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16 Crazy Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas to Embrace the Madness

When it comes to comic books or pop culture in general, numerous characters are extremely beloved worldwide for many reasons. Among these characters, there is one who is thoroughly liked by comic book lovers or anyone who thinks of themselves as a geek, and that’s Harley Quinn.

Having started out as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, her transformation into Harley Quinn was interesting in every way possible. She has had quite the journey from being the Joker’s doctor to falling in love with him and helping him escape from the asylum.

The fans’ fondness for Quinn has caused many people around the world to get tattoos dedicated to her, which is truly not surprising given the character’s popularity.

The fact that Harley Quinn was played by the actress Margot Robbie in the movie The Suicide Squad amplified the character’s popularity even more. It made people notice the character’s personality and her quirks, making them adore her and even sympathize with her.

If you have been looking for some creative and eye-catching Harley Quinn tattoo ideas, we have a wide variety of designs for you. Let’s get into the bright, colorful, and eccentric world of tattoo designs inspired by this famous fictional character.

Meaning of Harley Quinn Tattoos

Before we get into the subject of Harley Quinn tattoos, let us discuss what these tattoos mean and why they are so special to the ones who get them done:

Freedom and Rebellion

Harley Quinn is someone who has never adhered to the image that was set for her in the minds of everyone. Instead, she broke away from it and chose her own life.

While it’s true that she went down the wrong path for a while, she never let anyone dictate her life and her actions. Even when it came to the Joker, she eventually realized that she needed to break free from him and have an identity of her own.

If you’ve never believed in conforming to the rules and regulations set by society, then a Harley Quinn tattoo is definitely for you.

The aura of rebellion is deeply ingrained in her character. If that’s the side of hers you identify the most, then you will love having a tattoo dedicated to her.

Strength and Perseverance

Harley Quinn has had quite a tough journey. She went from being a doctor to a woman possessed by love. Although she loved the Joker with all her heart, she faced a lot of abuse at his hands.

The good thing is that she didn’t stick to him for the rest of her life and instead walked free from his toxic, abusive, and problematic personality. It takes an incredibly strong soul to break away from a toxic romantic relationship and choose your own happiness and peace.

It also shows just how perseverant and determined she was to prove herself. Do all of these qualities ring true for you as well? If yes, then this is the character whose tattoo you should get designed on yourself.


Although Harley Quinn deserved someone who was the opposite of the Joker, we must admire how she stuck by him no matter what.

Regardless of what the situation was, she never left his side. The world may have called her insane for choosing him as her partner, but she had a lot of conviction and faith in their relationship.

Her loyalty is just one of the many personality traits that make her endearing despite her slightly disturbing quirks.

People who are loyal to the ones they love often prefer to get a Harley Quinn tattoo purely for this reason. If you fall under that category, too, then let your Harley Quinn tattoo symbolize your loyalty and dedication towards your loved ones.

Personal Growth and Transformation

Harley Quinn is a DC character who has gone through a period of baffling growth and transformation. When we meet her initially, she is a young doctor. Soon enough, though, she is enticed by the Joker and falls under his spell.

The turbulence she goes through with her love affair with the Joker is quite upsetting. But the remarkable thing is that she doesn’t let it continue forever. Instead, she chooses herself over his controlling personality, and this step makes all the difference in her life.

She is a woman who converts herself into a criminal for a while and ultimately becomes a changed person and leader. If this isn’t an inspiring tale, then we don’t know what is!

If you want your tattoo to reflect personal growth uniquely, get a Harley Quinn tattoo for sure.

Innovative Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas

The following are some of the Harley Quinn tattoo ideas that will win your heart with their creativity:

1. Harley Quinn Tattoo with a Three-Diamond Design

Harley Quinn Tattoo with a Three-Diamond Design
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/468726273714670271/

The connection between Harley Quinn and cards is eternal because it’s the Joker with whom her journey first started. As we all know, the Joker is one of the elements that is a part of a deck of cards.

