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84 Amazing Foot Tattoo Ideas for Women

Women take special care of their feet, ensuring they are pedicured and appealing. Yet, many do a lot more to further enhance that appeal. To them, like their face, neck, and hands, the feet are equally important areas for beautification. Getting an amazing foot tattoo is a perfect way to enhance the appeal of their soft, beautiful feet. This way, they can stylishly stroll knowing all attention will be on them from head to toe. Over time, girls and women have popularized foot tattoos as an additional way of showing their style, beauty, and personality. 

The foot is a painful place for a tattoo, yet it’s one of the most desired spots for women due to the exposure and appeal. Women who get them there understand the concept of “no pain, no gain.” In this article, I’ve shared 84 amazing foot tattoo ideas that have taken the internet and the world by storm. The source/artist information is given beneath each image so that you may follow the artist directly for more of their awesome work. 

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What Foot Tattoos Mean Or Symbolize?

The simple answer is beauty, elegance, and cuteness. If you’re a girl or woman who loves her beloved, well-maintained feet, you would take the bold step to flaunt them all the time. Foot tattoos are the best way to get more attention down there (the feet)! On the flip side, some like to get the foot tattoo beneath the foot, or a minimalistic one on the sides, to reflect their more introverted or mystifying personality. 

There’s yet another take on the characteristics of enthusiasts who liked getting inked on the feet, and that is they’re shy or secretive. You’d either get one to express your style or to simply keep up with trends. Whichever of the multitude of reasons is relevant to your scenario, and it is clear the undying popularity of foot tattoos is here to stay.

For younger women, the most common elements that make up foot tattoos are butterflies, trailing vines with flowers, stars, moon, sun, lettering, names, animals, and the like. Guys also get foot tattoos, but their likings are tilted towards tribal, sport, and other similar imagery. On the whole, women get foot tattoos to discretely represent beauty so that they can get attention during parties, etc. Moreover, they can easily conceal their foot tattoo when going to work.

The Most Popular Elements In Foot Tattoos

There are many popular elements found in foot tattoos. The following are some of them. For others, you may refer to the 84 trending designs that follow:

Trailing Vines and Flowers

They look beautiful due to their colors and different shapes and sizes. There’s a huge variety of flowers, ensuring each individual’s preference is suited. Some women choose roses, others select chrysanthemums, while others choose a variety of their liking. On the whole, most flowers represent joy, love, admiration, purity, etc. These elements are also super easy to draw because of the clearly defined lines. 


Butterflies and similar species represent freedom, beauty, and transformation. They are the prettiest way of symbolizing positive change. Women who want a tattoo representing a new start to their life, or any of the above meanings, can incorporate butterflies in the tattoos on their feet or elsewhere. 

Floral or Tribal Designs

There are a plethora of floral and tribal patterns to choose from that can look incredible when inked on the feet. The symbolism behind each tribal tattoo is specific to the history and culture of that particular tribe. Tribal tattoos look extremely attractive, which is why they’re so popular among women of all ages.


It’s trending these days to have a name of a loved or lost one inked somewhere on your foot. Moreover, a popular, meaningful quotation can also be an option. Such quotations are generally short, simple, and straightforward.  

Customized Designs

There are no strict rules. A lot of enthusiasts get symbols, imagery, words, and other elements customized as per their wishes. The bottom line is to talk with your expert tattooist so that your needs, placement, and general idea for the design are considered in their entirety. Subsequently, a blueprint of the final design should be shown to you before getting inked.

84 Amazing Foot Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Pretty Bird Tattoo on Foot

Source: @goddess_of_desire_111 via Instagram

Your pretty, sandal-clad feet deserve a pretty tattoo. I’m as hypnotized as you are glaring at the above bird tattoo. 

2. Octopus Tentacles Design

Source: @danielrochatat2 via Instagram

Into sea creatures? My favorite one is the octopus. Imagine if your feet were representative of the tentacles! The octopus’s tentacles symbolize flexibility, creativity, and adaptability. 

