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Gladiolus Tattoo: 28 Unique Designs You will Love

Are you looking for a dainty, beautiful, and meaningful floral tattoo? You’ve landed on the right page! Here you’ll discover what makes the Gladiolus flower so special, positive, and popular as a tattoo element. The Gladiolus stands out among the wide variety of flowers tattoo enthusiasts may have to go through during the selection process. Furthermore, a Gladiolus tattoo isn’t just for women, men can get one too. The symbolism of the flower is different for men and women, yet it’s strong and positive, making it a popular option for both sexes.

As per the Ancient Romans’, the leaves of Gladiolus flowers resembled “little swords,” having a tubelike shape with small tips and sharp-looking inflorescence. In fact, the name of the short-bladed Ancient Roman sword was Gladius; hence, the name Gladiolus got coined for the resembling flower. As a result, the Gladiolus flower has a symbolic link to integrity, strength, bravery, and the like. It’s not uncommon for this variety of flower, with its distinct bladelike stems, to also be referred to as ‘Sword Lily.’ The variety of Gladiolus flowers come in many different hybrids and colors. Hence, Gladiolus is a perfect choice for a tattoo design. As a tip, if you’re born in August, you can confidently consider a Gladiolus tattoo since the Sword Lily is the August birth flower.

In this article, I’ve shown 28 of the most unique Gladiolus tattoo design ideas trending on the internet. You are sure to fall in love with each of these designs that are inked to perfection by talented tattoo artists. For learning more about the artist and exploring more of their wonderful work, the source of each design is given below each picture. As you delight yourself with the pictures of these stunning handpicked Gladiolus tattoo ideas, you may want to learn more about the flower through its symbolism, detailed at the very end of this article.

Gladiolus Tattoo

Without further ado, here are 28 unique Gladiolus tattoo ideas, each of which represents positivity, strength, and integrity, as are central to the flower’s symbolism.

#1. Gladiolus Tattoo Design For The Arm

Gladiolus Tattoo Design For The Arm
Source: @mariebrennanart via Instagram

A red Gladiolus flower is associated with love and passion. Regardless of color, one thing all Gladiolus tattoos represent is strength. This realistic, vibrant piece looks awesome on the woman’s arm.

#2. Back Piece Gladiolus Tattoo

Back Piece Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @inkher_tattoo via Instagram

This stunning Gladiolus back piece is an elegant vertical-shaped design in pink, black, and gray. Pink Gladioli are representative of gentle, deep, and motherly feelings and love towards someone.

#3. Light Pink, Feminine Gladiolus Tattoo

Light Pink, Feminine Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @rickiesonjia via Instagram

We’ve already established the significance of a pink Gladiolus flower in the previous design, yet this lighter tone piece further has a sensual, feminine appeal. It looks perfectly inked vertically on the side of the woman’s rib area.

#4. Watercolor- Style Gladiolus Leg Piece

Watercolor- Style Gladiolus Leg Piece
Source: @kurtistattoo via Instagram

This leg piece looks apt on the front of the calf. It gives a color x-ray, watercolor effect of a purple Gladiolus flower. All Gladiolus flowers represent strength. A purple variant of the flower additionally represents grace and a hint of royalty.

#5. Delicate, Black Linework Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Source: @tattoosbymanga via Instagram

This charming, simple tattoo looks impressive and graceful. By using black ink linework, the tattooist has brought to life every detail of the flowers. This particular design is placed perfectly on one side of the upper back region.

#6. Elegant Black Linework Arm Gladiolus Tattoo

Source: @leemrink via Instagram

This is yet another elegant black linework Gladiolus piece for the arm. The typical sword-like shaped Gladiolus stem signifies strength and integrity. There couldn’t have been a better placement for this tattoo.

#7. Calf Placement, Colorful Gladiolus Tattoo

Calf Placement, Colorful Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @jillhollingsworthtattoo via Instagram

Pink is a popular Gladiolus flower color. This larger piece looks incredible, placed on the calf. Artists and plant lovers would vouch for a design such as this, anytime! Here, it appears as if the Gladiolus flowers are painted. This is a unique combination since such vibrant colors stand out on any skin tone.

#8. Colorful Pocket Watch Gladiolus Tattoo

Colorful Pocket Watch Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @javieart via Instagram

A tattoo becomes a permanent part of your body. Hence, it’s all worth it if the complex yet fabulous design, inked by a professional, takes time and causes some pain. This, thus, is a perfect tattoo idea. It’s a realistic pocket watch and a Gladiolus flower tattoo to remind you of the fleeting time. Its symbolism is, use your precious time wisely, whilst being as strong as a Sword Lily.