Keeping this in mind, this is truly among the most unique Harley Quinn tattoo designs to have. You can request your tattoo artist to draw the three diamonds in a way such that the outline of her face is clearly visible through them.

2. Tattoo with Hammer Design

Tattoo with Hammer Design
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/581175526928190019/

Every superhero or anti-hero has a weapon of choice; for Harley Quinn, it’s her hammer or mallet. It’s the weapon she brings to the field whenever they are thrown in the middle of action and high-tension situations.

This element can be a part of your Harley Quinn tattoo. Add in the black and red colors that connect her to Joker’s world, and get the hammer designed below it.

3. Minimalistic Harley Quinn Tattoo

Minimalistic Harley Quinn Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/23643966787131944/

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is manageable and is yet symbolic, this is the perfect design to go for. You can also get a silhouette of Harley Quinn’s face for this purpose.

The three diamonds, however, instantly remind one of Harley Quinn. It’s because the first love note she received from the Joker is said to have been written on a card with three diamonds.

4. Mixture of Harley Quinn and Batman

Mixture of Harley Quinn and Batman
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/528469337508805231/

Harley Quinn and Batman may sound like an unusual pairing, but the two have more in common than one would realize. Not only were the two characters a part of the Suicide Squad, but they also have the common link of the Joker between them.

Comic book fans will be aware of the superhero-villain history shared by the Joker and Batman and how the former is one of the most dangerous criminals Batman ever encountered.

With these similarities in mind, this unique amalgamation of the Harley Quinn and Batman elements will look great on a tattoo design.

5. Harley Quinn and the Joker

Harley Quinn and the Joker
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/512495632611206633/

The relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker is extremely complicated. It would take a while for a person to read through everything to understand what transpired between these two complex characters.

If you wish to portray their relationship or equation in a more lighthearted manner, you can get the images of these characters drawn as their cartoonish versions for your tattoo. The little thread between them signifies the link Harley Quinn and the Joker have shared for a long time.

6. Dual Sides on a Face

Dual Sides on a Face
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/641059328221005387/

Some may think that Harley Quinn and the Joker are two sides of the same coin, and that’s exactly the emotion this tattoo design conveys. While their bond may have gone through a lot of turbulence, it can’t be denied that the two are tied together inexplicably.

7. Abstract Tattoo Design

Abstract Tattoo Design
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/375065475219776549/

If we think about it, Harley Quinn is a character who is infinitely mysterious. We can never really know what’s happening in her head or what she will do next. For this reason, getting this abstract design for your Harley Quinn tattoo will be quite cool.

The design shows her sitting with her trademark smile and eye-catching style, which is wonderful for the fans of this character.

8. Harley Quinn with a Mischievous Look

Harley Quinn with a Mischievous Look
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/tattoos–13933080077015701/

Harley Quinn is nothing without her mischief. As someone who was a doctor before she ventured into the world of crime, she is clearly very smart and sharp. It’s this very intelligence that is also reflected in the way she handles herself as an anti-hero.

So, how about getting yourself a tattoo design to reflect the naughty side of Harley Quinn’s character? Sounds pretty cool, don’t you think? We believe so, too.

9. Harley Quinn Movie Scene Tattoo

Harley Quinn Movie Scene Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/932315560339377278/

Suicide Squad may not have been a critically acclaimed movie. But the fans adored Harley Quinn’s character purely because of how Margot Robbie presented her.

She played her with the right amount of sass, compassion, charm, and all things alluring. The movie has several scenes that have become memorable because of Harley Quinn’s aura. This is why you can choose a movie scene to be a part of your tattoo and have all the eyes turn in your direction.

10. Elaborate Harley Quinn and Joker Chest Tattoo

Elaborate Harley Quinn and Joker Chest Tattoo
Image Source: cutewallpaper.org/31x/7gps0rou9/2540320601.html

If you have to dissect Harley Quinn and Joker’s story, you will realize that it has an eclectic range of emotions connected to it. There’s jealousy, passion, insecurity, betrayal, and a lot of sadness at the heart of it.