3. Bridal Henna Tattoo On Feet

Source: @mendhi_design2021 via Instagram

Henna is a fantastic and hugely popular form of temporary tattooing. The above bridal design is beautiful, highly intricate, and deep-rooted in Indian mythology. This design is oozing with positivity. I love the geometric patterns, elephants, and lotuses.

4. Patriotic Foot Tattoo

Source: @lukietattoos via Instagram

If you’re proud to be all American or all some other nation, why not make it a permanent feature on your body. The soles of the feet are a fantastic placement for such a patriotic phrase.   

5. Colorful Butterflies Foot Tattoo

Source: @sheycreative via Instagram

Pink is the most feminine color. Moreover, women and young girls love butterflies for their prettiness, mystique, and free-flying, friendly, and dreamy traits. Add to that a name, phrase, or sign next to the design, and you have yourself a fantastic foot tattoo.

6. Japanese Foot Tattoo

Source: @hocheon1 via Instagram

Japanese foot tattoo designs have incredible colors and remarkable elements. This vivid-looking, raging beast covers up the entire frontal foot space, except the toes, to attract lots of attention.

7. Chrysanthemum Foot Tattoo

Source: @giulialaureanatattoo via Instagram

Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers. This most loved flower signifies joy, love, happiness, longevity, and a host of other wonderful meanings.

8. Minimalistic Foot Tattoo

Source: @bora_tattooer via Instagram

You can never go wrong with a minimalistic design. Especially if it’s to be your foot tattoo. This orange and green flower is small yet vivid. Get ready for attracting maximum eyeballs! It will be visible while wearing most types of sandals or slippers. 

9. Toad On Foot Tattoo

Source: @inkbybrina via Instagram

Many girls love a fun-looking hypnotoad. It’s an appealing option for its oscillating eyes and its Feng Shui significance. A frog generally carries incredible symbolism of wealth, success, fertility, and abundance.

10. Sun & Leopard Foot Tattoo

Source: @alma.zurich via Instagram

The leopard is an incredible symbol of confidence, independence, and self-reliance. If you’re a woman with ambition, you would love this calm yet powerful symbol. The striking look of the animal should be reason enough to get inked with the above design.  

11. Animals Tattoo On Feet

Source: @getmooretattoos via Instagram

If you’re into vibrant, colorful tats, this pair is to die for.

12. Cat & Ladybug Tattoo On Foot

Source: @tygr_tattoo via Instagram

Isn’t it interesting how the paw of the cat is smaller than the size of the ladybug? That’s because the emphasis is on the stunning ladybug. The ladybug is an embodiment of lady luck! In tattoo designing, the rules can be defined by you.

13. Beautiful Vine and Flower On Foot

Source: @loirafeet_oficial via Instagram

This tattoo is extremely elegant, to say the least. It’s a trailing vine featured with a baby rosebud that has just begun to bloom. If you’re a young lady with style, this tattoo will complement your smooth, silky skin and stylish sandals perfectly. 

14. “Be happy” Slogan On Foot

Source: @wylin_coyote via Instagram

Getting inked with a slogan like “be happy” is one of the best ways of letting the world know you care about others and want to spread positivity all over. 

15. Your Favorite Flower & A Name

Source: @alanasmommy1 via Instagram

This is the beautiful hibiscus flower with a name of a loved one beneath it. Do you have a favorite flower? If you do, you can replace this one with it and it’ll look as beautiful.

16. Dreamy Butterflies

Source: @jameshaddixtattoos via Instagram

Getting inked is a big decision. Your tattoo is permanent. Having a dreamy design is a constant reminder to make you happy, keep you motivated, and permit you to live life to the fullest, always. These butterflies and beautiful flowers represent freedom, positive transition, and immense joy.

17. Swastika Symbol Tattooed On Feet

Source: @greatseal_tattoolodge via Instagram

For centuries, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains used the swastika symbol as a symbol for “well-being or divinity.” The symbol means “sun.” In Western nations, this symbol can be misinterpreted to mean the Naazi sign, so be careful. 

