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62 Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Henna tattoos are the most beautiful form of temporary body art. Known as “mehndi” in India, henna originated in Ancient Egypt. Its popularity initially spread to India and Saudi Arabia. Today, across the world, henna tattoos are popular among girls looking to try a stylish tattoo for the first time without having to go under the needle. Further, henna tattoos are also popular among those in love with traditional Indian wedding mehndi designs.

In this article, I’ve gathered 62 of the most beautiful henna tattoo designs on the internet. Each of these designs is incredibly stunning and inspiring. Since you’ll want to dig into more work by each henna artist, the source is mentioned beneath each admirable design. Once done glancing through the pretty designs, don’t forget to glance through the helpful faq section at the very end.

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are made from a unique dye. This special type of dye was used among ancient Egyptian men and women for countless years to apply makeup and enhance beauty. In the modern era, henna has bounced back as an incredible pigment source that is an effective hair dye, fabric stainer, and the subject of this article — as a form of temporary body art. 

Without further ado, here’s a look at some of the most beautiful henna tattoos for different body parts:

Feet Henna Tattoos

Source: @rm_hennaartist via Instagram

Planning on wearing your favorite fancy sandals on your special day? This type of practical yet beautiful henna tattoo pattern ensures it’s seen whether you decide to keep those sandals on or off. It’s a fabulous idea to ask your tattoo artist to design your henna tattoo according to the footwear you’ve chosen for your special occasion.

Source: @imsaniyapatel via Instagram

This leafy henna tattoo pattern for your feet is not over the top, yet it does fill up space completely and beautifully. This type of design could be a great group theme for the sisters and their friends during the wedding.

Source: @rivarasheed_22 via Instagram

This quirky, fun pattern is sure to grasp onlookers’ attention. It’s steps away from the traditional henna patterns we’ve seen time and again. It’s a modern henna pattern with an unusual placement, making it even more special.

Source: @indian__wedding via Instagram

Pay attention to the detailing, and you’re likely to fall in love with all the elements of this tattoo. The beautiful elephant, pretty lotus, elegant peacock, filigree, and other patterns are breathtaking.  

Source: @nazriiyn via Instagram

The intricate, elegant ornamental design makes this a truly special henna tattoo on the feet.

Source: @de_passionist via Instagram

The elegantly placed flower pattern makes this a special henna tattoo. It’s a horizontal design that looks incredible on the sides of the feet. Also noteworthy is the differing length of pattern on each foot, making this a beautiful and artsy piece.

Source: @anais_chabane via Instagram

I was left spellbound by this astonishing piece for the feet. It’s an incredibly intricate henna design, painted with precision by a talented artist. The way each toe is uniquely considered is fun and eye-catchy, to say the least!

Source: @tulasihenna via Instagram

From the hallux (big toe) to the ankle region, this henna tattoo is one of the most appealing diagonal patterns I came across. It’s a lovely design that extends on each toe and is overall not too dense. A quick henna painting session is all that’s required, yet the result is mindblowing.

Source: @zenymbeauty via Instagram

The feet, hands, and arms are the three most popular areas for putting henna on. Thus, I can’t stop at just the above. This tattoo is as amazing as the other great finds that are being shared in this article. Here, the design isn’t identical on each foot, yet that’s what catches the eyes most pleasantly.

Source: @raidahenna via Instagram

In the above image, the henna is still drying off. Once the dried paint peels off, it’ll be the dark orange color enthusiasts love. The side placement of the above design makes it more sensual than the traditional dense patterns inked on the top of the feet.

Source: @zenymbeauty via Instagram

This design gives the impression it’s part of the astronomy of a shoe, specifically the side of the sole. I think it’s the perfect henna tattoo pattern if you’re looking for something light, pretty, and quirky.

Hand Henna Tattoos

Source: @henna_by_maryamm via Instagram

This is a beautiful, dense hand pattern. Yet, it doesn’t fill up the full-frontal hand space as the net pattern designs do. There’s incredible intricacy in this design. It’s an apt selection for the bride-to-be for her special day. 

Source: @hennadw_jogja via Instagram

This beautiful white henna tattoo is the perfect example of why white henna is popular in many regions of the world. Although rare, white henna has a distinct, feminine, and fairy-like appeal that has many takers.

Source: @mehndi_artist_bebo via Instagram

If you love simple, elegant flowers, this henna design is yours to love. It looks lovely on the front of the hands. 

Source: @asianweddingsz_ via Instagram

This bridal henna pattern for the hands looks it’s vibrant best. As typical, it’s a dense, intricate, and beautiful bridal design that will stick around for a few weeks before completely fading away. Observing from the woman’s ring finger, you can tell the bride’s groom-to-be has a name beginning with the initial “s”.

