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15 Top Hunters Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Hunting was once a popular sport, and humans have been hunter-gatherers since the primitive ages. The zeal to hunt to preserve themselves is ingrained in human personality, and one of the best ways to express it is to get a hunter tattoo.

People have looked at hunters like it is something evil, but it all depends on the perception. Hunting can be a sacred act as long as one is not killing an innocent animal for sport and ensures a clean and quick death for the animal.

Hunting has been associated with power through the ages, and in many cultures, it denotes a rite of passage for new warriors or heirs to the tribes. Hence, if you want to go for a unique tattoo, this is definitely an option you should consider.

Why Are Hunting Tattoos a Popular Motif?

Hunting tattoos can make you feel bold and powerful and is also one of the trendiest tattoo ideas. It is a wrong idea that only hunters can get these tattoos. People often use hunter tattoos to express their instinct to overcome hurdles. In the earlier days, stalking and killing wild beasts that could harm livestock or kill humans was an act of heroism.

Even if you are not killing animals in your daily life, overcoming your daily battles and hunting and shooting down your problems is as much an act of courage. It shows you are someone who is in sync with their shadow self and is not afraid to take on the world alone, just like a hunter all alone in the forest, hunting for prey.

Hunting Tattoo Ideas For You

The hunting tattoos also depict a wide range of animals, along with bows and arrows, and you can ask your tattoo artist to inscribe something meaningful for you. It can be classic, trendy, or something contemporary. Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

1. Duck Hunting Tattoo

Duck Hunting Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Duck hunting tattoos are quite unique because they express stealth and cleverness. It is said that hunting ducks is not easy, and it requires a lot of resilience. Do your peers see you as persistent and inspiring? If so, these tattoos are for you.

A duck hunter needs intuition, and it shows you are someone who stays focused. You can have duck hunting tattoos with a dog or an arrow focused on a duck. You can also have some water bodies in the background, and this will make a unique tattoo.

2. Bear Head Tattoo With Bow And Arrow

Bear Head Tattoo With Bow And Arrow
Image Source: nextluxury.com

There is nothing more inspiring and liberating than a bear head tattoo and more so with a bow and arrow. It shows that the bear is the obstacle you are not afraid to fight and eliminate. It is a powerful combination, and you can either opt for a roaring bear or a bear in motion. A growling bear’s head with an arrow pointing toward it sends a powerful message.

Having this tattoo on your chest or back will make others perceive you as someone to be reckoned with and boost your self-confidence. You can add some more details like bushes or trees. You can also replace the bear with mountain lions or other animals like a wild boar. This tattoo will help bring out a more sportive personality.

3. Lion Hunting Tattoos For Sleeve

Lion Hunting Tattoos For Sleeve
Image Source: pinterest.com

A sleeve tattoo on the upper arm with a lion hunting motif is a very bold and classic tattoo idea. You should opt for an experienced tattoo artist if you want a full-mane lion. Lions are associated with having a deep spiritual connection with nature, showing you are bold and trustworthy.

This design can be reinvented in many ways, and you can use a lion hunter tattoo to show your stealth and resilience. After all, hunting a lion is no mean feat; it shows you are on the way to conquering your inner demons. It emits confidence like a few other tattoos. You can add details like a rifle, bow, and arrow for an edgier look.

4. Woman Hunter Tattoos

Woman Hunter Tattoos
Image Source: thestyleup.com

Female hunters were very respected, and they were bold and beautiful in their tribes. Moreover, tattooing something feminine and aesthetically beautiful is known to bring luck and fortune. Female hunter tattoos can help you channel your inner beauty and strength.

Try a tattoo with a female hunter with long, flowing hair pointing her bow and arrow. It could symbolize anything that holds her back, and you can also add an animal that depicts whatever you think is standing in your way toward greatness.

The tattoo exudes feminine power and is an expression of unleashing your fire of passion and romance as well. It is sure to draw a lot of attention, and both men and women can use this unisex tattoo idea. You can also use colors for the hair or eyes to make the tattoo more mysterious and enchanting.

5. Fish Hook Tattoo

Fish Hook Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Fishing is also a form of hunting, and hunting whales was a deed of enormous significance. A fish hook tattoo is definitely a novel take on a hunting tattoo. If you want something different and do not want to flaunt the same animals everyone opts for, this one is perfect for you.

