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12 Dollar Sign Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Deciding on a design for your tattoo is indeed a big decision. There are so many options to choose from, and since this is a permanent thing you will be having on your body, choosing wisely is very crucial.

While some people already know what they wish to get tattooed, others take a while to land on something. If you are one of those who are still unsure about what kind of tattoo to get, then we must tell you that a dollar tattoo is quite a popular choice among people everywhere.

While some might think that a dollar tattoo could seem a little bizarre or extravagant, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, the people who opt for a dollar sign tattoo know that they do it because it has a deeper meaning for them. Keeping the currency aspect aside, it could also mean success and prosperity, and who wouldn’t want their tattoo to reflect that through their tattoo, right?

One of the best things about a dollar sign tattoo is that you can go for so many variations of it. Not only can you add different colors and designs to it, but it is also accessible enough to get done on different body parts.

This lets you have your dollar tattoo as small or big as you want. Now, you might be wondering what are some of the dollar sign tattoo designs would look good on you?

Well, luckily for you, we have some of the best tattoo ideas you can go for. Keep reading to find out more about these designs, and then take your pick, depending on your preference.

Meaning of a Dollar Sign Tattoo

Meaning of a Dollar Sign Tattoo
image source: soxy.com

The dollar sign, as we know it today, originated in Spain during the 18th century for the business trades that took place between Spain and America. The single line or stroke that we see on the dollar sign is a result of merging the P and the S for the Spanish Peso, and the double strokes we come across happened when U and S were combined.

Based on the kind of dollar sign tattoo idea you go for, your tattoo could have a variety of meanings. It could indicate your desire to be successful in life, thereby displaying your ambition.

The dollar sign, after all, is often associated with a wealth of the highest order, financially speaking. Such a tattoo could keep you motivated to work hard and achieve your goals.

On the other hand, you might also see it as a sign that means that perhaps money can’t buy everything. Adding a little twist of your own to the dollar tattoo does sound good, doesn’t it?

In order to add more positive meanings to your dollar sign tattoo, you could have it folded in the form of a rose, indicating peace and prosperity. Some people get the dollar sign tattooed also to remind themselves of the struggles they have been through to get to where they are, so that every time they look at it, they feel a deep sense of gratitude, while also feeling humbled by it.

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Themes For a Dollar Sign Tattoo

A dollar sign tattoo can have several themes and designs associated with it. Let’s go through some of the eclectic themes you can have for your dollar tattoo:

Faces on the Dollar

You can choose to have a face along with your dollar sign tattoo. This could either be a face one usually finds on the currency itself or perhaps something with a more personal touch. These faces could either be cool designs or maybe even cartoonish ones to give a humorous element to your dollar tattoo.

Techniques such as photorealism or the ones achieved through shading and colors are pretty popular in the tattoo community for such types of tattoos.

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Monopoly Man

Monopoly man
Image source: soxy.com

Monopoly is a board game that is associated with money or the dollar sign universally, so it only makes sense to include the Monopoly Man in your dollar sign tattoo. The Monopoly Man, or Rich Uncle Pennybags, as he is more lovingly known, is a warm, happy elderly man, which is why it would be fun to add it to your tattoo design.

A fun way to integrate this into your dollar tattoo is if you get two types of the Monopoly Man. Whereas one side could be the innocent, smiling one, the other side could display a more cunning, sly side. This is surely one of the more creative effects to add to your tattoo.

Gothic Effects and Skull Designs

The association of skulls and money might seem sinister, but it doesn’t have to be so at all. Instead, it could just be a striking and witty element you add to your dollar sign tattoo.

If a more gothic style is what you wish to go for, you can always ask your tattoo artist to add effective shading to it or perhaps even include some green or purple hues to give it that scary or Halloween-like tattoo effect.

Forbidden Fruit Theme

Forbidden Fruit Theme
Image source: bodyartguru.com

The forbidden fruit theme has multiple layers of meaning, thereby adding more symbolism and metaphors to your dollar sign tattoo. We have all heard the tale of Adam and Eve and how the Forbidden Fruit led to their downfall.

It is a story that teaches us the importance of restraint and patience and that greed is never a good thing. Since money is often associated with greed, getting the element of the forbidden fruit in your dollar tattoo is indeed clever and unique.

It could serve as a reminder that greed is a sin and something you should never let yourself fall prey to.