Source: @asianweddingz_ via Instagram

The bride need not get both palms heavily tattooed with henna, in contrast to the previous image, you can see her other hand is relatively plain yet remarkably henna tattooed at the fingertips. 

Source: @merys.henna.and.makeup via Instagram

This henna pattern is the perfect example of how a tattoo doesn’t have to fill up the entire hand to look complete. This simple yet elegant design looks immaculate. It sits pretty as a narrow stem across the hand, ending onto the tip of the ring finger. 

Source: @best_mehendi_art via Instagram

This traditional net patterned henna design looks flawless. It’s the type of henna design that the bride, her female siblings, or close female friends may consider for her wedding. This design isn’t weighty on the flowery front as it is simple, pattern-based, and intricate.

Source: @henna.by.ummu via Instagram

This elegant, ornamental, hand pattern design will complement your luxury wedding attire and jewellery. You may be an attendee, a close mate, sibling to the bride, or the bride-to-be herself, as this design is noteworthy for anyone.

Source: @mehandidesignn via Instagram

Source: @mehandidesignn via Instagram

I love how the pinky is left blank here. This unique henna tattoo is the ultimate symbol of elegance, uniqueness, and luxury. 

Source: @missvoodooo via Instagram

This design looks way too simple, yet it’s stunning, to say the least.

Source: @themehendigirl via Instagram

Again, not a heavy design, yet not light either. It’s the balance you may be looking for, for the wedding. The emphasis is on the fingers, which grants this design boasting rights to be incredibly traditional and beautiful.

Source: @hennaya_rifiaa via Instagram

Here’s another simple yet pretty design that is sure to get heads turning. Such designs are quicker to apply. This type of design is the ideal option if you’re trying henna for the first time.

Source: @hums.henna via Instagram

Everybody who loves henna loves it for being a naturally inspired style of temporary tattooing. Compared to regular tattoos, henna tattoos make the most auspicious representation, and the best part — it’s all temporary. Having said that, the above nature-inspired design is incredibly unique, simple, and admirable.

Source: @hennabyamitaa via Instagram

The diamond pattern of this henna tattoo design for the hands is a safe bet for weddings. It’s a traditional yet simpler pattern that won’t take much time to do.

Source: @andieaveryphoto via Instagram

This heavy piece is for the bride-to-be only. As she walks down the aisle with a bouquet or places her hand on his chest during their first post-wedding dance, the decoration on her hands will grant her that special bridal appeal. For such occasions, going dark and heavy on the ink is the ideal way to do it.

Source: @albeli_henna_ via Instagram

Who says filigree is only for permanent tattoos! It’s also a rising trend in henna art. The European appeal of this design makes it stand out from the crowd.

Source: @the__hennacrafts99 via Instagram

A lot of time and effort is dedicated to designs such as the above. Highly talented henna artists can do wonders with this form of temporary tattooing. Give them any incredibly intricate design, such as the above, and they’ll ink it to perfection. 

Arm Henna Tattoo

Source: @henatattoo123 via Instagram

This nature-inspired, ornamental design uses up your full arm space. It begins from the shoulders and continues to the wrist, portraying an elegant, ornamental henna pattern like no other.

Source: @nigarish.ansari via Instagram

The above atypical henna design is sure to be a rage among Disney and anime fans. Some fans never forget their favorite genre or characters, not even when it comes to body art. This Disneyland castle, Mickey, and Minnie featured henna tattoo is the perfect example of that. 

Source: @7enati via Instagram

In the realm of henna tattooing, this type of design would be considered most unique. The spaced-out pattern is full of intricate details. It looks beautiful as a henna sleeve design.

Source: @hennatutorials_._ via Instagram

Okay, this for sure is a less than typical placement for a henna tattoo, nevertheless, it’s a task accomplished! It’s the perfect portrayal of how size doesn’t matter. This elbow region piece is elegant, intricate, beautiful, and catchy.

Source: @hennatutorials_._ via Instagram

This henna tattoo is seriously a work of genius! There are two ways of doing heavy, dense henna tattooing, the wrong way and the right way. This is definitely the right way since every detail is vivid and beautiful. Its pleasantries make it the perfect henna pattern for the enthusiastic bride.

Source: @chidambara_mehendi_mua via Instagram

Any henna tattoo featuring flowers is on the right path to please us. Yet, if that flower is a lotus, like the one depicted in the above design, then the symbolism of purity and enlightenment overrides all other thoughts.

Source: @fizamehendi via Instagram

There’s something very special and unique about a henna tattoo, such as the above. It was the result of extended sessions. The hard work put into such intricacy and coverage is praiseworthy. It’s also worth it if you’re gearing up for your special wedding day. Although henna tattoos are temporary, this does not hinder enthusiasts from putting their heart and soul into the design.

