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20 Stunning and Attractive Gemini Tattoo Design and Ideas for Female

The popularity of tattoos has increased among people of all ages and gender over the years. And this is indeed something that shows its effects across various lines. Regardless of one’s gender, ethnicity, region, and even age, getting a tattoo inked do not invite the same wariness that it used to. In fact, the stigma that has been attached to tattoos has largely been removed, with more and more people accepting what it truly is – an expression of one’s belief. And rightly so. A tattoo is an excellent way for one to express themselves to the broader world. One can quickly get a tattoo of someone they are particularly close to or a symbol that defines them. And one such symbol that has been truly popular among women is the Gemini symbol.

Gemini tattoos are a default go-to option for women who identify as Gemini. Zodiac tattoos are pretty popular as a tattoo symbol, especially among women. But among them, the Gemini tattoo has a place of its own. It is an elegant design that anyone can ink on their body without much issue. This tattoo design is one of the more versatile designs which is available in different shapes and sizes.

Gemini Tattoo Design and Ideas for Female

While it may seem an easy task to get a Gemini tattoo inked on your body, choosing a permanent tattoo design should not be taken lightly at all. Here are some stunning and attractive tattoo designs for a female that can help you out.

#1. Fertility Gemini Tattoo

Fertility Gemini Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.thewindompeak.com

Symbolism matters when someone gets a tattoo inked on their body. They are critical when one plans to get a zodiac sign. One cannot simply ignore the meaning of a symbol and its significance and get a tattoo simply because it looks cute. It is not viable, especially if you want something that reflects you in essence to the world.

Fertility Gemini Tattoo is a tattoo design used by women looking to get a healthy baby in the future. Gemini is a symbol of fertility and blessing in several cultures. It is widely accepted that women that want to have babies in the future should get a fertility Gemini tattoo as a blessing.

#2. The Gemini Symbol with Flowers

The Gemini Symbol with Flowers
Image source: https://www.askideas.com

Gemini Symbol in itself is quite elegant on its own. It is a traditional symbol that has been widely used over several centuries. Naturally, this has allowed for a lot of experimentation with the design and the placement. And this is one such experiment that has become trendy in recent years. The artist has placed beautiful and pleasing flowers inside the Gemini symbol in this tattoo design. These additions of flowers in the tattoo add a feminine touch to the design and make it a perfect choice for female tattoo lovers.

#3. Gemini Constellation

Image Source: https://outsons.com

Gemini is not simply a zodiac sign but is also a constellation that is located in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere. So, suppose you are looking for something unique but relatable to you. In that case, you can go for a Gemini constellation tattoo design. It is an elegant option but also quite different from the standard Gemini symbol tattoos that are available in the market.

The Gemini constellation tattoo is also quite versatile in its placement. One can quickly get this inked anywhere on their body, and they would not regret their decision. But if you are looking for the optimal place to get this tattoo design, it would be under your arm and on the side of your breasts.

#4. Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon
Image Source: https://www.tattoostime.com

Gemini Moon is another of those popular zodiac tattoo designs that deserve more credit than it gets. Gemini Moon is a unique Gemini tattoo design completely different from standard tattoos. It is designed in the form of a Celtic moon. It has an intricate and delicate feel to it. Its beautiful patterns mesmerize the onlookers with their beauty and, in a way, force one to keep watching for eternity.

If you want a tattoo design that will easily stand out and be the talk of wherever you go, then this Gemini Moon tattoo is exactly what you need. The artist has added the perfect shading to this tattoo design, adding an otherworldly feel to it. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful zodiac tattoo designs that one can get inked on their body.

#5. Earth, Water, and Fire

Earth, Water, and Fire
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

If you are under the impression that Gemini symbols used in tattoos are only limited, you should have known better by now. And that especially after the previous listing. Gemini has a lot of different designs, some of them are not even related to the zodiac, and this is one such tattoo design.

This design has there asymmetrical triangles in it. These triangles symbolize three basic elements – earth, water, and fire, hence the name of the tattoo. And while there are many different designs that one can use, these three triangles have a unique place. It is primarily designed for folks who do not want something big and elaborate inked on their bodies. It is a sweet and simple design that can be inked anywhere on an individual’s body.

