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Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Review

Are you just starting as a tattooist, perplexed about what all you’ll need to get started? There’s one special tattoo kit in the marketplace that includes everything a newbie tattoo artist could need from the beginning to the end of the tattooing process. This particular kit has been put together by expert tattoo artists themselves, who’ve had extensive experience in the industry. They know better than anyone else what a beginner tattoo artist needs to get started efficiently. We’re talking about the famous ‘Grinder Tattoo Kit‘ by the brand ‘Pirate Face Tattoo.’ One look at this Pirate Face Tattoo kit, and you’ll know you won’t have to go shopping around for additional accessories anytime soon! 

Pirate Face as a brand is renowned for being the manufacturers of high-quality, beginner-friendly products. Over time, they’ve successfully incorporated technological advancements in their product line. What’s noteworthy is that they’ve done so in a relatively simplistic manner so that beginners can transition into the tattoo industry comfortably. 

This review of the Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit will reveal what’s included in the kit; the kit’s specifications and features; what we liked and didn’t like about it; our critical analysis of the product; and our final verdict.  

Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Review

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The Grinder Tattoo Kit is an extensive kit with a variety of impressive accessories. Best of all, you won’t have to shell out a fortune for it. Though it’s commonly emphasized as a highly recommended tattoo set for beginners but has a large variety and high standard of the components, it makes the kit suitable for apprentice and expert-level tattoo artists.  

Here’s a look at the specifications and features of the Grinder Tattoo Kit: 


  • A black & silver Carrying Case
  • LCD power supply (110V/230V)
  • You get 4 Tattoo Machine Guns (10 wrap coils)
  • Tattoo Machine Grips / Barrels (4 of them)
  • Sterile Needles (variety liner & shaders (altogether 50))
  • Made in USA Tattoo Ink by Radiant Colors (You get 7 different colors in 1/2oz bottles)
  • Disposable tips (27 of them — nozzles)
  • Stainless Steel tips (8 of them — nozzles)
  • An adjustable tool kit
  • 1 tattoo practice skin
  • 1 sheet of stencil transfer paper
  • A pair of disposable gloves
  • An ink cup holder
  • Ink cups (100 of them).
  • A 240-page tattoo Instructional book titled ‘Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo’ by Charles Jordon.
  • A 2-hour DVD titled ‘Welcome Tattoo.’

For less than $100, that’s quite a bunch of accessories you’re getting. With the type of high-quality arsenal you’re getting, you’ll be able to do all kinds of tattoo art and achieve all your tattoo dreams. The power supply and all the other main equipment are reliable and rugged enough to let you do white, black, grey, or colored tattoos. You can also do incredible Maori style, tribal, or any shader/liner patterns with ease.  

Pirate Face develops its products with the motive to provide customers’ performance through a great product offering, as well as an equally great after-sales service effort. With the Grinder Kit, they’ve made sure all the necessary commodities are included, even if some are not going to be used by the expert lot. 

The extensive 240-page tattoo Instructional book is the most important part of this kit. It makes the installation and management of your brand new equipment a breeze. Furthermore, it proves to be a beneficial guide as you start as a fresher tattoo artist. Now, let’s go through the Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit features to know why this kit may be worth your while. 


Easy Setup Process

The setup of the kit is easy for the beginner. For the tattoo apprentice and expert, too, the instructions on the user guide are helpful. They include all the essential tips for setting up a tattoo studio. Further, for real-world applications, you can follow youtube videos.   

‘Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink’ — Set Of 7 1/2oz Bottles (Made In USA.)

The quality of the tattoo ink is one of the most important aspects to consider. If the ink isn’t safe or doesn’t stay colorful and bright for long, nothing could worsen the customer. The Grinder kit includes Radiant Colors Ink — a highly-reliable, high-quality tattoo ink brand. Radiant Colors Tattoo inks are American-made, with uncut homogenized pigments. Hence, you’re always assured of the best quality and results. The 7 bright colors include super white, tribal black, blue, canary yellow, tiger orange, lime green, and scarlet red.

Compact (Lightweight), Durable Design 

The four coil tattoo machines in the Grinder kit are rugged and long-lasting. The tattoo guns have ergonomic grips and weigh only about 6oz each, giving them great control and effortless work time. Generally, you feel great working with these tattoo gun machines—the power of the machines alongside the fantastic control results in beautiful, precise tattoo designs.

The instruction manual enclosed with the package makes it super-easy to tune the machines for the first run. The abundant customer reviews reveal that the Grinder tattoo machines work troublefree and are way more powerful than expected. The machines are portable and give the perfect shading and lining results. They’re also extremely easy to store in the enclosed carrying case or elsewhere since they hardly take up much room.

Reliable Power Supply

The steady power supply in this kit ensures you get a smooth, trouble-free tattooing experience throughout. The power supply in this kit has an easy-to-read LCD. The LCD is our preferred choice over the analog, simply due to the former’s easier readability. There is also a standard foot pedal (for easier control) and a nice clip cord. All these features work in tandem to ensure the large coils don’t heat up. Overall, you get a reliable, value-for-money experience. 

6-Month Warranty

The 6-month warranty by the manufacturer is for the four tattoo machines and the power supply. The warranty takes your worries away so you can confidently purchase the product.

Things We Liked 

  • The package includes 4 tattoo machine guns (10 wrap-coil).
  • The free tattoo instructional book & DVD COMBO are very helpful.
  • The instructional manual & the youtube videos make it relatively easy to put together the equipment, for starters.
  • The LCD power supply gives steady voltage.
  • Radiant Ink offers a nice selection of bright colors.
  • Easy to use & store.
  • An abundance of accessories.
  • Rugged yet lightweight.
  • Beginner-friendly kit.
  • Excellent shading & lining results.
  • Value-for-your-money.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The YouTube videos are much more of a help than the included DVD.
  • This kit is focused on beginners; hence several accessory items are useless for the apprentice or expert artist.

Critical Analysis – Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit

The only setback of the kit is its sheer dedication to beginners. This is a setback to the experts who go for this kit and spend all the accessories included, a few of which they don’t need. Why would an expert buy this kit then? The reasons make sense and include: they are attracted by the 4 coil machines and the other main accessories (like the ink and power supply); they are also drawn by the overall appeal of the kit, which includes the 240-page instructional book helpful to all tattooists.

The kit includes everything a passionate, dedicated tattoo artist needs for his studio. Yet, it would’ve been better if there were two versions of the kit — one for beginners and the other for experts. The only reason for this is that the price considers all the accessories — though overall, the kit isn’t expensive at all. Overall, this is a fantastic kit and a highly-reliable and recommended one.

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Final Thoughts

This is the perfect kit for all tattoo artists, especially beginners who want a high-quality product to start their career in the tattoo industry. The only drawback being, professional artists, may find a few of the accessories a waste, especially the practice skin, transfer paper, and perhaps the gloves. They would likely already have these items.

The product quality is so excellent that this kit is deemed fit for business purposes as well. For under 100 bucks, you’re getting loads of accessories, which we’re sure if bought separately, would tally up to a much higher total amount. 

The 240-page comprehensive instructional book is amazing! Even the professional tattooist can make good use of it. Perhaps to use it as a teaching guide or learn how to set up a bigger studio. Finally, this kit gives the artist an overall safer and more complete experience than most other kits in the marketplace. 

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