Source: @latest_mehendi_design via Instagram

The larger elements consisting of flowers and patterns make the above sleeve design quite easy to comprehend even from a distance. On the whole, it’s a marvelous henna tattoo, and she looks beautiful.

Source: @bhavismehndi via Instagram

There’s a lot of clarity and perfection in the above piece. It’s not easy to get such a dense tattoo to be so immaculate at the same time. Drops of henna can leak or rub onto the wrong areas, yet the tattooist has done an amazing job with this intricate piece. 

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

This sleeve henna tattoo is the ideal placement for long, flowing designs such as the above. This pattern is in line with traditional Arabic body art. Notice the beautiful hearts?

Source: @eventilaindia via Instagram

The emphasis on the fingers through a flowery, ornamental henna design gives an immaculate, elegant look. I particularly love the chain pattern on the hand that comes together at the start of the index finger.

Source: @henna_artist_fatima via Instagram

It may look a bit messy right now, but this is the semi-dried stage of this masterpiece henna art. It’s interesting how the henna artist has done both arms and hands so identical. Few can achieve such exemplary results with this temporary art form.

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

This is one of the few popular designs that are not completely feminine or bridal-themed. This snake henna tattoo can be suitable for both men and women. 

Source: @thelitheleafed via Instagram

A lot of henna enthusiasts prefer very simple henna designs. This small design is one such example. Small henna tattoos can be applied very quickly.

Source: @thelitheleafed via Instagram

This is another small design. This wrist area design can be an amazing option if you’re looking for ideas for a matching group tattoo. Small henna tattoos are the ideal options for your hands, inner wrist, fingers, or ankle.

Source: @henna_by_maryamm via Instagram

If you’re looking for a unique option, then this design may have hit bulls-eye. The netted fingers, intricate ornamental centerpiece design, and the wrist and frontal forearm tribal pattern are to die for.

Source: @hennabyshree via Instagram

Finally, among my favorite picks for full arm henna tattoos, this last one is like the icing on the cake. This is a full sleeve, meaning the inside and outside of the arm and hand are henna tattooed. It’s another extremely intricate design that the henna expert flawlessly and immaculately does. 

Leg Henna Tattoo

Source: @henatattoo_bhakti via Instagram

This sexy thigh piece is an unconventional placement for a henna tattoo. But then, there are no hard and fast rules in modern times. The design and placement both look super cool above. 

Source: @henatattoo123via Instagram

White henna tattoos are a rage, especially among those with darker skin tones. If you’re a trendy lady with artsy taste, you’ll flaunt this thigh and hand combination art effortlessly. The design is so cool, and it wins you your fashion statement battle instantly.

Source: @henatattoo123 via Instagram

This is another sexy henna leg piece with matching hand henna art this time. Your summer outings can’t be exciting enough without such a statement.

Source: @ellementaltattoos via Instagram

This inspiring, bold henna design is worth the risk. There is no long-term risk in henna tattooing since the design fades away in a couple of weeks. It might be a good way of testing out such a design before getting your first-ever permanent wireless machine tattoo.

Source: @simmi.mehndi via Instagram

The above calf placement is ideal if you’re going to flaunt your legs wearing a skirt. The subdued look of henna art makes it an ideal art form for your legs. Depending on your skin tone and how long you leave the henna paint on before peeling it off, the final outcome of orange, red, rust, or deep brown are best.

Source: @ritualbydesigntattoo via Instagram

This simple, calf-side henna design looks awesome when wearing a side slit skirt, shorts, or your favorite cropped pants. 

Source: @mehandi_n_jwells_byswati via Instagram

This lower leg bridal sleeve design covers the full below the knees region. Again, the prominent lotuses and peacocks win hearts.

Source: @kiran.artz via Instagram

I cannot emphasize enough how stunning the simplest and smallest henna designs look. This is another classic example. Why not make this your very first endeavor into tattooing?

Henna Tattoo For Men

Source: @tulasihenna via Instagram

Henna tattooing has traditionally predominantly been a form of body art for women. However, in these modern times, no form of art tilts completely towards one gender. The above henna tattoo is an incredible design suitable for men. 

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

This shoulder henna design will look great no matter how muscular you are. The tribal pattern featuring a lotus has lots of positive symbolism. 

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

The man is sporting a henna sleeve design featuring a snake. This is an interesting, unconventional henna design with geometric and tribal shapes.