#6. Gemini Knots

Gemini Knots
Image Source: https://www.wildtattooart.com

It is a simple yet elegant design that one can quickly go for. And unlike several tattoo designs, you will find on the list. This one is specially designed to be inked around the ankle. The Gemini zodiac sign is altered in this tattoo design to make it seem like two people interlinked with each other. It is something that is apparent from a single glance as well. This little knot can signify so many things; from a personal bond between two people to a promise between them, the possibilities are simply endless.

It is a perfect tattoo design for folks that do not want something bold or flashy but, on the contrary, want something that is elegant and versatile. One can quickly get this tattoo inked on their body and then forget about it the next second.

#7. Gemini Astrological Symbol

Gemini Astrological Symbol
Image Source: https://www.allure.com

As mentioned previously, Gemini is a symbol that is quite feminine in nature. That is why it is such a well-liked option among female tattoo lovers. This tattoo design takes the feminine quality of the Gemini symbol to a whole new level. Here one can find two females at either end of a balancing scale. Gemini is a symbol of balance, so using a balancing scale is entirely appropriate. A particular focus is given on the two ladies holding onto the scale, especially when it comes to their detailing.

It is quite an extensive tattoo design, making your back the perfect place for you to get this tattoo inked on your body. Additionally, one can add color elements to the design to make the most out of this tattoo.

#8. The Girl of Pole Tattoo Design

The Girl of Pole tattoo design
Image Source: https://www.thewindompeak.com

Likely, the name of the tattoo design has already got you intrigued. Well, the design will do justice to the name. As the name makes it apparent, this tattoo design has a female figure dancing on the pole. The female figure is upside down, showing her mastery and gracefulness over the craft.

It is one of the most elegant tattoo designs that any female could get inked on their body, especially someone with an affinity to the art of dancing. Gemini has a solid female trait, and this tattoo design only expands on that. The best place to get this tattoo inked on your skin is on the backside.

#9. The Sun and the Moon Kiss

The Sun and the Moon Kiss
Image Source: https://tattoomachinepro.com

The sun and moon both have enormous significance in not only mythology but general symbolism as well. Naturally, this makes them perfect to be used in tattoo designs as well. That is the case with Gemini tattoos as well. Gemini is a symbol of balance, love, and of femininity, and what better way can one describe all three than by opting for the sun and moon kiss tattoo.

The lore behind sun and moon, the polar opposite of both other, battling each other for eternity and falling in love, is found in various archeological texts. The same is the inspiration behind this tattoo design. This tattoo design is about coming together, putting aside the war, and embracing love. If that speaks to you, you could not go wrong by opting for this tattoo design.

#10. Gemini Dolphin

Gemini Dolphin
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

Who does not love a dolphin? That is an assumption made by the artist of this unique tattoo design. It is a tattoo design that is on the smaller side, but this also makes it a versatile option. It can be quickly inked on any part of the person’s body without much issue. The Gemini symbol and the dolphin both are representative of female traits. This tattoo design is all about the harmony between humans and nature and coexisting together.

The dolphin and the Gemini symbol work masterfully together and compliment each other. There are many cases of tattoo designs where two equally important focus points distract the viewer from seeing the whole picture. Well, it is not at all the case with the Gemini Dolphin tattoo.

#11. Sparkly Gemini Tattoo

Sparkly Gemini Tattoo
Image Source: http://www.tattooshunter.com

A tattoo does not have to be quiet and straightforward; it can be bold and on your face. And if you are under the impression that it is something that is not possible with Gemini tattoo design, then you are wrong. A Gemini symbol is one of the most versatile zodiac symbols that one can use. In parallel opposite to its quiet and elegant nature, the Gemini symbol can also be bold and sparkly, as shown in the tattoo design.

Here the bold Gemini tattoo design clarifies what it is about. The colors utilized in the tattoo design and their implementations give the impression that the tattoo is sparkling. It is the perfect tattoo design for folks who want something bold yet feminine with their tattoo design.

#12. Gemini Apple Blossoms

Gemini Apple Blossoms
Image Source: https://www.wildtattooart.com

There are a few better combinations in the tattoo design than a Gemini zodiac sign and several apple blossoms surrounding it. Not only is the design artistically pleasing, but it also does have a meaning behind them. Apple blossoms represent a new life. Now, one can interpret it the way they want, but generally, it is used by people that believe in a fresh start. And that is precisely what the apple blossoms signify in this tattoo design.