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Money and Flames

Do you wish to give a cool look to your dollar tattoo? Well, if that’s the case, then the dollar sign and flames combo are the ones to go for. We have all heard time and again that money is not everything and isn’t the only way to achieve happiness, right?

The combination of flames and money is the symbolism of exactly that school of thought. It can be a symbol of how materialistic pleasures in life are temporary, and true peace and happiness lie in the comfort of love and other deep emotions.

This is another one of those dollar sign tattoos that you could get in multiple places because of how innovative it is.

Time and Money

We have all heard of the saying ‘time is money’, right? Well, you can convert that saying into a design for your dollar sign tattoo. Perhaps you can place an hourglass design next to your dollar sign to imply the connection between time and money.

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Creative Dollar Sign Tattoo Ideas to Go For

Listed below are some gorgeous dollar sign tattoo ideas that you can choose from for yourself:

1. Capitalized Dollar Sign Tattoo

Capitalized Dollar Sign Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

A capitalized dollar tattoo is one of the bigger designs that you could get perhaps on your arms or calves. You can add some fillings or shading effects to it to make it look even better.

2. Multiple Dollar Tattoos

Multiple Dollar Tattoos
Image source: pinterest.com

How about you go for a dollar sign tattoo that is both adorable and simple? You can get small designs all around your finger. It will almost look like a ring and appear super cute. Finger tattoos are very popular these days, so this is definitely a trendy look.

3. Small Dollar Sign Tattoo

Small Dollar Sign Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

A small dollar sign tattoo can look both sleek and cute. You can either get it on your palm, wrist, or one of your fingers. Those who are fans of minimalistic designs can go for this sort of design.

4. Money Bag Dollar Tattoo

Money Bag Dollar Tattoo
Image source: ankitpoint.in

A money bag dollar sign tattoo is something you can get on any body part. Depending on the size you wish to get, you can get it on your wrist, palm, arm, leg, or even on your back. This kind of dollar tattoo often indicates how you bring something more to people’s lives, indicating the magnificence of your self-worth.

5. Quirky Dollar Sign Tattoo Design

Quirky Dollar Sign Tattoo Design
Image source: pinterest.com

Those with a wicked and different sense of humor can add little quirky elements to their dollar sign tattoo. This can go in so many ways, with you adding little stick figures to your dollar tattoo. If you get this sort of design, you’re bound to intrigue a lot of people who would want to know the meaning behind it.

6. Dollar Sign Neck Tattoo

Dollar Sign Neck Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

If you want to make a statement, then you can surely get the dollar sign tattooed on your neck. If this won’t get you multiple glances, we don’t know what will.

7. Crown Dollar Tattoo

Crown Dollar Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Want to add a touch of royalty to your dollar sign tattoo? Put a crown on it! This innovative tattoo could go on your chest, back, calves, or arms.

8. Dollar Tattoo on a Note

Dollar Tattoo on a Note
Image source: pinterest.com

A dollar sign tattoo would also look great and creative if you put it on the design of a note. This could either be a single note or even rolls of notes to make it look striking and different.

9. Dollar Tattoo With Wings

Dollar Tattoo with Wings
Image source: pinterest.com

Another beautiful feature to add to your dollar sign tattoo is wings. These wings could be added to both sides of the dollar sign, and it’s something that would look great at the back of your neck or even on your shoulders.

10. Dollar Tattoo With Coins

Dollar Tattoo with Coins
Image source: pinterest.com

For those of you who want to get a big dollar sign tattoo, you can add coins to it. One can also go for bundles of money designed next to the dollar sign and stacks of coins. This would look great throughout the length of your back.

11. Cartoonish Dollar Tattoo

Cartoonish Dollar Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

If adding funny elements to your dollar sign tattoo is the vibe you are going for, you can add a cartoon character to your dollar sign tattoo. Perhaps you could add dollar signs in place of eyes to that of your favorite cartoon character.

12. Dollar Tattoo with Skulls

Dollar Tattoo with Skulls
Image source: pinterest.com

To add a flavor of spookiness and creativity to your dollar sign tattoo, you can include a skull to your tattoo design. This could either be a dollar tattoo somewhere on the surface of the skull or perhaps two dollar signs on the skull in place of the eyes. The dollar sign could be placed on a tongue coming out of the mouth of the skull. This is bound to draw many eyeballs to your tattoo.


Dollar sign tattoos have been popular for a very long time now. Due to their innovativeness and deep meaning, many choose to go for it. So, whenever you feel like getting a dollar sign tattoo on yourself, just go through this list and take your pick.

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