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How Long is it Advisable to Leave Saniderm on My New Tattoo?

Getting a new tattoo is a very exciting venture. Many of us spend weeks or even months deciding what to get tattooed on ourselves. While some already know the design or words they want as a tattoo, others take longer to decide.

There are, after all, so many eclectic options to choose from. While the excitement for a new tattoo is absolutely understandable, equally important is knowing about the aftercare.

There are many questions you might have in your mind before you get a new tattoo, such as what the aftercare is, how long to leave Saniderm on tattoo, how long does it takes to heal, and so on.

The wise thing to do is to clarify these queries with your tattoo artist before you go in for your tattoo procedure. You definitely wouldn’t want to feel lost and confused, wondering what to do next.

Numerous elements are involved in the creation and aftercare of a new tattoo, and one of those many elements is that of Saniderm. Are you wondering what Saniderm is? Or perhaps you already know what it is and have questions about how long you should leave Saniderm on a tattoo.

Well, luckily for you, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing how long one should keep Saniderm on a new tattoo, how Saniderm works, and what post-Saniderm tattoo care looks like.

What is Saniderm?

What is Saniderm
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Saniderm is a tattoo bandage whose job is to protect a new tattoo. It is a polyurethane acrylic adhesive medical bandage. Saniderm helps in protecting that wound till it closes up and heals completely, as a tattoo is an open wound.

The stage where a tattoo is still an open wound is a critical one because this is when you should give it the most amount of care and attention. Saniderm is breathable and flexible, and its durability is such that your tattoo remains protected from external irritants.

During the first 24 to 48 hours of getting a tattoo, you will notice that your tattoo is still bleeding while also oozing plasma, blood, and even excess ink, at times. You need not worry because this is a completely normal part of the healing process.

After the first two days, the bleeding will cease, and your tattoo will dry out, creating scabs, close up, and completely heal itself.

However, if not given proper attention, the open wound of your tattoo could be susceptible to infections. If it’s not given the right protection, the wound attracts friction, germs, dirt, irritants, and pet dander. In such a situation, Saniderm comes to the rescue.

Being permeable enough for the passage of water vapor and oxygen, Saniderm enables the wound to maintain the right level of breathability. A Saniderm tattoo bandage protects your tattoo from any potential infections and germ buildup, along with shielding it from irritants and friction.

Therefore, using a Saniderm bandage ensures that your tattoo doesn’t get infected. Our bodies secrete certain fluids, and Saniderm seals those very fluids, thereby helping in the regeneration of skin cells.

How Does Saniderm Work?

A Saniderm tattoo bandage allows the open wound of a tattoo to heal while also protecting it from any external infection-inducing factors. Since the Saniderm bandage is constructed in a way that it’s permeable and breathable, the tattoo completes its initial healing process and dries out with minimal chances of something infecting it.

Saniderm locks the tattoo in your body’s healing fluids and its natural ambiance. And during the healing days, the Saniderm bandage keeps the chances of scarring and scabbing at bay, thereby protecting your tattoo from getting ruined.

By allowing the entry of oxygen into the tattoo area, it enables the tattoo to breathe and heal efficiently.

Another advantage of a Saniderm bandage is that it stops it from getting wet as you sweat or shower. A tattoo can attract germs and infections if it comes in contact with water while it’s still healing, thereby amplifying the function of a Saniderm bandage.

The use of Saniderm ensures that you don’t have to apply other products to the tattoo, such as ointments or anything else.

How Long to Keep Saniderm on a New Tattoo?

Now that you know what Saniderm is and how it works, it’s time to find out how long to leave Saniderm on a tattoo. Once you apply the first Saniderm bandage, keep it on your new tattoo for about 8 to 24 hours, which is when your tattoo will cease to bleed and ooze and will begin to heal.

Since the healing time of every tattoo is different based on various factors, the duration of the weeping stage of your tattoo could vary accordingly.

Once you see the adhesive power of your Saniderm bandage beginning to weaken, know that it’s time to remove it. It’s because once the bandage’s adhesiveness is no longer strong, elements such as water, germ, and dirt can enter in and cause an infection.

If you see your tattoo oozing or bleeding more than the normal amount – regardless of the time the Saniderm bandage has been on – it is a sign to take the bandage off. Such a situation generally occurs when a tattoo is heavily saturated or colored. This is because such tattoos cause more damage to one’s skin along with the amplified volume of ink the tattoo needs to get rid of during the first couple of hours.

