger.

Have you been struggling to search for a finger tattoo to add to your collection? The 50 stunning designs (shown below) that I’ve spotted trending online should be the ideal starting point. These beautiful designs are inspiring and meaningful. Further, the artist/source below each image helps lead you to more of each talented artist’s inspiring creations. Finally, don’t forget to go through the faq’s at the very end; they’re sure to demystify some of your main concerns.

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Finger Tattoo Designs

#1. Eye And Snake Finger Tattoos

Eye And Snake Finger Tattoos
Source: @midsommarhaxa via Instagram

Not all five fingers have to create an impact. For example, in the above design, you can see a bold, black eye (though tiny) on one finger and a boldened, black snake (again small) on the finger next to it. The eye represents “God is watching over you,” while the snake represents “rebirth, fertility, power,” etc.

#2. Fire Finger Tattoo

Fire Finger Tattoo
Source: @dcsss_tattoo via Instagram

The meaning most associated with a fire tattoo is love and transformation. The above image shows the lady’s middle finger having a delicate linework ‘fire’ tattoo, which looks fabulous.

#3. Sword Tattoo On Index Finger

Sword Tattoo On Index Finger
Source: @romancetattoos via Instagram

The above is a genius piece that shows a sword piercing through the finger. A sword tattoo anywhere on the body represents power, strength, honor, and freedom.

#4. Quote Finger Tattoo

Quote Finger Tattoo
Source: @1blacktattoos via Instagram

The hand and fingers are an excellent placement for tattoos of quotes. For example, the above design reads “There’s sun after rain” and “Love after pain.” The two phrases are reassuring to serve as a positive reminder each time you glance at them.

#5. Calligraphy Finger Tattoos

Calligraphy Finger Tattoos
Source: @edissontattoos via Instagram

Calligraphy — the art of beautiful writing — always impresses. For example, the above finger tattoos spell out “Take care” when all ten fingers are together. Similarly, you may think of any other ten-letter word or phrase for yourself.

#6. Single Ornament Design

Single Ornament Design
Source: @lolotatttoos via Instagram

Adding the most straightforward tattoo to your finger(s) can make a significant, positive difference. For example, the above tattoo must’ve taken a few free-handed minutes to ink, yet it looks astonishing.

#7. Symbol Fingers Tattoos

Symbol Fingers Tattoos
Source: @johan.foreverlost via Instagram

In the above design, the artist has inked each finger with a unique symbol. You can see a sword, hourglass, weighing scale, eye, etc. It’s an exciting composition and an intelligent way of using the fingers to display multiple meaningful symbols. It reminds one of wearing a different design of the ring on each finger.

#8. His And Her Crown Tattoos

His And Her Crown Tattoos
Source: @inkedwithco via Instagram

His and her crown tattoos shown above are King and Queen tattoos. It’s the perfect idea for couples or a husband and wife.

#9. Pretty Fingers Tattoo

Pretty Fingers Tattoo
Source: @blam_tat via Instagram

Your pretty fingers deserve a stunning tattoo — perhaps a leafy twig that swirls around your fingers. The colors are perfect, too; they match the nail polish.

#10. Red And Green Finger Tattoo

Red And Green Finger Tattoo
Source: @jayivareetattoo via Instagram

The above tattoo is in environmental colors—Green, of course, and the elegant red flowers. There is no solid work. It’s all linework. Yet, the simple tattoo is made vibrant using bright colored ink.

#11. Butterflies Finger Tattoo

Butterflies Finger Tattoo
Source: @shadow_tattooer via Instagram

Butterfly tattoos connote young love. Hence, the above tattoo has a romantic meaning. But, like many finger tattoos (not all), this one is also an ideal choice for a woman.

#12. Artsy Finger Tattoo

Artsy Finger Tattoo
Source: @d_world_of_ink via Instagram

The above, free-handed design tattooed on the finger is an almost realistic persona of a young woman smoking away. As a word of advice, tattoos with naked depictions don’t necessarily mean they’re obscene.

#13. Symmetrical Finger Tattoos

Symmetrical Finger Tattoos
Source: @yavonnie_a via Instagram

A colorful butterfly is one of the most beautiful symbols of our times. However, the colors represent more than beauty; they also signify non-discriminatory inclusion and acceptance. The above tattoo further symbolizes “let’s join hands for a complete world.”