Alternatively, new mothers can also use these tattoo designs, with the no of apple blossoms corresponding to their children. The combination of apple blossoms with the Gemini symbol is simply a masterpiece and is worth your consideration.

#13. Element Water

Element Water
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

One does not have to make use of all three elements – fire, water, and earth to showcase their Gemini nature. Here, the artist has masterfully used water to create a sweet and tasteful tattoo design. It is a masterpiece; there is simply no better word to define this. Not only is it a visually appealing design, with two waves of the river, but it is also versatile.

This tattoo design can be quickly inked anywhere on the body. This tattoo design would look wonderful anywhere from the back of the neck, on the wrist, or even on the ankle. And one can experiment with a range of colors in the tattoo design as well.

#14. Gemini Mask

Image Source: https://tattooideas.com

One of the classiest ways one can depict the Gemini symbol is by using double masks as the symbol. You can easily get a tattoo design with two masks facing opposite each other and with different facial expressions. This would indicate a balance between the two faces, something everyone is quite familiar with. In addition to the two masks, Gemini is written just below the masks and is prominently displayed. The Gemini write-up compliments the two masks’ design but is also carving up its own space in the tattoo design.

#15. Gemini Butterfly

Gemini Butterfly
Image Source: https://www.hikendip.com

If you are a nature lover, then you cannot go wrong by opting for the Gemini Butterfly tattoo design. This tattoo creates a perfect harmony between the Gemini women present in the form of a butterfly in this tattoo design. This tattoo design might seem a bit unusual to many, but no one can argue that it is a uniquely pleasing look. One thing is a guarantee; if you don this tattoo, it will surely be the talk of the show.

The butterflies on this tattoo design are heavily colored. And while one can opt for a classic butterfly design, it just would not have the same effect as colored butterflies. It is undoubtedly a stunning masterpiece, especially for a Gemini tattoo.

#16. Gemini Key

Image Source: https://www.canadianmilitarytattoo.ca

#17. Another Celtic Design

Another Celtic Design
Image Source: https://www.tattoostime.com

Celts have a strong presence in Gemini and other zodiac symbols. Many different tattoo designs have a Celtic influence. And the same is the case with this tattoo design as well. This tattoo design has a bit more edge to it, making it quite distinct from several other listings. It has a medieval feel to it, making it quite badass to look at. And the best part about it is that one can get this tattoo design in classic black without needing to incorporate any other colors in the design.

#18. The Cross

Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

If you are looking to make a statement with your tattoo design, then across with Gemini symbols is the way for you to go. A cross is a prominent symbol and has significant influence across cultures. That is why it is essential that one gives justice to the cross and ensures that the Gemini symbol’s value does not get diminished. The clash between the cross and the Gemini symbol is inevitable. Still, if you can develop a design that complements both, then you will undoubtedly have a tattoo design that will draw everyone’s eye.

#19. Gemini Twins

Image Source: http://www.tattoostime.com

It was inevitable that we would feature a Gemini twins tattoo design on the list. But if one really thinks about it, it is not really a surprise. Gemini symbolizes love, femininity, balance, and everything in between. And that is precisely what this Gemini twins tattoo has tried to portray. In this tattoo design, the two females are facing on the opposite side, with the Gemini symbol working as a balancing scale between them. The two ladies are masterfully designed with sufficient detailing and can be gazed at for an extended period.

The only thing one needs to be concerned about with this design is that they must ensure that these two females are twins and would look exactly the same. This is to ensure the proper balance on the scale.

#20. Gemini Leaves

Gemini Leaves
Image Source: https://tattoo-journal.com

Lastly, we have the small and elegant Gemini leaves tattoo design. There are simply so many designs for one to choose from when it comes to Gemini tattoo design. But more often than not, female tattoo lovers opt for a small and beautiful Gemini tattoo design, which is precisely what one will get with a Gemini Leaves tattoo.

The Gemini symbol in this design has leaves attached to it, adding to its feminine trait. But it is also quite versatile. Without any issues, one can easily get this inked anywhere on their body. Although, having it inked just below the back of the neck would also ensure a satisfactory result.


The Gemini tattoo designs are indeed attractive and enhance your overall style when you get it inked on your skin. Now, choose a tattoo design that you find appealing and goes well with your personality.

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