No matter how much the fluid buildup is, a Saniderm bandage should not be kept on your skin for over 24 hours. After those first 24 hours, you must clean the area of the new tattoo, after which you can replace the old bandage with a new one.

To ensure proper hydration and moisturization for the tattoo: it is best to use an efficient moisturizer or aftercare product while you’re changing from one bandage to another. However, this isn’t always recommended, which is why you should consult your tattoo artist before doing so.

The second Saniderm bandage can be kept on for about six days. However, it is advised to change it in case you notice any leakage. If so, clean the tattoo again and apply a third bandage and keep it on for about five days. A Saniderm bandage should not be worn for more than a week.

After the last Saniderm bandage comes off, make use of antibacterial soap and some lukewarm water to clean the area of the tattoo. Post cleaning the area, use a paper towel to tap it dry and let it air dry. You can now proceed to use small amounts of tattoo lotion on the area to keep the tattoo properly hydrated.

However, there is a thin line between moisturizing and over-moisturizing because you would definitely want to avoid moisture buildup, infections, and prolonged healing.

What to Know About Post-Saniderm Tattoo Care?

What to Know About Post-Saniderm Tattoo Care
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Knowing how long to keep Saniderm on your tattoo isn’t enough because what comes next is the tattoo aftercare process that you should be equally aware of. Removing the Saniderm bandage and cleaning your tattoo is just the first step, after which you should continue cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo regularly.

Avoid over-moisturizing, as mentioned before, as it could lead to your tattoo getting infected or inflamed. Keep the cleaning and moisturizing to just one or two times a day.

Listed below are some tips and tricks to follow as a part of your tattoo aftercare routine:

Your tattoo could take anywhere between four to eight weeks to heal. During this period, it’s imperative that you stay patient with it.

Don’t pick, touch, scratch, or peel your tattoo. These are a big no-no as they could welcome bacteria to the tattoo area and cause scarring or infections. Your tattoo design could get ruined in the process as well.

Exposing your tattoo to water should be avoided while it’s still healing. Don’t go swimming or keep your tattoo immersed under water, for these activities can build up moisture and elongate the healing process while also risking the chances of infections.

Wear only loose clothes during the period of the tattoo healing process. Try to avoid clothing on the tattoo area altogether, if possible, and in case it’s unavoidable, make sure the area is covered only by loose clothes.

This way, you can avoid the fabric from sticking to your body or causing friction or inviting in germs and bacteria.

Sun exposure is another thing you absolutely must avoid as your tattoo heals, which also includes going to tanning salons or enjoying sunbathing. The tattooed area of your skin is extremely sensitive, and exposing it to UV rays can lead to irritation and inflammation.

Once your tattoo is fully healed, make sure to apply sunscreen to that area to prevent it from fading. A minimum of SPF 30 is advised in this department.

Don’t take antibiotics or indulge in alcohol as your tattoo heals. These activities dilute your blood and compromise the healing of your tattoo, making it tougher for it to close.

In fact, alcohol and antibiotics should be avoided before you get your tattoo as well. It is usually advised to stay away from antibiotics for 30 days before and after getting your tattoo and keep alcohol at bay for a few days before you get your tattoo done.

Benefits of Saniderm

Benefits of Saniderm
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The following are some of the benefits of a Saniderm bandage that you might want to know about:

 A Saniderm bandage is water-resistant. Therefore, having it on makes it easier for you to take a shower while allowing your tattoo to heal. However, keep your shower time to a minimum during this period, or else you will cause the bandage to loosen up. With Saniderm on, you can exercise as well, but be careful about how much you sweat.

Saniderm accelerates the healing time of your tattoo.

When you use a Saniderm bandage, the scabbing and peeling associated with tattoos is reduced, thereby causing less damage to both your skin and the tattoo. ·   The best part about getting a Saniderm bandage is that it saves you a lot of time and stress. You will no longer have to be anxious about how well your tattoo will heal once you have the Saniderm bandage on post-getting the tattoo.


We hope this article was helpful in teaching you everything you needed to know about Saniderm, right from how long to keep Saniderm on a tattoo to what its functions and benefits are. Be sure to go through these pointers before deciding to get your next tattoo.

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