#14. No-Face Finger Tattoo

No-Face Finger Tattoo
Source: @redandsalty via Instagram

No-face is a bizarre spirit character. The abstract nature of the design makes it a famous tattoo optional. That said, the finger is one of the most suitable spots for this minimalistic design.

#15. Lil Black Finger Hearts

Lil Black Finger Hearts
Source: @geeroetattoo via Instagram

Aren’t they cute? Having black hearts on fingers makes this a decidedly quirky choice.

#16. Handpoked Wedding Rings  

Handpoked Wedding Rings
Source: @tattoo_prik via Instagram

Much like the earlier King and Queen crowns shown in this list, this arrangement is equally remarkable. His and her wedding rings are tattooed in a dual line design and a leafy pattern, respectively. Isn’t this one of the most romantic tattoo styles? The artist has used hand poked style for these tattoos. 

#17. Multiple Eyes Finger Tattoos

Multiple Eyes Finger Tattoos
Source: @juliah_parker via Instagram

A tattoo that speaks volumes about its appeal hails from an artist with expertise. The design on each of the fingers of each hand of the above tattoo looks identical. The spacing, detailing, and blackness of the ink are consistent. Kudos to the artist!

#18. Stars On Fingers

Stars On Fingers
Source: @moderninktattoo via Instagram

The scattered stars (or sparkles) design on the hand and fingers looks pretty cool. It’s a feminine pattern that is easy, fast, and reasonably priced to tattoo. In this case, the color is dark blue, but black or any other dark color of your choice would look equally lovely.

#19. Garden Insects Assortment On Fingers 

Garden Insects Assortment On Fingers
Source: @franztattooist via Instagram

Garden lovers would love this tattoo. It features a different insect or flower on each finger. Here we can spot a ladybug, honey bee, butterfly, and orange flowers with green leaves.

#20. Ornaments And Dots Finger Tattoo

Ornaments And Dots Finger Tattoo
Source: @sophia_nous_tattoo via Instagram

The above tattoo is impressive in every aspect. It’s a simple, ornamental design that is scattered all over the hand yet not tacky.

#21. Henna-Look Tattoo

Henna-Look Tattoo
Source: @jadejay.ink via Instagram

The technique used for the above beautiful finger tattoo resembles the way henna is applied. The main similarities are the pattern, density, and placement of the design over the fingers.

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#22. Tiny Letter Tattoo

Tiny Letter Tattoo
Source: @hybridink.helsinki via Instagram

The first letter of yours or your partner’s first name makes for a fabulous finger side tattoo. It doesn’t have to be bold. It looks incredible as a cute, tiny yet stylistic font.

#23. Random Symbols On Fingers

Random Symbols On Fingers
Source: @rootedbodytattoo via Instagram

The best part of finger tattoos is having multiple elements, just as you have numerous fingers. Further, you don’t have to decide on all five fingers in one go. You can take it at your own pace. Like with any tattoo, you should think about your decision carefully before getting inked.

#24. Light Colored Flowers On Fingers

Light Colored Flowers On Fingers
Source: @rikharleytattoos via Instagram

The above flower tattoos are subtle yet straightforward. The choice of light shades of colors helps bring out the refreshing appeal. Contrasting the colors if you have multiple flowers makes sense too. It’s a straightforward way of making your tatts stand out.

#25. Seashell Tattoo On Finger

Seashell Tattoo On Finger
Source: @chonny562.tattoo via Instagram

The above example represents seashells to your heart’s desire. The sea, sea creatures, sun, sand — you get the drift! Overall, it’s a soothing, fun tattoo for your finger.

#26. Dotted Heart On Pinky Finger 

Dotted Heart On Pinky Finger
Source: @caiocerejatattoo via Instagram

Aww, the mini dotted heart looks so cute on the little pinky finger.

#27. Rose Tattoo On Middle Finger

Rose Tattoo On Middle Finger
Source: @linesbyandrew via Instagram

Roses are one of the most fun, romantic elements when it comes to composing a tattoo design. This sweet, little rose tattooed on the middle finger is so special. It signifies LOVE, warmth, and friendship. Not to mention, it’s highly romantic.