Source: @artiat_priyasurani via Instagram

This is a henna tattoo for the man. Traditionally done during one of the Indian henna-themed wedding functions, this ritual holds special significance for the Indian bride and groom. In the above tattoo, the phrase inscribed on the groom’s hand in Hindi reads “the husband of Pooja.” It’s a fun part of the culture for the bride and groom to get each other’s name henna tattooed on the hand. Pooja and her husband would cherish such memories forever.

Other Henna Tattoo Ideas

Source: @hennainktatooo via Instagram

The fun thing about henna is that it’s temporary, so you can be as bold as you want with it. The above design can be your very first tattoo on your upper abdomen. If this design fetches you praises, and you end up falling in love with it yourself, who knows, you could venture into something more permanent for your abs next!

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

Let this be your experiment with henna to complement your bikini or lingerie look. Yes, folks, these days are trying henna art on different body areas, like the hips and upper thigh region shown above!

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

You can be as bold and beautiful with henna as you want to be. It’s your life! This back piece looks incredible.

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

A permanent tattoo on your skull can be painful and risky. So before making that decision, it might be worth your while to experiment with something temporary and painless, like henna tattooing. To start with, you could get a henna tattoo like the above exquisite design for your bald head.

Source: @johennadesign via Instagram

Pregnant women are finding it helpful by having a beautiful, meaningful henna tattoo around their naval. The above sun design is an excellent example. Design elements like the sun, moon, or stars are representative of endless love. Tribal-style designs with the sun can be simple or complicated as per your choice. It’s wonderful to start loving your upcoming bundle of joy even before he or she arrives.


What Exactly Is A Henna Tattoo? 

A henna tattoo is a popular technique of temporary body art. It involves using special henna ink, which is a plant-based ink, to draw the designs. Henna leaves are sourced from the Lawsonia Inermis plant (a.k.a henna tree) in India, the Middle East, and North Africa. The leaves can either be crushed into paste form or dried till they become powder form. Next, the thick paste or powder is liquified using either water, lemon extract, or liquid tea. Some artists go to the extent of adding some honey to the mixture. Once the mixture is ready to apply, the henna artist uses either a pipe to squirt the henna ink on the skin or uses a toothpick to paint the design. The drawn ink is then left to dry for a while so that it stains the ink. As a final step, the dried ink is scraped clean or wiped off. Today, Henna tattoos are traditional marriage art in South Asia and some countries in North Africa.

Can Henna Tattoos Be Removed?

Once the henna dye stains your skin, removing it isn’t something easy. However, the process of henna tattoo fading can be quickened by using several applications of silicone-based makeup removers, micellar water, or hair conditioner. If the removal of the henna tattoo is even more urgent, you could try exfoliating methods. This involves taking a 20-minute salt bath followed by applying an exfoliator like a sugar scrub.

How Long Does A Henna Tattoo Last?

Henna tattoos are not permanent. Yet, the longer the henna ink is left on the skin, the darker the tattoo becomes. The darker the tattoo, the longer it will last. Its placement further determines the longevity of the henna tattoo. For instance, henna placed on the hands and feet fades away sooner than henna placed on other body parts. The reason is, our hands and feet are most exposed and prone to washing with soap. In these highly exposed areas, the henna will last at best two weeks. On the contrary, henna placed on less exposed areas like the back or upper arm, for example, lasts up to double that time.

Where Can You Place Henna Tattoos On Your Body?

The most popular henna tattoos are the hands (including palms), feet, calf, and forearms. Nowadays, however, it’s not uncommon to find enthusiasts displaying henna tattoos in many other body areas like the back, entire arm, entire leg, chest, stomach, waist, skull, pregnant belly, neck, etc. It’s fine to display henna tattoos on most body parts as long as pure, natural henna plant-based ink is used without any chemical additives. 

Can Henna Tattoos Turn Black

Real henna, which is natural henna, turns orange, red, rust, or brown. Anytime henna turns black may be a cause of worry. An extra ingredient containing p-phenylenediamine (PPD) causes henna to blacken. This ingredient has the potential to cause dangerous skin rashes in some people. A skin test or patch test is recommended if that ingredient is present to blacken the henna that you purchased. As a tip, always buy all-natural henna.


Find yourself a skilled henna artist, and you can’t go wrong with displaying henna art on any part of your body. Did you know henna art on your palms signifies immense blessings? That, then, maybe the placement you may want to begin with. In terms of pricing, henna tattoos are extremely cheap compared to ink-based, permanent tattoos engraved using a gun or stick and poke tools. Such permanent, ink-based tattoos can cost a bombshell. They could be anywhere between $100 to $1000s depending on the size and style of tattoo. On the contrary, henna tattoos start at a few bucks, with the most intricate of designs not falling anywhere close to the price region of modestly designed permanent tattoos.

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