18. Gremlin and Flowers Foot Tattoo

Source: @harringtontattoo via Instagram

This is an interesting combination. It’s cute as intended. Similarly, you could have your favorite creature or character instead.

19. Contrasting Roses On Feet

Source: @joannalynnetattoo via Instagram

This design is considered by those that love roses. The artist has done an incredible job tattooing an identical yet contrasting rose on each foot. The elements are large, covering most of the top of each foot. 

20. Delicate Leaves On Soles

Source: @en.poke via Instagram

This is a super-discrete stick and poke tattoo. Tattoos that are on the sole aren’t seen much unless the wearer purposely shows them to you. Else, they can be spotted when the owner is asleep with the foot soles exposed. Nevertheless, when kept minimalistic like the above design, they make a lot of sense to possess. I, personally, love this leaf pattern. It symbolizes nature, protection, and care for the environment.

21. A Sea Creature

Source: @naturezatattoo via Instagram

A tattoo of a sea creature looks ideal on this placement. The artist has done a remarkable job combining fine line work, shading, and dot work.

22. Gangster Muppets On Feet

Source: @masonchimato via Instagram

You can never grow up enough to forget the muppets! I love the appeal of these two gangsters, one on each foot. The colors leave you spellbound.

23. Japanese Yokai On Feet Tattoo

Source: @club_garcon_ttt via Instagram

These supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore look incredibly cute inked on the feet.

24. Owl Skull Foot Tattoo

Source: @natalia_theabbey via Instagram

The owl alone represents knowledge and wisdom, but when it’s in the form of a skull it means death. Be wary though, in some cultures an owl is a bad luck! This tattoo looks extremely neat though! Many of us go for the aesthetic appeal of a tattoo and don’t pay heed to any negative connotation.

25. Heartbroken Foot Tattoo

Source: @cobrakaitattoo via Instagram

This pair of tattoos shows two phases of the story. It’s pretty straightforward as the cat comes with a loving heart and leaves heartbroken. Aww, isn’t it cute?

26. Caligraphy Tattoo On Foot

Source: @edgy_letters_4death via Instagram

This is the perfect example of how aesthetically appealing and sophisticated a message or quotation can look if done in calligraphy style.

27. Half Butterfly Foot Tattoo

Source: @roberto_cambise_tattoo via Instagram

This artsy piece, or pair of pieces rather, is striking and unique. If you love butterflies and have an expert artist in your network, this design will take you places! 

28. “True Love” Quote On Feet

Source: @craycrayink via Instagram

Shoe addict women can go for this stunning “true love” tattoo. There are numerous interesting and appealing elements in this tattoo. It shows how customization can lead to impressive results.

29. Peonies On Feet Tattoo

Source: @aaron_hill via Instagram

Peony is a beautiful variety of flowers that comes in different colors. The symbolism of the flower is different in each country. Generally, however, peonies symbolize prosperity, fortune, love, and honor.

30. Tiny Fish On Feet Tattoo

Source: @adorning.stories via Instagram

This tiny pair of fish, one on each foot, looks incredibly cute. Minimalistic yet vivid.

31. Circus Pin-Up Tattoo On Foot

Source: @ortiztattoos via Instagram

This is a lovely circus pin-up that looks incredible on the top of the foot. There are many other circus pin-ups you can explore as they make astonishing ideas for foot tattoos.

32. Chemistry Themed Foot Tattoo

Source: @aygerinosx via Instagram

Nothing is more eye-catchy than a chemistry formula tattooed on your foot. It looks like a web yet holds a more intellectual, scientific appeal.

33. Leviathan Cross Tattoo

Source: @ram.royy via Instagram

This symbol meaning “Satan’s Cross” holds a connection to a greater supernatural power.