#28. Hand Poked Eye Tattoo On Index Finger

Hand Poked Eye Tattoo On Index Finger
Source: @township31 via Instagram

The fun part about hand-poked tattoos is you can do them on yourself. Yet, if you don’t have the experience, I suggest leaving it to the professionals. Hand poked (or stick and poke) tattooing should be done using the best stick and poke equipment only.

#29. First Name On Little Finger

First Name On Little Finger
Source: @badya_tattoo_arts via Instagram

Your pinky is a unique placement for the most special tattoo. Ideas include your or your loved one’s first name, your child’s first name, etc.

#30. Favorite Foods Tattoos 

Favorite Foods Tattoos
Source: @carrieblacktattoo via Instagram

If you’re a food lover who loves pizza, tropical fruits, ice cream, and other yummy stuff, you’d love this tattoo idea. I also adore the colors that give it extra oomph.

#31. Snake Wound Finger Tattoo

Snake Wound Finger Tattoo
Source: @seulgiroun_life.e via Instagram

There’s something subtle and sweet in the appeal of the above snake wound finger tattoo. Of course, this theme is familiar; nevertheless, this one stands out. The tattoo is in grey shading, which means it won’t overwhelm you.

#32. Middle Finger Tattoos

Middle Finger Tattoos
Source: @mizzmorgantaylor via Instagram

The infamous middle fingers are notable for a peculiar reason. Due to their excessive flashing usage, they’re a choice for your favorite symbols.

#33. “Lost Soul” Fingers Tattoo

"Lost Soul" Fingers Tattoo
Source: @chicano.nass via Instagram

The colloquial expression “lost soul” is someone who’s lost in life. If you identify with that expression, this tattoo could be an excellent addition to your tattoo collection.

#34. Delicate Dotwork Tattoos On Fingers 

Delicate Dotwork Tattoos On Fingers
Source: @beth_rose_tattoo via Instagram

Dotwork is a technique in tattooing that seldom fails to impress. It’s a fantastic option for your next finger tattoos. The above image shows the moon, leaf, sun, and leafy stem on different fingers. It’s a sensual tattoo option, primarily if a subtle shade of green gets used for the pigment choice.

#35. Tribal Design On Fingers 

Tribal Design On Fingers
Source: @livingritualbodyarts via Instagram

Tribal patterns are a great way of filling up space. Your fingers are perfect spots for tribal patterns. The look is similar to henna designs. If you’ve got an existing tribal tattoo theme running across other parts of your body, especially your arms and hands, then the continuation onto the fingers makes a lot of sense.

#36. Geometric Tattoo On Finger 

Geometric Tattoo On Finger
Source: @trikona.tattoos via Instagram

The pyramid and eye in the middle is an excellent idea for your finger. It is a geometric tattoo with an Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics scripture theme.

#37. Kraken Finger Tattoo

Kraken Finger Tattoo
Source: @customtattoosbymark via Instagram

A Kraken is a Scandinavian, mythological, folklore sea monster. If you love the above Kraken tattoo, you’d love to go through fantastic images selected for our article “20 Incredible Octopus Tattoo Design & Ideas With Meaning.

#38. Dollar Sign Finger Tattoo

Dollar Sign Finger Tattoo
Source: @mlody.tatuażyk via Instagram

The dollar sign signifies wealth and prosperity. If not the dollar, go ahead with another strong currency of your choice. Overall, it’s a fun idea for a finger tattoo.

#39. Roman Numerals/Cross On Finger Tattoos

Roman Numerals Cross On Finger Tattoos
Source: @fuvkhayden via Instagram

Once again, having multiple fingers allows you to hone your imagination to select among an array of tattoo ideas. For instance, the above design uses Roman numerals and a Holy Cross tattoos.

#40. Mouse And Cheese Finger Tattoos 

Mouse And Cheese Finger Tattoos
Source: @juliejuice412 via Instagram

Your hunt for a cute finger tattoo ends here. Nothing tops the above mouse and cheese depiction. However, the cuteness continues — one of the fingers also has a moon and sun tattoo.

#41. Floral Design Finger Tattoos 

Floral Design Finger Tattoos
Source: @auraninetyfour via Instagram

The fingers in the above tattoo complement the central floral emblem tattooed on the palm.

#42. Skeleton Fingers Tattoo

Skeleton Fingers Tattoo
Source: @viraltattz via Instagram

His body is heavily tattooed. The fingers go along with the general theme of a skeletal tattoo. If you love this idea, it may be worth your while checking out the choice in our Grim Reaper tattoos article. 