#9. Woman With Gladiolus Flower Head Tattoo

Woman With Gladiolus Flower Head Tattoo
Source: @dre.dayli via Instagram

A Gladiolus flower has beauty, charm, uniqueness, and above all, positive traits of strength and integrity. The above tattoo design replaces the lady figure’s beautiful head with the flower because of the similarity in symbolism. This is a truly unique tattoo idea that looks best when placed on a man’s rib area.

#10. Prominent Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Prominent Gladiolus Flower Tattoo
Source: @seanduffytattoos via Instagram

Is August your birth month? If yes, both Leo’s and Virgo’s can opt for this prominent Gladiolus tattoo design. You may choose another color for the petals or decide to keep this for your choice. Each color represents a different meaning besides the common meaning “strength.”

#11. Gladiolus Flower Tattoo For Your Hand

Source: @tattoosillustrate via Instagram

Looking for a simple tattoo design for your hand? This black linework idea is a wonderful choice. It’s prominently placed, significant in meaning, and won’t cost much.

#12. Wolf & Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo

Source: @chong.tattoo via Instagram

The contrast of Pink with Grey is impeccable here. Further, it’s eye-catchy and of incredible relevance that the wolf is garlanded with pink Gladiolus flowers. The relevance lies in the common symbolism among the wolf and the Gladiolus flowers. Both represent strength and integrity. Pink Gladiolus, in particular, represents gentleness, depth, and motherly feelings. Perhaps the wolf is a mother protecting her pack, specifically her children, whom she loves. If you love wolves, the color pink, and are looking for a unique floral design, bingo!

#13. Ribbon Quote With Dot Work Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo

Ribbon Quote With Dot Work Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo
Source: @anneryantattoos via Instagram

This pretty, black, and gray dot work tattoo is incredibly unique due to the charming ribbon with the life quote. The quote reads “the hardest thing in the world is to live in it.” I’m sure, many of us can relate to that quote right now. Yet, we must keep the courage and strength to pull through these trying times. By the way, I’m in love with the shading done intricately with dots!

#14. Small, Orange Gladiolus Ankle Area Tattoo

Orange Gladiolus Ankle Area Tattoo
Source: @brooke_michael_englehart via Instagram

This gorgeous tattoo looks nothing short of immaculate above the ankle. It’s a graceful, elegant, and noticeable tattoo placed in the perfect position.

#15. Moist Effect Gladiolus Tattoo

Source: @hypnatic via Instagram

The flowers in this tattoo look fresh enough to pick. The talented tattoo artist has done a splendid job at using white ink dot work to make the flowers look moist. This is a graceful flower tattoo with delicate black linework. The beauty of the Gladiolus flower appears with full justice through the artwork on the arm.

#16. Forearm Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Forearm Gladiolus Flower Tattoo
Source: @donghwa_tattoo via Instagram

The cool-toned shades in this tattoo give it an amazing look. This piece has onlookers appreciating this design in large numbers on the world wide web. This design is a small yet perfect choice for the front part of the forearm.

#17. Pretty, Gladiolus & Iris Tattoo

Pretty, Gladiolus & Iris Tattoo
Source: @vane.tattoo_ via Instagram

The Gladiolus & Iris flowers are cousins. This tattoo design looks stunning. It’s small and perfect at its placement right beneath the neckline. Do you want to build an everlasting bond with your cousin, friend, or sibling? If yes, why not let this tattoo be the constant reminder for the same. The Iris flower’s cool-toned shades look fabulous contrasted with the light pink shades of the Gladiolus flower.

#18. Illustrative Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Source: @stephanietattoos via Instagram

This bright, illustrative design makes for a unique Gladiolus flower tattoo. The best part is, it looks like it’s been painted rather than tattooed. Only an experienced, professional tattoo artist can undertake such an art form with such perfection. If you’re looking for a relatively larger Gladiolus pattern that doesn’t look complicated, yet looks beautiful, then this arm piece is a great choice.

#19. Realistic, Watercolor Rose And Gladiolus Tattoo

Realistic, Watercolor Rose And Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @chelseaspeirs_tattoo via Instagram

This shoulder and arm piece consists of blue and lavender Gladiolus flowers contrasted with the large pink rose. Watercolor tattoo enthusiasts would be ecstatic at seeing this unique, duotone hybrid idea. You can never go wrong with mixing flower types.

#20. Collarbone Gladiolus Tattoo

Collarbone Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @yojogrim via Instagram

Simple, detailed, charming, and elegant. That sums up this pretty Gladiolus tattoo. This is one of the best collarbone ideas I’ve come across lately.

#21. Bold Dutotone Gladiolus Back Piece

Bold Dutotone Gladiolus Back Piece
Source: @twobirdstattoo via Instagram

If you’re looking for a unique way of covering the entire (top to bottom) span of your back with a tattoo that isn’t dense at the same time, this choice is a blessing! This feminine tattoo is a stunning display of beauty, symbolism, and boldness, all in an extremely elegant and flawless way.