34. Geometric Design Foot Tattoo

Source: @vianatag via Instagram

This is a geometric design representing the “flower of life.” It looks awesome placed at the start of the top of the foot. 

35. Hopeless/Heartless Tattoo Design

Source: @jamie.christ via Instagram

The creatures look amazing inked in black with negative spaces. A heartless signifies an emotionless nature. Yet, go for this tat if you like the cuteness of these creatures. By the way, the dog — hopeless— looks awfully cute on the left foot.

36. Lovely “Love” Tattoo On Foot

Source: @willissullivanart via Instagram

Love is self-explanatory. Each letter is sketched with a girly symbol signifying beauty. 

37. Vertical Tribal Pattern Foot Tattoo

Source: @dark.tattz via Instagram

This stunning Egyptian tribal pattern will blow your mind away. It’s tattoo designing at its quirky best.

38. Black and White ‘The Sun & The Moon” Tattoo On Feet

Source: @ via Instagram

This is a very popular theme in women’s feet tattooing. Sun and moon tattoos symbolize the merging of opposites. They also mean “unity and cooperation.”

39. Simple Black Flame Design

Source: @stonerwitch__handpoke via Instagram

Another quirky idea. The fire, or flame, hand-poked on the big toe with nothing else in terms of tattooing on the rest of the foot. Yet, it stands out and is bound to be noticed.

40. Scorpion and Lizard Black Ink Tattoo

Source: @allmoony via Instagram

The scorpion tattoo is an expression of great strength and protection. The lizard tattoo is an expression of revival or nimble. Of course, the meanings can be something totally different in different countries, so you may want to do further research. Nevertheless, those purely into aesthetics can go for this pair of cool tats without thinking twice.

41. Simple, Inner Feet Flower Design Tattoo

Source: @adrienpinzio via Instagram

This is another fantastic stick-and-pokes tattoo creation. As seen above, each flower has a different expression. One is happy, the other sad or neutral. 

42. Shaded Jelly Fish Foot Tattoo

Source: @nikolet.kapor via Instagram

This is an unusual placement for a jellyfish, yet it’s trending online just for that reason.

43. Ethnic Henna Foot Tattoo

Source: @nanaas_henna via Instagram

This bridal mehndi (henna) design is relatively less dense. That’s why you’d love it for non-bridal occasions as well. Henna stays put on the skin just for a couple of weeks at most. 

44. Sigil Foot Tattoo

Source: @ensoink and @wickedblackmagick via Instagram

This sigil (used in magic) tattoo looks immaculate. An experienced occultist designs it. You can discuss more options with an occultist yourself. 

45. Colorful Rooster & Pig Tattoo

Source: @jason.herr.tattooer via Instagram

The rooster and pig when inked on feet symbolize survival at sea. You’ll come across the popularity of these emblems in tattoo idea forums online a lot. Thus, it also references an old ditty — ‘a pig on the knee, safety at sea.’ In this case, however, the pig is on the left foot, while the rooster is on the right one.

46. Realistic Skull Design On Foot

Source: @parabolika_tattoo via Instagram

The is a realistic skull and filigree tattoo. A skull tattoo has a variety of meanings, including both positive and negative, death-related, good and evil. The skull is one of the most popular elements used for tattooing, no matter where on the body it’s considered for.

47. Intricate Insect Design On Feet

Source: @sergiodelachana via Instagram

This black tattoo is inked primarily with intricate line work and dot work. These insects look incredibly cool and are sure to catch incredible attention. 

48. Dinosaur Feet Design On Your Feet

Source: @raptorlazer via Instagram

This is the most fantastic placement for dinosaur feet. If you like reptiles and love the look of dark, large, and bold tattoos and have been on the hunt for something excellent for your feet, this is it!

49. Orange Floral Trails On Feet

Source: @mulix.tattoo via Instagram

Floral tattoos are an incredibly popular option for the feet, particularly if you’re a girl or woman. This one is being loved on the internet. Do you love it too? 