#43. Fingers With Pokemon Characters Tattoo

Fingers With Pokemon Characters Tattoo
Source: @tony.decay via Instagram

Pokemon characters as a tattoo are super cute as it is. However, when you make them tinier to fit the restricted finger spaces, the cuteness level rises quite a few notches. 

#44. Tiny Smiley Face Freehand Tattoo 

Tiny Smiley Face Freehand Tattoo
Source: @g9in_ttt via Instagram

The above is a tiny, minimalistic tattoo. You’ll have to go up close to spot whether it exists on the person. However, folks who want something personal, not too flashy, would love this choice.

#45. Colorful Snake Tattoo On Finger

Colorful Snake Tattoo On Finger
Source: @keemee.keemee via Instagram

The above image is of a watercolor technique tattoo. The snake in violet, orange, green, and pink shading is meandering around the ring finger. The one word that describes this piece best is — unique!

#46. Scorpion Tattoo On Middle Finger

Scorpion Tattoo On Middle Finger
Source: @rosiemaytat via Instagram

On a woman, generally, a scorpion tattoo symbolizes male sexuality or arousal. It could also represent protection against evil spirits. Men who’ve spent some time in prison may get a scorpion tattooed on a body placement of their choice. On the whole, there is no rule carved in stone on all this. So, if you like the Scorpio without much reasoning, you could still go for it for your next tattoo.

#47. Skeleton Fingers

Skeleton Fingers
Source: @smidytattoo via Instagram

The skeleton fingers tattoo shown above is a common choice. Yet, this idea keeps growing in popularity. It’s an evergreen tattoo design that looks great on the feet, fingers, and mouth area.

#48. Simple Ring Finger Tattoo

Simple Ring Finger Tattoo
Source: @crooked_gun via Instagram

The above ring tattoo is the simplest form of tattooing one can opt for in their life. It’s the most basic free-hand line that you can walk in and out of the studio to get. It looks spellbound.

#49. Cute Puppy Finger Tattoo

Cute Puppy Finger Tattoo
Source: @vladabenson via Instagram

Many people get a simplistic outline of their favorite pet tattooed somewhere or the other visible on their bodies. For example, the above tattoo shows a puppy outlined on the ring finger. If inked accurately, such designs closely resemble the actual pet even without requiring intricate detailing.

#50. Handpoked Heart Tattoo On Thumb 

Handpoked Heart Tattoo On Thumb
Source: @keenetattoo via Instagram

Now, as we come to an end, this great list of stunning finger tattoos would not be complete without the above incredible mini heart on the thumb. It’s an outline tattoo done freehandedly to perfection.


Q. Do Finger Tattoos Hurt Real Bad?

Ans. All tattoos hurt. However, some are more painful than others. The pain felt depends on the individual’s pain threshold and experience of getting tattooed. That said, finger tattoos are among the most painful you’ll experience. The reason is there are nerves and bones in your fingers that are incredibly close to the skin there. The good news is, the fingers have a tiny surface area, so in all probability, your tattoo session is going to be short and sweet. So, get ready for the pain that will last as quickly as the session.

Q. Do Finger Tattoos Fade Easily?

Ans. Yes, they do fade relatively fast. That is because the hands are amongst the most exposed body parts. Which means there’s much more exposure to the sun, water, and air. However, a proper aftercare regimen can defer the fading. Another tip is to go for finger tattoos in black or blue ink since dark ink fades relatively slower. Also, if the fading gets out of hand, you have the option to revisit your tattooist for a tattoo touch-up. 

Q. Are Finger Tattoos Cheap? 

Ans. Finger tattoos are not cheap figuratively. But they are quite affordable because they are quick to do and small in size. The average price is $75.

Q. How Soon Do Finger Tattoos Heal?

Ans.The time to heal is similar across the array of tattoos of similar size no matter what the body placement. For example, finger tattoos completely heal within six weeks if you follow a proper aftercare regimen.


There you have it. That was the list of astonishing, stunning finger tattoos ideas and designs. I feel the fingers are amongst the most visible placement choices, so going for a tattoo is a decision tattoo enthusiasts will end up making in their lifetime. If you’re not sure, a finger tattoo is something you’d want to stick around with permanently; you could experiment with a henna tattoo on your fingers first.

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