Fishing tattoos have underlying meanings, and using them can also usher in good fortune and harmony in your life. You can also opt for variations like fishermen throwing a net. It symbolizes that you are going to scoop out all that is negative in your life.

Unlike other tattoos, these are also sleeker, so if you want something meaningful and yet something sleek and understated, this is perfect for you. You can get a fish hook tattoo near the neck, arms, or around your ankles.

6. Hunter And Dog Tattoo

Hunter And Dog Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Dogs have been man’s companions while hunting for ages. A hunter tattoo with a dog accompanying the hunter is one of the best ways to use this idea. You can get this one on your forearm. Dogs are known to be excellent for tracking while picking up the scent, and they can also locate an animal after being hit.

Dogs themselves possess excellent hunting abilities, and they also protect the hunter during the hunt. You can add other details to the tattoo, like the hunter carrying the prey on the shoulders while returning from the hunting trip. Other details like birds in the sky, a setting sun, or foliage while hunting together also add to the mood of the tattoo.

7. Hunter in Action Tattoo

Hunter in Action Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

A hunter in action while shooting an animal is one of the finest and boldest tattoo design ideas. It can feature a hunter hunting a majestic animal like a tiger, lion, or even bear and leopard. It shows that you are a fearless person who is not afraid to take on your adversaries or any challenges. The sleeve design looks excellent on your biceps or forearms.

You can even have a hunter with a raised bow and arrow or pointed toward the sky to shoot down a bird of prey. You can expand on the idea by adding more details if you want a full chest or a full-back tattoo. These are among the most popular tattoo ideas as they represent wisdom and prosperity, and you will definitely feel a shift in yourself after getting them.

8. Deer Hunting Tattoo

Deer Hunting Tattoo
Image Source: outsons.com

Deer hunting tattoos are one of the classic hunting tattoos, and they are indeed very elegant. A deer or a stag with majestic antlers is one of the best tattoo ideas. You can go for a hunter hunting a deer or a deer with a bull’s eye on it. You can use black ink for it, as it creates the perfect impact.

You can also add additional details like a skull or dogs to create more impact. You can also play around with the kind of deer in the tattoo. You can also opt for a ram or a spotted deer; the finer details will make it more alive and unique. The shape and size of the antlers will also play a role in the final look.

9. “Bloodborne” Edgy Hunters Mark Tattoo

“Bloodborne” Edgy Hunters Mark Tattoo
Image Source: reddit.com

The “Bloodborne” Edgy tattoo is unique but it’s famous among those who love the “Vampire Diaries.” These tattoos are minimalist, and yet they are very sleek and edgy. You can use them to depict where you are in life and that you are taking bold and confident strides into the future.

You can use a variety of colors to customize these tattoos. These tattoos work beautifully with shaded gradients; you can use warm tones for a wonderful and personalized design. There is no better way to show your love for the series.

10. Man on The Hunt Tattoo Design

Man on The Hunt Tattoo Design
Image Source: outsons.com

If you are a man on a personal mission, this the one for you. Hunters are strong and powerful people, and when you go after something in life, the hunter instinct in you is determined to find the cause of your worry and remove it from your life, once and for all.

This is a classic tattoo idea; you can draw it on your chest or back. However, the lone figure can also be depicted on your shoulders or forearm. You can add details like the hunter carrying his rifle, bow, and arrow on the back. There could be daggers and knives around the belt.

The hunter on your tattoo could also have tattoos! This is a unique idea to explore, and you need a very experienced tattoo artist to bring out the nuances. You can also add some animal or bird that the hunter is carrying back after slaying the prey. There could be lakes and trees in the background as well.

You can have this tattoo done in black ink or use colors for the different details, especially the trees or animals the hunter is carrying. These tattoos are extensive, and you will need a very experienced tattoo artist to execute them.

11. Arrow Tattoo Design Idea

Arrow Tattoo Design Idea
Image Source: pinterest.com

Arrows are an indispensable part of hunting. Traditional hunters used bows and arrows for hunting and they symbolize focus and determination. You can opt for feathered tattoos or wooden tattoos. You can also add additional details like the face of an animal in the background.

You can have the arrow shooting through the air, with birds in the foreground or background as well. You can also have the arrow on the side of an animal, symbolizing that you have hit your target and whatever it was that you wanted out of your way, you have achieved it.

The arrow tattoos are also very sleek and trendy and they look good on the forearm or legs as well. You can also have them on your shoulders or you can have two arrows on both sides of your spine.