50. Goddess Tattoo On Foot

Source: @staynasty_666 via Instagram

This tattoo may take a long session and some degree of pain. Yet, in the end, it’ll be well worth it. 

51. Watercolor Fish Tattoo On Foot

Source: @eunyutattoo via Instagram

Your silky feet deserve a silky, smooth-flowing design. What about this watercolor-style goldfish? I feel it looks lovely at this placement.

52. Fine, Leafy Trail In Black Line Work

Source: @nikolett.kapor via Instagram

These fine line leaves are for the sexy and stylish side of you. This tattoo is quick to do and won’t cost much. It’s for those with lower pain tolerance as well.

53. Stunning Rainbow In Watercolor Style

Source: @mike_lopex_pro via Instagram

This watercolor technique rainbow tattoo looks perfect on this placement. You may want it for gender inclusiveness being close to your heart or simply because you love rainbows.

54. Mountains On Feet

Source: @gipsycaravantattoo via Instagram

The mountains are the perfect symbolism of nature and heights. They look great as a tattoo on both your feet too. All those curvy, equidistant lines are the work of an experienced professional.  

55. Turquoise, Green, & Red Chrysanthemum

Source: @swansongtattoo via Instagram

I can never stress enough how beautiful the symbolism of a chrysanthemum flower is. It’s one of the best gifts god has granted nature.

56. Black and White Dragon Tattoo

Source: @psicosudu_tattoo via Instagram

If you want an element that depicts the freedom of your soul and mind, the dragon is your best bet. A dragon tattoo further signifies power, protection, and wisdom.

57. Black & Grey Mandala Tattoo

Source: @nizi_tattoo via Instagram

The symbolism: balance, eternity, and perfection are depicted through a Mandala. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. This circular design comprises many shapes and more circles. It’s darn pretty, that’s why women love it, especially as a foot tattoo. 

58. Simple, Polynesian Tribal Foot Tattoo

Source: @joc.tattooer via Instagram

This simple tribal piece looks ideal on foot. It’s meant to be inked on both feet for maximum appeal. 

59. Mini Tea Cup Foot Tattoo

Source: @chiara_aneloni via Instagram

This is another cute idea for your foot. This type of design need not be inked on both feet. It’s minimalistic, admirable, and overall fantastic to consider. 

60. Lettering On Feet Tattoo

Source: @marcosorgato_ via Instagram

A combination of symbols, letters, and words adds mystery and uniqueness to this feet tattoo. 

61. Sole Side Ornamental Tattoo

Source: @jia.tattoos via Instagram

Ornamental patterns are a girl’s best friend. You can’t go wrong with these unless the artist makes a mistake in how well they do the matching on both feet. In this case, it’s perfection in front of your eyes.

62. Handpoke Dotwork Feet Tattoo

Source: @ via Instagram

This impressive piece is the best of hand poke and dot work techniques. The style and design both have done great justice to make the lady’s feet appear so appealing.

63. Miniature Tulip Tattoo On Foot

Source: @puratinta.tattoos via Instagram

The tulip represents deep and perfect love. This miniature piece adds cuteness and style to that perfection. 

64. Geometric Dotwork Foot Tattoo

Source: @ladeh_tattoo via Instagram

This masterpiece is geometric dot work engraved flawlessly on the feet. 

65. Happy Sheep Design On Left Foot

Source: @ethanjohnjones via Instagram

A sheep, especially a happy one, symbolizes joy and prosperity. This one looks amazing on the left foot. 

66. “Do Good And Chill” Foot Tattoo

Source: @emmaro.ink via Instagram

To “do good and chill” is a beautiful reminder to be great and also work hard.

67. Encircling Snake Tattoo

Source: @gloryboundink via Instagram

This free-hand snake design is quite inspirational. It’s lovely the way the snake has entangled the ankle and spread across the horizon of the top of the foot. 

68. Outer Foot Side Lettering

Source: @feet_of_ladies via Instagram

The lettering above means ‘to love” in Spanish. You can pick your favorite language to inscribe a similar quote.