When it comes to a bond this complicated, it’s only fitting to get a Harley Quinn and Joker tattoo that’s equally elaborate. You can get the design done on your chest so that there is enough space for your tattoo artist to work on it.

11. Harley Quinn Acrobatic Style Design

Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/163396292711487894/

Harley Quinn is known to be a skilled gymnast, which is what accounts for her acrobatic skills. While she may not possess superpowers that allow her to fight her opponents, she employs all her acrobatic talents when on the field.

Therefore, if you want your tattoo design to be a little different, you can portray Harley Quinn in the middle of an acrobatic pose.

12. Harley Quinn Style

Harley Quinn Style
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/427279083406534347/

Harley Quinn is known for her style, among many other things. She’s eccentric, witty, and unapologetically herself, which is very well represented in how she styles herself.

Right from her fun makeup and hair colors to her clothes and tattoos, she is a fashion icon of a different category. Hence, it isn’t surprising that so many people dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween.

If you find her style enticing, then this is a nice tattoo design to pick for yourself.

13. Rotten Element Design

Rotten Element Design
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/281543718886825/

Harley Quinn is shown as having a ‘rotten’ tattoo on her face. This means many things when we evaluate Harley Quinn’s life and journey. Given the difficult circumstances she has faced, mainly due to her love for the Joker, the woman truly has been through a lot.

Hence, if you want to convey her entire personality through a single word, this is the one to go for.

14. Harley Quinn Tattoo with a Quote

Harley Quinn Tattoo with a Quote
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/601441725210459593/

Harley Quinn has such memorable dialogues in the movies and comic books that it’s difficult to keep track of them or pick out the best one from the lot.

If you have a particular scene or moment from the comics or movies that has struck a chord, you can include that quote in your Harley Quinn tattoo.

15. Harley Quinn in the Middle of Action

Harley Quinn in the Middle of Action
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/98234835601096700/

Seeing male characters doing action scenes is quite common in pop culture and literature. However, to see a woman engaging in some delightful action pieces is a different kind of joy, especially when the woman in question is Harley Quinn.

She has been shown in the middle of high-octane action in the movies she has featured in so far, which is why you can get a tattoo inspired by such scenes.

16. Harley Quinn Laughter

Harley Quinn Laughter
Image Source: in.thtantai2.edu.vn/harlequin-tattoo-meaning-xep7vb5f/

The laughter of Harley Quinn is iconic. It’s menacing and just stays with you even after watching the movie. In a way, it’s almost haunting.

That’s why we have included a tattoo design for you where Harley Quinn is in the middle of echoing her laughter throughout the room.


1. Can I get a huge Harley Quinn tattoo on my back?

Yes, you can get a huge Harley Quinn tattoo on your back if you enjoy elaborate tattoos.

2. Is it possible to get a Harley Quinn tattoo with a quote?

Yes, getting a Harley Quinn tattoo with a quote is possible.

3. Will a Harley Quinn tattoo look good next to a Batman tattoo?

Yes, a Harley Quinn tattoo will look good next to a Batman tattoo, as they are both famous DC characters.

4. Can I get a minimalistic Harley Quinn tattoo designed on my body?

Yes, getting a minimalistic Harley Quinn tattoo is a good option for those who like simpler designs.

5. Can I get a Harley Quinn tattoo with both colors and black and gray shades?

Yes, you can surely get a mix of colors and black and gray shades for your Harley Quinn tattoo. 


Certain fictional characters occupy such a permanent place in our hearts that we can’t help but want to stay as close to them as we can. One great way to do this is by getting tattoos. Harley Quinn is a character whose personality and style have inspired many tattoos for years.

If you feel connected to the character somehow, then a creative Harley Quinn tattoo will look gorgeous on you. Browse through the tattoo ideas listed in the article and pick the one you believe Quinn would approve of.

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