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15 Awesome Feather Tattoo Ideas And Meanings (2023)

Feather tattoos are one of the most familiar and trendiest tattoo designs, and not without reason. Feathers symbolize many positive aspects of life and are one of the prettiest things to be found in nature.

Feather tattoos are beautiful, and whether you want a petite or minimalist tattoo, or an intricate and elaborate one, feather tattoos are apt for both. The best thing about them is that although feathers technically look the same, there are a whole lot of variations that you can try. You can have them in black and white or add some color.

While getting a feather tattoo, you must approach an experienced tattoo artist as they can bring out the intricacies of the feather to their best advantage. They can beautifully replicate the finer strands of feathers to give a 3d effect that makes it look like you are carrying a real feather.

The best feather tattoos are the ones that make the design stand out and also add depth and character to the motif. You can make them more personal by adding elements close to your heart. Your tattoo artist will help you incorporate them into your tattoo.

What Do Feather Tattoos Stand For?

Feathers represent the lightness of being, and it stands for freedom. Feathers come from birds, one of the lightest things in nature, similar to a butterfly’s wings or a flower’s petals. It is the lightness of feathers that enables birds to fly and what gives them their freedom.

Hence, having a feather on you can help you imbibe those feelings. It is like carrying your totem that reminds you how unfettered you are. The lightness of feathers also signifies the freedom from attachments and letting go of the burden of worries and otherworldly discomforts.

You can have feather tattoos in various designs that symbolize all this and more. Moreover, they will help you create some of the most stunning body art, which will surely surprise everyone.

Some Amazing Feather Tattoo Ideas For You

Here are some exciting feather tattoo ideas for you. You can personalize them further by speaking to your tattoo artist.

1. Feather And Birds Tattoo

Feather And Birds Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest@Cuded Art and Design

Feathers come from birds, and it is only natural that tattoos having both feathers and birds will create a significant impact. However, you do not always have to depict a bird with tattoos on its back. Instead, you can have a unique take on it by having a big feather and a part of it breaking off into many tiny birds.

You can get this in black and white or add color. You can have this tattoo in a medium to large size on any part of your body, especially your torso. It also looks excellent on the side of the body or behind the shoulders.

2. Flaming Feather Tattoo

Flaming Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @World Tattoo Gallery

A feather bursting into a flame creates tremendous impact and has deep meaning. It means you are ready to burn anything in the way of your freedom. It can also mean the wick that lights your path ahead.

The flaming feather shows hope and lightness in whichever way you interpret it. You can add fire and feathers differently; they usually look well in color. You can have a flaming tattoo with orange and red tones that will stand out.

3. Feather in Spiral Tattoo

Feather in Spiral Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Oh My Mag

It’s a unique take on the feather tattoo. It is a sleek and minimalist tattoo that works for those who want a fuss-free motif with maximum impact. The feather is held between a ribbon around it, creating a surreal look by ending into a flock of birds.

The motif symbolizes freedom from restraints as the birds fly away after the string encircling the ribbon

becomes loose. This tattoo is very impactful and also makes for a stunning design.

4. Surreal Feather Tattoo

Surreal Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Cuded Art and Design

If you want a more whimsical and dreamy element to your tattoo, this one’s for you. This tattoo almost represents a dream-like state and perfectly represents how light and pretty they are.

You can also have the tattoo in pairs to add to the dreamy element.

This tattoo looks great on the forearms, the nape of the neck, the ankles, or the side of the waist. However, the tattoo artist must be skilled to bring out this aspect. You may add color if you want, but they look just as well in black and white.

5. Feather And Flowers Tattoo

Feather And Flowers Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Kimberley Goolsby

The two most beautiful elements of nature, flowers, and feathers, come together in this beautiful tattoo. Both represent beauty; this is it if you want a pretty tattoo that makes you feel good.

You can have many variations as small or as big as you want, making them intricate enough for a sleeve tattoo. You can also add color to them. If you have any specific flowers in mind, your tattoo artist can help recreate them alongside the feather.

6. Feather And Arrow Tattoo

Feather And Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Outsons.com

Arrows have feathers at their ends for balance, and this tattoo incorporates both together. An arrow tattoo is great for the arms or the legs, and it has something sleepy and structured about it.

The design is both edgy and unique and is one of the best designs in this category if your tattoo artist manages to get the details right. A feather entwining a tattoo looks beautiful, with something so soft encompassing something sharp and pointed. It creates a sense of harmony and peace and creates an attractive motif.

7. Full-Sleeve Feather Tattoo

Full-Sleeve Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Cool Tattoos Ideas

Just because feathers are light and delicate, it does not mean you only have to get a small or minimalist tattoo with them. When multiple feathers are combined, they can create the edgiest of designs. It works outstandingly well as a full-sleeve tattoo or for the upper back or chest.

You can have feathers that resemble those belonging to a bird of prey, like an eagle. It will create even more of an impact, and if you can have 3D feathers, it will be an excellent tattoo.

8. Peacock Feather Tattoos

Peacock Feather Tattoos
Image Source: Pinterest @Courtney Fuentas Evans

Peacocks are the most beautiful birds on this planet, and everything from the crown on its head to its jeweled colors speaks of its regal beauty. The feathers of a peacock create a riot of colors. You can look at the peacock for inspiration

 for a colorful feather tattoo.