69. Symbols On Toes Tattoo

Source: @onlyonealicja via Instagram

The body is a canvas. The left foot has Greek and Egyptian symbols on the toes. The right foot has a mandala tattoo. Always pick your tattoo design wisely, or you’ll need to cover up your tattoo with something more large, dark, and dense.  

70. A Simpsons Character Below Each Toe

Source: @tattooassist via Instagram

Below the toes is a painful placement for tattooing. However, that said, the Simpsons family looks funny yet cool here. It all depends on your level of admiration for these characters, and of course pain threshold.

71. Ornamental Tattoo On Toes

Source: @giulia_true_love_tattoo_studio via Instagram

These beautiful, dark symbols are amazing to figure out with your friends. You’ll have some great chats over these. 

72. Sketchwork Mandala Foot Tattoo

Source: @luciole_tatouage via Instagram

It’s mandala time again. Everyone loves the concept. Here the toes are also used to complement the overall imagery. 

73. More Subtle Rooster & Pig Design

Source: @unitytattoogranada via Instagram

It’s the pig and rooster again, this time in a more subtle look. It’s a famous feet tattoo concept I can’t stop talking about. 

74. Architecture On Toes Tattoo

Source: @inkedbooking via Instagram

This is an amazing depiction of architecture engraved on the toes of both feet. It’s funny in that it’s like a complete skyline when you join both feet together, but it’s admirable nonetheless.

75. Sun Sketchwork Tattoo

Source: @dharalimatattoo via Instagram

“Truth” and “light” are what a sun tattoo stands for. This one is well-centered on top of the foot. 

76. Tribal Wave Design

Source: @tongarasta via Instagram

This Polynesian piece starts above the ankle and extends through the length of the top of the foot. It’s a striking piece people will adore. 

77. Ludwig Van Beethoven

Source: @sanpedrosanchez85 via Instagram

You may be a Ludwig Van Beethoven fan. If you are, you’re committed to your loyalty by having this tattoo on your feet. 

78. Neotraditional Dog Tattoo On Foot

Source: @juliaszewczykowska via Instagram

This neotraditional tattoo will have people asking you questions and commenting. From “how cute” to “is that your pet dog?” are something you can look forward to.  

79. Black & Grey Floral Sketchwork Tattoo

Source: @obscura.tattoo via Instagram

This is an amazing cover-up tattoo. If you have something tattooed on your foot or feet that you need to be covered up, this could do the trick.

80. Matching Ornamental Feet Tattoo

Source: @sooffosho via Instagram

This pretty ornamental pair is a simple way of permanently decorating your beautiful feet. 

81. Opposites Attract Butterflies Design

Source: @lydiasharonhughes via Instagram

These black and white butterflies are a wonderful addition to your feet. 

82. Scorpion & Heart Feet Tattoo

Source: @patrykhilton via Instagram

This awesome feet tattoo shows black and white scorpions each grabbing a different colored heart. It’s the ultimate interpretation of great strength and unconditional love for one another. 

83. Beautiful, Dreamy Floral Trail Tattoo

Source: @kalawa.tattooer via Instagram

The floral trail is quite dreamy due to the subtleness of the grey shades and negative spaces. If you want something more vivid, you could have your artist color this piece in with tattoo ink.

84. Large Sun & Moon Feet Tattoo

Source: @dark.tattz via Instagram

This is the perfect way to end the list. You deserve to shine just like the sun, moon, and stars above. 

Final Thoughts

Tattoo enthusiasts and professional artists are all enthralled by the above 84 incredible foot tattoo design ideas for women. Choose from among them or come up with your own customization through the inspiration and look your prettiest! There’s something to inspire every woman of substance. You can go for a plain black tattoo, a colorful one, a watercolor style, dot work, shaded style, and much more. A tattoo on your feet makes you stick out from the crowd. It highlights your femininity, sensuality, or simply your personality.

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