#22. Black and Gray Dotwork GladiolusTattoo

Black and Gray Dotwork GladiolusTattoo
Source: @badricktattoo via Instagram

This blackwork Gladiolus tattoo spans the entire upper arm. It gives a filigree style impression, yet those are incredibly detailed Gladiolus flowers inked with black dotwork you’re looking at!

#23. 3D Gladiolus Tattoo

3D Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @devincoley via Instagram

The tattoo artist has done a phenomenal job tattooing 3-dimensional looking Gladiolus flowers. This design looks perfect if placed on the side or back of the calf.

#24. Shaded Gladiolus Flowers On Ankle Tattoo

Shaded Gladiolus Flowers On Ankle Tattoo
Source: @waltwaltersontattoos via Instagram

This is a fantastic and unique idea if you’re looking for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo to place on your ankle region. This type of tattoo is noticeable, pretty, and doesn’t cost a bomb nor involves much time or pain.

#25. Black & White Forearm Gladiolus Tattoo

Black & White Forearm Gladiolus Tattoo
Source: @lizardqueentattoo via Instagram

This piece sparks professionalism. The artist’s dotwork, linework, and shading are impeccable here. This design is a great idea for your forearm, calf, or side of abdominal.

#26. Large Gladiolus Petals Tattoo Design

Large Gladiolus Petals Tattoo Design
Source: @loloartsplus via Instagram

This tattoo shows a top view of the fully bloomed Gladiolus petals. This simple design looks amazing, particularly if you’re a Gladiolus flower lover who likes spaced elements and black and white designs.

#27. Gladiolus Tattoo Design With Quote For Chest

Gladiolus Tattoo Design With Quote For Chest
Source: @zo_pokes via Instagram

This simple, black, and gray Gladiolus flower design is ideally placed in the region between the collarbone and the upper pectoral. The Gladiolus flowers are depicted horizontally with the quote “life is hard enough when you belong here” beneath them.

#28. Hourglass & Gladiolus Flowers Tattoo

Source: @lucia_mayer_tattoo via Instagram

Use your precious time wisely. That’s one of the things the hourglass design suggests. Further, the lavender and white, duotone hybrid Gladiolus flowers mean “love, devotion, and purity,” besides the inherent “strength” symbolism common among all varieties of Gladioli. The other elements within the hourglass are symbolic of royalty, spirituality, and destiny. In terms of technique, the tattooist has done a remarkable job with black, gray, white, and colors, to ink this flawless back piece.

Gladiolus Flower Symbolism (For Women & Men)

Gladiolus is a beautiful flower. Women go for Gladiolus tattoos because of the style, grace, elegance, love, and tenderness meanings associated with them. For men, the meaning represents “calmness” and “self-confidence.” On the whole, women are found donning the tattoo due to the aforementioned traits as well as the beauty of the flower.

Men and women both tend to prefer this tattoo for the inherent meanings “integrity” and “strength” that is generally associated with all Gladiolus flowers. Furthermore, the Gladiolus flower is unique, distinguished by its long, pointed shape, thus, coined the ‘Sword Lily’ flower.

Before delving deeper into the symbolism, one must understand the origins of the name. The Gladiolus flower gets its name from the Latin word ‘gladius,’ meaning “sword.” In ancient Roman times, warriors wore Gladiolus art on their bodies for good luck and protection during battle. The association of the flower with Gladiators emanated from their wish to wear it around their necks due to its unique, pointy, sword-like shape and symbolism.

Gladiators often got presented with Gladiolus flowers once they won a battle, as a sign of victory and positive progression. The flower’s symbolism over time got enhanced. Besides being associated with victory, integrity, and strength, it now was also associated with character, honor, fidelity, and justice. In the middle ages, the Gladiolus flower also represented a kind of amulet for warriors. Furthermore, in the 18th century, it included the traits of femininity, tenderness, and healing.

Symbolism According To Gladiolus Flower Colors

Gladiolus flowers come in a variety of colors and hybrids. Yet, the following are the most common colors with their meanings summarized as follows:

Red – Passion, love, and eroticism.

Purple – Grace, honor, and royalty.

White – Purity.

Yellow – Friendship, cheerfulness, and positivity.

Pink – Gentle, deep, motherly, and loving feelings.

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the best and most astonishing pieces by talented tattooists. You would’ve noted there’s something for every tattoo enthusiast. From colored Gladiolus tattoos to simple black and gray depictions, these unique ideas must’ve left you i.n awe as you pick one for a special, unoccupied area of your body. With designs like these, there would never be a need to cover up your tattoo.

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