You can opt for a single tattoo with a minimalist design, or you can go for multiple feathers for maximum impact. This tattoo can also be expensive because of the large amount of color required to bring out its beauty. Your tattoo artist will also need to be very precise with the details.

9. Dreamcatcher Feather Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Cuded Art and Design

Dreamcatchers keep bad dreams away, and having your dreamcatcher with you at all times sounds good, right? This dreamcatcher tattoo helps you incorporate feathers in your tattoo uniquely.

This tattoo works beautifully for the upper arms and upper legs. It looks beautiful in color and black and white, and having a realistic dreamcatcher on you will create a significant impact. Hire a good tattoo artist because the circles need to be perfect to make the tattoo flawlessly beautiful.

10. Butterfly Feather Design

Butterfly Feather Design
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoosme

Butterflies are another of nature’s most beautiful creations, and combining feathers and butterflies will help you create a stunning design. Butterflies represent transformation, and this is perfect when you want to express how far you have come and how unburdened you are with any of life’s worries.

This tattoo is perfect for you if you want to express your pride and joy in becoming a new person. You can make it more cheerful by adding any colors you like.

11. Tribal Feather Tattoo

Tribal Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoosme

Tribal jewelry incorporates many natural elements like feathers, teeth, and claws of animals. They are very beautiful, and there is something very organic and earthy about them. Suppose you want a tattoo that resembles this kind of jewelry. In that case, you can talk to your tattoo artist about how to design it according to where you want it in your body.

You can get a bracelet for the arms, a choker for below the neck, or a headband for the forehead if you are into face tattoos. It is possible to create the most amazing tribal-inspired designs with them.

12. Feather And Flute Tattoo

Feather And Flute Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @91Tattoos

It’s a beautiful tattoo with deep spiritual links to the Hindu religion. While it may look like a musical instrument with a beautiful feather, it symbolizes the emblems of Lord Krishna, who plays the flute and wears a peacock feather on his forehead.

This stunning and minimalist tattoo design can express your love for Krishna or your spiritual side. The peacock feather also adds some color to the tattoo, which makes it even prettier.

13. Feather And Skull Tattoo

Feather And Skull Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Kaylee Johnson

Just because feathers are light and delicate does not mean you cannot have a thrilling and edgy tattoo. The skull is a popular motif with tattoos; you can create stunning effects with them. You can use colors and shading to bring out the details.

Skulls adorned with feathers are seen widely in Mexican and other Latin-American cultures, and you can research them to understand what it is you want to express through them. They are great as a back tattoo or chest tattoo because you get the space to bring out the details.

14. Geometric Feather Tattoo

Geometric Feather Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Sourgrapes tattoo

This is for you if you want a feather tattoo but still prefer something streamlined and structured. This geometric feather tattoo is a modern take on the traditional forms of feathers. It allows you to express your modern sensibilities and yet retains all the characteristics of the original shape. It’s for you if you want a feather tattoo but prefer something streamlined and structured.

You can play around with the shape and incorporate triangles in various shapes and sizes to bring out the nuances. While the bottom half can be traditional, the top half can be geometric. This tattoo works great for the wrists or for behind the ears.

15. Feather Tattoo With Quotes

Feather Tattoo With Quotes
Image Source: Pinterest @Kattrill Leanne

If you want to clearly express what you want to say through your tattoos and make it even more meaningful, adding your favorite quotes will work wonders. You can add your favorite lines from your poem or novel, enhancing your tattoo. Speak to your tattoo artist about the font you want.

The quote should be in keeping with the space you choose to inscribe it on, depending on where you get the tattoo on your body. For instance, your back will provide a larger space for a more extended quote than your ankles. So choose the quote and the feather design accordingly.


Here are some frequently asked questions about feather tattoos that can help you make the right choice while getting one.

Q1. Are feather tattoos expensive?

Ans: No, feather tattoos are not expensive compared to other tattoos. It will cost you depending on the size of the tattoo, the intricacy of the pattern, and how many colors you use. If you have a budget, speaking to your tattoo artist before finalizing the design is vital.

Q2. Can any tattoo artist make a feather tattoo?

Ans: Almost any tattoo artist can make a basic and straightforward feather tattoo for you. However, if you want a 3D effect or if you want to add some other elements to your tattoo to make it more intricate, then you should only approach an experienced tattoo artist. They will charge you more, but your design will also be flawless.

Q3. Can both men and women have feather tattoos?

Ans: Yes, both men and women can have feather tattoos. But a feather is not gender-specific; anyone can get it as a tattoo. Whether the tattoo is masculine or feminine depends on the entire design.

Q4. How to choose colors for feather tattoos?

Ans: While choosing colors for a feather tattoo, you must consider the idea you want to convey. Bright colors and delicate patterns will work if you want it to be cute and cheerful. If you want it to be more intense, you can go for a black-and-white design with bold lines and darker colors like gray, navy blue, or dark green.


Feather tattoos can be calming and ethereal; the right design can also help you feel light and cheerful about yourself. These simple elements of nature will enhance your mood in many ways. There are so many feathers to choose from, and your tattoo artist can mold it according to your preferences.

Ensure you care for your tattoo well after getting inked, and follow your tattoo artist’s instructions. Please do not allow them to fade in the sun, or else the details of the feather will also fade away. Allow your tattoo to heal properly, and you will have the best tattoo ever.

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