12. Eagle Hunter Tattoo

Eagle Hunter Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Eagles are birds of prey and very powerful animals. They symbolize you as soaring toward your dreams and goals, and it can be a powerful motif. Eagle tattoos are classic, and they present a powerful image with their beaks and talons.

You can choose from various kinds of eagle tattoo ideas like while the eagle is in flight or when it is perched on a branch. You can also have the eagle soaring with a prey while the hunter is trying to shoot it.

You may also have the eagle perched on the hunter’s shoulder, and it symbolizes that you are deeply in sync with nature, with its power by your side. Eagle hunter tattoos are very classic, and you can add details like branches and clouds in the background for an elaborate tattoo on your chest or back.

13. Hunting Lodge Tattoo Idea

Hunting Lodge Tattoo Idea
Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the most popular hunting tattoo ideas is the hunting lodge tattoo. If you are not into a specific animal but you still want something edgy and adventurous, then this is a great option. Hunting lodges are full of mystery and you can have tattoos both showcasing the inside or outside of the lodge.

The outside of a hunting lodge will have lots of trees, an ax, firewood, and maybe an animal skin drying outside. On the other hand, the inside of a hunting lodge will have a fireplace, guns, and other weapons strewn around, along with the heads and skins of the animals the hunter has already hunted.

You can also have the hunter working on the skinning of their game, which symbolizes that you have already achieved what you want to and overcome your difficulties. These are very intricate tattoos, and you will need a very experienced tattoo artist to bring this vision to life. You will also need to do some research on the different elements you want to be incorporated into the lodge.

14. Hunting Hound Tattoo

Hunting Hound Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Hounds are excellent hunters, and a hunter with a hound by their side presents a powerful image. It shows you are completely in control and you can take bold steps in your life. You can have a hunting hound running toward the game or peeking from the grass, while it is tracking.

It can also be a hound head displaying full power with other hunting equipment around it. You can also have both the hunter and the hound in action, with other elements beside them for details. A hound displaying its fangs is a classic tattoo idea, and you can have it etched on your shoulders or biceps.

A hound taking a leap is also a powerful motif, and you can use it for your back or across your chest. You can use black ink for the hound as it displays the power to its full capacity.

15. Hunter Father Tattoo

Hunter Father Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

This tattoo is a great idea for those whose father might have loved hunting and who want to pay tribute to their memory. Many hunters start hunting because they have been introduced to it by their fathers or some similar father figure. You can have this tattoo along with a beautiful quote that commemorates this relationship.

You can have the tattoo with a hunter walking along with his son. You can add additional details like the family dog walking along with them. The hunter could be carrying the game, while the child could be carrying the father’s weapons. There could be trees and birds in the background as well.

This is a powerful yet soothing image and helps to bring out the bond you shared with the person who loved hunting, and it could be an expression of how much the experience meant to you.

FAQs on Getting the Hunter Tattoos

Here are some frequently asked questions on hunter tattoos that can help you.

Which are the best areas for getting a hunting tattoo?

Where you want to get your tattoo is a personal choice, but since hunting tattoos are usually big and bold, you need a large surface area to inscribe them. The back, shoulders, or upper arms are great for inscribing a hunting tattoo.

How much can a hunter tattoo cost?

Hunting tattoos are complex, and it depends on how big you want them. It will be costlier if you want to include more colors. A hunter tattoo can cost you around $100 and more, depending on the complexity and size of the motif.

How to choose a hunting tattoo?

Choosing a hunting tattoo can be complex, and you should be sure that your heart agrees with the design, as it will become an essential part of your body. Therefore, it would be best to choose a skilled tattoo artist because these motifs require a lot of precision to bring out the features of any animals you might be using for the tattoo.

How to prepare before getting a hunting tattoo?

You should hydrate yourself well and get plenty of rest. You should also eat before the appointment and avoid any drugs or alcohol for at least a day before getting the tattoo. It would be best to ask your tattoo artist how to take care of the tattoo until the skin has completely healed.


Once you get a tattoo, it becomes a part of your identity. And hunter tattoos are not just decorative as some smaller tattoos are. They can speak to the world about who you are and what you stand for. It would be best if you chose your hunter tattoo with care and only after doing a lot of research.

Try to figure out your emotions before getting it so you can be sure about it. If you have a vision for what you want, consult a tattoo artist to bring it out in the best possible way. It should mean something significant to you, and you will feel your best after getting it.

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